The Titans will be dangerous if they make the playoffs - Rex Ryan | Get Up

Pat McAfee and Rex Ryan debate whether the Titans are a legitimate threat to the Houston Texans and the rest of the AFC if Ryan Tannehill can lead Tennessee to the playoffs.
#GetUp #NFL
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  1. Arodxman Games

    Arodxman Games9 dager siden

    This aged very well

  2. Ciro André Machado

    Ciro André Machado11 dager siden

    rex ryan was right

  3. Delrick Reed

    Delrick Reed11 dager siden

    Wow. Rex Ryan called it too.

  4. Jaime Rangel

    Jaime Rangel12 dager siden

    Going to the AFC title game yessirrrr

  5. Yvonne Parashad

    Yvonne Parashad13 dager siden

    And he was right

  6. Dakota Lucci

    Dakota Lucci13 dager siden

    Rex Ryan the prophet. Titans on best run ever in history of sports.

  7. Caleb Holliman

    Caleb Holliman13 dager siden

    Dude the titans just ROASTED the ravens

  8. Billy McCray

    Billy McCray18 dager siden

    Who’s here after Titans eliminated Pats?


    I HAVE MUFFINS!12 dager siden

    Oh boy...

  10. The Kalergi Plan Is Real

    The Kalergi Plan Is Real20 dager siden

    Uh oh

  11. FMG Mack

    FMG Mack23 dager siden

    This aged perfectly

  12. Maine G

    Maine G23 dager siden

    Guess what Ryan the titans made the playoffs ......make noise you say ,compete against anybody....hmmmmm🤔so u say

  13. Memphis Tenn

    Memphis TennMåned siden

    I’m Tennessee Titans fan all we gotta do is beat the Houston Texans twice and we in the playoffs

  14. Jasmine Fuqua

    Jasmine FuquaMåned siden

    We have to beat the saints also I get to go to this game and it’s my two favorite teams im confused and divided

  15. David Balanda

    David BalandaMåned siden

    I remember calling the Titans stupid for thinking Mariota was the problem... Well now it might be me that's stupid

  16. Drift Wood

    Drift WoodMåned siden

    The Titans aren't even at full strength and they're still smashing heads, just wait until they get all their guys healthy. Madonn' i hope my Chiefs don't play them in the first round again!

  17. Freddy Barnes

    Freddy BarnesMåned siden


  18. PrettyBoy23

    PrettyBoy23Måned siden

    But with Derrick Henry injured, thst leaves the Titans vulnerabile

  19. CJ G

    CJ GMåned siden

    We’re finally getting recognition 😆

  20. J.P. Hardy

    J.P. HardyMåned siden

    Feed Henry. Pay Henry. Ride Henry deep into the bowels of the playoffs.

  21. elden neemia

    elden neemiaMåned siden

    you know what, I agree with Coach on this.

  22. Mr. Manager

    Mr. ManagerMåned siden

    I stand with Mariota ✊

  23. REVO 13

    REVO 13Måned siden

    We’ ll see- Marcus won a playoff game . Thill never won an elimination game.

  24. MyTwo Sense

    MyTwo SenseMåned siden

    Who's scared of the Titans!?

  25. lol moments

    lol moments9 dager siden

    MyTwo Sense everybody

  26. Weese Bowski

    Weese BowskiMåned siden

    It’s time to TITAN TFU!

  27. Mario Falcone 91

    Mario Falcone 91Måned siden

    I hope tenn wins I don’t like O’Brien

  28. 42 Tribes

    42 TribesMåned siden

    Speaking of Madden, how does Henry not have Arm Bar? He is known for slapping the devil out tacklers.

  29. Michael bell

    Michael bellMåned siden

    NOBODY wants to tackle Derrick Henry. My personal opinion is the Titans have NFL teams mentally shook and physically beat. GO TITANS!!!!!

  30. BSM2488

    BSM248812 dager siden


  31. Lebron 913

    Lebron 913Måned siden

    Did he say that on is getting the other playoff spot from the bills 🤣😂

  32. Greg O

    Greg OMåned siden

    The Titans could spoil some playoff runs for sure.

