Tones and I: Dance Monkey (U.S. TV Debut)

Music guest Tones and I makes her U.S. TV debut performing her global smash hit "Dance Monkey" for the Tonight Show audience.
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Tones and I: Dance Monkey (U.S. TV Debut)


  1. Style and Adventure

    Style and Adventure3 minutter siden

    Amazing 🥰

  2. Victoria Pintag

    Victoria Pintag7 minutter siden

    💕Voice 😍

  3. elly orly

    elly orly8 minutter siden

    Genuine talent!

  4. Kamarul Arifin

    Kamarul Arifin11 minutter siden

    I love this song so much!!!!

  5. BLACKBERRY 2020

    BLACKBERRY 202016 minutter siden

  6. enrique tejada

    enrique tejada20 minutter siden

    I heard this song a month ago and I am obsessed with ... first time I see her ... I love it

  7. Della Azgaf

    Della Azgaf26 minutter siden

    Love you

  8. moh moh

    moh moh26 minutter siden

    هبلها حلبه

  9. Muhammad Rizky

    Muhammad Rizky32 minutter siden

    Suara asli sama lypsing lebih gregetan yg asli cuk

  10. SAM8450312

    SAM845031235 minutter siden

    She is so good

  11. Michelle Arreaga

    Michelle Arreaga36 minutter siden


  12. Pembiş Blog

    Pembiş Blog37 minutter siden


  13. Rena

    Rena42 minutter siden

    How old she is?


    ONYX GAMMING49 minutter siden

    Gw orang indo nyasar oy wkwkwk

  15. CJ Keough

    CJ Keough50 minutter siden

    y'all never heard of echo before?😂

  16. The one and only

    The one and only53 minutter siden

    She is huge

  17. ramizah rahim

    ramizah rahimTime siden

    Malaysia pun ada suara macam nih, iaitu nabila razali

  18. Siti aziah Maerebee

    Siti aziah MaerebeeTime siden

    Nice music like this. Good job from malaysia.

  19. zuhayr gaffar

    zuhayr gaffarTime siden

    she looks like the female lewis capaldi

  20. Isabel Bazan

    Isabel BazanTime siden

    Beautiful voice ❤

  21. Swarley Gaming

    Swarley GamingTime siden

    Fat shit

  22. Leon Buerk

    Leon BuerkTime siden

    Nowbody can sing so crazy thats are Impossible

  23. Yusfin Dewi

    Yusfin DewiTime siden

    I love you yo tones and i 😍😍😍😊😊

  24. N1NJA

    N1NJATime siden

    Did they even Autotune the Original Video .-.

  25. Akbar Kufri

    Akbar KufriTime siden

    2:00 This freakin part make my head shaking.

  26. Peter

    PeterTime siden

    Is she another Shakira?

  27. 요리하는광끼

    요리하는광끼Time siden

    경의롭다.. 놀라서 눈물이 나왔다....

  28. Nurin Hadirah

    Nurin HadirahTime siden

    She has a really unique voice. Ya go gurl!!

  29. Thorny Turtle Ranch

    Thorny Turtle RanchTime siden

    Hello trendy folks. I've got some thoughts about the troubles we are in with our usa nation. Republicans deny existence of bigfoot. The best leader ever, cult leader. You know. Let me know, on my channel. Have a pod cast about going to trial without a violation of state law....same name as my channel on spotify for free.

  30. Al iyah

    Al iyahTime siden

    i love this song and the music its so AMAZING

  31. D Pictures

    D PicturesTime siden

    Autotune: may I come in Tones and I: who are you???

  32. PB Assassin

    PB AssassinTime siden


  33. Anthonydilukss Diegas

    Anthonydilukss DiegasTime siden

    she looks like anne marie

  34. MoonChildJea

    MoonChildJeaTime siden

    Everyone talk about the autotune stuff... *Can i talk about how i love her stage presence so much?*

  35. Diana Grace

    Diana GraceTime siden

    Her voice is kinda annoying and childish

  36. Diana Grace

    Diana GraceTime siden

    Is it just me or are 99.9% of all the covers of this song are 100000x better than the original

  37. he he

    he heTime siden

    Why did I smile? Tf??

  38. audy like the car

    audy like the carTime siden

    She has the most unique voice I’ve ever heard wtf

  39. audy like the car

    audy like the carTime siden

    I GOT CHILLS WHAT her live voice im dying

  40. Lia Rahmadani

    Lia Rahmadani2 timer siden