Tua Tagovailoa will 'no doubt' be an NFL first-round draft pick - Chris Mortensen | NFL Countdown

Adam Schefter, Chris Mortensen and Louis Riddick break down top prospects in the 2020 NFL draft and where they could land, including Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, LSU Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow and Ohio State Buckeyes defensive end Chase Young.
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  1. Itee Tee978

    Itee Tee97827 dager siden

    Correct that comparison means J Burrow will be a BUST.. Go ahead and take him at No1..

  2. Fireball1890000

    Fireball1890000Måned siden

    Dak Prescott went to the cowboys and is taking them down with him

  3. Mookie's Boobies

    Mookie's BoobiesMåned siden

    Tua will go in the top 10 as long as his recovery goes well.

  4. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    And now he's more than likely gonna stay! Yaaaaaay!

  5. manu naulu

    manu nauluMåned siden

    Joe Burrow is More of a Carson Palmer than Goff but to be honest he plays alot like Tannehill which is a decent QB but not Elite.

  6. J Hill

    J HillMåned siden

    I hope my colts get tua

  7. Vivacious 505

    Vivacious 50520 dager siden

    J Hill unfortunately won’t happen Tua will either go to the Chargers or won’t be in the draft

  8. Mike3883

    Mike3883Måned siden

    If you draft him first round and you need a quarterback asap you're an idiot. There is so much great talent that Tua should not be a first round

  9. The Chosen 1

    The Chosen 1Måned siden

    Joe Burrow is more like a Phillip Rivers. Imo

  10. FTB Gaming

    FTB GamingMåned siden

    Tom Brady 6th round Pick 199 Even if Tua doesn't go first round he shouldn't worry.

  11. trey trey

    trey treyMåned siden

    Tua Tagovailoa better know that his football career is over, be better not listen to this, because the NFL is a heartless business. Tua will NOT be a first round pick. He better focus on getting his education, because if he does make a team his career will probably only last 1 season. I hope he acts wisely.

  12. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    @trey trey Drew Brees is mobile? Jimmy G, while he can run, is a throw first guy. Patrick Mahomes moves to set up throws and runs as a last resort. You don't have to be Lamar Jackson to succeed in the NFL today. Tua will be fine he's gonna come back to college win the Heisman and go #1. R-E-L-A-X

  13. trey trey

    trey treyMåned siden

    @Ty Calvert Damage to an ACL is much different than damage to a hip, no matter what year it has happened in. Glad you mentioned his throwing arm, I'm sure his throwing strength is also damaged now as well, because in order to throw you twist at the hips smfh Even if he still has his arm strength, in todays NFL you need to be a durable mobile QB; he is more a liability at QB now because he may be stuck in the pocket and stakes will be extremely high to keep him protected because one sack can literally destroy that hip again smh DAM man the more you mention stuff, makes me even more sad for this kid smh

  14. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    @trey trey "waste a draft pick" lke you know for certain he's fucked. This is why teams like the Pats are so good for so long they take talent undervalued and turn them into Superbowl contenders.

  15. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    @trey trey It's 2019 not 1980. AD came back from an ACL tear in less than a year and won NFL MVP. He's receiving the best medical care you could possibly imagine. His hip is gonna be fine. The most important thing he has going for him is still that rocket of a right arm.

  16. trey trey

    trey treyMåned siden

    @Ty Calvert I hope his career is not over, but with THOSE types of injuries, especially the his hip, it most likely is. If I was a GM I wouldn't draft him, any GM who does waste a draft pick on him should be gambling with their own careers. If Tua goes back to college that would be extremely risky for him, because like he said if he gets injured again its really over, if he doesn't play well he may still go undrafted; but like I said at this point his EDUCATION is the most valuable thing he has, so maybe staying in college is his best move instead of coming out not getting drafted and then having to pay for his senior year at that school.

  17. Cris Mike

    Cris MikeMåned siden

    Bruh. If y'all let this man drop to the Patriots or another great organization like the Steelers, ima kill all y'all.

  18. Vivacious 505

    Vivacious 50520 dager siden

    Yea same I’m thinking Chargers

  19. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    Look man not everybody can be blessed by the golden arms of Mariota and Tannehill. Somebody has to take him if he declares and good organizations are that for a reason. They're competent.

  20. Admiral Xizor

    Admiral XizorMåned siden

    "One scout compared Joe Burrow to Jared Goff..." That scout has been fired.

