The Dobre Brothers Terrible Apology

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  1. Beth M

    Beth M3 måneder siden

    If you guys ever grabbed me like that I definitely would of fought back that shits not cool and it’s ultimately fucked up idc how tired you are that’s not an excuse

  2. prettyoddvirtues

    prettyoddvirtues16 timer siden

    @Sanatorium Nugget LMAOOOO “cOPy aNd pAStA”

  3. DIO

    DIO2 dager siden

    This comment got more likes than there are comments. I'm so jealous 😢 😁

  4. Joshua And Makayla

    Joshua And Makayla3 dager siden

    Clipper fan please no PLEASE NO

  5. Matthew Brock

    Matthew Brock3 dager siden

    Damn got pinned for copy pasta how epic

  6. EBKits10

    EBKits106 dager siden

    Sanatorium Nugget Wait how do you “copy pasta”?

  7. Natalie Kennedy

    Natalie Kennedy10 timer siden

    I’m just saying the twins are cold as fuck but there older brothers smiled but man those fucking twins didn’t even smile or nothing and that fan was so happy to be there it beats me honestly

  8. Nakano Yuko Jr

    Nakano Yuko Jr11 timer siden

    Maybe they were xanned out?

  9. CatireGarcia

    CatireGarcia13 timer siden

    The Dobre brothers are just the shittiest, mentally vacant, snide fuck bois I’ve ever seen

  10. Gummi Bear

    Gummi Bear14 timer siden

    You know for a fact they've never had a schedule in their life. Im sure someone else gave them the idea to tour and they had no idea what that entailed. But to have a young girl that paid that much and was that excited to see you, just for no one to smile at her or speak one word...that's utterly disgusting and there's no redemption for them.

  11. Psionic

    PsionicDag siden

    its funny how they act like they do a lot of work and are all tired......u guys scream in the middle of a gym at night your not hard workers


    GAME OVERDag siden

    5:46 r/I'mverybadass

  13. Richard Aguinaga

    Richard AguinagaDag siden

    The only reason they and alot of these youtubers get away with it is because the audience they entertain. The majority of they're demographic is children ages 5-9 So when ever an incident takes place that should hold them accountable and face repruciosion .. they dont because children aren't capable of processing behaviours and feelings like a grown adult. So they simply brush it off or simply just never hear it or are affected by it. (Ex. The girl they did it too got a facetime with them and in her comments said she still supports em). If someone say made videos for adults and did something like that. Surely they'd be lynched and or face some type of penalty whether it come via the platform or the community itself.

  14. Cupriferous Catalyst

    Cupriferous CatalystDag siden

    These guys must all have someone behind the scenes, a parent, manager or director pushing for their success, because they seem completely disinterested in doing, well, anything on their own.

  15. Carleigh wilsonator

    Carleigh wilsonatorDag siden


  16. _ HuffleProud _

    _ HuffleProud _Dag siden

    Wow, reminds me of how Dean Hebscher was liking comments of people telling him not to apologize for his racism, ungratefulness, and general jackassery.

  17. Jordan ROBERTS

    Jordan ROBERTSDag siden

    do u think that you could do that show and a little bit more in Australia Melbourne? all the shows that I want to go to are from comedic NO-gosrs but their shows are only ever in America

  18. Risya Nabila

    Risya Nabila2 dager siden

    The scenario in my head is that, they're just tired for real and was just to lazy to even say hi to that girl even they dont really have to move a single muscle. They thought that, "ah its fine, our fans would just pity us for working hard and they would understand that we're tired, its fine.. we'll just send an apology so we can look sincere"

  19. Daddy Satin

    Daddy Satin3 dager siden

    wait then why didn’t they give her a refund tf

  20. Chungus Powerpoint

    Chungus Powerpoint3 dager siden

    Eric and Andre dobre

  21. Lemy Najera

    Lemy Najera5 dager siden

    You are crazy and you suck.

  22. Lexi S.

    Lexi S.5 dager siden

    I'm sorry, but her parents a pathetic. They are teaching her to put up with being disrespected and so what you paid for a meet and greet and the behavior was of The Dobre Brothers, still put up with the disrespect. Maybe they had a real conversation about it afterwards, but from the looks of it, it seems like they tolerated the disrespect. Now I don't feel bad.

  23. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn6 dager siden

    If they *EVER* did that to me my fists would’ve 🤜🏻 -> | V -> 🧑🏽 right to his face.

  24. •Munchii Chan•

    •Munchii Chan•6 dager siden

    Drew: *was in saint Louis Missouri* Me: *Had legit just moved away from Saint Louis Missouri*

  25. Nameless

    Nameless6 dager siden


  26. Rachel L

    Rachel L6 dager siden

    Smh awful there shitty stupid content is they should b glad they even have fans ..

  27. Gladiros of Ix

    Gladiros of Ix7 dager siden

    They can't give a shit, because they are pieces of shit

  28. IG memes4koolkiddies

    IG memes4koolkiddies8 dager siden

    The thumbnail looks like hes getting a bj

  29. Keilah Delgado

    Keilah Delgado8 dager siden

    Almost 2 million

  30. Statitude

    Statitude8 dager siden

    nice job almost 2 mil

  31. Puulse _

    Puulse _9 dager siden

    Did anybody see at the end of the video when they almost hit the girl on purpose? :(

  32. Msznewyawwk RN.

    Msznewyawwk RN.9 dager siden

    DREW your so judgemental!!!!!! They were doing BACKFLIPS the WHOLE SHOW!!! Duh - *chris crocker voice* “leave the dobres ALONE* - lmfao ahahahahaha 😂😭🤣

