The Net Gun | Overtime 4 | Dude Perfect

Things get a little weird on this episode of Overtime!
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  1. CrocodileDundyOssi123

    CrocodileDundyOssi1239 timer siden

    Who watches this from Finland

  2. Jack Wood

    Jack Wood13 timer siden


  3. M Myers

    M Myers17 timer siden

    Scientifically speaking, because sound waves (like any waves) require a medium through which to travel and space is void of such necessary particles, there is no sound in space. Also, medically speaking, it is inadvisable to be "next to a rocket" as that close of a proximity to such an object would be detrimental to your health.

  4. Kaveen Subasinghe

    Kaveen Subasinghe17 timer siden

    you should do a magnetic trickshot or something to do with magnets

  5. Jaxon Frohring

    Jaxon Frohring18 timer siden

    O my gosh

  6. Sophie Cocker

    Sophie Cocker21 time siden

    Who else thinks ty and garrett could have been ty-ger. If you don’t get it, it’s basically tiger.

  7. Josiah Guthrie

    Josiah Guthrie22 timer siden

    In OT 2 when Cory was picked for Wheel Unfortunate, Cody said that Cory may have to fly to Wisconsin for no reason. Little did they both know......

  8. The Desfroyer

    The Desfroyer22 timer siden

    Cody is wrong because oxygen is what is transporting sounds so because there is no air in Space, there is no sounds

  9. Brian Tyson

    Brian TysonDag siden


  10. Minecraft master 3.0

    Minecraft master 3.0Dag siden

    😃Didn’t know there was twins

  11. Buckhunter431

    Buckhunter431Dag siden

    Stuff makes sound in space but there is nothing to carry the sound to your ears


    NX2 HARRISONDag siden

    You can only hear in space if you are approximately 2 feet away.if you are over two feet away then you will not hear the sound because sounds needs air to travel

  13. Arefin Salehin

    Arefin SalehinDag siden

    There is no air in space so no sound

  14. Samuel Alderfer

    Samuel AlderferDag siden

    There is no sound in space because there are no molecules to bounce the sound off of

  15. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly2 dager siden

    No there is no sound in space

  16. Rahul Rabinowitz

    Rahul Rabinowitz2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="783">13:03</a>- There is a typo on the TV. Am I the only one that noticed that ?

  17. Jonathan Kim

    Jonathan Kim2 dager siden

    There is no sound in space it's a vaccum.

  18. Alex Playz27

    Alex Playz272 dager siden

    I live in Wisconsin!

  19. Suyash Pandey

    Suyash Pandey2 dager siden


  20. Blaze 2555

    Blaze 25552 dager siden

    Space is a vacuum (something that has no matter inside of it) that goes on forever. Without any type of matter, sound cannot travel/be heard.

  21. Aathesh Manivathanan

    Aathesh Manivathanan2 dager siden

    There is no sound in space

  22. Jacob DC

    Jacob DC2 dager siden

    There is no sound in space Cody thinks that because that’s what it’s like on earth

  23. fortwars starnite

    fortwars starnite2 dager siden

    No sound in space

  24. Justyn McConachy

    Justyn McConachy2 dager siden

    Cory is the coby of wheel unfortunate

  25. Fahad Aldhahri

    Fahad Aldhahri2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="952">15:52</a> the real rage monster

  26. Kaylee Kids

    Kaylee Kids2 dager siden

    Codie is incorrect since there is no air in space sound waves can’t travel without air, therefore there is no sound in space

  27. Orion Holmes

    Orion Holmes2 dager siden

    Garett playing with a knife has me laughing😂

  28. Orion Holmes

    Orion Holmes2 dager siden

    That feeling when you have been in the Wisconsin airport that he was in

  29. Minecraft Tutorials

    Minecraft Tutorials2 dager siden

    I would like to fly to Wisconsin for no reason! Cause I like airplanes!

  30. Husky Gamer303

    Husky Gamer3032 dager siden

    Please Be my

  31. Maeve Balut

    Maeve Balut2 dager siden

    He's right there's no sound in space at all

  32. Mae Avery

    Mae Avery3 dager siden

    I personally like the peacock 🦚 AND the shark

  33. Meboi 47

    Meboi 473 dager siden

    “Your not gonna have to shave your eyebrows” little did he know

  34. Lily Games

    Lily Games20 timer siden


  35. SS - 07BM - SouthFields Village PS (1454)

    SS - 07BM - SouthFields Village PS (1454)3 dager siden

    there is no sound in space

  36. Anthony Urso

    Anthony Urso3 dager siden

    The best

  37. Sandeep Kaur

    Sandeep Kaur3 dager siden

    In our school robotics team We also had a member like Garret They guy always did nothing except spinning wheels on axles or spur gears Garret reminds me of him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Catalyst drift’s sister Fortnite

    Catalyst drift’s sister Fortnite3 dager siden

    There is no sound in space

  39. Sandeep Kaur

    Sandeep Kaur3 dager siden

    Not possible You can’t hear sound even of a rocket Even a supernova is not audible there Because there is vacuum in space And sound cannot travel through vacuum

  40. joshua bruce

    joshua bruce3 dager siden

    no, there is NO sound in space.


