The Nintendo Switch Has a Problem

The Nintendo Switch Pro is coming -
The Nintendo Switch has suffered from Joy-Con Drift since launch, and while it's a scary problem there are ways to fix it.
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  1. Blue__Lama

    Blue__Lama14 timer siden


  2. Heng Jovani

    Heng JovaniDag siden

    I guessed my case was pretty rare then.....I started to have left joy con drift issue after 1 year of using it, then I bought new pair of joy con to replace them, fast forward after another 1 year, I pick up the old joy con to try and see how badly it became...who knows after the software update and calibrated, the old one back to normal again and play flawlessly until today....pure luck I guess....

  3. mazda9624

    mazda9624Dag siden

    My left Joycon has light drift from heavy usage in Smash Bros, but my Mario Odyssey Joycons (both of them) are completely unusable due to how heavy the drift is)

  4. JackIsPurple

    JackIsPurple3 dager siden

    Me and my friend are getting Pro Controller Drift

  5. Masked Dreams

    Masked Dreams4 dager siden

    Fun fact: The Wii U had drifting, my Wii U started right before I got my Switch

  6. Greeem

    Greeem5 dager siden

    1:20 That Law & Order SVU chime had me wildin

  7. KlingonCaptain

    KlingonCaptain6 dager siden

    Games are pretty much unplayable for me with JoyCons. I was forced to buy a pro controller.

  8. The kirbmaster

    The kirbmaster8 dager siden

    Nintendo: £60 for joy cons Me: wow! These must be good- Joycons: *mario kart earrape* Me: huh I wonder how much a dock is because it also broke Nintendo: £60 _take it or leave it_ Me: you are obsessed with 60 aren’t you?

  9. Aaron Good

    Aaron Good8 dager siden

    I have 4 switches in my house, 2 first gens, 1 new model and 1 lite. Every single joycon i have ever owned has gotten drift, including the lite. Its not inconsistent, its very consistent, within a months time i have to replace the stix in each joy con. Nintendo may fix them for free, but they should be replacing them with a model that doesnt do this. Also i find it a hell of alot faster to just fix them myself. Stix on amazon are about 10 bucks for 2 stixs

  10. Rocky

    Rocky9 dager siden

    My drift is so bad that I haven't took the switch out the dock since November.

  11. Adam Young

    Adam Young9 dager siden

    I've been playing video games since the dawn of time. The switch is the only controler that I have experienced drift. Simple fix for drift. Buy new joy cons. Place old ones in the package and return for full refund. Let nintendo foot the bill and all the annoyance.

  12. SB SB

    SB SB9 dager siden

    Ryan Diaz - the hero we dont deserve! Keep fighting the fight Ryan!

  13. Jase O'Shea

    Jase O'Shea10 dager siden

    Me, playing Breath Of The Wild: Just let me walk, please Nintendo: Want to climb that mountain?

  14. Matt Aronstein

    Matt Aronstein10 dager siden

    I just had a new joycon problem where the plastic around the right joycon area of the rail the top screw, what should I do?

  15. Lolly Lemur

    Lolly Lemur10 dager siden

    Bruh, how do you sue Nintendo for crap joysticks

  16. AlexOnPhone

    AlexOnPhone11 dager siden

    I had my switch for a year and I haven’t gotten Joycon drift yet, hehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehhehehehe


    CJ DA BOSS GAMES12 dager siden

    Me: put my switch down in middle of pkm sword battle My joy con: lets just throw a master ball at this snom shall we

  18. Christopher Johann

    Christopher Johann12 dager siden

    Moral of this video: You are a total coward if you don’t try to find a way to fix your faulty controller and instead just rage, make fun or comment about it.

  19. Alyxandra Mixer

    Alyxandra Mixer13 dager siden

    I don't put my switch through the ringer by any means, I'd say it gets average use, but I don't quite have stick drift. I have just a really soft left stick, and it's only been a couple months. It doesn't have the solid flick the other one does anymore, and it even can make it really hard to run playing Let's Go, because it won't read that the stick is pushed all the way to the side. 😩

  20. TDP RAW

    TDP RAW13 dager siden

    I'm not sure if my joy cons have drift or not but it doesn't bother the way I play games so overall the switch has good controls

  21. The Three Regular Household Items

    The Three Regular Household Items15 dager siden

    me still having left joy-con sync. Sad.

  22. Zxon1234 5-

    Zxon1234 5-16 dager siden

    My right joycon: My left joycon: My old joycons: DÉJÀ VU I HAVE BEEN IN THIS PLACE BEFORE and TOKYO DRIFT

  23. joe schmoe

    joe schmoe17 dager siden

    My left randomly goes in and out of having drift issues I feel like its dust buildup

  24. Adante Soares

    Adante Soares17 dager siden

    What’s the guy name in the beginning of the video?

  25. Jade Briers

    Jade Briers17 dager siden

    i have drift pretty bad in both joycons... the second i turn mine on it goes flying around the home screen like crazy. Tried to play xenoblade 2 and the characters ran straight off a cliff and the camera panned down to watch it.... quite fitting. Tried calibrating but they're so bad that i cant complete the process because it doesn't register i let go of the joystick. I've preordered the animal crossing switch fingers crossed i wont have the issue again.

  26. George14568

    George1456819 dager siden

    my left joy con wiggles a lot but stays in and the button feel sticky and the right feels sticky and buttons too i have replaced them few times why have they not made a better one

  27. Dwight Snoot

    Dwight Snoot21 dag siden

    Have you ever had the problem whereright joy stop charging or didn’t charge at all when connected to the switch while it’s plugged in

  28. ShinyBlue Umbreon

    ShinyBlue Umbreon21 dag siden

    My first two joy cons the right red one drifts so badly but from the tricks you addressed I am giving all of them ago

  29. Jakub Kohút

    Jakub Kohút22 dager siden

    A few months after buying my first switch, i got joycon drift, and i just returned it, got another one and all was well for a few months. Then it happened again and i repeated the process 3 fucking times

  30. Jakub Kohút

    Jakub Kohút22 dager siden

    Then i bought a split pad pro and haven't had an issue since then

  31. Jon Col

    Jon Col22 dager siden

    Ive had my switch for a long time, y no joy-con drift?

