These quizzes actually drove us insane...

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These quizzes actually drove us insane...


  1. Actual Garbage

    Actual Garbage24 minutter siden


  2. Can of Beans.png!

    Can of Beans.png!29 minutter siden

    C A R S O N. U S E S. F I R E F O X .

  3. DipsyDoodleDog

    DipsyDoodleDog37 minutter siden


  4. TheWildWeaboo

    TheWildWeabooTime siden

    you guys were insane before you made this video XD

  5. GreatValueGaming

    GreatValueGamingTime siden

    No one: Carson's finger: B E N D

  6. DanK Dino

    DanK DinoTime siden

    11:14 “He clearly likes it!”

  7. LuphDead123

    LuphDead1232 timer siden

    When Mason said "IM GONNA THROW UP" he lowkey sounded like James Charles

  8. UwU cifer

    UwU cifer2 timer siden

    this is the funniest video i have seen in a long time wtf

  9. HeroRage

    HeroRage2 timer siden

    This is the most chaotic channel i ever found... I LOVE IT

  10. xX Glass Xx

    xX Glass Xx2 timer siden

    I S C R E A M I J U M P I S C R E A M I J U M P

  11. Creeper Commande

    Creeper Commande2 timer siden

    I nearly choked to death laughing

  12. Cram

    Cram3 timer siden

    Buy me.

  13. Meteoryte Krenaryte

    Meteoryte Krenaryte3 timer siden

    OMG, Why do you sound so much like Pyrocinical!? XD I got that out of the way you laugh!!!


    XXDARKNESSS4 timer siden

    this was uploaded 1 day before my b day

  15. xX Glass Xx

    xX Glass Xx2 timer siden

    XXDARKNESSS heyyyy happy belated birthday

  16. Official Police force

    Official Police force4 timer siden

    Am give borth

  17. Luis Guzman

    Luis Guzman4 timer siden

    Hey this is funny

  18. RokiSmiles

    RokiSmiles4 timer siden

    I’ve watched this hellscape of a video way to many times

  19. Lolita Ai

    Lolita Ai4 timer siden

    carson. i wanna cause chaos please carson give me the link. give us the link carson. we must cause insanity. Carson. I am a business man of my word, i want to CAUSE CHAOS


    POOTIS BIRB4 timer siden

    This still doesn't change the fact that he hasn't played Spongebob & Nicktoons Globs of doom for the nintendo wii, and ps2. pLaY iT cArSoN.

  21. Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

    Johnny The Homicidal Maniac5 timer siden


  22. Rohan Devine

    Rohan Devine5 timer siden

    The McDonald’s one killed me

  23. Shyanne Ęliżåbëth

    Shyanne Ęliżåbëth5 timer siden

    I mean, he clearly likes it

  24. William Marquis

    William Marquis5 timer siden


  25. RobinFlysHigh

    RobinFlysHigh6 timer siden

    Reminds me of me and a close friend who I can no longer see. Good times, good times

  26. OWellWellWell

    OWellWellWell6 timer siden

    excellent carson content keep up the good jerk

  27. Potato Lord

    Potato Lord6 timer siden

    I wonder why every time I join a call, everyone's just chill, but then I start doing some shit and we get fairly unstable This videi is a really good example of what happens

  28. Alex But Why

    Alex But Why6 timer siden

    i cant breathe

  29. VortexGoldTesla

    VortexGoldTesla6 timer siden


  30. werksaj

    werksaj6 timer siden

    this video made me laugh so hard that im gonna eat a salad brb

  31. Watermelon855

    Watermelon8557 timer siden

    in the NASA one there isn't even a good answer

  32. XxNeoDragonxX

    XxNeoDragonxX7 timer siden


  33. Weed Wacker

    Weed Wacker7 timer siden

    When all hell broke out I thought my phone was about to EXPLODE. But at the same time I was dying of laughter and I almost peed my pants.

  34. Road Swaggers

    Road Swaggers8 timer siden

    You guys should make your own 12 days of Christmas song

  35. Thea rius

    Thea rius8 timer siden

    I don’t think Carson has ever laughed so hard in his entire gaming career.

  36. Ur mum Addi

    Ur mum Addi8 timer siden

    this is too carson, ur discord link is not work

  37. king master

    king master9 timer siden

    You idiot ur fucking up here Carson kate obviously likes u and if u fuck this up for yourself ill never watch any of ur videos ever again

  38. Harri Eighteen

    Harri Eighteen10 timer siden


  39. That NFL Weeb

    That NFL Weeb12 timer siden

    This is the greatest 15 minutes of my life, I can’t stop crying from laughing

  40. Eluvix

    Eluvix14 timer siden

    Who knew all we needed to end global warming was a sausage sammy

  41. Restless

    Restless14 timer siden

    4:55 Uh,about that