The Road to PS5

PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.


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    Don't close the play station 4

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    Mark Cerny for President

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    So the backwards thing is only for ps4 games and not under?

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    I’m glad about Sony and what they are doing and Mark Cerney for the amazing presentation and telling us all about the PS5, I can’t wait for this console!

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    I love how he sounds like an upgraded android

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    why does my iPad get better Frames per second than your PS5? I'll still be able to use your controller on the ipad right?

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    Pffft, PS5 will annihilate your wimpy iPad in every conceivable way.

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    Though I enjoyed and understood everything here, I think Sony needs to give the PS5 a but of an enthusiastic voice behind it. This feels like the PS3 all over again.

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    @VGN VideoGameNinja I wish NO-gos comments did gifs.

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    Don't lie. You understood nothing he said.

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    Será feito aonde? Eu deveria ter aberto o meu ps4 quando chegou, que tratamento de prevenção de oxidação ruim é esse... OHMYGOD. Cadê os lacres nos parafusos? Economia isso? Tô indo verificar se não é falso, a Sony já foi melhor...

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    Será que humanos aprenderão mais com o COVID-19, isso foi importado e sem impostos. Ficou ruim e humanos voltam para casa. Sair da terra, ops, meio limitado.

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    Como é no US, "100.00$", no BR vai para "500.00$" não tem nem montadoras de console aqui. Tão protegendo o que? Que raios de industria? Aplicaram esse malditos impostos no que?

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    Eh, a falta de onde levar para reparos faz com que tu aprenda e muito.... caro neh

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    Engenharia it´s cool, Reversa is hard. Madeira há, bambuu também. Não fere metal. grato pelos parafuso"hard" lol Torque, o que isso mesmo?

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    Why this has so much dislikes?

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    Probably all the people that thought the presentation was boring

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    This man is talking like he was send by Cyberlife... 😂😂

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    PS5 is going to ROCK !! Can’t wait to see what NaughtyDog is going to do with there new toy !

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    People who disliked this could never survive college

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    Always Playstation but now XBX better & Strong ..

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    Nope, PS5 is stronger and better than XSX.

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    anyone know the size of the Sram, when looking at the diagram, roughly. i hear on the xbox s it's 76mb.

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    It's garbage, yes. Glad you love your trash lol

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    Thank u for the A+ on my online test

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    Bitcoin 🚀🚀🚀

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> when u think he's gonna reveal the design what a let down 😤😑

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    PlayStation plus free in ps4 pls

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    This guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds

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    My psp is not working :(

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    why so many dislikes lol

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    He is actually computer generated. Those people are fake. But the audio is real they recorded it with a script.

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    Just jokin

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    Those people are real as well as cermy

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    Ps5 is bad xvox series x has More power

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    Xbox Series X has less power and PS5 has more power. XSX is bad.

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    but no worthy games and smaller ssd for smaller worlds.

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    Dis dude too calm

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    I can’t wait 🔥👀

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    If it’s that difficult to make ps5 fully compatible , then you should remaster most of ps1,ps2 and ps3 games . And no more of PS now please

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    115k people are literal retards. Incredible.

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    I think i found out the ps5 secret...its like they said somewhere it was a streaming machine=revolutionary instead of the graphics being drawn from the cpu/gpu they work in " streaming" out of the SSD because its so fast and acts more like RAM, thats why its like NETFLIX!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!PS5!!!!!!!

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    Lets go👍👍👍

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    I would pay double for the console if the online were free

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    That s not worth it for you....

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    I just hope that online is free 😢

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    Where does he speak on the JET ENGINE LOUD FAN NOISE being fixed 😂😂😂

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    My PS4 Pro is completely silent regardless of which game is being played. What you been smoking? 😂😂😂

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    I heard this guy was from Skynet

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    Super calming, maybe just maybe you're dumb

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    Only if you're superdumb.

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    where is the backward compatibility? PS1 PS2 PS3

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    Why so many dislikes ?

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    Are those people cardboard cutouts?

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    Cardboard cutouts don't move, but those silhouettes do. They're real people.

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    \(◎o◎)/ (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻


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    didnt know dana carvey worked for ps

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    It's lacking the sony show the console and joystick, what I see this video was just speak about console, sincerely I my opinion the Sony make a blunder.

