Third wheeling is hard...
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  1. Ben Azelart

    Ben AzelartMåned siden

    Like this video for more with Gavin and Coco!

  2. Alfie Fahey

    Alfie Fahey16 timer siden

    Ben Azelart wwwwwwwwww

  3. Jessica Bledsoe

    Jessica Bledsoe22 timer siden

    Gavin is just dating coco to make piper jealous I'm so sorry coco. Not piper is already with walker lol I like piper's squad more she I not going behind her friend's back like you did coco you are a brat. I'm not talking about you Ben Coco does not act like her age and in every video she touches her hair that's why she haves lies she touches her hair to much

  4. Perrena Bernoudy

    Perrena BernoudyDag siden

    Derick Anthony you really think they should be together Gavin should be with piper not wanna be 18✌️😎cool girl

  5. Perrena Bernoudy

    Perrena BernoudyDag siden

    Ben Azelart ew

  6. Blaster Kid 65

    Blaster Kid 652 dager siden

    On piperi

  7. Night_ Haunter

    Night_ Haunter8 timer siden

    Spoiled,showoff kids

  8. Nikau Thompson

    Nikau Thompson9 timer siden

    ho my god

  9. Kayleigh Hannah

    Kayleigh Hannah9 timer siden

    Yeah gavin dated piper rockelle

  10. Melianys Ortiz

    Melianys Ortiz9 timer siden

    Hi gavin I really miss you and piper but I am really happy for you and Coco😥

  11. Lorena Flores

    Lorena Flores9 timer siden

    Piper is better no offense

  12. precious nicole benito

    precious nicole benito10 timer siden

    why dont you try piper rockelle after corona virus

  13. Gacha Cookie

    Gacha Cookie10 timer siden

    Gavin and piper was dating first, I ship piper and Gavin

  14. Colleen Blair

    Colleen Blair10 timer siden

    Ben I am not a bad driver literally had both hands off the wheel

  15. Kimberly Roxbury

    Kimberly Roxbury10 timer siden

    Wait.... Y can't piper be in it?

  16. Benjamin Thornton

    Benjamin Thornton10 timer siden

    Coco fine

  17. Jorge Nic

    Jorge Nic11 timer siden

    What you have your address for the morning and I can come over and get it over tomorrow morning I need your car to get you can you check it and if it’s your car car you tomorrow

  18. Hector Maldonado Aguilar

    Hector Maldonado Aguilar11 timer siden

    Piper and Gavin 😭

  19. Siraaj Rabin

    Siraaj Rabin11 timer siden

    What about Txunamy Ortiz Cocos friend


    BECCAHOPE REID11 timer siden

    He looks so annoyed when he got his kiss

  21. Malak Zebari

    Malak Zebari12 timer siden

    Ey im 12 tow

  22. Kim Mac Dougall

    Kim Mac Dougall12 timer siden

    You have TikTok

  23. Abigail Unkraut

    Abigail Unkraut12 timer siden

    gavin and coco look like twins

  24. Francesca Cannoli

    Francesca Cannoli13 timer siden

    I love Gavin he my love 💘💘

  25. Lily Adele

    Lily Adele14 timer siden

    Why aren't u buying toilet paper

  26. Elle Rodriguez

    Elle Rodriguez14 timer siden

    them at 12 kissing and dating *me at 12 playing with the door stopper*

  27. Nicola Martin

    Nicola Martin14 timer siden


  28. sophie pham

    sophie pham14 timer siden

    touching all the trolleys and putting hands in mouth CORONAVIRUS:YAYAY

  29. Ruthela Hoque

    Ruthela Hoque15 timer siden

    Not trying to be rude but the handwriting looks bad Fix your handwriting

  30. Meli Deguzman

    Meli Deguzman15 timer siden

    You should third wheel piper and lev or piper and walker

  31. Domy Rojas

    Domy Rojas16 timer siden

    Coco is a loser and gavin is a loser

  32. Juliah Rabun

    Juliah Rabun16 timer siden


  33. Scarlet Mercedes

    Scarlet Mercedes16 timer siden


  34. Siwanator Forever

    Siwanator Forever16 timer siden

    Why does Coco look like she’s 18 when she’s like 12 and meanwhile I’m 14 and I look like a 10 year old 😑

  35. Ohsardo

    Ohsardo17 timer siden

    How are you people????????????????????????????????

  36. hannah gildroy

    hannah gildroy17 timer siden

    I liked and subscribed Ben answer this question Do have feelings for Lexi? Ask Lexi this are you cheating on ben ? MAKE SURE TELL THE TRUTH

  37. Steven Morales

    Steven Morales17 timer siden

    I like the tik Tok that they did with carington and faze blaze

  38. Aila Kirkham

    Aila Kirkham17 timer siden

    I wish I was as Pretty as Coco

  39. Zhaxi Zhuoma

    Zhaxi Zhuoma18 timer siden

    Piper rokelle was way better

  40. Sacred paws Service dogs

    Sacred paws Service dogs18 timer siden

    If you think this is cringy you should see a 3rd grade relationship I used to be in 1 now I’m in sixth grade

  41. Tasbih Hossain

    Tasbih Hossain18 timer siden

    They already in a relationship

  42. Kelly Sweeney

    Kelly Sweeney18 timer siden


  43. Queen Arrielle

    Queen Arrielle18 timer siden

    In my opinion I don’t really think Ben was third whiling

  44. Xxgacha girlxx

    Xxgacha girlxx18 timer siden

    Want about piper

  45. jessie rajakumari

    jessie rajakumari18 timer siden

    WTF... is she twelve!😱😱😱😱😱

  46. Lukasz Gatkiewicz

    Lukasz Gatkiewicz18 timer siden

    I want to have that much love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. daniel cox

    daniel cox19 timer siden

    Gavin's so gay

  48. L David

    L David19 timer siden

    Me at 9: In a relationship Them at 12: In a relationship Ben at about 16: Single but has a crush

