Tesla's Cybertruck Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless

Here's Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing A Ford F-150 Is Meaningless
A tale of physics, electric trucks, and why tug of war doesn't matter.
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During the Tesla Cybertruck reveal Elon Musk showed the world that the Cybertruck can pull a Ford F-150, uphill! At initial glance, you might think wow, that's an impressive feat. Surely the Tesla's electric torque helps it rip the F-150 in this battle of "who's got the bigger driveshaft?" Unfortunately, physics informs us these kind of demonstrations are entirely pointless.
We'll discuss the actual wheel torque of the Tesla Cybertruck as well as the Ford F-150, we'll look into both vehicles weights, and we'll analyze the video to determine if the Ford is RWD or 4WD. Ultimately, we'll all land on the conclusion that everything we witnessed was pointless. That's the story of life. Enjoy!
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  1. James Monahan

    James Monahan23 minutter siden

    all wheel drive vs 2 wheel drive

  2. Cooper Linton

    Cooper Linton24 minutter siden

    Just an offended ford guy

  3. Viinazyl jen

    Viinazyl jen50 minutter siden

    Tesla's cyber truck is just a civilian copy of a hetzer

  4. El pinche fer

    El pinche ferTime siden

    You just assumed 90% of your numbers why should we believe you?

  5. Ali s

    Ali sTime siden

    1. The Cybertruck weighs the same as the f-150. 2. They released bts vid of the hill pull and it was indeed not a camera trick.

  6. WOLFMAN1469

    WOLFMAN1469Time siden

    Pointless? If you live in Middle America and have a Cybertruck you've increased your mating probability. SCIENCE!!!

  7. Marije Hammel

    Marije Hammel2 timer siden

    This video would've been better with Super Mario 64 file select music over it.

  8. angusandleigh

    angusandleigh4 timer siden

    ...what you're missing is that I.C, engines don't make full torque (especially gas) at low RPM's, such as from the line..if this is say the 3.5, then it doesn't generate any meaningful ft-lbs (at least compared to an electric motor) until about 2,500. By then it's already lost. A closer comparison would be say a Cummins 6.7 which is about full stroke way down at 1,200 - 1,500...the Tesla may get a grab, but then it's all over as far as the Diesel goes.....either way the Tesla would be out of juice after any real pulling long before a gas or especially diesel.......at any rate, if you are going to tow...at least until batteries catch up, I.C engines have the advantage for hauling.....

  9. Roger Skagerström

    Roger Skagerström4 timer siden

    Also - an electric car can apply the power very smoothly. In a situation like that a combustion car, automatic or manual, really have to put some power into it. You can see how smooth the Tesla is off the line - just waiting for the F-150 to break traction. My theory - if you have to somewhat equally sized cars in a tug of war - just wait and let the other car start to burn rubber - then ease of the throttle and slowly accelerate. The car with spinning tires would, in my mind, have a very hard time doing something to stop that.

  10. Marcelo Gouveia

    Marcelo Gouveia5 timer siden

    3.7 million views, only 9.5 thousand haters... "I think you're doing ok" LOL!

  11. Amin

    Amin5 timer siden

    Bro you look 18 and 50 at once.

  12. Toasted

    Toasted5 timer siden

    Even if it was completely fair, the Cybertruck would still win :)

  13. Toasted

    Toasted5 timer siden

    Ford responded to Tesla, saying that it was unfair/faked and wanted to do the same thing again, except they would be in charge of the F-150. When Elon Musk accepted the challenge, Ford backed out...

