'The Rams are finished!' - Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears debate whether the Los Angeles Rams are still contenders in the NFC.
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  1. William Van Parys

    William Van Parys17 dager siden

    I picked them to miss the playoffs before the season started... I think they'll fall short in 2020 also... They can however make a comeback in 2021 since, that's when the Seahawks will come unraveled...

  2. czechpirc

    czechpircMåned siden

    Les Snead is a clown

  3. Zachary Rizzo

    Zachary RizzoMåned siden

    Rams eliminated week 16

  4. SteevoGT69

    SteevoGT69Måned siden

    As a rams fan I agree goff needs to step it up and Gurley has to recover he hasn't been 100% all season and its clear

  5. unknown cliq

    unknown cliqMåned siden

    Hey !!! Hey !!! Stephen A. ... your finished bruh don't do my team like that 😂😂😂

  6. Ken Arthur

    Ken ArthurMåned siden

    The Rams are not finished, since this week they play the Cowboys, who make everyone look good

  7. Danehh

    DanehhMåned siden

    Big oof 😂😂😂

  8. Adam Tennant

    Adam TennantMåned siden

    “ i thought u weren’t gonna bring up brady no more , so stop it key it go “😭

  9. Horace Blige

    Horace BligeMåned siden

    If you get beat by over 15 points you had no chance of winning Rams lost first Seahawks game on a miss field goal by 1 point you do the math

  10. SquidParty

    SquidPartyMåned siden

    I just wish the Rams and Vikings could lose two more. Maybe the Bears would have a chance.

  11. Erik Moore

    Erik MooreMåned siden

    And yah didn’t list to molly but she had the best point Adam is back!!! The Vikings would be ok

  12. alex erickson

    alex ericksonMåned siden

    Max literally cannot give Kirk any credit ever it’s laughable

  13. TheLegendOfTheEast

    TheLegendOfTheEastMåned siden

    Am I the only one that think Marcus Spears look like rod wave a lil bit😂

  14. Ghost Runner

    Ghost RunnerMåned siden

    Too late for the Rams

  15. Thomas Syme

    Thomas SymeMåned siden

    The difference is that teams kept running the defense that the Patriots ran in the Superbowl. I think Mcvay finally found an answer to it. That's why Tyler Higbee has had big games in the past 2 weeks.

  16. Rajon Rondo

    Rajon RondoMåned siden

    Look at this hypocrite Max can't judge a team by its best or worst night this guy judges the Patriots and they're sitting at number two seed LOL always talking about the Patriots are done unbelievable

  17. Zacary Grasl

    Zacary GraslMåned siden

    Imagine how much better the show would be without Molly

  18. Hamyd Siddiiqui

    Hamyd SiddiiquiMåned siden

    3:06 Shut Up Molly

  19. David Everson

    David EversonMåned siden

    Rude! Stephen A smith always on the computer while others are talking.

  20. TheApp Master

    TheApp MasterMåned siden

    Dominated last two games SAS: Rams are finished 🤦‍♂️ Guess he gotta keep carrying ESPN

  21. Dalton Farris

    Dalton FarrisMåned siden

    Max 100% correct

  22. Totinos Hot Pizza Rolls

    Totinos Hot Pizza RollsMåned siden

    Bruh I’m a 49ers fan but the rams are one of the most up and down teams in history they are good one season and another trash they have been strong and I believe they can make it

  23. DaNorio Simmons

    DaNorio SimmonsMåned siden

    As a Seahawks fan I’m more afraid of the 49ers then the rams

  24. wolfman907

    wolfman907Måned siden

    Molly as usual trying to force her way and her take in the conversation. Why management doesn't stop her is just sad. She is not paid to give a take, she is paid to bring up the topic to be discussed and to segway. She is trying to showcase her talent so she can get her own show. That is what I see because she is not stupid. Sadly she doesn't get that she is not popular.

  25. Steph Thompson

    Steph ThompsonMåned siden

    Todd Gurney

  26. Aaron Wilson

    Aaron WilsonMåned siden

    Look at Dallas 😂😂😂😂

  27. Sonia Alvarado

    Sonia AlvaradoMåned siden

    The reason the Rams have started to take off recently is because their Oline has finally settled in. Although being because of injuries the Oline play has been levels better on the right side even with the young rookies. Now Mcvay can open up the playbook and call the game he wants & Gurley actually has some holes to work with as opposed to getting smacked in the backfield as soon as he touches the ball, Even Goff has had more time in the pocket. If the Oline can sustain the level of play the Rams will do some serious damage.

  28. Michael Pagano

    Michael PaganoMåned siden

    Please packers. Win it all. Don’t think it will happen but you never know. Let’s go Packers!!!! We need another Super Bowl.

  29. Dan Nájera

    Dan NájeraMåned siden

    Vikings are gonna choke like the always do. Chargers and Bears are playing better. Rams are going to the playoffs, not the Vikings.

