Things You DIDN’T KNOW About Everyday Objects

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  1. RosaLinda Red

    RosaLinda Red6 timer siden

    i already knew about the keyboard thingy

  2. Pradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini

    Pradnyani Kausiky Nara Yogini7 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a> even a child knows that

  3. Zin SOW

    Zin SOW8 timer siden

    Also the lollipop is also for if you choke on the stick

  4. Cringe TV

    Cringe TV10 timer siden

    Actually the hole is for somebody swallows the stick they can still breathe

  5. Eveleigh Murphy

    Eveleigh Murphy13 timer siden

    sssniperwolf:when i was a kid i used to press em down and mess with them and stuff me:thats what cuticial cream is for

  6. irish princess

    irish princess15 timer siden

    You should post more often lol

  7. Nightwing dovahkiin

    Nightwing dovahkiin16 timer siden

    Lia, I have a brand new package of angel soft tp, if you want a few rolls let me know

  8. michdave2003

    michdave200317 timer siden

    :45 That’s the same shade of pink on my wall- I mean my sisters wall! ( We used to share a room and I moved into the basement.)

  9. E Yang

    E Yang17 timer siden

    Is no one talking about why the "T" key is next to the "Z" key? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a>

  10. Maddy Chahal

    Maddy Chahal17 timer siden

    Lia: erasing pen is impossible Me: but I HAVE erased pen!!!!!!


    ERIKA KELLER18 timer siden

    Bruh this fr hurts my head everyone already knew all this srry love u tho

  12. Firefly Queen

    Firefly Queen19 timer siden

    How many times she said that’s gotta be a boomer thing 😂 👇🏻

  13. Tats Arts Creations

    Tats Arts Creations20 timer siden

    Can you plz do a Gacha life reaction

  14. Savannah Ashmore

    Savannah Ashmore21 time siden

    you are the best

  15. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh19 timer siden

    There is only two lines on my head phones sadly

  16. wickedgame1986

    wickedgame198621 time siden

    That's cool

  17. Haleigh Houlihan

    Haleigh Houlihan21 time siden

    thanks for the Mac book tip it is super helpful [ -:

  18. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh19 timer siden

    It'd impossible to erase pen unless you have a erasable pen


    TANISKA RAJAMOHAN22 timer siden

    Sssniperwolf:The blue part of the rubber is used to rub out pen!! Me:(tests it out immediately) Sssniperwolf:Jk it is actually used to rub out harder pencil marks Me: too soon,I failed my self🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  20. alham nasser

    alham nasser23 timer siden


  21. William Cheatham

    William CheathamDag siden


  22. Jinan Ali

    Jinan AliDag siden

    the donut in the medl was a star ☺️

  23. neurrg girl

    neurrg girlDag siden

    i can erase pen

  24. harsh beniwal funny video

    harsh beniwal funny videoDag siden


  25. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomDag siden

    when we are on our way to Kings Island someone pulled away with their pump in their truck and it was so funny that it's haven't a million times 😂

  26. Oskar Iobst

    Oskar IobstDag siden

    Whats wrong with GMOs

  27. Elena

    ElenaDag siden

    Wait people didn’t know about the “f” and “j” thing....?

  28. Random Atom

    Random AtomDag siden

    I took a Technology class and a quiz I took said that the bumps on the f and I keys are ABDOLUTELY USELESS

  29. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomDag siden

    You so smarrrrrt

  30. Lauren Baker

    Lauren BakerDag siden

    Bruh I knew all this😭 it’s called having a Mexican mother and Italian dad

  31. Rylan Liles

    Rylan LilesDag siden

    Who also needs toilet paper? Besides me.

  32. Syuzanna Sukiasyan

    Syuzanna SukiasyanDag siden

    I learned many things thanks for the video!!!

  33. Carrie Goodwin

    Carrie GoodwinDag siden

    It'd impossible to erase pen unless you have a erasable pen

  34. Maxine Paderon

    Maxine PaderonDag siden

    There is only two lines on my head phones sadly

  35. kashif reid

    kashif reidDag siden

    She's sexy

  36. Kuro kisaki

    Kuro kisakiDag siden

    Funny. Whenever I get a lollipop with a hole in the straw the lollipop always comes off 😂😂😂

  37. Emily An

    Emily AnDag siden

    To be honest most of these I just figured them out on my own

  38. Brookelynn Asmr_Tutorials_food

    Brookelynn Asmr_Tutorials_foodDag siden

    Oh I see the gas pump one happen all the time!!lol

  39. Joy Reacts

    Joy ReactsDag siden

    I was just eating pasta lol😂😂😂😂

  40. Dystany Eisenberg

    Dystany EisenbergDag siden

    My brother took off with the hose once lol

  41. Kyna Sapra

    Kyna SapraDag siden

    The bump on the keyboard is for blind people

  42. Vicky Awesome

    Vicky AwesomeDag siden

    Whhhyyyy. Sssniperwolf you know what i am talking about.

