The Most Gullible Prison Guard Ever - Key & Peele

A prisoner plays mind games with the easily manipulated guard who’s been placed in charge of him.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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  2. john david

    john david13 timer siden

    Come on my creative legally ethically crew let's peaceful celebrate if we did anything wrong

  3. rosegoldbb

    rosegoldbb2 dager siden

    Comedy Central Stand-Up it’s not even worth going back out there.. unless......🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. The Tiger Driver

    The Tiger Driver3 dager siden

    TheyCallmeSpider-man The show has been off the air for like 5 years. These are all old clips.

  5. Jai Rai

    Jai Rai3 dager siden

    good episode!

  6. Jai Rai

    Jai Rai3 dager siden

    I want to be on a Key & Peele EPISODE!

  7. Nishant Sengar

    Nishant SengarTime siden

    I sooo loved that reverse psychology thing 😂

  8. Sofia & Hamza

    Sofia & Hamza2 timer siden

    the guard must be white

  9. Moumèn Brh

    Moumèn Brh3 timer siden

    “Wait you’re a good guuy ?! Oh my goshh” proceeds to open the cell. I WAS DEAD And then even funnier when the prisoner says “unless..” after telling him how hard it is to escape anyway. the guard immediately try to open it with no f***ing reason. Those guys r lit.

  10. fuzzydunlop45

    fuzzydunlop455 timer siden

    This is terrible comedy

  11. MJ G4M35

    MJ G4M357 timer siden

    What I would do is I'd borrow his uniform and GTFO of there

  12. Angel Wild

    Angel Wild8 timer siden

    This is seriously hilarious!!🤣🎉😂👍🏻✌🏻👍🏻☺️

  13. Drey Crowley

    Drey Crowley9 timer siden

    Whats the outro song? it sound so good

  14. Slonismo

    Slonismo11 timer siden

    Seems like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys was a big influence


    HOLLOW HILL11 timer siden

    2:38 i'm a goody guy... ....wait ur a good guy? oh my gosh....

  16. Fuzzy Bunny

    Fuzzy Bunny12 timer siden

    The guard also voted for Trump....

  17. chicken legs TV

    chicken legs TV12 timer siden

    I like how sketch immediately starts with the punchline.

  18. Leila F.

    Leila F.13 timer siden

    You tricked me. -(👁)-(👁)-

  19. john david

    john david13 timer siden

    Today actually yeah you guys ball too hard

  20. john david

    john david13 timer siden

    Let's ball together legally

  21. john david

    john david13 timer siden

    We have to party

  22. I leave mean comments

    I leave mean comments14 timer siden

    this isn't funny.

  23. Light Lorraine

    Light Lorraine14 timer siden

    @hikagaming91 im the guard..omG..

  24. Your Mom

    Your Mom15 timer siden

    Yup, I have to see Star Trek Picard!

  25. alexiology

    alexiology15 timer siden

    seems like the typical megachurch attendees.

  26. Werewolf Lycan

    Werewolf Lycan15 timer siden

    “It doesn’t seem like you understand what your job is.”

  27. CheezMcfly

    CheezMcfly16 timer siden

    Man.. I had a friend like that once. RIP

  28. Peter Yianilos

    Peter Yianilos16 timer siden

    Proof a black man CANNOT WIN in America.

  29. Peter Yianilos

    Peter Yianilos16 timer siden

    Pushes the door back closed. Fucking priceless.

  30. Lincoln MV

    Lincoln MV16 timer siden

    Anyone else notice the Medal of Honor music? Edit: European Assault

  31. Barry Williams

    Barry Williams16 timer siden

    This is more intense than silence of the lambs

  32. Ryan Cunard

    Ryan Cunard17 timer siden

    The El Chapo family prison guard

  33. froggy doodle

    froggy doodle18 timer siden

    Bubbles! From the trailer park!