  30. jbeast9804

    jbeast9804Måned siden

    Love it when the Vikings get a mention 👍🏾

  31. Chris C

    Chris CMåned siden

    YAY! 7-9 Cowboys (or Eagles) are 2019 division champs. Watch out NFC!

  32. Cooking with King Dee

    Cooking with King DeeMåned siden

    The fact that they are talking this nonsense after the Seahawks beat down is almost blasphemy. The Fact that SAS is talking down on us usually bodes well. 😂 team full of weapons though

  33. Johnny Smith

    Johnny SmithMåned siden

    DeeDaRamsFAN 28 little too late my dude after we ran over the rams the first game

  34. Thank You

    Thank YouMåned siden

    Molly came through with some fire facts at the end. 👍👍

  35. My Handlez

    My HandlezMåned siden

    Every team on that list had a better record than them cowboys wowww

  36. Ever high

    Ever highMåned siden

    Everyone ignores Molly 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  37. RJ Walker

    RJ WalkerMåned siden

    As a Vikes fan, I am very much concerned that either the Rams or the Bears could catch us. Both those teams own the tiebreak, so they only have to equal the Vikings record. The Rams are only one back. The Bears are two back, but they get to play the Vikings to have a shot at making them only one back as well.

  38. Roberto Cruz

    Roberto CruzMåned siden

    A 10 win season isn't bad for Rams

  39. Kieran Law

    Kieran LawMåned siden

    1:02 Why is she putting cream on her hands during a live television broadcast?

  40. HollyWoodd Broski

    HollyWoodd BroskiMåned siden

    Max lost me wit that Vikings comment

  41. Ron Wilcox

    Ron WilcoxMåned siden

    Steven A. Smith calling someone else overpaid!? Please man!😂

  42. S. California King

    S. California KingMåned siden

    Rams Defense is usually lock down. Higbee, Woods, Kupp, not just Gurley on Offense

  43. S. California King

    S. California KingMåned siden

    RAMS all the way. Haters gon hate

  44. ceazz Mo

    ceazz MoMåned siden

    3:10 molllly shutttt upp 😂

  45. Joshua McAllister

    Joshua McAllisterMåned siden

    I wonder if it’s just coincidence that the West is usually stronger than the East in both NFL and NBA, or is there so something to that 🤔

  46. My Dude

    My DudeMåned siden

    How come Goff isn't getting a 10th of the hate as Baker Mayfield?

  47. Gold Standard

    Gold StandardMåned siden

    I thought Molly had a good point before she was interrupted ADAM THIELEN

  48. MrBearloc1

    MrBearloc1Måned siden

    My first time watching this show. Who's the annoying woman butting in and screaming over everyone? I feel like the show would be better off without her.

  49. gameshareprime

    gameshareprimeMåned siden

    Molly " I don't know about that" Queirm Rose.

  50. Robbie Hart

    Robbie HartMåned siden

    Remember niners score 9 points over Washington????!!!!

  51. Furiosa

    FuriosaMåned siden

    Molly at it again

  52. LA BoutaBagDoe

    LA BoutaBagDoeMåned siden

    Rams Gang Bacc in Business...don’t nobody wanna play us if we can make the playoffs

  53. Rohit Bandi

    Rohit BandiMåned siden

    Nobody: Steven A. Smith: 10+2=11 @2:48

  54. Moses815

    Moses815Måned siden

    Molly: LOUD NOISES

  55. Amanda Overholt

    Amanda OverholtMåned siden

    Groff is not overpaid he has the 2-3rd best winning record of QB since 2017 ,he got paid for his work

  56. Johnny Smith

    Johnny SmithMåned siden

    Amanda Overholt he’s mediocre af and when asked to Carry a team he can’t but as a hawks fan I’m glad they overpaid him for mediocre talent

  57. laidbacc9

    laidbacc9Måned siden

    Molly still doesn't understand her title as a moderator!! 😒 Stop talking !

  58. Chachi's Adventures

    Chachi's AdventuresMåned siden

    Molly stfu....nobody asked your opinion

  59. Jessica Jenkins

    Jessica JenkinsMåned siden

    ! BRILLIANT! 🤪

  60. Empowered CRB

    Empowered CRBMåned siden

    Rams ain’t done nothing since 2000 sb. Since they went to la the only got two good seasons out of four

  61. DL M

    DL MMåned siden

    Stephen A all bark no bite. Dude is the bluster champ.

  62. Martin Campbell

    Martin CampbellMåned siden

    Did Molly finally say something that the crew didnt ignore? lol

  63. Roger Araiza

    Roger AraizaMåned siden

    Eatchy Vikes run the table & win all 3 max. We can beat GB at home too. 1st on the hut list rivers & SD. LETS GET IT VIKS!!!

  64. Roger Araiza

    Roger AraizaMåned siden