  49. Hallie Grier

    Hallie Grier19 timer siden

    Did you get stuck in the buggy cocoa

  50. Hallie Grier

    Hallie Grier19 timer siden

    Sorry I spelled your name wrong Coco

  51. Ayub Miah

    Ayub Miah20 timer siden

    Did he just say "we are so close to 2.7mil subscribers close to 3 mil" what cos you need 0.93 mil subscribers more to get 3mil

  52. dixieandderby adventure

    dixieandderby adventure20 timer siden

    How does Gavin backflip

  53. Butlers Family

    Butlers Family20 timer siden

    How dare you say go away to Ben he’s older then you! And I’m like 7 in real life!

  54. Butlers Family

    Butlers Family20 timer siden


  55. Bryan Pina

    Bryan Pina21 time siden

    Coco is beautiful

  56. Lyric Hutchins

    Lyric Hutchins21 time siden

    Ben: Coco and Gavin are two 12 year olds and they are the cutest thing ever!!😃😃 All of Coco's fans: Actually Coco's 11.😂😂

  57. Brody Sarten

    Brody Sarten22 timer siden


  58. beatrice anne a luna

    beatrice anne a luna22 timer siden

    What there just 12 yr old and they can date what the hell

  59. jessica martinez

    jessica martinez22 timer siden

    When Ben hopped on coco her legs liked they were gonna break

  60. Rosie Mombay

    Rosie Mombay22 timer siden

    Did Gavin broke up with Piper

  61. Petrina Marsh

    Petrina Marsh23 timer siden


  62. Raynold Julit

    Raynold Julit23 timer siden

    You guys are so stupit

  63. Raynold Julit

    Raynold Julit23 timer siden

    Poop minst c

  64. Raynold Julit

    Raynold Julit23 timer siden

    Poop your so anouying

  65. Raynold Julit

    Raynold Julit23 timer siden

    Oooooooh I remember poop and 💩 poop I hate g and poop

  66. Jaya Sawhney

    Jaya Sawhney23 timer siden

    Coco queen Gavin‘s channel and channel is the best

  67. Jaya Sawhney

    Jaya Sawhney23 timer siden

    Best video I ever seen hello Gavin been as alert

  68. domfader

    domfaderDag siden

    he said that gavin was the craziest 12yr old that works cos coco's 11

  69. mary Carrera

    mary CarreraDag siden

    I hate both of them first gavin broke up to piper cuz of coco's fault and second coco just like's gavin so coco stole gavin in piper so that's why i hate both of them i hate them so much iam a big fan before but now im a hater on gavin and coco😠😡

  70. Ayn102

    Ayn102Dag siden

    :There 12 and there dating :me I’m 12 no one even like me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  71. Midnight Gamer 789

    Midnight Gamer 789Dag siden

    Also cocos is kinda like me.I can be savage and sassy. Also im strong too.Like i carried my 34 year old uncle at 9.That was like years ago

  72. Midnight Gamer 789

    Midnight Gamer 789Dag siden

    i just feel bad for coco.She got tortured by u. XD. im not being rude but u know.Im also 11 and im in a relationship so :P .But cocos rlly pretty.I like her alot

  73. Sanya Riverdale

    Sanya RiverdaleDag siden

    I don't think Coco's top is very appropriate for a 12 year old... No hate!!

  74. Dhananjay Kumar

    Dhananjay KumarDag siden

    Them at 12: Dating Me at 15: Watching tik tok and youtube and studying

  75. Sharon Gold

    Sharon GoldDag siden

    I mean Tik Tok

  76. Sharon Gold

    Sharon GoldDag siden

    You are on top tok

  77. Lola Sawka

    Lola SawkaDag siden

    that disappointing moment when people younger than you have an more interesting love life

  78. Sabrina Smith

    Sabrina SmithDag siden

    Ben did that because he wants a girl lol

  79. Leny Crown

    Leny CrownDag siden

    Kids these days:12 year old act like 21

  80. Stephanie Lopez

    Stephanie LopezDag siden

    Wait Brent is dating someone? Since when?

  81. Triple Threat Pearson Triplets

    Triple Threat Pearson TripletsDag siden

    Is it just me but I think Gavin and Ben look alike!! 😝

  82. Perrena Bernoudy

    Perrena BernoudyDag siden

    You really should go back to piper she’s better for you coco is just some broke wanna be of of the streets

  83. Oof Martinez

    Oof MartinezDag siden

    No offense but I don’t like coco

  84. Tāku Ate

    Tāku AteDag siden

    I thought Gavin was Piper's boyfriend

  85. Brooklyn Mcqueary

    Brooklyn McquearyDag siden

    coco and gavin: kissing and going out alone / then theres me at 12 amd actually shes 11 becuase she was born in july in 2008 but me on the other side im making youtube vids in the mirror

  86. Sowndarya Chockalingam

    Sowndarya ChockalingamDag siden

    coco: dresses up, puts on makeup, dyes her hair, has fake nails, literally looking beautiful me: wears hoodies and sweatpants and leggings and oversized tshirt, never puts on makeup unless I go to a party so basically stay home with a bunch of pimples, has natural but nasty hair, bites my nails until they are gone , literally looking ugly during quarantine