the best memes from reddit

i am now scuffed pewdiepie/mrbeast
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  1. LazarBeam

    LazarBeam8 dager siden

    Video weirdly dead so I been messing with the title abit. Sorry.

  2. Fozia Nurhussn

    Fozia Nurhussn6 dager siden

    Ok read me comment

  3. Storm_ Champ

    Storm_ Champ6 dager siden

    LazarBeam I have been doing that giveaway

  4. Charlie Winter

    Charlie Winter6 dager siden

    90's Are Hard

  5. Phoenix Gough

    Phoenix Gough7 dager siden

    Please do more colonist survival

  6. EL1T3 RAMB00

    EL1T3 RAMB0014 timer siden

    Why do I have now the feeling that in 2020 WWIII will start😥

  7. The Panda525

    The Panda52514 timer siden

    Please respond lazer I’ve been watching for 6 years

  8. Rainbow56 Videos

    Rainbow56 Videos19 timer siden

    News: People are being injured!! Me: *WhAt AbOuT The kOAlas!?!*


    B1GGER 4HEAD20 timer siden

    €___€ (°Д°)

  10. lynsey hall-nelson

    lynsey hall-nelson20 timer siden

    Apparently to my music teacher it isent a new decade yet? it isent until 2021 because 0 BC wasn't a thing?

  11. moop 1324

    moop 132421 time siden

    My cousin is helping fight the fires in Australia

  12. annag cocl

    annag cocl21 time siden

    4:55 had me dying literally I was drinking water and I chocked

  13. Dan Brinkle

    Dan BrinkleDag siden


  14. LINC 07N

    LINC 07NDag siden

    Every aussie service donates to firefighters when australia is on fire The pm (scomo) "hmm i should go on holiday"

  15. annag cocl

    annag cocl21 time siden

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:30 💜💟💛 👇👇

  16. Lol mac

    Lol macDag siden

    I hade to smell a tone of smoke 🤢🤮

  17. Matt Battaglia

    Matt BattagliaDag siden

    I know it’s bad but just checking if u were okay

  18. Matt Battaglia

    Matt BattagliaDag siden

    Hey man how’s the fires u good because my friends and I are like OML WHAT ABOUT LAZER

  19. Ayden Pledger

    Ayden PledgerDag siden

    The plague was in 1930 and that was the Great Depression

  20. Dash bomber

    Dash bomberDag siden

    kill the fire

  21. Jfalge3

    Jfalge3Dag siden

    Roses are red Ninjas hair is blue If you kill him He will ban you

  22. Bailey Whish

    Bailey WhishDag siden


  23. Shake

    ShakeDag siden

    I’m also getting the smoke, sad

  24. Carson Sautter

    Carson SautterDag siden

    I have a friend who lives in Australia and has not been online for like 3 to 4 weeks so I'm kinda scared that his house burnt down or something

  25. Plz sub to me For no reason

    Plz sub to me For no reasonDag siden

    Plz do what my name says

  26. Oskar Sundnes

    Oskar SundnesDag siden

    Why the fuck do you USE light mode?!

  27. england reee

    england reeeDag siden

    Wat would happen if someone put snow on the big bush fire

  28. senni bgon

    senni bgonDag siden

    I'm proud of him not getting sponsored at all by Bang energy drink.

  29. Joaquin Sanchez

    Joaquin SanchezDag siden

    2019 was the worst year ever cause one Stan Lee passed away, two a heck ton of celebrities died (all I know is that one of the actors who was in that disney show Jesse had passed due to a medical thing and a few old famous celebrities had passed too), three the forest fires and well a lot of other bad things happened that year so who ever had a good 2019 man your luckier than a guy that beat minecraft hardcore mode with no armour on (or that guy that found a zombie wearing full diamond gear and got his full set).

