The Dumbest Stuff I've Seen This Month

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Internet bad.
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  1. Preston Long

    Preston Long9 måneder siden

    How to make money with a webcam: 1.) Sell the webcam

  2. NickyMicky888

    NickyMicky888Måned siden

    Preston Long woah!!! Great tip!

  3. Okuyashoe Official

    Okuyashoe Official2 måneder siden


  4. Clare A-bell

    Clare A-bell2 måneder siden

    Me haha

  5. Clare A-bell

    Clare A-bell2 måneder siden

    Annie Basson really?? Easily amused

  6. Wrath91

    Wrath913 måneder siden

    Preston Long bruh!!!!! Lmao

  7. jeanbchoi

    jeanbchoiTime siden

    Just writing a comment to improve this vid’s stats so NO-gos would recommend this more. Thank you for defending the oft mistreated, especially waiters and geeks (cuz I relate most strongly with those groups) 😄

  8. Brittney Torner

    Brittney Torner5 timer siden

    I dont like Amy Schumer, but I love Star Wars. Oh no! I'm a fascist and a virgin! How will I tell my mom? How will I tell my husband and son??

  9. Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson6 timer siden

    The second half of this video was a mood

  10. maryfrancess93

    maryfrancess9313 timer siden

    Someone: enjoys a passion on the internet Some asshole: *lol cringe. Its only cool to be dead inside.*

  11. Ashleigh Saunders

    Ashleigh Saunders17 timer siden

    As I’m from Australia Ive never had to tip but I love that his brilliant argument assumes that everyone goes out twice a week and runs up minimum $100 bills each time, EVERY week of the year. If you have that much money you don’t need to be stiffing on tips

  12. Roob

    Roob18 timer siden

    the weirdest part to me is how obsessed that man is with saving money when he also spends upwards of $100 on one meal out MULTIPLE TIMES A WEEK

  13. Jessie Aber

    Jessie Aber20 timer siden

    Ashley sux!!!! Why would anyone put someone down for their taste in movies or anything f***ing else for that matter. I hope some bursts her delusional shitty bubble.

  14. Faith s

    Faith sDag siden

    The news channel was definitely having fun with that tho

  15. Michayla Lawrence

    Michayla LawrenceDag siden

    You know how I save money on tips? Don’t tip when you don’t have money to tip. (Cause you don’t actually have to tip, although I don’t live in a country that makes employees have to survive on tips)

  16. Simon Kawasaki

    Simon KawasakiDag siden

    *tfw Return of the Jedi makes you sweat*

  17. Hannah Clark

    Hannah ClarkDag siden

    the only person I actually sit through the sponsor with, because im geneuly entertained

  18. aka Braydon

    aka Braydon2 dager siden

    Mr.Plenty: I’m the richer than anyone Bill Gates: *throws Xbox*

  19. Overtake Media

    Overtake Media2 dager siden

    wow this guy is so excited, it's so pathetic. I could never date someone who can express there feelings on such an emotional level. Real men bottle everything up inside good and bad

  20. Amelia Scarlett

    Amelia Scarlett2 dager siden

    Omg I hate when men are passionate about something they enjoy. It makes them sooooo undatable ❤

  21. Jiggerjaw

    Jiggerjaw2 dager siden

    The world needs more NO-gosrs that make sponsorships fun to watch.

  22. Jiggerjaw

    Jiggerjaw2 dager siden

    I love that you have to spend over $10k on eating out in order to save $400 on tips. In the scenario set up by this guy, you're spending $13170.56 per year on food, instead of the much worse $13586.56 Hey I got a brainwave for you pal: eat a $5 meal at a fast food restaurant in place of just FOUR of those extravagant rich boi meals each year and you save even more! *MIND BLOWN*

  23. Super Boyces

    Super Boyces3 dager siden

    I- I've never seen Star Wars..

  24. Ashley Landsberg

    Ashley Landsberg3 dager siden

    I’ve seen Star Wars and girls have talked to me. Cause I’m a girl and most of my friends are.

  25. Coolio Star Stache

    Coolio Star Stache3 dager siden

    I just want to to say to Miss St.Clair Fuck you

  26. nordic S

    nordic S3 dager siden

    Hmm I’ve never seen Star Wars but I’m not rich... am I failing life ? 😱

  27. SliceO'Fish

    SliceO'Fish4 dager siden

    I just did the math You actually only save 200 a year Thats 17 dollars a month

  28. Galaxy 8926

    Galaxy 89264 dager siden

    And if you don't tip you could make twice the money 9:29 lol

  29. Fabiana Mellado

    Fabiana Mellado4 dager siden

    Damm maaaan ,chill with the speed you've turned into my favorite youtuber

  30. cegitebe

    cegitebe4 dager siden

    I think i know what comedian Drew likes to watch. This video made it more clear to me now.

  31. Hammer Sports

    Hammer Sports4 dager siden

    I’m constipated

  32. Abcd Efg

    Abcd Efg4 dager siden

    Wow wtf, it’s so great to see how happy the guy watching the trailer is, that definitely doesn’t make him undateable. Whenever my boyfriend gets excited about something I love him even more.

  33. dimitri13

    dimitri134 dager siden

    You can save $8 a week on tips! On your bi-weekly $100 restaurant visits. Wow.

  34. Nubby scrubby Boy

    Nubby scrubby Boy5 dager siden

    Oh shit I guess I'm super poor now Also why hate on Star Wars so much

  35. Man Man

    Man Man5 dager siden

    Drew: Married Also Drew: Never seen a girl

  36. Ella Cummins

    Ella Cummins5 dager siden

    Oh my gosh, that's my local TV station. How did I not know about this?