  34. Anthony Hough

    Anthony Hough18 timer siden

    The way keegan looks down after he lets him out EVERYTIME. Hahaha hahaha hahaha

  35. Lazy Steve

    Lazy Steve19 timer siden


  36. bodoy euir

    bodoy euir17 timer siden

    The funniest one beside racist zombies and the substitute teacher 🤣

  37. tha roach

    tha roach19 timer siden

    You can’t trick me Cause this is MY choice

  38. bodoy euir

    bodoy euir17 timer siden

    K this was pretty dumb.........

  39. arnold terrelonge jr

    arnold terrelonge jr20 timer siden

    Pause at 0:43

  40. Frank Matthew

    Frank Matthew21 time siden

    How many times he escaped 😂

  41. Dries du Preez

    Dries du Preez21 time siden

    Key looks like Jake Gyllenhaal in this

  42. papa stank

    papa stank21 time siden

    Eyeballs on swole mode

  43. Fatima Ahmed

    Fatima Ahmed21 time siden

    💀💀 me after a couple of compliments 😂😂😂

  44. Prashant Barua

    Prashant Barua21 time siden

    This is the most funniest ever!

  45. Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta21 time siden

    This guy has to be the guy who guards the Joker's cell at Arkham for often he get out unnoticed, he's probably the only guy who he has fun with in prison, especially with the "IM BUSTING YOU OUTTA HERE"

  46. Angelina Dash

    Angelina Dash21 time siden

    It literally doesn't matter if he's gullible or not. It's literally not his authority to let ppl out. Even if it were true that the image is suppose to get out, that is LITERALLY NOT HIS JOB! XD A GAURD'S JOB IS LITERALLY ONLY JUST THAT. TO LITERALLY GAURD AN INMATE FROM ESCAPING. He literally has no business re-opening a locked cell. Usually the boss will come let the inmate out himself if the sentence is over or lifted

  47. Human Centered

    Human Centered22 timer siden

    This is Epstein's guard, right? BTW, Epstein didn't kill himself.

  48. mark facon

    mark facon22 timer siden

    Did they have the medal of honor theme song? 3:25

  49. thalastpoet

    thalastpoet22 timer siden

    This is actually deceptively brilliant. It's easy to cast it off as corny or worse, but this was great.

  50. creekandseminole

    creekandseminole22 timer siden


  51. ShakaYouHaole 808

    ShakaYouHaole 80822 timer siden

    Black bubbles?

  52. Whiskers

    Whiskers23 timer siden

    K this was pretty dumb.........

  53. Maja Bajric

    Maja Bajric23 timer siden

    The funniest one beside racist zombies and the substitute teacher 🤣

  54. Ravi B Maharaj

    Ravi B Maharaj23 timer siden

    Recidivism is real

  55. Kirk Gibson

    Kirk Gibson23 timer siden

    This is even funnier for those that have been locked up

  56. John Salazar

    John SalazarDag siden


  57. John Salazar

    John SalazarDag siden

    Jstyles jerz 69

  58. Max battersby

    Max battersbyDag siden

    Its bubbles half brother

  59. Elvis Van

    Elvis VanDag siden

    _🌌11AM Jan 21 2020~_

  60. Dj Run34

    Dj Run34Dag siden

    The capture time 😂😂😂😂 Return back to cell 😂😂😂😂

  61. Dj Run34

    Dj Run34Dag siden

    The capture time 😂😂😂😂

  62. school pizza

    school pizzaDag siden

    He closed it back up lol

  63. Joshua Enelamah

    Joshua EnelamahDag siden

    When you trick your teacher into thinking you did your homework

  64. DeE MONEY

    DeE MONEYDag siden


  65. Thrifty032781

    Thrifty032781Dag siden

    The thick glasses really work well with the dopey voice.

  66. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlDag siden

    I wonder if Joe Guerrero from After Prison Show has seen this? He'd get a kick out of this sketch.

  67. Sum Ting Wong

    Sum Ting WongDag siden

    Those jamjar glasses 🤣🤣🤣

  68. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlDag siden

  69. Mathieu Schuler

    Mathieu SchulerDag siden

    If Bubbles was a prison guard