  30. Matt Stallman

    Matt StallmanDag siden

    Stan Lee.... I loved him 👆👆

  31. Mandla Khayiyana

    Mandla KhayiyanaDag siden

    Do you really live in Melbourne



    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:30 💜💟💛 👇👇

  33. adrian Dykas

    adrian DykasDag siden

    hell u fuckin man

  34. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiDag siden

    2020:says nothing Lazarbeam: ohh its worth it

  35. Dahvi CODM

    Dahvi CODMDag siden

    best memes from reddit lazarbeam:

  36. serdy ximi

    serdy ximiDag siden

    Take his toes ~some random guy~

  37. Joyce Lim

    Joyce LimDag siden

    When i grow up i want to be a chef but because of boomers theres global warming there wont be cows anymore

  38. Jeremy Tolbert

    Jeremy TolbertDag siden

    so is lannnan gay for cray, or is he still going for muselk's sister? im confused

  39. 이꾸요잇

    이꾸요잇Dag siden

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ시발존나 웃기네

  40. Isaac Glynn

    Isaac GlynnDag siden

    I live in New Zealand. And the other day here in Auckland every were literally every were was yellow from these fires. It's making our moon wired, it's misty and foggy all the time from the smoke. So yeah I ain't joking about these fires at all if there also affecting near by country's.

  41. Shade Specter

    Shade SpecterDag siden

    5:13 you just got vectored

  42. TheYEETchannel 6576

    TheYEETchannel 6576Dag siden

    Plz go to my channel

  43. Caleb Donahue

    Caleb DonahueDag siden

    In basic terms, a laugh you lose.

  44. Owen Phang

    Owen Phang2 dager siden


  45. Edward Lynch

    Edward Lynch2 dager siden

    No joke my dad is a fire fighter

  46. Albert Rey Lucero

    Albert Rey Lucero2 dager siden

    I'm proud of him not getting sponsored at all by Bang energy drink.

  47. Pia Sood

    Pia Sood2 dager siden

    A big 10-year-old me somehow destroys

  48. Aron Ghirmu

    Aron Ghirmu2 dager siden

    Maybe climate change caused the bush fires! And by climate change I mean Lannans polar bear in Minecraft

  49. Naruto Kanzi

    Naruto Kanzi2 dager siden

    I have better name for scuffed subreddits: Scuffreddits

  50. Carter Wright

    Carter Wright2 dager siden

    haha 2019 sucked

  51. T8NTED

    T8NTED2 dager siden

    Lazarbeam during something happening in Australia: RAISE AWARENESS! Lazarbeam after something happening in the U.S.: F*ck off America.

  52. Sven The elf on the shelf

    Sven The elf on the shelf2 dager siden

    Take his toes ~some random guy~

  53. Luciano Vene

    Luciano Vene2 dager siden

    if you called dank memes demes it make me happy

  54. Ben Muenks

    Ben Muenks2 dager siden

    About the fires Look up Lt.Lickme he has 3 wildfire fundraisers

  55. Joey Lydinger

    Joey Lydinger2 dager siden

    HOLY FRICK MY CAT LOOKS LIKE BABY YODA TOO!!!! Seriously though l, he does. We named him Yoda

  56. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml2 dager siden

    1960: In one hundred years we will have flying car 2020: WW3 MEMES ! ! !

  57. Jackson Walker

    Jackson Walker2 dager siden

    I can see the smoke from kangaroo island

  58. ElbacNeb

    ElbacNeb2 dager siden

    this is the video of the decade

  59. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml2 dager siden

    Personally I think it was the arsonist that started the fire because according to the police people have been arrested for starting these fires

  60. Sweaty Set

    Sweaty Set2 dager siden

    Rip 2019

  61. Connor Golightly

    Connor Golightly2 dager siden

    0:19 best part

  62. Jaiden Wilson

    Jaiden Wilson2 dager siden

    Code lazar

  63. TomBradyisagirl 8

    TomBradyisagirl 82 dager siden

    Lazar normally making fun of the French by saying baguette baguette

  64. Carlos Marin

    Carlos Marin2 dager siden

    Smh 🤦‍♂️

  65. Ethang

    Ethang2 dager siden

    Still can’t believe Lannon hasn’t left Australia

  66. xxxmonkeyofficialxxx

    xxxmonkeyofficialxxx2 dager siden

    I'd enter but I'm in Britain I only accept British Pounds

  67. Gameraxe100

    Gameraxe1002 dager siden

    Lazarbeam hitting 200m subs

  68. Harem King34

    Harem King342 dager siden

    Mmm, WoRtH iT.

  69. straw Berry sauce

    straw Berry sauce2 dager siden