  37. RachelBrooke Gacha

    RachelBrooke Gacha5 dager siden

    2:09 *When you realize that’s the wig he wore when he dressed up as Kim Possible*

  38. Honestly Idgaf

    Honestly Idgaf6 dager siden

    that news thing was so bad i almost disliked the video

  39. Gorb Gorbinson

    Gorb Gorbinson6 dager siden

    The adults that talk like kids to act like them, is the equivalent 2/3 kids in a trenchcoat.

  40. Some sad kid Named max

    Some sad kid Named max6 dager siden

    0:00 17:27 There’s the part with the video You’re welcome

  41. jenn lemmelin

    jenn lemmelin7 dager siden

    12:00 the thing about people like him is they watch so much tv they snap at people and act like bitches

  42. Lena Aalt

    Lena Aalt7 dager siden

    Reminds me of Ava Karabatić, a troll so good a good chunk of Croatia actually believes her. She perfected the act of playing as stupid as possible, of saying intentionally ignorant and dumb shit just so she can get notoriety 'cause she knows people are gonna buy it. So yeah, playing an unbelievably stupid character can be lucrative as people are generally dumb enough to buy into it. Just by you talking about this guy he got what he wanted.

  43. WolfAlly109

    WolfAlly1098 dager siden

    That News report made me want to commit T O A S T E R B A T H.

  44. Bonk Bonk

    Bonk Bonk8 dager siden

    LOL so it looks unbiased like NowThis aka Progressive Propaganda Explosion? Come on, Drew.

  45. Taylor Gardner

    Taylor Gardner9 dager siden

    Brooo... that fake out ad read wrecked me.

  46. Meow Holly Meow

    Meow Holly Meow9 dager siden

    Wait... save money on tipping by stiffing your waiter? Mind blownnnn.

  47. Tater Puddin

    Tater Puddin10 dager siden

    Imagine being so stupid you've been tipping 15% of the taxed charge your whole life.

  48. self1sch

    self1sch10 dager siden

    YOU BITCH! God I loved that lol

  49. Rikititi

    Rikititi10 dager siden

    Shout-out to this fellow 9-year-old 👊🏼

  50. The Johnny O Show

    The Johnny O Show10 dager siden

    If i don't have money for the tip I should probably not be eating out in the first place. Who would spend $100 on a dinner for 2 if they have to worry about $4

  51. Askme4ful

    Askme4ful10 dager siden

    7:06 Who goes out twice a week, spending 200$ not including tax or tip??? That’s an insane amount. And then you’re gonna steal MORE money from your waitresses and waiters??? What a scumbag!

  52. David Anderson

    David Anderson11 dager siden

    Your argument on tipping amount doesn't make sense. Sure, you're tipping less by tipping on pre-tax, but every statement you made against it could equally apply to tipping 20% instead of 25% -- you're not "fucking over" the wait staff by tipping 20% on pre-tax instead of post-tax amount, any more than you are fucking them over by tipping 20% instead of 25%. It seems a bit silly to complain about tipping properly (ie on pre-tax amount) when you wouldn't complain about someone tipping 18% instead of 20%.

  53. Aubrey Burr

    Aubrey Burr11 dager siden

    I hate how judge mental people are, or like how they can hate someone for liking something different, like tf

  54. Victoria Newman

    Victoria Newman12 dager siden

    I loooooooooove the news segment so perf

  55. Show With No Name

    Show With No Name12 dager siden

    According to this guy, tipping 20% post tax is cheaper than tipping 18% pre-tax. Yeah, no shit. If both tips were 20% the difference would be less than two dollars. Also, where is he eating at twice a week where a meal for one costs 100 dollars? He could save what this life hack saves him in a year by just not going out to eat for two weeks.

  56. Olivia Valley

    Olivia Valley10 dager siden

    Show With No Name or eating somewhere that doesn’t charge 100 bucks per meal. Plenty of good restaurants that cost 20, 30 bucks a meal? He could go out every night and still save more than being an asshole and not tipping the waiter or waitress as much.

  57. Jenna M

    Jenna M12 dager siden

    I've never heard drew absolutely destroy someone's character. And I must say, it was amazing. Every ounce of what he said was true. She's just mad she doesn't have anything in her life to make her as excited as star wars made that man excited. People like her need to get a life wtf

  58. Ava love

    Ava love12 dager siden

    My dad watched Star Wars........ I don’t think he is a virgin

  59. kudy

    kudy12 dager siden

    I'm 15 and those guys in the news looks like bunch of dumbasses.

  60. Weirdo Why

    Weirdo Why12 dager siden

    I still haven't watch stars wars movies but i have played the games😏


    LIL COARSE DIRT12 dager siden

    I’m so poor I can’t afford to watch Star Wars.


    LIL COARSE DIRT12 dager siden


  63. mariam al said

    mariam al said13 dager siden

    I think it’s funny how almost every conservative calls arabs gross brown people, but every time i see an conservative, like that girl, they have darker skin than any arab i know

  64. Saint Pharma

    Saint Pharma13 dager siden

    The bitch that was trashing that poor dude.. fuck that bitch forilla.. u don’t know wtf he could be going thru maybe him or a loved one just got diagnosed with a terminal illness or somn and then his favorite movie franchise drops a trailer so he can forget about his problems for a few minutes and get excited that he’s going to be able to escape his reality for a few hours soon

  65. Rosey Stein

    Rosey Stein14 dager siden

    I can’t be the only one who got up and started clapping when he did U-U

  66. Prickleshatespickles

    Prickleshatespickles14 dager siden

    Drew defending the Star Wars guys from Ashely StBitch made me as happy as the guy in the video. Who dare blessed us with this perfect human