  21. marvelous marvin

    marvelous marvin6 dager siden

    Admiral Xizor it may be true in the long run

  22. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector RodriguezMåned siden

    Joe Cool too Cincinnati Chase young too the Giants

  23. Frank White

    Frank WhiteMåned siden

    Idc how the order turns out whether the Giants move up to 1st because of a Bengals win and just the Giants losing out (which I hope)... but either way I hope these 2 players go to the team's you exactly mentioned, Especially Chase Young to the Giants

  24. Michael MacRae

    Michael MacRaeMåned siden

    Chase Young is gonna be an animal.

  25. Michael MacRae

    Michael MacRaeMåned siden

    Jared Goff is your pro comparable 🤦‍♂️

  26. Jaden L877

    Jaden L877Måned siden

    Joe Burrows fits the Bengals scheme way way better then Tua. Clearly Chris isnt paying attention to schemes.

  27. EMANeleVenElevEn

    EMANeleVenElevEnMåned siden

    Went from tank for Tua to not being a first round pick. Tua is by far the best player and it's not even close.

  28. lenarri

    lenarriMåned siden

    tua + mike evans + chris godwin that’s all imma say

  29. Joey Schramm

    Joey SchrammMåned siden

    Bruce arians is one draft away from destroying the nfc south.we dont need a quarterback. We need a better team around jameis we need new tackles veteran secondary help and a running back who's a game changer. Not to mention as a bucs fan I love tua as a person but an nfl player isnt what he is. Dude cant go a season without an injury. I rather work on Winston's turnover problem with a better o line and better defense.

  30. Brian Kimball

    Brian KimballMåned siden

    Akili Smith is all I have to say.

  31. Gee Bee

    Gee BeeMåned siden


  32. Eric Pressley

    Eric PressleyMåned siden

    He going to the panthers

  33. Justin Willey

    Justin WilleyMåned siden

    Why are people saying dumb sh*t like this? The guy is gonna be lucky if hes ever healthy enough to play again, let alone be the same player, and even then its debatable if hes a first round QB. From now up until the draft opinions will change a billion times.

  34. Farquad Shmoogle

    Farquad ShmoogleMåned siden

    i dont think Burrow is gonna be that good in the NFL. He has the size and the arm, but he is so stiff in the pocket. I would rather take Fromm with a later pick.

  35. Jason Mansell

    Jason MansellMåned siden

    Agreed, burrow was very average before Joe Brady's system so I'd be leery of him if I was a GM

  36. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    FROMM!?!?!?!?!? Fromm on a good day will have a ceiling of Derek Carr! That guy is surrounded by 5* talent and could only get over the SEC hump once and then got beat in the Natty and then regressed each year after.

  37. Smoove Talk

    Smoove TalkMåned siden

    Tua is short fat and slow. Will not go first-round

  38. arnold oliver

    arnold oliverMåned siden

    His history of injuries tua will not be picked in the first round no way I'll go as far saying he will be pick in the third

  39. nathan d

    nathan dMåned siden

    arnold oliver Tua still has a better arm then a number of pro qbs. Plus the teams that needs. Good qb r they going to trade there draft pick and hope they get a good one next year depending on who they trade a draft pick with. The team they trade with may not even guarantee them a good first draft pick

  40. anujR

    anujRMåned siden

    arnold oliver ur mad

  41. Darius Williams

    Darius WilliamsMåned siden

    I’m going to go ahead and say it. People are saying tua only had success because of his wrs. Jalen had these same three wrs + Calvin Ridley + irv smith at TE + Jonah Williams at LT + josh Jacobs for a third string rb and still couldn’t produce half of what tua produced these last two years.

  42. Pao Lee

    Pao LeeMåned siden

    He's not a Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen or Sam Darnold, he's more like Lamar Jackson. Haha.

  43. Christopher Braley

    Christopher BraleyMåned siden

    Tua should stay at Alabama. If he falls out of the top 10 he’d be For fitting over 20 million dollars on his first contract.He needs to go back to Alabama finish his degree and get back to top five draft pick.

  44. 100anti

    100anti20 dager siden

    @Christopher Braley better to get some of that, yet risk getting hurt at Bama n than no money ever. Oh well, we just have to see. Lol

  45. Christopher Braley

    Christopher BraleyMåned siden

    SAS Kyler Murray made $57 million this year. Tua Already said that money lost is his money lost

  46. Christopher Braley

    Christopher BraleyMåned siden

    SAS What if you’re wrong? That’s a big assumption.He drops out of top 10 He’s looking to lose up to $40 million. That isn’t worth it even a little bit.