  32. Carlos Burgos

    Carlos Burgos22 dager siden

    People deal with Joy-Con Drift Meanwhile I deal with SL/SR buttons not Working

  33. dager siden

    I've got a launch-day Switch and extra set of Joycons. I've taken all 4 apart and re-shelled them. They've all taken their licks from hours of Mario Party, and two of them have gone through 150+ hours of BotW and 100+ hours of Mario Odyssey. I haven't had a single Joycon drift on me. Guess I'm just lucky.

  34. Sebastian

    Sebastian22 dager siden

    there is no fix, nintendo has to change their desing from the skate-like stick into a regular stick, that means making the joycon twice as thick

  35. ShySwitch

    ShySwitch22 dager siden

    Can’t pick a town properly in Pokemon anymore

  36. Ren 89

    Ren 8923 dager siden

    I paid a few bucks and switched out a joystick in like 20 mins, wasn't a big deal.

  37. Miguel Barrientos

    Miguel Barrientos23 dager siden

    This problem can be fixed with electric contact cleaner people

  38. NuVanDibe

    NuVanDibe23 dager siden

    I still get people telling me that joycon drift isn't real, while I've had 3 out of my 5 joycons experience the issue. One of those is one that Nintendo sent me after fixing it that was drifting the moment I paired it and they had to replace it again.

  39. Oscar Van de walle

    Oscar Van de walle23 dager siden

    I had a joy con drift and I went to the Nintendo support website ,they asked me the serial code of my switch and a few other questions, they sent me an email to put the joy-cons in a sealed bag and then they came to pick the joy cons up and they sent me new joy cons!

  40. Oscar Van de walle

    Oscar Van de walle23 dager siden


  41. Dragon boii

    Dragon boii23 dager siden

    It happened after 3 months today I just disconnected and reconnected it’s another way

  42. evelina lebedeviene

    evelina lebedeviene23 dager siden

    I think I screwed up when I updated my controllers and it said don’t press a button and I pressed A

  43. Jonah Khalifa

    Jonah Khalifa23 dager siden

    Lol so I was playing luigis mansion and as I try to move right to run around in the boss battle and he just stops and moves the other way. I literally could not move right

  44. ImBehindYou

    ImBehindYou20 dager siden

    Jonah Khalifa that happened to me I just held down the stick that happened for a bit and it fixed but might not work with you

  45. Ester Taragona

    Ester Taragona23 dager siden

    Me trying to play pokemon : Right joycon: starts to walk into the wall

  46. Default Dan

    Default Dan23 dager siden

    Joy-con drift frickn' sucks

  47. jõřğəñ Þøýöđą

    jõřğəñ Þøýöđą23 dager siden

    First tokyo drift. Now joy con drift

  48. MellzDhaBoss

    MellzDhaBoss25 dager siden

    They just need to make a new model that won’t drift

  49. Harlock2day

    Harlock2day25 dager siden

    Pac-Man ?

  50. the dutch retro gamer

    the dutch retro gamer25 dager siden

    i have a switch from the when they came out (preorder) after 3 weeks drift bought new cons and the new cons still work perfect

  51. Jay Campo

    Jay Campo25 dager siden

    I have 8 joycons... 1 left joycon drifted after 6 months.. I tried a ton of these methods to fix it. It was just not going to work correctly again. 1 out of 8 is bad as an average. They also weren't "fixing them for free" at the time so I gave it to a 3 year old to pretend he was playing. If they were 45 bucks a pair or something it would be like whatever...but 75 to 90 dollars depending where you get them is absurd. I managed black Friday sales for around 50

  52. Endo RoboSkelepun

    Endo RoboSkelepun25 dager siden

    i can understand that my day 1 switch was having drift issues on both joycons after a while but it sucks ass that my new set that i got a year or two after are drifting too, like wtf

  53. Fortnite Kid

    Fortnite Kid26 dager siden

    I heavily use the Joycons since 2017 and NEVER got this Joycon drift thing here and never heard of it before

  54. Tim

    Tim27 dager siden

    This video could have been half as long. ZZzzz...

  55. haloharry97

    haloharry9727 dager siden

    if the Switch pro is Real, I hope they go for a full size controller setup I hate joy cons on the switch it self and switch mini

  56. TSG & MTL

    TSG & MTL28 dager siden

    who watched without joy con drift?

  57. heretustay

    heretustay28 dager siden

    It has made playing Pokémon or any game I need to hold down the stick for a prolonged period of time almost unplayable. 😔

  58. 【BlueStudio Boi】

    【BlueStudio Boi】28 dager siden

    Me: trying to update my switch My Switch: I don’t think I will

  59. MrGoatSheep 22

    MrGoatSheep 2228 dager siden

    Am I the only one who experienced this on Wii U?

  60. Mike Wautraets

    Mike Wautraets28 dager siden

    i know its not really a solution, but thank god for the Hori Split Pad Pro that doesn't have the shitty little joycon sticks.

  61. Fook Nagga

    Fook Nagga28 dager siden

    If Joycons were like 20 bucks I'd understand the drift but for 80 bucks having drift is ridiculous

  62. Agumon5

    Agumon529 dager siden

    Stick drift sounds like something that guys do when their girlfriends out of town.

  63. Nathby S

    Nathby S29 dager siden

    I had that same problem