Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)

"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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  1. Grace Villarosa

    Grace Villarosa2 timer siden


  2. Julie H

    Julie H3 timer siden

    This was great. I laughed so much.

  3. Jody Knight

    Jody Knight7 timer siden

    This is the 1st time I've watched this channel and this lady's voice sounds a lot like Jenna Marble's voice to me, maybe they're from the same area or they're related or something??

  4. Anna Gautreaux

    Anna Gautreaux8 timer siden

    They didn’t use a drill they used a drimmel. It would’ve worked better if you had that since the bits are harder than a predrill which is what you used. Not gonna lie I’m kinda annoyed by troom troom for misleading people which is kinda sad that I’m even worried about it lol. It’s just because I’ve worked with both tools for scenic building so I know the difference

  5. Anna Gautreaux

    Anna Gautreaux8 timer siden

    Honestly really impressed by the hole punch idea though

  6. Depressed. Suicidal.

    Depressed. Suicidal.8 timer siden

    Me wondering how she's so energetic... Coffee?...Mhh No. Sleep?...Nah. Tea?...I don't think so.... Nail polish fumes?..Yes!No.Mabye?... I don't know anymore.

  7. KimmyG2Shoes

    KimmyG2Shoes11 timer siden

    my mom: "wtf are you watching?" me: "two 30 year olds playing with bubbles and loving it" my mom: 🤔🤔

  8. Diego Gomez

    Diego Gomez11 timer siden

    no-gos.info/video/trKLgZ7Uz7WipZs.html do this video please

  9. Gacha fam

    Gacha fam14 timer siden

    You should look up holo taco on eBay,wish,and Amazon see if anyone is selling them😂

  10. Annie Lee

    Annie Lee14 timer siden

    Watching fully grown adults blow bubbles out of nails like its somthing they have never seen before.

  11. Beth Hoskin-Lloyd

    Beth Hoskin-Lloyd16 timer siden

    4:30 did they just use Russel Howard's joke??? 😂😂😂

  12. Mystiqueivy

    Mystiqueivy16 timer siden

    Oh yeahhh i cant believe she didnt tell him the guy from troom troon being named ben too lmaooo

  13. SpaghettiNerd 2019

    SpaghettiNerd 201916 timer siden

    7:00 You're giving me war flashbacks... But in my case if you forgot the paper you might as well say goodbye to everything

  14. Mystiqueivy

    Mystiqueivy16 timer siden

    Im so glad she didnt do them on ben for a change! Poor him haha! I also had more comments but ive forgotten them since i watch this, damn it! I really should just comment immediately as im watching, that ways fresh and i dont miss on sharing my fave bits haha. Love you guys ❤

  15. Leila Bear

    Leila Bear16 timer siden

    Love ur vids

  16. Leila Bear

    Leila Bear16 timer siden

    Her nails be looking like the camera on the iPhone 11

  17. Loveless6676

    Loveless667616 timer siden

    Use a dremel not a drill 🤣 I'm a little shocked the hole punch worked lol

  18. Steve Ashby

    Steve Ashby17 timer siden

    Hi. Ive jzut been watchong 5 minute crafts (not hating) and had to stop becausr ths nail hacks were so offending! For example, chrome powder being called holo! Like if you get annoyed by things like this to xx

  19. Diletta Macera

    Diletta Macera18 timer siden

    Cristine you need do react to the 5 minutes crafts video with nail hacks

  20. Kutie kittie

    Kutie kittie18 timer siden

    My Brain: 4:27 Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Me: iTs ThE vInE

  21. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei19 timer siden

    i sincerely think troom troom is nodding towards cristine’s way

  22. Diana Doolittle

    Diana Doolittle21 time siden

    Chris i love your channel you always have such fun here,but enough said chris chris omg omg i love to watch doll makeovers i was watching this one lady omg chris she turned a barbie doll into you,yes you heard right into you she said good things about you too you got to wAtch this type in doll art studio and you will get her shes on you tube she did your shirt hair everything you have got to see,type in doll art studio, and type in simply nailogal and you will see its you hope you watch

  23. Breanne Francis

    Breanne Francis22 timer siden


  24. Cecilia Kreiberg

    Cecilia Kreiberg23 timer siden

    its almost like troom troom made this for you cristine!!! i mean, the name BEN, nail tutorial, the tea party. anddddd finally they are saying that the nail video tutorial is "useless" i mean cristine. THE VIDEO WAS MADE FOR YOU SIS

  25. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei19 timer siden

    10:48 actual couple goals

  26. Grace Villarosa

    Grace VillarosaDag siden

    There not even hacks

  27. Underextinction

    UnderextinctionDag siden


  28. Mishal Fatima

    Mishal FatimaDag siden


  29. Destiny Duran

    Destiny DuranDag siden

    “Would you like a blow”😂💀 and then she hits us with a “ I would like to see your blowing technique”😂😂

  30. Jade Min

    Jade MinDag siden

    3:15 DUCK CULT

  31. Charley B

    Charley BDag siden


  32. •Elijah Elmmental•

    •Elijah Elmmental•Dag siden

    They’ve got ad- *add plays* Me: 😂

  33. Wren MacDonald

    Wren MacDonaldDag siden

    I am hand model Ben asks real important question BUBBLE BEN!! Wat I said where’s the “insert important adult thing”

  34. Mocchaq

    MocchaqDag siden

    They have caught her on their radar and tried to take her legacy

  35. Ella Mayden

    Ella MaydenDag siden

    Teacher how many fingers do u have kids raise hand me 10 simply 5 teacher explain her well I only really use one hand teacher how her well I have a NO-gos Chanel and barely show my Other HAND that’s how

  36. Gennavieve Hope Herd

    Gennavieve Hope HerdDag siden

    This is how much money trom trom makes a week 10000000000000000$$$$$$$$$$ for dumb life hacks

  37. Grace & Katie

    Grace & KatieDag siden

    This troom troom video literally make fun of cristine the whole video and she just laughed it off true queen 😂👸🏼💿

  38. vhic dela cruz

    vhic dela cruzDag siden

    My friend: what's your favorite color Me: *screaming* HOLO Friend: but- ME: HOLO HOLO HOLO HOLO HOLO TACO!

  39. Simran Ram

    Simran RamDag siden

    5:31 Did anybody else think she was gonna call Ben 😂

  40. Elizabeth J

    Elizabeth JDag siden

    10:48 actual couple goals

  41. bssni touir

    bssni touirDag siden

    My theory: Troom troom knows that Cristine’s gonna watch this, and made this video specifically for her.

  42. Cecilia Alcantar

    Cecilia AlcantarDag siden

    Christine:they've got adds Also Christine's video:plays add