The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is Aston's flagship model -- and it carries a hefty $350,000 when normally equipped. Today I'm showing you around this DBS Superleggera, and I'll show you all the great quirks and features of the Aston DBS Superleggera.
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  1. Supuneet Singh

    Supuneet Singh16 timer siden

    That surround system costs more than my car

  2. OK BOIZ

    OK BOIZ18 timer siden

    Trunk should be power for a $370,000 car

  3. Greg Worcester

    Greg WorcesterDag siden

    8/10 style. Are your metrics kidding?

  4. Денис Ковалёв

    Денис КовалёвDag siden

    Хорошая машина на лето))

  5. Troy Truong

    Troy TruongDag siden

    besides the brand. this car cant touch the c8 Vette. For $350k, id take the lambo and ferrari.

  6. Hope 99

    Hope 992 dager siden

    350000????? Way too much for this car.

  7. Sheine Luv

    Sheine Luv2 dager siden

    I’m 167 fit perfectly on rear sit

  8. Snagglefratz

    Snagglefratz5 dager siden


  9. ekindt 47

    ekindt 476 dager siden

    That soft close feature is in ikea cabinets

  10. Golden Lantern

    Golden Lantern6 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1387">23:07</a> I can’t actually be the only one who laughed for a second there

  11. Golden Lantern

    Golden Lantern6 dager siden

    Imagine the base model of this lmao! It’d be like a Avalon Limited 😂🤣

  12. Regina Huang

    Regina Huang7 dager siden

    Looks like a Ford Fusion 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. ironfbody

    ironfbody9 dager siden

    So the Ferrari Superfast does 0-60 in 2.7 seconds and gets 10/10. The Aston does it in 2.2 seconds and only gets 9/10.

  14. Rahul Thorat

    Rahul Thorat10 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1385">23:05</a> niceee

  15. Moto Guzzi

    Moto Guzzi13 dager siden

    Absolutely gorgeous car. The only thing about it......they are asking $200,000 more than they should.


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  17. Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur

    Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur13 dager siden

    The soft close bonnet is so you can show off the engine.

  18. karan dhiman

    karan dhiman15 dager siden

    Dougla is the type of guy who wears a tshirt on a tshirt 😂😂. And the only guy who wears a smaller tshirt on a bigger tshirt 😂😂

  19. karan dhiman

    karan dhiman15 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="448">7:28</a>, DOUGLA: I had a complaint about Aston Martin’s hood. Meanwhile Aston Martin Manufacturers : Who cares about your complaint😂😂

  20. karan dhiman

    karan dhiman15 dager siden

    Never seen a car reviewer showing a First Aid Kit of the car in his review 😂😂 ...Only ‘Dougla’ can do it😂

  21. Lets Joe This Up

    Lets Joe This Up15 dager siden

    I was watching with my cat... the rev scared him off

  22. Vikram Singh

    Vikram Singh16 dager siden

    It annoying to me..How a sports can have practicality and comfort of luxury car??..sports car should compared with sports only..

  23. saBa the B

    saBa the B18 dager siden

    which one would you take? Aston Martin DBS Superleggera or Ferrari 812 Superfast

  24. leslie dean brown

    leslie dean brown19 dager siden

    This is the definition of getting a bit jaded Doug: @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1112">18:32</a>.

  25. leslie dean brown

    leslie dean brown19 dager siden


  26. parimal bodgal

    parimal bodgal19 dager siden

    Lovely design So beautiful 👏👍👌

  27. Henry Aduma

    Henry Aduma23 dager siden

    Maintaining the leather in this car will be an uphill task

  28. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez24 dager siden

    The tilted air vents are probably to imitate the wings on their logo.

  29. Jenner Boyka

    Jenner Boyka25 dager siden

    ANYONE LOOKING FOR Aston Martin Kobe SHOES? @

  30. Brandon Lately

    Brandon Lately25 dager siden

    Doug is the type of guy if the car says three doors he's going to use the trunk to get in

  31. The Anime Libarian

    The Anime Libarian25 dager siden

    I swear Americans be getting the weakest specced cars

  32. Pennsylvania Dual Sport

    Pennsylvania Dual Sport27 dager siden

    I’ll take two!

  33. Hilton Kaskela

    Hilton KaskelaMåned siden

    Damn now thats flaked white paint!!!

  34. Deni Pajkanovic

    Deni PajkanovicMåned siden

    Do bmw 535i

  35. Linh Hồ

    Linh HồMåned siden


  36. Shaun Koger

    Shaun KogerMåned siden

    Why would you pay 8k for a stereo when your exhaust sings like that

  37. Tristan Davis

    Tristan DavisMåned siden

    Forza Horizon 4 Brought Me Here....

  38. Hashim Iftikhar Rana

    Hashim Iftikhar RanaMåned siden

    I've become hateful of this "this"sound

  39. Boris Hartman

    Boris HartmanMåned siden

    The amount of like is how many time he said: “DBS SUPERLEGGERA”

  40. Noortwyck

    NoortwyckMåned siden

    UGLY spec

  41. James Bond

    James BondMåned siden


  42. BurntFaceMan

    BurntFaceManMåned siden

    I wonder if Doug/Aston Martin knows you can buy Chinese 3rd party Android infotainment systems that run Google maps, Bluetooth sync and a shit load of features (like installing apps) that make them waaaay more up to date and modern that most super cars, and they can be updated over wifi or 3G. Why have some crappy super expensive version of the Merc or BMW setups... Just saying, they work better imho.

  43. Ferruzzicati

    FerruzzicatiMåned siden

    Always hilarious when a know nothing yank says "i'm going to review it" as if anyone should take any notice whatsoever of what he says. That's without the fact that he has the most irritating voice on the planet.