    JAKE HUNTER3 dager siden


  42. Ravindra Paygude

    Ravindra Paygude3 dager siden

    tyler and garrett hilbert were the winner in my eyes

  43. sugardaddy Lucifer

    sugardaddy Lucifer3 dager siden

    Wait, isn't it a blunt if Cory went to Wisconsin to breath that fresh Wisconsin air, making it a reason for coming? 🤣

  44. barry

    barry3 dager siden

    No sound in space because no air in space

  45. Row Your Boat

    Row Your Boat3 dager siden

    There is not sound in space

  46. Gold Sanchez

    Gold Sanchez4 dager siden


  47. Sophia Lalani

    Sophia Lalani4 dager siden

    in think ty should have won

  48. ben h

    ben h4 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="787">13:07</a> am I the o my one who noticed it says 'mine doens't look like that' with the n and s the wrong way round? And then they're the right way around on he next screen?

  49. Rob Frazier

    Rob Frazier4 dager siden

    Maybe he is half blind

  50. Rob Frazier

    Rob Frazier4 dager siden

    He is wrong because there is no air molecules for the sound to travel

  51. Joi Manzi

    Joi Manzi4 dager siden

    There is no sound in space because the sound waves have no matter to hit. Unless if you talking inside a spacecraft then it is a yes be the sound waves have something to hit in the ship.

  52. Harpreet Singh

    Harpreet Singh4 dager siden

    Who is here after cory also had to shave his eyebrows

  53. LB Woolley

    LB Woolley4 dager siden

    Coby portable sauna💚 Cory unspillable cup💚 Garett loudest whistle❤️ Cody millennium falcon💛 Tyler net gun💚

  54. Vijayalakshmi Gopi

    Vijayalakshmi Gopi4 dager siden


  55. Kirsty Beamish

    Kirsty Beamish4 dager siden

    overtime is epic



    he actually had a reason to fly to wisconsin because he has to complete his task

  57. Liu Zejuan

    Liu Zejuan4 dager siden


  58. the cantina gamer

    the cantina gamer4 dager siden

    No sound in space because there is no air for to travel through

  59. Matthew DeAngelo

    Matthew DeAngelo4 dager siden

    There are many segments that are pranks (for example - prancing with taxidermy, awkward situations, voice box) that should be all combined into one segment cuz honestly they’re prolly not doing any of them again

  60. Wan Shah

    Wan Shah4 dager siden

    Why does Cory always get wheel unfortunate??😂🤣

  61. David Moore

    David Moore4 dager siden

    Would have been way more unfortunate to fly to Hawaii for no reason😂

  62. Conner flips and tricks

    Conner flips and tricks4 dager siden

    I just ❤️ cool not cool, what a show starter!

  63. Stephanie Eales

    Stephanie Eales4 dager siden

    The awnser to your question is, no you can not hear sound in space.

  64. Anthony ruiz

    Anthony ruiz4 dager siden

    There is no sound in space

  65. Magdalyn Robinson

    Magdalyn Robinson4 dager siden

    i think Tyler + (not really) Garret should've won. 🤣

  66. Kura Maidana

    Kura Maidana4 dager siden

    Why doesn't Tyler ever spin the wheel?

  67. Jason Jenkins

    Jason Jenkins5 dager siden


  68. Anders O

    Anders O5 dager siden

    Cory: Ned, I hope we never see each other again. Little did he know...

  69. Steven Dukes

    Steven DukesDag siden

    he kept picking himself

  70. EpicArch Angel

    EpicArch Angel5 dager siden

    To answer the sound in space question, No, you cannot hear any sounds in near-empty regions of space. Sound travels through the vibration of atoms and molecules in a medium (such as air or water). In space, where there is no air, sound has no way to travel.

  71. Ahmed Elsayed

    Ahmed Elsayed5 dager siden

    Pls you are great dudes

  72. I-Raven

    I-Raven5 dager siden

    There is no sound in space because there are no particles and there is no medium for the soundwaves to bounce off. 12 year old... BIG BRAIN

  73. thijmen stoker

    thijmen stoker5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="29">0:29</a> ty and Coby perfect in sync

  74. StopAmation

    StopAmation5 dager siden

    There is no sound in space that humanity is aware of at the moment

  75. James

    James5 dager siden

    there is no air in space, no air means no sound

  76. Greywarden

    Greywarden5 dager siden


  77. Miguel Andrei Joaquin

    Miguel Andrei Joaquin5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="584">9:44</a> “holding my hat just to feel like im holding something” did he forget he’s holding a camera :D

  78. Miles Councell

    Miles Councell5 dager siden


  79. C Medlock333

    C Medlock3335 dager siden

    Best. Episode. Ever!!!!!

  80. Will Dixon

    Will Dixon5 dager siden

    There is no sound in space

  81. Treyoc 76

    Treyoc 765 dager siden

    We all can agree that there is no air in space sound needs air to actually travel so there for there is no sound in space


    NATHANIEL SHERBINE5 dager siden

    there is no sound in space