  33. vandermixon

    vandermixonMåned siden

    If it comes down to a field goal, the Titans will lose. They can't make a field goal to save their life.

  34. Nickelgoose

    NickelgooseMåned siden

    I’ve always liked the Titans. I don’t know why? I just feel bad for them

  35. DeezR Bonards

    DeezR BonardsMåned siden

    I love Mcafee giving props to Brett Kern. That man has been consistently excellent this year.

  36. Chris Arokium

    Chris ArokiumMåned siden

    All pro 💯

  37. eph elle

    eph elleMåned siden

    not really, the raiders just made them look good

  38. J.B. J.B.

    J.B. J.B.Måned siden

    Eph..obviously ur a soccer fan....smh

  39. tlt40s&w 70

    tlt40s&w 70Måned siden

    So did Mahomes too. Don't be a hater. Titan s are hot and they have beat the best.

  40. Blue lighting Wolf 85

    Blue lighting Wolf 85Måned siden

    The Tennessee Titans control their way to the playoffs they can win the next three games and when the AFC South second hottest AFC team with winning streak and and let's not forget the number one hottest the Baltimore Ravens with a nine-game winning streak at 11-2 and play the New York Jets at home and it's a 88% chance winning the game for the Ravens I'm glad it's Thursday night football because I could to hear the voices of Troy aikman and Joe Buck

  41. BobbyBeRad

    BobbyBeRadMåned siden


  42. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac MartinezMåned siden

    With how weak the afc is, maybe.

  43. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac MartinezMåned siden

    Mario Johnson besides the patriots when has an AFC team done anything? We all wanna anoint a new one every year. This year the ravens. Last year the chiefs and Huston. Before that it was Indy. Ring around the Rosie we go. The afc this year is the ravens, pats, and nobody else.

  44. Mario Johnson

    Mario JohnsonMåned siden

    Lol weak with the Ravens Patriots Steelers play great with their 3rd string and the chiefs with that boy Mahomes. Besides the Eagles winning when is the last time the NFC took home the title

  45. tolbert strong

    tolbert strongMåned siden

    6 foot 12 inches...imma just leave that right here.😂

  46. you're right

    you're rightMåned siden

    Sorry Titans, you're gonna have to win your division if you wanna make the playoffs. Go Steelers.

  47. Mario Johnson

    Mario JohnsonMåned siden

    Y'all don't want to face us we are to hot. TITAN UP!

  48. Alex V

    Alex VMåned siden

    Titan Up

  49. Dj A1SD1

    Dj A1SD1Måned siden

    Nobody stopping Henry

  50. Vinny

    VinnyMåned siden

    He talking about the Titans LOL

  51. Greg Lockard

    Greg LockardMåned siden

    I'm not falling for it. Seems like every year the Titans and Texans fool everyone with a great regular season and then go home in the first playoff game.

  52. MyTwo Sense

    MyTwo SenseMåned siden

    Yup. Medicority and futility personified.

  53. zkurtz21

    zkurtz21Måned siden

    Mario Johnson how did it go after that? Lol

  54. Mario Johnson

    Mario JohnsonMåned siden

    We didn't go last and the year before we beat K.C in the wildcard the year before in arrowhead

  55. DxRAYx91

    DxRAYx91Måned siden

    As a dolphins fan rooting for Tannehill and the titans hes showing Mia they dont know how to run a football team

  56. Shaun Whelan

    Shaun WhelanMåned siden

    Unfortunately accurate.

  57. Giants/Mets/Blazers

    Giants/Mets/BlazersMåned siden

    The Steelers have the Bills and Ravens next and the Titans have the Saints and Texans Twice. Both schedules are brutal and both are fighting for that last spot lol. I may have to take the Titans, because they’re stomping teams right now 😄.

  58. Hayden Eden

    Hayden EdenMåned siden

    I put 10$ to win 650 on them winning the Super Bowl before the season so let’s hope

  59. Delton Coakley

    Delton CoakleyMåned siden

    TITANTFUP 💪💪 22 👑

  60. Chris Arokium

    Chris ArokiumMåned siden


  61. Arthur Hand

    Arthur HandMåned siden

    TITAN UP!!!!