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    PS5 -> DECEMBER 2020 PS5 -> 500$ - 500€

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    PS5 -> DECEMBER 2020 !

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    Is he Vulcan or an alien from “Invasion” with Nicole Kidman no emotion

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    I would love this level of depth and detail from Microsoft to see their design and implementation. I find this to be much more worthwhile than a spec reveal. Right now, Sony has my vote. We'll have to see if that ends up shifting as we move closer to launch.

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    Question: Will current external HHDs be compatible with the PS5? I want to take my current games with me into the next Playstation experience. Thank you

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    XBOX SERIES X !!!🔥🔥🔥

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    Is garbage, we know.

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    But how fast does it load Destiny 2?

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    Is this a real video? It kinda feels like a spoof. Is someone trolling, I’m genuinely not sure.

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    P L A Y S T A T I O N S U X

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    Xbox Sux

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    Wooooo ! Thank you, Mark !

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    They showing nothing, so they have nothing to show. PS5 coming out 2021, because of corna virus, sure this will be there excuse! They never will say we are lees powerful than Xbox, now they are in trouble!

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    Yesssss!! Finaly i wanna but ps5 so the fortnite grapichs gets better😀. Like if you agree👇


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    Is it Eco Friendly Why im Asking That ??? If yes To Prevent Global Warming

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    ゆふぉ。 日本人いたわw

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    so, where's ps5

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    So it means that ps5 will be 100 times faster, right? (Sorry, I don't know much about hardware things...)

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    @Christian HollandWhat's a gpu..?

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    Devin Isaacson yes, with the loading speed but not gpu speed

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    Guys lol stop joking😂

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    Light Yagami no.

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    @Devin Isaacson yes

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    So no PS5 Pro then... Gotta love those leaks.

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    I wish I spoke like this guy in my speaking test

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    Can they make a simpler version of this video?

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    I think this was specifically for developers and not for consumers, so in the future they'll probably be making a video which is a lot more simpler and a lot more catered to consumers.

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    Can’t wait 🔥🔥

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    please revive the PlayStation portable

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    Are those real audience

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    @VGN VideoGameNinja they're animated lookbat their movements

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    @Recktorph Yup. They're real people and the move around a bit here and there.

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    Playstation 5 ya saquenla

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    If you want my money PlayStation 5 has to play PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games.

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    115K dislike from xbox dirty fanboys

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    Unknown yes

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    Mark Cerny, the exact type of man we hope marries our daughters.

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    He's in his 50's so I doubt it

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    @evan byrne you dumb? IT HAS NO GAMES

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    The Crow of Yharnam what are you shiteing about

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    @evan byrne how tf could ANYONE play on xbox WHEN IT HAS NO GAMES!

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    R Leb people that play ps over Xbox mmmhhh yes I agree

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1031">17:11</a> loading error 🤖

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    Mark Cerny looks eerily like Dana Carvey

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    Dude's name is Mark Cerny, and he's been the lead architect on the PlayStation series for the past generation, so it figures that he'd be pretty well spoken

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    why is he holding his vape mod in his hand

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    I just want to play my past favorite games on the ps5

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    Mark Cerny is so professional.

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    This guy reminds me of Bob Ross

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    I think the difference being that Bob smoked a bunch of weed before painting landscapes though. But I agree otherwise; they're both very soft spoken.

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    Games ps7 and ps8 The sims 4 Fortinite Call of duty Crash

  117. Damian V

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    Can some nerd simplify this for me please?

  118. Light Yagami

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    @Damian V yes , they said like 4000 ps4 games are playable on ps5 , top 100 most popular games would get a Big graphical and performance boost too And I am NOT a nerd .

  119. Damian V

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    @Light Yagami Wow this is great thanks! Did the video mention anything about the possiblity to read ps4 disc's?

  120. Light Yagami

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    Ps5 is 10.3 tflop , RTX 2080 36 compute units 2.23 ghz running Uses Rdna2 = Raytracing = realistic lighting Extra sound processors = better sounds in games 3.5 ghz CPU = ryzen 3700xt = very powerful 16 gb GDDR6 Ram Very fast SSD , faster than anything on pc

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    Could a faster SSD allow for never before seen stage destruction?

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    To sum it all up, the PS5 is going to be way faster, way better than the PS4, I’m excited for it to launch and so should you.