It's rough out there these days. It's like the Coronavirus took everyone's minds. Let's look at some of the craziness that's been going on lately...
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
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#ToiletPaper #Coronavirus #PanicBuying


  1. Andrei Terbea

    Andrei Terbea4 dager siden

    Had to reupload this because of an audio error. Thanks to those who brought it to my attention. And to those who got blueballed after the video went down, I appreciate your patience haha!

  2. Kate Stacey

    Kate Stacey13 timer siden

    Andrei Terbea just name the thing coco

  3. SeCrEt LuCa

    SeCrEt LuCaDag siden

    Teva a

  4. Adrian Lopez

    Adrian LopezDag siden

    Andrei I hope your ok... with that CORONAVIRUS... stay safe😤😥😷

  5. Christ Dolce

    Christ DolceDag siden

    You've Could've Just multiply by two

  6. W0lfie G4ng

    W0lfie G4ngDag siden

    That thing that spreads isn't that serious.

  7. yeah ysysysys

    yeah ysysysys4 timer siden

    no need for toilet paper when you have a bidet (idk if i wrote it correctly)

  8. Ispatric Gameredition

    Ispatric Gameredition5 timer siden

    Continue the "Andrei and Wilfur the best of friends " plzzzz

  9. hana taia

    hana taia5 timer siden

    Just use a shatafa

  10. Soup ravioli

    Soup ravioli5 timer siden

    Well, the will make this funnier when you should have put the clown music on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a>

  11. Ali Namazi

    Ali Namazi6 timer siden

    I only need my Shatafa ...

  12. XxcloudyskiesxX Potato

    XxcloudyskiesxX Potato6 timer siden

    I think peopl need toilet paper cuz a symptom is diherea the 💩💩 or like um constipation

  13. Icytheminer77

    Icytheminer776 timer siden

    Wassup bendy eyes

  14. Alaska State bread

    Alaska State bread7 timer siden

    Is wilfur a goose or a duck i think he's a goose

  15. AK Gamer

    AK Gamer7 timer siden

    Andrei I love your videos and am from Serbia and my name is also Andrei

  16. A Romanian Vampire

    A Romanian Vampire7 timer siden

    Ser. Andrei. I want to know if u are romanian. I heard u in a vid saying your name and it sounded very romanian. If no. Im wrong. Ps romanian no scare of corona.

  17. The cool Gamers TV

    The cool Gamers TV6 timer siden

    Yeah yeah he is

  18. Jay Emm

    Jay Emm7 timer siden

    I mean they can use a bidet or a "tabo" which what we use in the Philippines, but like go off.

  19. Ruby Freeze

    Ruby Freeze7 timer siden

    **runs out of toilet paper** Filipinos: **Laughs in Tabo**

  20. Elena Radzeviciute

    Elena Radzeviciute8 timer siden

    ADREI. I can't believe you. How dare you. You have lost all my respect and I will unsubscribe and dislike. You said they were playing the most intense tennis game you have ever seen. I'm guessing you having seen that many tennis games to know THAT IS NOT TENNIS, IT'S PADDLE TENNIS!!!!!!!!!

  21. Please give me toilet paper

    Please give me toilet paper8 timer siden

    Where is all my toilet paper!?

  22. Calbaris

    Calbaris8 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="467">7:47</a> is that donut lord????

  23. Raul Mocanas

    Raul Mocanas8 timer siden

    Esti tare

  24. • Kolourful Koala •

    • Kolourful Koala •8 timer siden

    Heh, good ol' Australia! We had a three-way fight, a trolly/shopping cart being rammed into someone and assault over toilet paper

  25. Kalan Doan

    Kalan Doan8 timer siden

    Ah yes the Covidiots


    EGGLEY DA EGG8 timer siden

    No one: Me who only has one toilet paper at home: *this is fine*

  27. Your FBI agent

    Your FBI agent9 timer siden

    Do celebrities think they will save the universe just by saying a thing exists and making garbage videos?

  28. loopter gd

    loopter gd9 timer siden


  29. Meowastrophe !

    Meowastrophe !9 timer siden

    Gamers being Quarantine: Best time of my life! I get to stay at home and play for weeks! Thanks Coronavirus! Coronavirus: No problem..I'll be here for awhile so get comfortable. Me: (Laughing Miserably at work)

  30. monomi with coronavirus

    monomi with coronavirus10 timer siden

    monkey see.. monkey do....

  31. hey i’m sadie

    hey i’m sadie10 timer siden

    Y’all so the SMOKE SHOP that sells pipes and wrappers ..... is selling toilet paper and masks and they’re HELLA PRICE GOUGING it’s wild out there man

  32. I have problems

    I have problems10 timer siden

    This is so stupid. Ok this will selfish Ik but I live in a family of 9 (9 people live in my house) and we only have 1 more roll of toilet paper. We are even almost out of food and things like that! Dude if you live alone or in a family of 2 or even 3 don’t go around and take like 16 rolls, during this time humans shouldn’t be so selfish instead we should try to work together. Come on people.

  33. Dark Blaze

    Dark Blaze10 timer siden

    My kindergarten teacher: sharing is caring Coronavirus: allow us to introduce ourselves...

  34. Oi shit

    Oi shit10 timer siden

    I wouldn’t have given her any of my toilet paper :)

  35. HaloAnimates s

    HaloAnimates s10 timer siden

    Somebody watched vox

  36. triviajoon

    triviajoon10 timer siden

    *my mom just wanted honey and lemons. the people in front of her had so much in their cart.*

  37. Chadbad22

    Chadbad2210 timer siden

    I got coronavirus.Gov I'm fine

  38. BigTuber Dong

    BigTuber Dong10 timer siden

    I hate the Whatsapp groups my grandparents are currently living with us (mum, dad, brothers) and it gets hotish in the day time where I’m living and he does not let anybody turn on the ac in anybody’s rooms and it’s so fckn annoying because it is not yet known if hot weather gets rid of the novel 🍺 🦠.

  39. Vivien Becerra

    Vivien Becerra11 timer siden


  40. Little Fox

    Little Fox11 timer siden

    For more information you need to go to WHO

  41. Wyld Finny

    Wyld Finny11 timer siden


  42. Nikki Majaj

    Nikki Majaj12 timer siden

    No one: American Grandpas in 2080: So kids, let me tell you story about how a bat eating Chinese was the reason of shortage of Toiletpapers in US.

  43. ewrt ertgr

    ewrt ertgr12 timer siden

    I feel like there is worse than the coronavirus, like world hunger. World hunger isn’t actually transmissive like a virus, so rich people won’t donate because they will not die of hunger, and they know it. As for the coronavirus, this is actually a virus, rich people are actually scared of dying. It’s all about the famous and the rich.

  44. my dragon girls best friends forever

    my dragon girls best friends forever12 timer siden

    people who does over-shopping because of a simple panic attack or just not thinking at all, are just d67k heads

  45. Cutiepie lalays

    Cutiepie lalays12 timer siden

    Me and my mom got food and got one pack of toilet paper that hated 12 inside

  46. Elw Duecentonove

    Elw Duecentonove13 timer siden

    I’m from Italy and thank youuu! Loved the mention :)) love you!

  47. Keaton Filstrup

    Keaton Filstrup13 timer siden

    Masks don’t do anything

  48. Neffinred

    Neffinred13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="246">4:06</a> *AH, I FEEL THERES SOMEONE TOUCHING MAH TOILET PAPER*

  49. Alex with hat

    Alex with hat13 timer siden

    Țeva cu Ț!!!!

  50. Alex with hat

    Alex with hat13 timer siden

    Trying as much as possible to not say coronavirus,.but still gets demonetized

  51. cheeseball1480

    cheeseball148013 timer siden

    andrei theres more stupidity then the virus

  52. Cyril Iqbal

    Cyril Iqbal14 timer siden

    Andrei want to buy toilet paper Coronavirus:HAKAI!

  53. Robert Labonte

    Robert Labonte14 timer siden

    This is going on because a people said earlier this year that toilet paper was from China and people got rid of all of it so now people are buying it like wildfire

  54. Ahumanmilkdud

    Ahumanmilkdud14 timer siden

    I don’t understand why when 2020 came around almost all of mankind just got 100% dumber

  55. Petrut Vacaru

    Petrut Vacaru15 timer siden

    Salut! Super videoclipul. 👍

  56. xd RyanRTG

    xd RyanRTG15 timer siden

    Everything is cancelled, everything is bad cus of COVID-19, everything is cancelled, now we’re stuck in quarantine

  57. ItzPlayz

    ItzPlayz15 timer siden

    my first impression of this was: *heck this is gonna be like the zombies apocalypse!* me now: *welp im a kid so im basically immune to it AND people arent gonna purposely cough on me.*

  58. Kanai Ok

    Kanai Ok15 timer siden

    I’m so lucky my neighbor owns a toilet appare company

  59. Supped

    Supped15 timer siden

    Thank you Andrei. i'm from Italy. My dad works in an hospital. It isn't grat here, at all. Some people i knew are now gone. I appreciate you

  60. Shannyn Wilson

    Shannyn Wilson16 timer siden

    That toilet paper fight was in Australia. I didn’t realise how viral that footage went. No wonder there are restrictions in woolies at the moment.

  61. david martinez

    david martinez16 timer siden


  62. Cool cool memes Ok

    Cool cool memes Ok16 timer siden

    Mybe 1 or 2 tolitpaper but not like 40 pieces

  63. Cool cool memes Ok

    Cool cool memes Ok16 timer siden

    Not Watching a Andrei terbea video a big fat royal no no

  64. Little Animations

    Little Animations16 timer siden

    everyone: im sick coronavirus: get some toilet paper its my weakness

  65. Vodkalı sans

    Vodkalı sans16 timer siden

    Using the phone calculator but showing the PC calculator: big brain move

  66. foxy08 hun

    foxy08 hun16 timer siden

    We bougth 2 pack of paper and thats it Just wash ur hands

  67. Flower Girl

    Flower Girl16 timer siden

    I would have bought bide and soap

  68. Tomash

    Tomash16 timer siden

    I cannot can

  69. S H

    S H17 timer siden

    People are so stupid lol

  70. Deep hug

    Deep hug17 timer siden

    2019 : flexing Minecraft builds 2020: flexing toilet paper and hand sanitizers

  71. Amelia Miller

    Amelia Miller17 timer siden

    The people buying it after others are is so they don’t run out when the store no longer have it

  72. Unknown neon Galaxy GIRL

    Unknown neon Galaxy GIRL17 timer siden


  73. Deep hug

    Deep hug17 timer siden

    luckely norway have toielet paper

  74. Razvan Stana

    Razvan Stana17 timer siden

    Andrei merita tot respectul pentru ca a băgat Țeva în video.

  75. Motrescu Ermina

    Motrescu Ermina17 timer siden

    Omg you're so cool I'm Romanian too I never imagined that a Romanian animator will get 2 mill sub what you're doing is so cool I like your type of drawing Deci nu pot spune în cuvinte cam cât de tare ești lmao

  76. magnvss

    magnvss17 timer siden

    And that’s how many Americans discovered the bidet (in fact some are still waiting for their delivery, sadly). And never returned to have a shit smelling ass again.

  77. Just Me

    Just Me17 timer siden

    I don't need toilet paper I have tabo

  78. Tudor Plays

    Tudor Plays17 timer siden

    " Țeva "=) Romanians will understand

  79. Mihahell

    Mihahell17 timer siden

    Pai cum dracu sa mai gasesti hartie igienica din cauza îstora care o fura pe toata

  80. MatZio Addo

    MatZio Addo17 timer siden

    This is dumb. People but sooo much toilet paper and sanitizers and when they die of COVID-19 what's gonna happen to the toliet paper and sanitizers? 😂

  81. Jacob Greenwald

    Jacob Greenwald18 timer siden

    Did you do a face reveal

  82. David Polak

    David Polak18 timer siden

    Oh I wash my buttox and wipe with a towel because comfort And I just solved the toilet paper crises Give me a medal *gituar noises*

  83. feeesh

    feeesh18 timer siden

    have y’all herd of stockpiling

  84. Airwalker

    Airwalker18 timer siden

    Keep up the good work, te pup

  85. The Wolfy

    The Wolfy19 timer siden

    Andrei i know you are from Romania. 😁😁


    BEEG_ BEEFY_ RAMEN NOODLE19 timer siden



    BEEG_ BEEFY_ RAMEN NOODLE19 timer siden

    yeah it is COIVD 19999999999!!!