  44. greg rose

    greg roseMåned siden


  45. KellyMallory

    KellyMalloryMåned siden

    I really like Doug's videos, but his acceleration scores are always a mystery to me.

  46. Just Me

    Just MeMåned siden

    i'll win the lottery real quick brb

  47. Joshua Vazquez

    Joshua VazquezMåned siden

    Lol a hair over is 50k🤔 damn im broke...

  48. Radoslav Sabev

    Radoslav SabevMåned siden

    who farted?

  49. Mike Adoga

    Mike AdogaMåned siden

    The styling could easily be a 10. it looks amazing. Super grand tourer is what it is

  50. Prodromos k

    Prodromos kMåned siden

    There is a reason why the hood release is mechanic. If the button fails you fcked up...

  51. victor 91

    victor 91Måned siden

    So how much is it!? Well yes but no

  52. Earl Lemongrab

    Earl LemongrabMåned siden

    The sound system in this car is worth almost as much as my entire car.

  53. antonio jennings

    antonio jennings2 måneder siden

    For 350k you’d think the interior would look nicer or better thought out. You’re better off spending 250k for a Continental GT, It’s a turbo’d w12 and a lot nicer. But the dbs does sound better stock.

  54. S&S Channel

    S&S Channel2 måneder siden

    why is everything $5380? 😂😂

  55. Robert hentschelmann

    Robert hentschelmann2 måneder siden

    What's with the air vent thingys in the trunk?

  56. Robert hentschelmann

    Robert hentschelmann2 måneder siden

    I have the 700 .....

  57. Li Tian

    Li Tian2 måneder siden

    I wish they still have the third pedal for the dbs.

  58. Willi Bald

    Willi Bald2 måneder siden

    One of the most beautiful cars on the planet. 8/10? Never. This cars design is absolutely next level. The only modern cars which look imo better are the 918 spyder (one colored not the version you’ve tested), P1, Chiron, got the point. Cars which cost a gazillion more. But hey, would be rather 3 Taycan^^.

  59. FaithlessM3

    FaithlessM32 måneder siden

    I know this will sound crap, but my first thought when seeing the back window was “how do you reach back and clean the inside” 😂

  60. sharasha222

    sharasha2222 måneder siden

    You do a great job at this but you suck at rating cars! Especially this one with the styling interior/exterior.

  61. Henry Jackson

    Henry Jackson2 måneder siden

    Always wondered why astons have high top speeds, this one is higher than some mclaren, but with all that power 3.2 seconds is slower than the 720s or even some of the lower power mclaren and porches. I guess because its heavy in comparison and its meant to he a grand tourer instead of an insane fast machine? Just always weird to me.

  62. Isaac Simpson

    Isaac Simpson2 måneder siden

    Buys Hellcat Red Eye, saves over $200k and gets more powaaaaaaa

  63. Eduardo Castillo

    Eduardo Castillo2 måneder siden

    I want a used basic one lol

  64. Eduardo Castillo

    Eduardo Castillo2 måneder siden

    Umbrella =$300 smh 😳🖐 let me get wet forget it

  65. Gordon Hollis

    Gordon Hollis2 måneder siden

    10/10 on styling

  66. DE Media Sound

    DE Media Sound2 måneder siden

    Overpriced wealth killer.

  67. iiArielo —-

    iiArielo —-2 måneder siden

    Ima say it right now Dragon Ball Super Superleggera Or.....for short DBS Superleggera

  68. Kevi Kiru

    Kevi Kiru2 måneder siden

    That hood is my best feature of the Superleggera!

  69. Picax8398

    Picax83982 måneder siden

    I'm sad that astons changing to turbocharged v12s now.

  70. Benjamin Martin

    Benjamin Martin2 måneder siden

    How do u want them to get more power out of a v12

  71. Ether

    Ether2 måneder siden

    its a gtr from the sides. fight me 🤛

  72. Sir That's Illegal

    Sir That's Illegal2 måneder siden

    Doug is the kind of person who would review dogs and give it a dogscorr

  73. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez2 måneder siden

    Kia stinger???

  74. Mirjan Odricani

    Mirjan Odricani2 måneder siden

    He didn't fart this time,when entering the back seat. I'm gonna give him a Doug score


    HORIZONS2 måneder siden

    Doug: Condescendingly mocking every knob and feature whilst never forgetting to also mention the price of the car since 2013.

  76. Richard Morris

    Richard Morris2 måneder siden

    To myself,I put Aston Martin at the top of the food chain.great looks & quality,By styling fun to hit the road w/& plenty of power on tap.just a little out of my league.

  77. TheFunkhouser

    TheFunkhouser2 måneder siden

    Doug has the best T-Shirt. Kiwi Air Force!!! 😍🙏

  78. Colin 007

    Colin 0072 måneder siden

    Aston Martin: Do you want an umbrella and first aid kit? Me: Sure, must be a cheap option Aston Martin: That will be $400 Me: I am not above drug store umbrellas and first aid kits

  79. Prince Robert

    Prince Robert2 måneder siden

    They should have taken the Mercedes Dash features 🙄🙄🙄 and just a bit to much leather, what happened to the carbon fiber and metal and why do they make these cars that cost $350 and up with seats belts you can find in a Toyota Corolla 😂😂😂🙁😖😩😟

  80. Steven Williams

    Steven Williams2 måneder siden

    Has anyone noticed the venting through the deck lid?

  81. Willems Pierre

    Willems Pierre2 måneder siden

    Doug, the kind of guy that says, "excuse me" even if he passes gas in an empty room.