The World's Greatest Magician



  1. MistyHxrizon ;-;

    MistyHxrizon ;-;3 dager siden

    This reminds me of the office, and I love it lol

  2. Robyn D

    Robyn D5 dager siden

    this has phil dunphy energy

  3. dab 420

    dab 42024 dager siden

    this is legit the best video I've ever seen

  4. Liz Todd

    Liz ToddMåned siden

    He actually looks good in those finger less gloves Tho. Very cool, 5 stars

  5. Jackson Barr

    Jackson Barr2 måneder siden

    My name and profile pic

  6. Grace Myatt

    Grace Myatt4 måneder siden

    This is still an amazing video

  7. ??¿¿

    ??¿¿4 måneder siden

    i’m watching old videos so i can actually mean when i say: *i watched all your videos*

  8. Elizabeth Rascol

    Elizabeth Rascol4 måneder siden

    Was lookin for new comments

  9. Amanda Massengale

    Amanda Massengale4 måneder siden

    What the heck?!😂😂😂

  10. A Xylas

    A Xylas5 måneder siden

    Why is Michael Scott a Magician

  11. Rice Gum

    Rice Gum5 måneder siden

    Who are you?

  12. Mack R

    Mack R6 måneder siden

    7000th like

  13. Patty Kerman

    Patty Kerman7 måneder siden

    What episode of the office is this?

  14. A Human

    A Human7 måneder siden

    (This is the 130th comment btw)

  15. sydney c

    sydney c7 måneder siden

    i thought he said he’s gonna figure out who’s monica gonna blow today and i was waiting for him to come back to it but he never did and so i went back and now i feel dumb

  16. Sara Diaz

    Sara Diaz7 måneder siden

    Drew you are my favorite NO-gosr every time I whach your videos you make me laugh thanks for that

  17. Scott Harvey

    Scott Harvey8 måneder siden


  18. Scott Harvey

    Scott Harvey8 måneder siden

    Dude are used to have that same cape when I was little except it was red

  19. Marissa Sutherland

    Marissa Sutherland8 måneder siden

    You mean to say this ISN'T Gob Bluth?

  20. Musicandlyrics2400

    Musicandlyrics24009 måneder siden

    Better than SNL

  21. Hey it’s Melody vlogs

    Hey it’s Melody vlogs10 måneder siden


  22. Kaya Ormsby

    Kaya Ormsby10 måneder siden

    This is the funniest shit ever

  23. gameboy 10k

    gameboy 10k10 måneder siden

    2019 anyone

  24. anoja31

    anoja3110 måneder siden


  25. rVnsunshine

    rVnsunshine11 måneder siden

    The office

  26. Ethan P.

    Ethan P.11 måneder siden

    Shin Lim watch out, this guys coming for you.

  27. peyton newsome

    peyton newsome11 måneder siden


  28. Maeve Scadoobert

    Maeve Scadoobert11 måneder siden

    i have watched this video dozens of times. dozens, and dozens, and dozens of times. i cannot stop watching it. i have devoted hours of my life to replaying this video. i love it so much. thank you drew.

  29. Elizabeth DesRuisseau

    Elizabeth DesRuisseau9 måneder siden

    Same honestly

  30. Glen Coco

    Glen Coco11 måneder siden

    The World's Greatest NO-gosr

  31. Addie Kyle

    Addie KyleÅr siden

    2019 anyone?

  32. Holly Bennett

    Holly BennettÅr siden

    The run at the end with the cape kills me every time

  33. Elizabeth DesRuisseau

    Elizabeth DesRuisseau9 måneder siden

    Same and how it so perfectly cuts off is golden

  34. stinky sock

    stinky sockÅr siden

    @kurtis Connor

  35. Eʟɪ・えりちゃん

    Eʟɪ・えりちゃんÅr siden

    I love that I'm here after watching Kurtis Conner's video about instagram magicians

  36. Jayson Tatum #1

    Jayson Tatum #1År siden

    Drew Gooden is a magician and a commentary wow, he might be the most talented man in the world

  37. Ethan P.

    Ethan P.År siden

    That description though; wow

  38. Tris Rib

    Tris RibÅr siden

    Dude, wtf, How does this not have more views?

  39. Bela Gavranović

    Bela GavranovićÅr siden

    o wow o wow i am *IMPRESED*

  40. Big_weeaboo_ energy

    Big_weeaboo_ energyÅr siden


  41. Curtis and Matts Vlogs

    Curtis and Matts VlogsÅr siden

    You're full of tricks, Wizard!

  42. Ashley Does College

    Ashley Does CollegeÅr siden

    This is the office humor and i love it

  43. Lauren Boggs

    Lauren BoggsÅr siden

    This really reminded me of a Michael Scott interview

  44. buffy

    buffyÅr siden

    number one NO-gos channel

  45. Maggie Sheil

    Maggie Sheil6 måneder siden

    buffy the only youtube channel

  46. Samantha M

    Samantha MÅr siden

    drew, not sure if anyone pointed this out, but you missed a perfect opportunity to be the world's most good(en) magician

  47. Samuelle Cloutier-Lecours

    Samuelle Cloutier-LecoursÅr siden

    I'm getting strong Michael Scott vibes

  48. Amateur Gamer

    Amateur GamerÅr siden


  49. 15 Majors

    15 MajorsÅr siden

    Yo Amanda is adorable

  50. BleakBunny

    BleakBunnyÅr siden

    You should really make this into a longer video it was funny

  51. Finn is Mediocre

    Finn is MediocreÅr siden

    What season of the office is this from?

  52. Zoë Morehead

    Zoë MoreheadÅr siden

    This video is like when Brandon Rogers was funny

  53. PH Lovejoy

    PH LovejoyÅr siden

    Rare footage of a young Gob Bluth.

  54. Cody Chamber

    Cody ChamberÅr siden


  55. Jordan Frank

    Jordan FrankÅr siden

    hi ive binge watched all of your videos and your videos are like the office and i love it

  56. Ivan Mcgyver

    Ivan McgyverÅr siden

    Gob Bluth's son

  57. Maddie. French_

    Maddie. French_År siden

    Gob Bluth is Quaking

  58. autumn

    autumnÅr siden

    Wish this was a movie

  59. David Albee

    David AlbeeÅr siden

    This is the best!!! Hahahaha

  60. Lola Spark

    Lola SparkÅr siden

    They're pronounced eggs not 'egzzzz'

  61. Miss Lana

    Miss LanaÅr siden

    This isn't the world's greatest magician, this is just a tribute.

  62. Hailstorm K9

    Hailstorm K9År siden

    Why does this video remind me of someone Michael Scott would do?

  63. TheWaterCoolerGuy509

    TheWaterCoolerGuy509År siden

    What is the criteria for being the best magician.

  64. The Journey Up

    The Journey UpÅr siden

    Explosions in the sky!!!!! Yes!!!!