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It's time for some high-flying Trampoline Charades!
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  1. Samson Sports

    Samson Sports5 timer siden

    dude watch a christmas story

  2. Forza Maximus

    Forza Maximus8 timer siden

    “My head is about to explode”

  3. Saransh Agrawal

    Saransh Agrawal12 timer siden

    Coby should be the host more often

  4. Hanzo Main

    Hanzo Main19 timer siden

    I love Coby doing the intros!

  5. Blake Carlson

    Blake Carlson21 time siden

    Guessed Lord of the Rings faster. Ha

  6. Zach P

    Zach PDag siden

    i am faster than Garret

  7. Zach P

    Zach PDag siden


  8. Jacks Galaxy

    Jacks GalaxyDag siden


  9. papaya7123

    papaya7123Dag siden

    Ty almost become the rage monster.

  10. Oscar Edwards

    Oscar EdwardsDag siden

    You shoot your eye out is from Christmas story

  11. Prema George

    Prema George2 dager siden

    Try to do a random car battle😂

  12. Bob the elephant

    Bob the elephant2 dager siden

    I got 3/3 movies that Corey had to figure out

  13. nicks world of mystical wonders

    nicks world of mystical wonders2 dager siden

    Mabye some you can collab with team edge

  14. Logan Wise

    Logan Wise3 dager siden

    It’s on the Christmas story


    TECHNICAL AJAY3 dager siden

    Yeah never heard of shoot an eye out

  16. Pranav Bahadur

    Pranav Bahadur3 dager siden

    Watching this I actually think coby is a better host then ty

  17. Claire Parsons

    Claire Parsons4 dager siden

    I guessed Lord of the rings

  18. kadu noam

    kadu noam4 dager siden

    i might become a director just to make a broken finger movie

  19. Jake Gray

    Jake Gray4 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a> does + not = doens't

  20. Matthew Poklar

    Matthew Poklar4 dager siden

    Coby falls at the start

  21. Savage Panda

    Savage Panda5 dager siden

    I did it faster than Cory

  22. Jackson Booth

    Jackson Booth5 dager siden

    are they at the dobre gym

  23. Claire A

    Claire A6 dager siden

    How does he not know you'll shoot your eye out. I learned that when I was 3.

  24. Joshua Israilov

    Joshua Israilov6 dager siden

    Super cool video laugh a lot 😀💎😎❤

  25. Vlasta Kuzmic

    Vlasta Kuzmic6 dager siden

    I guest LORD OF RINGS before Cory

  26. Trickster 28

    Trickster 286 dager siden

    You guys should do part two Still watching it May 18, 2020

  27. Tomislav Tešija

    Tomislav Tešija6 dager siden

    Ty is such a bad loser

  28. linda martell

    linda martell7 dager siden


  29. Jake Elliott

    Jake Elliott7 dager siden

    i heard youll shoot your eye out it is from a christmas carrol

  30. Joshua Striedl

    Joshua Striedl7 dager siden

    Does anybody think that the overtime videos are the best Dude Perfect videos because I do. If you do reply or like.

  31. ItzChappy

    ItzChappy7 dager siden

    Coby loses: Ok Garret loses: Ok Cory loses: Ok Ty loses: *gIvE mE tHe CaMeRa!*

  32. Leon Dosios

    Leon Dosios4 dager siden

    What about Cody?

  33. Verena Sisa Thompson

    Verena Sisa Thompson8 dager siden

    I'v sed shoot you're i out i'm you're bigest fan Marlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Smidge on IPhone

    Smidge on IPhone8 dager siden

    I have heard you’ll shoot your eye out before

  35. Shelley Smith

    Shelley Smith7 dager siden

    thats weird

  36. Andi Losch

    Andi Losch8 dager siden


  37. Michelle Wells

    Michelle Wells8 dager siden

    I guess finding Nemo

  38. TheBestOfGames

    TheBestOfGames9 dager siden

    I'm Irish so I don't know how bad cold hot pockets are.

  39. Someone Someone

    Someone Someone9 dager siden

    Quarantine anyone

  40. Colten Pollock

    Colten Pollock10 dager siden

    who doesn't say you'll shoot your eye out?

  41. Kartheekan N

    Kartheekan N10 dager siden

    What is that word

  42. Yasmeen Fatima

    Yasmeen Fatima10 dager siden

    I knew the finding memo

  43. Aiden Ewing

    Aiden Ewing11 dager siden

    There is actually a movie called "Bubblegum and broken Fingers"

  44. Carly’s Covers

    Carly’s Covers11 dager siden

    You’ll shoot your eye out is from the Christmas story.

  45. My Pets and Life

    My Pets and Life11 dager siden

    you should do and escape room!!!

  46. My Pets and Life

    My Pets and Life11 dager siden

    i have heard you will shoot your eye out in Christmas story

  47. Callum Fandango

    Callum Fandango11 dager siden

    2 ndone

  48. Br0byy Games

    Br0byy Games11 dager siden


  49. Alexandra Delliou

    Alexandra Delliou11 dager siden

    2020: 2452

  50. John TheScienceGuy

    John TheScienceGuy11 dager siden

    when i watch this in class, i have to fake coughing fits to stop myself laughing

  51. Will Jones

    Will Jones11 dager siden


  52. Raisul Islam

    Raisul Islam11 dager siden

    Purple hoser!

  53. nzchic2710

    nzchic271011 dager siden


  54. Carlo Delong

    Carlo Delong12 dager siden

    I guessed lord of the rings faster

  55. 502rahim

    502rahim12 dager siden

    That is very UNFAIR

  56. Marcus Huntley

    Marcus Huntley12 dager siden

    No offense dudes...but u guys look so idiotic when doin stuff in the air😂😄😃

  57. Matthew Tomlin

    Matthew Tomlin12 dager siden

    I know I’m going to get a lot of hate but back then Tyler was such a sore loser he’s better now but really unfair when you didn’t get cars?

  58. Jm56Z

    Jm56Z13 dager siden

    Note: Coby didn't loose.

  59. Psychopomp 785

    Psychopomp 78513 dager siden

    how did i not get cars or pinochio whn i got lotr but ididnt see it and youll shoot your eyes out is the most famouse line from a christmas story

  60. Marcus Lee

    Marcus Lee13 dager siden

    I've heard the comment you'll shoot your eye out and it doesn't make sense at all.

  61. Timothy Lvinskyi

    Timothy Lvinskyi13 dager siden


  62. Gio Lawrence

    Gio Lawrence13 dager siden

    Who watch it twice cuz ur bored from quarantine?

  63. Tawhid

    Tawhid13 dager siden

    Is broken finger even a movie

  64. PhoenixFilmZZ

    PhoenixFilmZZ13 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> they spelled doesn't wrong

  65. BigFalconNova

    BigFalconNova9 dager siden


  66. John Seidlitz

    John Seidlitz13 dager siden

    Has anybody noticed how at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> they spelled doesn't wrong?

  67. Oscar Kiely

    Oscar Kiely13 dager siden

    That game was rigged, Cory and TT should have won!

  68. William Brewster

    William Brewster13 dager siden

    "You'll shoot your eye out" - famous advertising for Red Rider BB gun from back in the day. It was a slogan/catchphrase

  69. Lakshya Agarwal

    Lakshya Agarwal13 dager siden

    Uptil 2020 , Cory is the guy to have vomited the most number of times on camera

  70. RedDarkness Light

    RedDarkness Light13 dager siden

    You'll shoot your eye out- A Christmas Story

  71. Logan Russell

    Logan Russell13 dager siden

    The winning team went from 2 to 7 from 4 guesses

  72. banto

    banto13 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a> he looks so pisted

  73. Beverly Wallace

    Beverly Wallace13 dager siden

    The phrase you'll shoot your eye out is from the movie the Christmas story. Its about a kid who wants a red ryder BB gun.

  74. IUS Movies and Shorts

    IUS Movies and Shorts14 dager siden

    "You'll shoot your I out" Is a line you would remember if you had watched A Christmas Story

  75. Piper Koberg

    Piper Koberg14 dager siden

    Has cody watched the movie christmas story

  76. Lil Pi99y

    Lil Pi99y14 dager siden

    yes I have

  77. Chanie Bron

    Chanie Bron14 dager siden

    Who else figured out Lord of the rings before Cory

  78. Isaiah Griswold

    Isaiah Griswold14 dager siden

    I have it’s from the Christmas story

  79. Mr.Shamooti

    Mr.Shamooti14 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> doesn’t anyone realize that ‘’doesn’t’’ is spelt wrong

  80. Addie Hughes

    Addie Hughes14 dager siden

    I guessed all of them before Cory did!

  81. Michael Davies

    Michael Davies14 dager siden

    Ty totally should have gone full Rage Monster at the end

  82. Leo Foote

    Leo Foote14 dager siden

    nope n

  83. Amanda Guanzini

    Amanda Guanzini14 dager siden

    Emmett, my six year old, got "Lord of the Rings" before Cory :)