The BEST Premier League Goals of the Decade! | Part One

Take a look back at part one of the best Premier League Goals of the Decade.

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  1. Sky Sports Football

    Sky Sports FootballMåned siden

    Which was your favourite Premier League Goal of the Decade?

  2. Astriodbag 8224

    Astriodbag 82244 dager siden

    Van persie

  3. Prince W.K

    Prince W.K12 dager siden

    Rooney volley

  4. DrippingTap

    DrippingTap20 dager siden

    charlie adam v chelsea

  5. Big Nige

    Big Nige23 dager siden

    Johnny Howson against Manchester City

  6. Parrog AKA Paradise

    Parrog AKA Paradise14 timer siden

    Well done on ruining the Rooney overhead kick with the graphics! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. B Quish

    B Quish3 dager siden

    My Favourite Was Liverpool vs Watford

  8. Chasing

    Chasing4 dager siden

    Jamie Vardy.

  9. CrazyGamer351

    CrazyGamer3514 dager siden

    1:15 that ball was laser guided man 🚀

  10. SerD Rolo

    SerD Rolo5 dager siden

    Where was Hazard vs. Arsenal or West Ham?

  11. anonymous 000

    anonymous 0005 dager siden

    Decade so far hasn't finished yet 😎

  12. chemical smile

    chemical smile6 dager siden

    The Arsenal move finished by Wilshere was naughty.

  13. DVZ

    DVZ8 dager siden

    Coutinho vs Southampton 2015?

  14. ShamshadFC 08

    ShamshadFC 0812 dager siden

    City score many but concede bangers

  15. Evan Lavery

    Evan Lavery16 dager siden

    Whabi Khazri against Chelsea

  16. Cal Weir

    Cal Weir17 dager siden

    Where is Asmir Begovic scoring from 90 yards?

  17. Tom Formstone

    Tom Formstone18 dager siden

    Where is Crouch

  18. Kem Chiag

    Kem Chiag19 dager siden

    Lol should change wilshere to arsenal. The whole team scored that goal against Norwich

  19. David Varey

    David Varey20 dager siden

    How about he shind it

  20. John Fox-Housley

    John Fox-Housley20 dager siden

    Standard, one Man City goal, forgot we've won 4 Premier Leagues since 2010. May as well of called this the Spurs and Liverpool goal of the decade highlights.

  21. artoo detoo

    artoo detoo20 dager siden

    crouch volley ?

  22. Uber Steve

    Uber Steve21 dag siden

    RVP all day

  23. Edwalton Fan tv

    Edwalton Fan tv21 dag siden

    Think some of these wouldn’t be given due to VAR

  24. Odyssey Studios

    Odyssey Studios21 dag siden

    Payet's free kick vs. Palace is unreal. Miss him playing in the Prem

  25. Paul Watson

    Paul Watson22 dager siden

    Cissé was not even nominated for goal of the month with that goal

  26. Progressive Blue State

    Progressive Blue State22 dager siden

    "Where do you want your Statue Vincent Kompany". Love that line.

  27. ItzYaBoiOzzy 433

    ItzYaBoiOzzy 4337 dager siden

    He will be missed

  28. Super Lufc

    Super Lufc23 dager siden

    Hate man United but got to be Rooney overhead kick

  29. Electric Acid

    Electric Acid23 dager siden

    Some guy tried to stop Rooneys shot with his hand

  30. harry atkinson

    harry atkinson23 dager siden

    How did girouds goal not make the cut

  31. Makai Diop

    Makai Diop23 dager siden

    Where was tomoris goal?

  32. Xxsavagegod05xX

    Xxsavagegod05xX23 dager siden

    What about Fabian schars goal against Burnley that was one of the best goals of the century

  33. paddyyingtong1

    paddyyingtong124 dager siden

    AKA when Arsenal and Man U used to be good!

  34. Owen Jolley 3

    Owen Jolley 324 dager siden

    Rooney’s goal against Man City for goal of the decade

  35. gerry6420

    gerry642024 dager siden

    I know I’m a utd fan... but that van persie volley and the rooney over head against city were just unreal.....

  36. -TruthSeekerUK-

    -TruthSeekerUK-24 dager siden

    Vardy against liverpool and Rooney against City

  37. AK47 Driller

    AK47 Driller24 dager siden

    Part one and part 2 were amazing.

  38. Revoloutional

    Revoloutional24 dager siden

    So far. No Wolves goals on either parts 1 or 2 of best goals of the decade. How about Neves' goal against Derby when we was in the Championship? How about Moutinho's stunning free kick a while back against Bournemouth?

  39. O1 CXLDEST

    O1 CXLDEST24 dager siden

    Were is hazards individual goal against arsenal

  40. Jamie Patrick

    Jamie Patrick24 dager siden

    Fabian Schar Burnley

  41. JoshDoing Games

    JoshDoing Games24 dager siden

    Andros Townsend’s goal was my favourite

  42. BenDPB

    BenDPB25 dager siden

    Hoping Berbatovs spin is in part 2

  43. Nicky Edwards

    Nicky Edwards25 dager siden

    Mine was Rooney cos I support everton

  44. Johnoi Edwards

    Johnoi Edwards26 dager siden

    You better put Rooney's goal for the last one because you know that was the best goal there

  45. Kyle Murdoch

    Kyle Murdoch26 dager siden

    Not one Hazard goal.. go away sky

  46. Edward Alexander

    Edward Alexander26 dager siden

    Too much repetition with the commentary. Majority of them, commentator says "what a goal". These goals deserve more originality


    FCHD SPORT26 dager siden

    What about sons run from somewhere in Croydon to get to the Burnley net

  48. Dave Pak

    Dave Pak26 dager siden

    Wazza baby

  49. Javier Pizarro

    Javier Pizarro26 dager siden

    Emre Can

  50. chris fricker

    chris fricker26 dager siden

    What about dele allis goal against crystal palace

  51. arkada

    arkada26 dager siden

    i agree with all, but the Bale's goal, so regular

  52. Richard Appleyard

    Richard Appleyard26 dager siden

    Back when referees and lino’s had an a role to play!

  53. Cường Đỗ

    Cường Đỗ26 dager siden

    In the past, there was a gif of Pappis Cisse's goal. I remember watching that for 2 minutes. The curve was so precious and charmful

  54. Nga Nguyễn

    Nga Nguyễn26 dager siden

    Where Son?

  55. N.N.B Nafsi

    N.N.B Nafsi26 dager siden

    Manchester United is always best,best and best. 😲😲😲😲👺👺👺👺👺👺👺

  56. qaed zharif

    qaed zharif26 dager siden

    No CR7? Good 👍👍

  57. Striker 325

    Striker 32526 dager siden

    The Giroud scorpion should definitely be there. Also maybe Kane's goal from being flat on his stomach this year



    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 0:53 🔥💃💯❣ 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💘

  59. xxv 1199

    xxv 119926 dager siden

    No solo goal.

  60. FewseElite 1270

    FewseElite 127026 dager siden

    Did anyone notice most were against Chelsea

  61. Stefano Amadio

    Stefano Amadio26 dager siden


  62. Pk3O4wnStr0

    Pk3O4wnStr026 dager siden

    Rooney vs City. Simple

  63. Vid Srdic

    Vid Srdic26 dager siden

    Anybody else? "Days, days are forgotten Now it's all over Simply forgotten How to disappear"

  64. hariz danish

    hariz danish26 dager siden

    if any of Hazard's goals is not in there... it's totally wrong

  65. Rahul Dhawan

    Rahul Dhawan27 dager siden

    Where's salahs goal against cfc?