  43. Hunter Jamison

    Hunter JamisonDag siden

    Sniperwolf:but pen is permanent Me:erasable pens Erasable pens: I’m I a joke😭

  44. Taylor Levin

    Taylor LevinDag siden

    When I was 8 my mom was drunk and drove away with the gas pump still we just make fun of her for it.

  45. Politically Correct

    Politically CorrectDag siden

    You so smarrrrrt

  46. Emily An

    Emily An2 dager siden

    The paint pouring out looks like a girl on her period

  47. Meme

    Meme2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a> it’s actually for audio input, audio output, and microphone, that’s why not all have 3.

  48. krys .moore

    krys .moore2 dager siden

    all of these are basic knowledge if you didnt know these by now go back to your cave

  49. Kolilpop

    Kolilpop2 dager siden

    let me tell you something i knew all this stuff i'm not 7

  50. beijing fam

    beijing fam2 dager siden


  51. ePiC mEMer

    ePiC mEMer2 dager siden

    To be honest most of these I just figured them out on my own

  52. Caitlyn Daly

    Caitlyn Daly2 dager siden

    You make my day I love your videos so much 🥳

  53. squishy magic

    squishy magic2 dager siden

    Ⓡ Ⓒ

  54. squishy magic

    squishy magic2 dager siden

    I knew all off that stuff

  55. Jack Thunder

    Jack Thunder2 dager siden

    Me when im mad at schoolwork: im gonna need the blue part of the eraser!

  56. Emilee A

    Emilee A2 dager siden

    Dance Matt typing fam. Where you at?

  57. Kyuu

    Kyuu2 dager siden

    The blue part of the eraser is very good for drawing and helped me a lot when I made a line that’s a bit to dark

  58. Kyuu

    Kyuu2 dager siden

    Really I use the the keyboard stands to making gaming easier bc I do t really have a desk I play on my wardrobe

  59. Jandrich Lunca

    Jandrich Lunca2 dager siden

    Just use your hand and water and soap ginagawa ng pinoy

  60. 岩井紗綾香

    岩井紗綾香2 dager siden

    Me: knowing almost everything because if I am wondering something I automatically search it up... thx google 🙏🏼

  61. Zarah Bearah Boo

    Zarah Bearah Boo2 dager siden

    The sound is not synched.

  62. Janelis Granados whye

    Janelis Granados whye2 dager siden


  63. HI Sisters The Koala And Sloth Lovers

    HI Sisters The Koala And Sloth Lovers2 dager siden

    I subscribed And hit the nell

  64. HI Sisters The Koala And Sloth Lovers

    HI Sisters The Koala And Sloth Lovers2 dager siden

    I love ur vids

  65. Danielle Allen

    Danielle Allen2 dager siden

    I saw someone drive off with the gas pump and someone stopped her and said to put it back and she threw it at him

  66. Sophie Fontenot

    Sophie Fontenot2 dager siden

    You should have made that joke

  67. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh2 dager siden


  68. Riley Craig

    Riley Craig2 dager siden

    There was a kid in my class who would suck on the cap of the pen

  69. Mercedes Johnson

    Mercedes Johnson2 dager siden

    thats what my dad didmwih the mac book charger

  70. Yessy Yes

    Yessy Yes2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="580">9:40</a> My fruit number is 4055 😶

  71. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh2 dager siden

    “the first ones for left the second ones fo-“ iphone users:

  72. Rxverse

    Rxverse2 dager siden

    Guys send help to sniper wolf she and ALL OF US NEED LAYSOL And TOILET PAPPER

  73. Rxverse

    Rxverse2 dager siden

    I know must of them

  74. 4FantasicFriends #

    4FantasicFriends #2 dager siden

    All I do at home is eat, play video games and sleep that’s my routine

  75. Maxime Tokou

    Maxime Tokou2 dager siden

    One for you one for me but like what if we want mooooooore😖😖

  76. xx.dxddy.luke. xx

    xx.dxddy.luke. xx2 dager siden


  77. Julio Canales

    Julio Canales2 dager siden


  78. WhyDidMyParentsLeaveMe? ???

    WhyDidMyParentsLeaveMe? ???2 dager siden


  79. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide3 dager siden

    Lmao I was driving once and my mirror was all dark cause someone touched something, I could barely see, guess I know why now.

  80. Hey it’s LIANA

    Hey it’s LIANA3 dager siden

    The bump is for blind people

  81. Kamara Sims

    Kamara Sims3 dager siden

    Am eating chips


    SHANNON TURNER3 dager siden

    There is actually a pen that has a eraser on the back that erases the pen😂

  83. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide3 dager siden

    I Was On Tik Tok Today And Saw This

  84. Kashonna Wilder

    Kashonna Wilder3 dager siden

    My mom drove off with the gas pump and broke the door on the gas slot. She was occupied on her phone and thought she finished and drove off

  85. Pheønix

    Pheønix3 dager siden

    I love how she says "Wham bam yes ma'am"

  86. Uzma Ali

    Uzma Ali3 dager siden

    My mom ones derived of with the pump in her car

  87. Devin Mckinney

    Devin Mckinney3 dager siden

    “the first ones for left the second ones fo-“ iphone users: