The Try Guys Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions

Y'all asked for it, but can we build it?!👷‍♂️ Watch us attempt to build this crazy Ikea furniture without instructions Let us know what you want to see us do without instructions next!
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  1. Eunice Deras

    Eunice Deras9 timer siden

    Eugene got legs for days! 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏽🙌🏽

  2. shruti kuber

    shruti kuber9 timer siden

    definitely DESIGN A DRESS !

  3. Zarah Shabs

    Zarah Shabs10 timer siden

    i think the main reason why this was not as entertaining was because it was too hard for any real progress to be made also they didn't interact much. i would say make teams of 2 in separate rooms so you can cut between them, and then they can sabotage each other in the bag of mystery OR just have all the try guys try to build a couple things together without instructions, and they get help along the way w/ hints, etc

  4. Widya Putra

    Widya Putra12 timer siden

    A bed

  5. Panika Teeple

    Panika Teeple13 timer siden

    "Oh, gross." -Keith 13:13 😂

  6. Tia Messer

    Tia Messer14 timer siden

    Kids wood swing set!

  7. N. Victoria J

    N. Victoria J15 timer siden

    Design acrylic nails

  8. nadia kupenga-young

    nadia kupenga-young15 timer siden

    Eugene killed that challenge. Hands down.

  9. Melissa Giftos

    Melissa Giftos15 timer siden

    Build a house.

  10. M S

    M S15 timer siden

    Road trip no GPS , 4 cars 1 destination

  11. Taylor Smith

    Taylor Smith17 timer siden

    Oh my lord trying to see these guys sew a dress would be THE BEST

  12. Alexina Lockie

    Alexina Lockie18 timer siden

    It took me 20 hours but I did it- with a knife

  13. Cat Cake

    Cat Cake18 timer siden

    Please make a kimono?

  14. Gigi 13

    Gigi 1318 timer siden

    On the next Without Instructions, they should try and fix a car 😂😂😂

  15. Sana Mansour

    Sana Mansour20 timer siden

    Pottery without instructions

  16. Renee Shell

    Renee Shell21 time siden

    Make a fancy meal for your significant other with no instructions!!!!

  17. Sniperkid 1395

    Sniperkid 139522 timer siden

    This is like asking a person to breath without air.

  18. BritttheDancer

    BritttheDancerDag siden

    Please design a suit

  19. Jojo Marlborough

    Jojo MarlboroughDag siden

    Build a lego set

  20. xern fern

    xern fernDag siden

    Am I the only one who imagined the box as a casket instead of a boat ? I’m not sad sad, just funny sad

  21. Candis

    CandisDag siden

    This was so cool and the fact IKEA was part of the process made it even better. Kinda wish Zach didn't paint the wardrobe. That could've been donated.

  22. Axner

    AxnerDag siden

    I like how they're saying Stova instead of stuva

  23. Jacinta Julal

    Jacinta JulalDag siden


  24. puppyluv161

    puppyluv161Dag siden

    Can you guys please do origami without instructions?

  25. Liberty Hickok

    Liberty HickokDag siden

    Build a race car bed without instructions

  26. Thicc Ducc

    Thicc DuccDag siden

    from a swede its pronounced steu-va free-teeds stue-va groond-ligg

  27. sara farid

    sara faridDag siden

    i think you guys should design a dress.

  28. Akmal Sangkula

    Akmal SangkulaDag siden

    Make a boat and split into teams to make it sooooooooo 2v2 making a boat ???????? (Not technically make a boat just build it )

  29. Nicky G.

    Nicky G.Dag siden

    “I’ve got a big ole gap between my drawers” -that’s what she said.....

  30. AKRineM

    AKRineMDag siden

    Definitely design a dress!!

  31. Pamela Matoto

    Pamela MatotoDag siden

    Zach is such a soft boi, I'm falling for him again.

  32. Benjamin Moreno

    Benjamin MorenoDag siden

    if eugene can make a loft and a desk with a knife, i mean thats pretty impressive! also, they shoulf]d build a bunk bed

  33. Gracie Beavers

    Gracie BeaversDag siden

    Do more of these please

  34. Kitsune Akage

    Kitsune AkageDag siden

    Style each other without measurements, so it would en up either something too small for Keith, or too big for Zach, or maybe you would nail them, luck will say

  35. Kiara Animefan

    Kiara AnimefanDag siden

    I would like to see them try to make a table or a dress. It doesn't have to be a super complicated dress, but I'd love to see them try that! And I want to know what Ariel thought of their efforts to build a dresser!

  36. jean felix

    jean felixDag siden

    you gotta team them up, two against two DRUNK with a time limite. They'll argue deciding who does what and it'll be fun to watch !!

  37. Georgia Sweeney

    Georgia SweeneyDag siden

    You should build a childs outdoor play structure, you know the thing with a slide and swings and idk a rock climbing wall sometimes??? you get the idea...

  38. Mega minds of the world.

    Mega minds of the world.Dag siden

    You will tickling make a barista stand.

  39. BDA CROC

    BDA CROCDag siden

    Buys bathroom: Girls bathroom: 18:46

  40. BDA CROC

    BDA CROCDag siden

    none of yall didn't play with legos as a kid and it shows

  41. Rachael Leduc

    Rachael LeducDag siden

    Eugene: It took me 20 hours, but I️ assembled it with a knife. Zach: I’m not a handy man.

  42. Matilda Tiainen

    Matilda Tiainen2 dager siden

    I'm from Sweden and I LOVE how funny it sounds when they pronounce the furniture names😂 Cant stop laughing 😂

  43. Marisol VG

    Marisol VG2 dager siden

    Design a dress

  44. Florence Ryu

    Florence Ryu2 dager siden

    Guys we should try to sober Eugene up for a full week.

  45. Alyssa Garcia

    Alyssa Garcia2 dager siden

    This is the one time I don't want alcohol. I want a tool 🥺 SO CUTE????

  46. animelover6195

    animelover61952 dager siden

    Each make a dress for their significant other. In Eugene's case, make a dress for himself to impress his significant other (don't know if his boyfriend does drag). TRY WIVES ARE THE JUDGES. No designs, just material. Sewing machines can be the 'fairy' advantage.

  47. Bárbara Salles Diadami

    Bárbara Salles Diadami2 dager siden

    I just cried of laughing with Ned's and Zack's results. Omg

  48. Rowan TreeDesigns

    Rowan TreeDesigns2 dager siden

    That should make Eugene not gay ps it's a joke😬

  49. Sia Str

    Sia Str2 dager siden

    Zach is a perfect representation of me irl and I love him for that

  50. yowatsup2221

    yowatsup22212 dager siden

    Fly a plane

  51. • Concorde •

    • Concorde •2 dager siden

    *Laughs in swedish*

  52. TVMallory

    TVMallory2 dager siden

    Style wigs!

  53. Jekari0

    Jekari02 dager siden

    You should try and make a comic/animation/stories in different themes.

  54. I’m a Meme

    I’m a Meme2 dager siden

    I guys should do the divorce maker from ikea.

  55. Caden Trang

    Caden Trang2 dager siden


  56. DEANER 160

    DEANER 1602 dager siden

    Build legos without instructions

  57. noodlenoggin

    noodlenoggin2 dager siden

    Let's see... Build a propane BBQ grill -- possibility of explosion death = high. Probability of fun + hot dogs = WORTH IT!

  58. lastlovelife

    lastlovelife2 dager siden

    eugene looks sexy with this building things🤣

  59. Piper Patterson

    Piper Patterson2 dager siden

    Next instead of making them build more IKEA furniture you should make them build a Lego set without instructions

  60. Meghan Hansen

    Meghan Hansen2 dager siden

    I'd like to see them identify trees using the tree guides with the instruction pages ripped out