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WatchMojo has become a staple on NO-gos, posting 5-7 Top 10 videos every day for the past 150 years. Employing the classic "quantity over quality" model, they've managed to both intrigue and baffle the NO-gos community by perpetually one-upping themselves with how far they'll go to come up with a list that they haven't done before.
Surely an organization that has posted that many videos over the years would run out of ideas eventually, right? Wrong! WatchMojo will NEVER run out of ideas. Just when you think they've finally run out of things to talk about, they come up with the most obscure category you could possibly think of, find a way to make it even more specific, and then rank 10 of those things.
Top 10 Secretly Alcoholic TV Stepmoms of the 1990s?
Top 10 Public Restrooms in West Virginia?
Top 10 Funniest Shades of Orange?
Actually, those are all pretty good... I should stop giving them free ideas.
Anyway, that's what the video is about. I look for some of the most pointless top 10 videos that exist for some reason, play a fun game with Amanda, and share an emotional moment with some unexpected guests. Enjoy.
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Hey. I would like to make more videos like this, but they take a lot of time, and I have one of those "real people jobs". Hopefully in the near future, I can stop doing that job and do this as a job instead, but I'm not quite there yet. Thanks for staying patient with me. I have a lot of ideas and am going to keep making goofs as often as my schedule allows me too.
Lick and subsribe. Comment the most ridiculous top 10 list you can think of.
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A couple clips I used like 3 seconds of:
Looper - What The Cast Of Stranger Things Looks Like In Real Life
WatchMojo - Top 10 Iconic Cheeses


  1. airy fairy

    airy fairy8 timer siden

    little did 2017 drew know that youtube rewind 2019 would be the #1 top 10 watch mojo

  2. fingerknitter

    fingerknitterDag siden

    Amanda is so pretty! Happy for them

  3. italicized screaming but in comic sans

    italicized screaming but in comic sansDag siden

    this video ended home of phobia

  4. Random_boi_500

    Random_boi_500Dag siden

    Love Drew’s three poly gay dads

  5. Daddy Satin

    Daddy Satin2 dager siden

    i didn’t know there were 10 olsen twins or is it 10 pairs of olsen twins and 10 different people named olsen twin????

  6. Baking with Sam

    Baking with Sam4 dager siden


  7. Cody Busch-Weiss

    Cody Busch-Weiss5 dager siden

    Drew you’r are an stupid idiot!!!!!!!!!!! You did “nt create NO-gos. I figured you out. The jig is up drew, now give me Dollar or I will tell everyone. (Epic backflip)😎😎😎

  8. Columbæan Mapping

    Columbæan Mapping7 dager siden

    Top 10 top 10 lists. You still won't beat Jreg and his First top 10 top 10 top 10 top 10 list.

  9. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun9 dager siden

    Top 10 Farts!

  10. Sister Tea

    Sister Tea10 dager siden

    do a father reveal

  11. Caitlin McGee

    Caitlin McGee11 dager siden

    Love the mouse rat shirt

  12. * Grace *

    * Grace *12 dager siden

    Looper sounds like a mediocre amusement park ride

  13. R.

    R.13 dager siden

    This is really random but I just realised how pretty drew would be with make up

  14. Autumn Rose McCullough

    Autumn Rose McCullough14 dager siden

    i liked as soon as u said youtube was a niche you’re hoping will take off soon

  15. ThomasDoesThings

    ThomasDoesThings14 dager siden

    2:17 just noticed he censored “Bull” instead 🤣👏

  16. Phantomartist !!!

    Phantomartist !!!14 dager siden

    Top 10 top 10 top 10’s

  17. Michael Isabella

    Michael Isabella14 dager siden

    You guys should really look up Top 10 Cutest Snakes on Google. The first video is a gem.

  18. JayPeeAy

    JayPeeAy14 dager siden

    my 3 real Dad's are straight 😂😂😂

  19. C J

    C J16 dager siden

    Liked as soon as I saw the mouse rat tee

  20. Jenna M

    Jenna M16 dager siden

    1:58 he's only smiling on the right because he finally got rid of the bowl cut

  21. Jenna M

    Jenna M16 dager siden

    Drew puts the sin in Presindent

  22. River Lynprawa

    River Lynprawa16 dager siden

    Wassap with the applesauce?

  23. hufflepuff girl

    hufflepuff girl16 dager siden

    Mouserat rules ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  24. d

    d16 dager siden


  25. Louise Rottweiler

    Louise Rottweiler17 dager siden

    The Dwight jumped out 5:30

  26. Makenzie Despain

    Makenzie Despain18 dager siden

    How appropriate that the three dads and creepy joe ended up naked at the end of the dream Hahahaha

  27. Ava Dubbs

    Ava Dubbs19 dager siden

    uh so the ending is like mamma mia

  28. Jimmy Neutron

    Jimmy Neutron19 dager siden

    presindent greg washingmachine

  29. Lynn Arouna

    Lynn Arouna20 dager siden

    Plot twist this video is what Danny Gonzalez looks like in real life.

  30. Ethan Bitar

    Ethan Bitar20 dager siden

    4:31 dg's official idubbbz collab

  31. Fire Magi

    Fire Magi21 dag siden

    Wait when did you get almost 2 mil last time I watched your videos you were at like 100k

  32. Possum Boy

    Possum Boy21 dag siden

    “Surprisingly sexy women” uses a thumbnail of a 17 year old girl That’s gonna get a Yikes from me, WatchMojo

  33. Takahiro B

    Takahiro B22 dager siden

    amazing , love it . definetlyy a comediaan

  34. Melting pot of Content

    Melting pot of Content22 dager siden

    Why do you look like my sisters boyfriend

  35. Dani 160

    Dani 16023 dager siden

    No one: NO-gos rewind 2019:

  36. Ivan the flying squirrel

    Ivan the flying squirrel23 dager siden

    Joe Biden....Really?

  37. dab 420

    dab 42024 dager siden

    the whole dad thing is incredible!

  38. CrazyComedyKid

    CrazyComedyKid26 dager siden

    There's also the trilogy of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters: Top 10 Monsters in Yugi Moto's Deck Top 10 Monsters in Seto Kaiba's Deck Top 10 Monsters in Joey Wheeler's Deck It's just so oddly specific. It's not too weird for the first two, but you're really reaching with Joey's deck.

  39. Ella Geesey

    Ella Geesey26 dager siden


  40. Paul Son

    Paul Son26 dager siden

    Watch Mojo makes content based on what we ask them. If we ask them to make top 10 drew Goodmen videos. They do just that.

  41. epic gamer

    epic gamer26 dager siden

    I watched so many Top 10 lists that I get repeats of content

  42. Lucy Relly

    Lucy Relly26 dager siden

    Nice shirt

  43. Vanad1um

    Vanad1um26 dager siden

    Why is Amanda holding so much apple sauce

  44. Charlotte Jun-Olm

    Charlotte Jun-Olm26 dager siden

    cough *youtube rewind* cough

  45. Eucis93

    Eucis9326 dager siden

    I used to watch watchmojo for movie ideas until I realized they just recycle the same like 50 movies for every list

  46. Robert Durbin

    Robert Durbin26 dager siden

    4:56 I was just excited to see Clem :)

  47. Outlaw97

    Outlaw9726 dager siden

    Wow nice plot twist twist twist twist

  48. murphyjohn

    murphyjohn27 dager siden

    He forgot the honorable mentions

  49. Gambit Gonzalez

    Gambit Gonzalez27 dager siden


  50. Cleophus McCarthy

    Cleophus McCarthy27 dager siden

    also thanks 4 the trans girl representation at 6:04

  51. Cleophus McCarthy

    Cleophus McCarthy27 dager siden

    this is a clash between my 2 latest NO-gos obsessions. drew gooden and!!! i love u drew!! ur so hot!!

  52. Veronica Ferris

    Veronica Ferris28 dager siden


  53. natasha hays

    natasha hays28 dager siden

    I went into the car to buckle my seatbelt

  54. Theresa Manya

    Theresa Manya28 dager siden

    omg I love his shirt

  55. StrwbrryLabz

    StrwbrryLabz28 dager siden

    4:31 Man the sarcasm is killing me

  56. TGELITE cherno

    TGELITE cherno28 dager siden

    I bloody knew that they were all real

  57. Perry the platypus

    Perry the platypus29 dager siden

    why is the title youtube rewind 2019?

  58. Baleigh M

    Baleigh M29 dager siden

    Drew: which soups are the most good- Me: -en. Drew Gooden! Drew: soups Me: well I came up with a really stupid joke

  59. Professional Cheburek

    Professional Cheburek29 dager siden

    The pique(s) of top ten lists

  60. Halla

    HallaMåned siden

    more like I knew it was too good to be *drew*