  14. Jared Schmidt

    Jared Schmidt5 timer siden

    Elon: Lets have a tug of war with a Ford F150 to show how awesome the Cybertruck is. *Cybertruck wins the pulloff* Ford: Hey, wait a minute. We want a rematch with a comparable 4WD F150! EE: These are the numbers why the Tesla stunt was worthless and only proved that a 4WD would out pull a 2WD which we all knew anyway. Ford: You know what, never mind lol

  15. Andris Krūmiņš

    Andris Krūmiņš5 timer siden

    My opinion on this without having watched The video first is that The demo wasnt pointless, it showed The electric car delivering The neccesary power to pull The f-150 before The F-150 could so it proves The dominance of electric motors, after watching The video tho i have a question, what makes you think that The tesla was indeed using all 4 wheels to pull The f-150? And also after watching the video I must agree on the f-150 having a disadvantage if the Tesla was using all 4 of its wheels which would mean the demo was pointless, and the point you made about the Tesla not being able to convert the regular truck drivers to Tesla “car of the future” is kind of pointless anyway because the people who love internal combustion engine trucks love them for what they are and not for what they are able to do, so the Tesla is aimed more at the next generation people and people who don’t have a deep interest in regular trucks. (A bit much but I hope it’s understandable) great video by the way

  16. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept08 timer siden

    I feel like you could have looked at the camera somewhere, it almost seemed like you were afraid to look at it most of the time...definitely appreciate the analyzation though

  17. Youtuber

    Youtuber9 timer siden

    Though Ford as huge amount of torque and bhp .. why would it exert less amount of force ? ... Weight alone can increase the force of any vehicle ?

  18. Green Beast

    Green Beast11 timer siden

    And the tesla was using all wheel drive and the truck was in 2 wheel drive. So right off the bat Tesla was being deceptive. Its also super heavy and they wont disclose the weight. It probably weighs more than twice as much as the f-150. Elon also said the windows won't break but every one of them broke in the test video. Elon is a deceptive false advertising liar. He produces low quality, high cost garbage.


    ITS GAMING TIME11 timer siden

    the tesla is clearly way better u can tell

  20. NolraM TV003

    NolraM TV00311 timer siden

    Need short answer? Here at 7:26

  21. Michael Hamilton

    Michael Hamilton12 timer siden

    It's weight vs traction. If I would put sandbags in the bed of the F150 and max out its payload, I would drag that Tesla away.

  22. WaterDQ

    WaterDQ13 timer siden

    I think a better test would have been how towing and weight affect mileage between the two. the range on the tesla is 250 miles, however everyone knows the more weight the harder the engine works, the more power that is required to help the engine work harder and the more the engine consumes energy. So if you were to tow or load the bed up with lumber, sheetrock, etc how much would that affect the battery life. Consider that an F-150 gets 18/25 V6 and 17/23 V8 and has 23 and 26 gal tanks in that order, then you get for V6, 414-575 miles per tank and for V8, 442-598 miles per tank. Even on the smaller V6 model this is about 2 times the distance of the tesla. since the ford will weight less due to not having the large batter pack, heavy duty exterior metal and glass windows then it would stand to reason that tesla's truck while running on electric, will actually get worse gas mileage than the f150 no? A full tank of the tesla model 3 is about 12 dollars to go 250 miles while average cost to fill a tank of gas is about (assuming 2.80 cent per gallon, placing it about 25 cents higher than national average) and you have 64 dollars per tank for V6 and 72 Dollars per tank on the V8. per mile the tesla costs about .5 cents per mile. while the truck costs about .15-.11 cents per mile for V6 and .16-.12 cents per mile for V8. So the cost is cut in half but you are going to be filling up on a more frequent basis even if you place no load in either vehicle. At 1500 charge cycle limitation with tesla, at best you can expect about 375k miles but if you use this as a truck, you then limit the total miles this truck can actually handle, while an F150 regardless of how much you use it for towing, etc would not face this limitation and could last 300k miles. I started ranting a little there but the point I am trying to make is that we need to see longevity comparisons even if hypothetical to determine if buying the tesla truck would actually save us money. For example if towing or loads decrease the miles by lets say 75 miles, then the longevity of the tesla becomes, 262,500 miles. Also it won't keep 250 mile optimal range as the total charge capacity will decline over time. Anywho, is there any way a video could be done going over the points I outlined?

  23. Shaun

    Shaun14 timer siden

    There is a whole lot of assumptions here. Would like to see it with more accurate numbers.

  24. NPC# 8675309

    NPC# 867530914 timer siden

    The way you wrote "Cyber" on the white board is pretty slick.

  25. Idjles Erle

    Idjles Erle14 timer siden

    we learnt a few things from your video - The Ford was only rear-wheel drive, the Tesla 4-wheel. - the Ford has high torque at low revs in first gear. -The Tesla is heavier.

  26. GLR

    GLR16 timer siden

    Great video

  27. Lukas Kramer

    Lukas Kramer17 timer siden

    I don't have anything against electric vehicles, I think in some form they are definitely the future. But the cult that Elon is creating with braindead people who have no idea about technology is. It is getting pretty annoying to get in arguments with people that have very little knowledge about things but still insist on being right and being incredibly eco, even if it is not the case. Hopefully a lot of people will watch this and have a different view on Elon's marketing.

  28. RESTY

    RESTY17 timer siden

    Me:enters video with enthusiasm. *SEE'S NUMBERS ON THE BOARD. Also me:leaves

  29. CyrusTheVirus

    CyrusTheVirus8 timer siden


  30. Greg Guille

    Greg Guille18 timer siden

    Take both vehicles into a really cold climate. Once those batteries in the Tesla have cooled down nicely, it wouldn't be able to pull the skin off a rice pudding! The Ford will still have the same pulling ability!

  31. SurvivingGamer

    SurvivingGamer18 timer siden

    So what we learned here is that Tesla cheated and lied

  32. Tokek Cicak

    Tokek Cicak19 timer siden

    this video was pointless too because all the number are "assumption" do some research 1st about all the number then make a video about it

  33. Paul Schoen

    Paul Schoen19 timer siden

    I may have missed it, but with the F-150 facing downhill, the weight distribution will shift toward the front wheels, further reducing the traction if in 2WD mode. Also, I did not see the specs for peak engine torque for either vehicle, which would then be multiplied by the drive train. And, once the F150's tires started spinning, traction is further reduced. A fairer test would be for the Tesla to pull the Ford against its anti-lock brakes.

  34. Brice Johnson

    Brice Johnson19 timer siden

    electric motors (especially AC motors) have terrible low end torque, wtf are "those people" talking about?

  35. Andrew McClanahan

    Andrew McClanahan21 time siden

    Cybertruck still won!

  36. piggy dog

    piggy dog21 time siden

    Jason bro... who cares... when did people actually believe these tests to be accurate.

  37. Richard Storm

    Richard Storm21 time siden

    I don't care. I'm getting me a cyber truck when they start selling it. Come at me, bro. I know karate.

  38. Zeke Santamaria

    Zeke Santamaria21 time siden

    1) pointless math... because it's irrelevant to the tug of war as he explained. 2) weight of the car should be equal as per Elon's statement during the presentation. So how the hell did you come up with that HUGE assumption about the weight of the car? the RWD vs AWD is correct tho. 3) I don;t know if there was an incline, but if there was, it was in favor of the F150... bottomline... All these math is pointless because you're assuming the Cybertruck is heavier, and according to Elon, They are the same weight. go to the presentation video and watch from the 5th minute and you'll listen to Elon make the claim. The ONLY REAL valid data is the AWD vs the RWD the rest is POINTLESS


    JJ78RC MIDNIGHT CLUB21 time siden

    Admire your knowledge and presentation

  40. Thor Odinson

    Thor Odinson22 timer siden

    Ok but your torque calculation doesn't include Revs and HP produced, versus the EV instantly outputting max power. It only compares ideal scenarios. The EV has more torque regardless. The rest of the math checks out besides the torque stuff. Plus being rwd on a hill makes it worse because the hill angle puts more weight on the front tires 😂

  41. MilesB

    MilesB22 timer siden

    Woo hoo! I can tow an F150 for 20 minutes between charges!