  62. Lil_ WOODdale

    Lil_ WOODdaleMåned siden

    I think I want to go back to the Underdog role, this is too much Publicity. TitanUp tho

  63. SoAmaazing10

    SoAmaazing10Måned siden

    As a Titan fan...thanks for the mentions but keep us quiet. You never talk about us so don’t start now. 🤫

  64. Lil_ WOODdale

    Lil_ WOODdaleMåned siden

    SoAmaazing10 same thing I was thinking

  65. 889976889

    889976889Måned siden

    The titans have really turned into a different team with tannehill.

  66. TheBroccoli

    TheBroccoliMåned siden

    Yes, average tractor sizes are 6'12" and 700 pounds

  67. porthos6914

    porthos6914Måned siden

    Tannehill is tough as nails man!! As a Titans fan, we have longed for a franchise guy since Steve Mcnair. Mariota was just to up and down and a bit fragile for a team like the titans that are built on true grit and toughness. Tannehill has a Tim Tebow like toughness and is playing his best football. Pretty awesome to see! I hope we don't ever let this incredible coach get away!

  68. casey campbell

    casey campbellMåned siden


  69. porthos6914

    porthos6914Måned siden

    Lewan just has to play smart so he doesn't get the team stupid penalties. I love his grit, but you have to reign in the dumb stuff

  70. K O R i G A N

    K O R i G A NMåned siden

    Ryan tannehill was always a great quarterback he was stuck in division with New England

  71. jesse james

    jesse jamesMåned siden

    The only concern i have vs the Texans is Watson playing in desperate mode if they get behind , it's hard to contain a Qb like that when they are going for it on 4th downs and throwing hailmarry passes. Titans have been playing prevent defense too early in the 4th Q and I think that could be an issue.

  72. Nicolas Gill

    Nicolas GillMåned siden

    I picked this team to go 10-6 and win the AFC South and everyone was telling me I was crazy. I hope I am right just to prove everyone wrong

  73. Brandon One

    Brandon OneMåned siden

    Titans gonna get that 3rd seed

  74. Da_Goat AI

    Da_Goat AIMåned siden

    Derrick henry is 6 foot 12...2:56 this had me deaddddd 😂😂😂

  75. Ace Breao

    Ace BreaoMåned siden

    I'm so glad to see Tannehill do well after Miami. Always rooted for him, plus the Titans looking like a Cinderella team

  76. Matthew Morland

    Matthew MorlandMåned siden

    Titan Up! For the Boy!

  77. GojiFan1999

    GojiFan1999Måned siden

    I’m not from Tennessee but I’ve been a titans fan since Jake Locker

  78. kevin berkner

    kevin berknerMåned siden

    Locker's completion % seemed to get better each year.He just was hurt and wasn't entirely into the game.That's a recipe for failure if your heart is not into anymore.I'm glad he was honest with it at least and left the game instead of faking. That alone gets respect.


    FRANK DUKESMåned siden

    @Peyton Daily Good thing Hindsite is so valuable then, Maybe we can use it in this upcoming draft!

  80. Peyton Daily

    Peyton DailyMåned siden

    FRANK DUKES we took him over jj watt. He was a bust


    FRANK DUKESMåned siden

    @Mario Johnson He was certainly injury prone, not sure how that equates to "he sucked". He outplayed pretty much all of the best quarterbacks in the league when he did play and when healthy he played pretty good. He had a tendency to throw high, but I wouldn't call him inaccurate. His first pass EVER in the NFL went for a touchdown in the pre season & Played lights out when he was brought in against the Falcons in his first game. It's a shame he had the Injury issues he had. I really like the Way Locker played for us.

  82. Mario Johnson

    Mario JohnsonMåned siden

    He sucked he was inaccurate and very injury prone if you was a fan of Tennessee then you was just rooting for us to lose

  83. Qua37 l

    Qua37 lMåned siden

    We're a scary team right now and were peaking at the right time to feels good to a Titan fan right now TITAN UP!