The King of Vape

I think Brad forgot to charge his vape battery, but we don't have the heart to tell him.


  1. Shubham Singh

    Shubham Singh28 dager siden

    That printer is not loud enough but pretty sick

  2. Tomato Rant

    Tomato RantMåned siden

    Good video danny Just realized im 3 years late lmao

  3. thexbigxgreen

    thexbigxgreen2 måneder siden

    Lmao .... that deep voice you get when you're smoking/vaping. Nice touch haha

  4. Oh Charlotte

    Oh Charlotte4 måneder siden

    his face at 0:29 😂😂😂😂

  5. sportluver98

    sportluver984 måneder siden

    Ok but what song was that

  6. Hailey G

    Hailey G4 måneder siden

    Thank god he doesn’t actually vape

  7. kyndall k

    kyndall k6 måneder siden

    how is this your least popular video

  8. Kłōvęr Ćhåñ

    Kłōvęr Ćhåñ6 måneder siden


  9. Eggomydoggo

    Eggomydoggo7 måneder siden

    I didnt know you vaped drew! you horrible human

  10. Eric Casini

    Eric Casini7 måneder siden

    Haha hilarious content!

  11. Rylie Patrick

    Rylie Patrick9 måneder siden

    no one: the boys in my grade: [this video]

  12. Samantha Loudermilk

    Samantha Loudermilk10 måneder siden

    cue vape tricks by danny gonzalez

  13. Eve Sutherland

    Eve Sutherland10 måneder siden

    every kid at my school

  14. Fatness Everdeen

    Fatness Everdeen10 måneder siden

    Was there underwear on his head or just a hat?

  15. NoName

    NoName11 måneder siden

    Footage of Drew hanging out with all of his friends.

  16. perry is the hat.

    perry is the hat.11 måneder siden

    why doesn't my printer have a music option :C

  17. luna

    luna11 måneder siden

    i really thought he had a vape pen

  18. kylie !

    kylie !11 måneder siden

    birdbox challenge ahead of his time

  19. Fox FIlmworks

    Fox FIlmworksÅr siden

    This reminds me of the office where Will Ferrell did his juggling routine without any balls

  20. Nick Gerrs

    Nick GerrsÅr siden


  21. Jimbabwe from Zimbabwe

    Jimbabwe from ZimbabweÅr siden

    Professor Pimp why are you telling him this on one of his oldest vids? How autistic are you?

  22. Reliza Schrader

    Reliza SchraderÅr siden


  23. ace 127

    ace 127År siden

    That’s a mechanical pencil

  24. Rea Keebz

    Rea KeebzÅr siden

    how is this your least watched video i don't understand how are people not appreciating how absolutely mind-bogglingly hilarious this is

  25. Big_weeaboo_ energy

    Big_weeaboo_ energyÅr siden

    The 15 dislikes are all the vapers that were offended by this lmao

  26. Rea Keebz

    Rea KeebzÅr siden

    i showed this video to everyone in my house and we all lost our minds this is hilarious

  27. MrDeeb

    MrDeebÅr siden


  28. Raddish 3.0

    Raddish 3.0År siden

    did u not have a vape so u just.. used ur dab pen....??

  29. brikii

    brikiiÅr siden

    this is my favorite skit/sketch of all time

  30. Rickaaayyy Hoffman

    Rickaaayyy HoffmanÅr siden

    How did you get the printer to play music haha!

  31. ItsTeacherMike

    ItsTeacherMikeÅr siden

    I rate this the best video I have ever watched at 4am.

  32. John Doe

    John DoeÅr siden

    I remember watching when he had less than 10k subs hes blowin up mann

  33. Alex Wetmore

    Alex WetmoreÅr siden

    I love this videos so much

  34. harold the big chunky nigga

    harold the big chunky niggaÅr siden


  35. Mitch Allen

    Mitch AllenÅr siden

    Why does this not have more views? This is gold

  36. Impractical Sewing

    Impractical SewingÅr siden

    I smoke CBD oil for anxiety. It's honestly been a game changer.

  37. Tim Brown

    Tim BrownÅr siden

    Jonnie Rodriguez literally no one asked

  38. Mary

    MaryÅr siden


  39. David Albee

    David AlbeeÅr siden

    “Hey, How’d you get the printer to play music?”

  40. Will Ochoa

    Will OchoaÅr siden

    David Albee lol that was the best part

  41. Vicky N

    Vicky NÅr siden


  42. Lindsay Daly

    Lindsay DalyÅr siden

    *wildly* underrated video. vaping as I type this

  43. Dean Ross

    Dean RossÅr siden

    This is hilarious and I love your videos

  44. Uncle Drax

    Uncle DraxÅr siden

    omg the printer

  45. TheSource

    TheSourceÅr siden

    The music I’m done 💀

  46. beth, i guess

    beth, i guessÅr siden

    all sophomores rn

  47. Ahmed Rashid

    Ahmed RashidÅr siden

    I LOST it when he started playing the music (get it the song is called Lost by KDrew hahahaha)

  48. Jake Reed

    Jake ReedÅr siden

    I have that shirt

  49. Andrea Rupe

    Andrea Rupe2 år siden

    Please someone edit the hell out of this in after effects

  50. David L

    David L2 år siden

    #vapenash \//\

  51. claire //

    claire //2 år siden

    I was hitting my juul while watching this

  52. Chanelle Pina

    Chanelle Pina2 år siden

    the freaking printer

  53. Zephan Rodriguez

    Zephan Rodriguez2 år siden

    Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does.

  54. annA Clare

    annA Clare2 år siden

    You can cover your eyes but not blink?

  55. pH1

    pH12 år siden

    Fantastic! 😅

  56. JaRandoGuy

    JaRandoGuy2 år siden

    We get it, you're a good musician, GOD just shut up about it already

  57. Av J

    Av J2 år siden

    since this video of yours has the least views I'd like to state that I've been here since 5k also you look like ET with that shirt on your head alright toodles

  58. Dylan Mae

    Dylan Mae2 år siden

    Ugh this shit made me miss vine even more than I had too, vine was the only pure thing on this planet, now that it's gone my life has fallen apart. Trumps president and the only thing that remains from vine are people like king Bach who is causing global warming. But I think that drew will be the one that will overcome Instagram "comedy" and end world hunger

  59. TheRaficca

    TheRaficca2 år siden

    Fucking lost it at the printer

  60. Taiki

    Taiki2 år siden

    The printer lmao

  61. Raiden-_-304

    Raiden-_-3042 år siden

    This is the kind of video that's humorous and funny but it doesn't make you laugh and you're just blankly staring at the screen but then there's that one part at the end that just makes you lose it. 😂 "How'd you get the printer to play music?"

  62. Austin

    Austin8 måneder siden

    Raiden-_-304 That’s exactly what happened to me

  63. Jennifer Kim

    Jennifer Kim2 år siden

    Raiden-_-304 WRD

  64. Diego Avalos Cortes

    Diego Avalos Cortes2 år siden

    you should still do skits every now and them. i haven't laughed at videos this much in a long time

  65. Elizabeth DesRuisseau

    Elizabeth DesRuisseauÅr siden

    gualo21 same I love his skits. Sometimes he’ll put skits within his longer videos but I wish he’d do more

  66. Mr. Box

    Mr. Box2 år siden

    One of the better comics I have seen on NO-gos, Drew has my style of humor and I enjoy his videos