  33. Jose

    Jose9 dager siden

    We challenge Drew Gooden (cyber bully) to a boxing fight. 😂😂😂

  34. Ray Angeles

    Ray Angeles10 dager siden

    please go on tour again i bought tickets but realized i would be on my honeymoon during that week im so saaad

  35. SeeMore OfEve

    SeeMore OfEve10 dager siden

    Ha your meet and greet haha

  36. Kawaii Lil Bab

    Kawaii Lil Bab10 dager siden

    1:53 wow thats... I have no words omg

  37. Madelynne Gauthier

    Madelynne Gauthier11 dager siden

    Nobody's is annoyed that he is at 1.99 million and has not hit a solid 2 million no just me and my OCD okay

  38. medi0cre

    medi0cre11 dager siden

    Was it really that hard to put even just a fake smile like dude it's not that hard

  39. VultureClone

    VultureClone13 dager siden

    "Ugh, we're being paid hundreds of dollars for one meet and greet and all we have to do is pretend we give a fuck? Nah, too hard. Let's just stare aimlessly into space and crush this little girls dream."

  40. Erinhastoomanybooks

    Erinhastoomanybooks13 dager siden

    You guys treat your fans like little siblings/ cousins and it’s so sweet. I love how y’all can goof around with your followers like they’re old friends.

  41. Dani Mother of Dragons

    Dani Mother of Dragons14 dager siden

    Are they on drugs? Something is not right with this family....

  42. Lillie Willoughby

    Lillie Willoughby14 dager siden

    Some girls in my gym class went to their tour and got pictures with them and they weren’t smiling and seemed so annoyed they spent $85 for each ticket and they’re mom took off work so they would get the tickets and they wouldn’t sell out

  43. ii. lucid. dreams. ii

    ii. lucid. dreams. ii14 dager siden

    The poor girl 🤚🏻😭

  44. Shannon D

    Shannon D14 dager siden

    when he was saying hello fresh it sounded like he was saying hella fresh😂

  45. Joosh Stoyn

    Joosh Stoyn14 dager siden

    Is that true

  46. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman15 dager siden

    Amazing, lol.

  47. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman15 dager siden

    Oh my GOD, amazing video. Hilarious.

  48. Nela 123

    Nela 12315 dager siden

    0:00 “HEY guy” its HEY guys😂😂

  49. Nela 123

    Nela 12313 dager siden

    Nothing for Darkness ok god i didnt mean it in a mean way am just saying

  50. Nothing for Darkness

    Nothing for Darkness13 dager siden

    Nela 123 it’s how he greets us and why does it even matter it’s just a 3 letter word

  51. Smelly DOnut

    Smelly DOnut16 dager siden

    Being tired and being rude are 2 different things. I’m sick of people using lack of sleep to justify bad behavior

  52. Sarah Jayde

    Sarah Jayde16 dager siden

    Would you guys ever think of doing shows in other countries? It’d be incredible to get to meet you guys one day 😊🧡

  53. Josie George

    Josie George16 dager siden

    i was so thrown off by the "hey guy" at the beginning of the video that i forgot to listen to the other 10 minutes and 25 seconds

  54. Shrimp Nuggets Jr.

    Shrimp Nuggets Jr.16 dager siden

    this is my favorite video of Drew’s because I’m from stl

  55. Victoria Huynh

    Victoria Huynh16 dager siden

    when he talked about the lamp it reminded me of ryan higa

  56. Ferdinanda Hammadi

    Ferdinanda Hammadi10 dager siden

    me too

  57. Maryam Muhib

    Maryam Muhib14 dager siden

    Ohh, you're a child of culture I see.

  58. Happy dog

    Happy dog16 dager siden

    Me: works in a big city retail store, meets thousands of people a week and greets them politely. Does this every week 8-5 Dobre bros: meets a thousand-ish people over 48 hours in a month. Doesn’t acknowledge other’s existence and rude af.

  59. hiddenleafguy

    hiddenleafguy16 dager siden

    To be honest, I’ve been tired enough to understand the “We were too tired, and we didn’t give her enough attention,” reason. I’ve been that tired before, I’ve been tired enough that I fell asleep mid conversation, twice, in the same conversation.

  60. hiddenleafguy

    hiddenleafguy16 dager siden

    And when you get that tired, it’s pretty easy to just miss what’s going on around you.

  61. Scott Hildreth

    Scott Hildreth16 dager siden

    Simple - on NO-gos you can edit everything. Then these you tubers leave their bubble and surprise surprise they’re not the person we thought they were. Luckily I know you’re a nerd in real life too

  62. Next Please

    Next Please16 dager siden

    the amount of arrogance that some youtubers have when it comes to this sort of stuff is completely beyond me. compare it to actual entertainers who dance and sing for two to three hours every other day yet still have the energy to at least smile for their fans

  63. Ana Amore

    Ana Amore17 dager siden

    Don't know who they are and don't care. Fuck 'em. Also the guy on the left or right was smiling. He did his job.....kinda.

  64. Galactic

    Galactic18 dager siden

    I feel like he just used this as an excuse to plug the tour

  65. lexiheart 2003

    lexiheart 200319 dager siden

    I saw the dobre brothers at best buy the other day. I did not ask for a picture.😐

  66. Candy Canes

    Candy Canes19 dager siden

    i love the ad tbh "trick my wife into thinking im a competent chef"

  67. Blake Francis

    Blake Francis20 dager siden

    for the record it's pretty hard for mannequins wearing silicone skin suits to smile

  68. lovley lisa

    lovley lisa20 dager siden

    𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘳𝘵...

  69. Mish Y

    Mish Y20 dager siden

    that was the smoothest transition to a sponsor in NO-gos history

  70. Justin Mayberry

    Justin Mayberry20 dager siden

    That's what you get for idolizing trash.