  47. SAS

    SASMåned siden

    Your statement is technically incorrect. If he goes back to Alabama he lose a year of earning money, he would bearly lose any money (he prob still make money falling a bit, which i reckon he stays in the top 10). I cant see him falling out of the top 10, someone will trade up to get him.

  48. Trev 916

    Trev 916Måned siden

    If mitch somehow got himself picked at #2 ovr than tua we’ll definitely get in the top 20. And I don’t just say that cuz he’s been bad in the league. He just wasn’t good in college especially for one year of play.

  49. madboyreadynow28

    madboyreadynow28Måned siden

    A serious team concerned about Tua’s physical condition should draft him not intending to play him no matter what in 2020. Also that team better get a offensive line. Dallas would be a great spot for Tua if they can get Josh McDaniels as HC.

  50. Jak Jones

    Jak JonesMåned siden

    My Titans will draft Tua.

  51. 100anti

    100anti20 dager siden

    Ugh I don't know about them coaches n it's too far from home. Lol.


    R1CHIE RICHMåned siden

    We know we know y’all don’t like QBs of color till reluctantly they’re breaking records then they get hurt and you’re justified for not liking them in the first place🖕🏾

  53. thatboy dre

    thatboy dreMåned siden

    Ravens should trade up for chase young reminds me of Khalil Mack but faster

  54. Jewel Clark

    Jewel ClarkMåned siden

    Tua Is bound for the chargers

  55. 100anti

    100anti20 dager siden

    Ugh I don't like California too much brushfire. Hope he goes where he needs to go. Just not there:)

  56. Jewel Clark

    Jewel Clark20 dager siden

    Vivacious 505 well said,my friend,i agree

  57. Vivacious 505

    Vivacious 50520 dager siden

    Jewel Clark I think Love to Dolphins, Tagovailoa to the Chargers, and Herbert to the colts

  58. Aven Wilsenach

    Aven WilsenachMåned siden

    a sport journalist being dumb for 3 minutes and 18 seconds straight

  59. john Collins

    john CollinsMåned siden

    He will go to the Patriots at the end of the 1st round or somewhere in the 2nd round

  60. MsMrapplepie

    MsMrapplepieMåned siden

    I hope he falls so my Saints can grab him. That would be crazy.

  61. MCWolfGang

    MCWolfGang24 dager siden

    Who dat!

  62. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    @Nathaniel Baxter After re reading it I could tell I fucked up😂😂

  63. Nathaniel Baxter

    Nathaniel BaxterMåned siden

    @Ty Calvert that's what I was saying. I was using sarcasm to mock the original comment.

  64. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    @Mason Tua and Mike Thomas... I'm sorry that smells like a title to me.

  65. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    @Nathaniel Baxter Brees will eventually give out Tua would be the perfect fix for that problem. You want them to wait until it's too late and Brees falls off?

  66. Jay Thompson

    Jay ThompsonMåned siden

    Are there many pacific islanders in the NFL nowadays?

  67. 100anti

    100anti20 dager siden

    Only 1 qb I believe. However, soon to be many!,

  68. timmy D=

    timmy D=Måned siden

    Considering the population of Pacific Islanders, they are comfortably represented in the NFL and football in general.

  69. forrest gump V

    forrest gump VMåned siden

    Tua is an investment by his parents, he WILL go into the draft next yr.

  70. Daniel Moreno

    Daniel Moreno18 dager siden

    Looks like he is going this year. And Dolphins might just pull the trigger this time. Lol last time they messed out on Breese

  71. forrest gump V

    forrest gump V20 dager siden

    @Vivacious 505 Yep, Rivers has to go. That would be an excellent pick.

  72. Vivacious 505

    Vivacious 50520 dager siden

    forrest gump V he’s going this year to the Chargers

  73. William Miller

    William MillerMåned siden

    He'll be a BUST

  74. Darius Williams

    Darius WilliamsMåned siden

    Somebody has to replace drew brees or Philip rivers one day

  75. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    @John Bolden III They mean literally replace them. Not in terms of greatness on a NFL level. On the actual roster.

  76. Darius Williams

    Darius WilliamsMåned siden

    John Bolden III are you saying Patrick Mahomes is going to be the next qb for the saints?

  77. John Bolden III

    John Bolden IIIMåned siden

    His name is Patrick Mahomes. No one is getting close to that kind of arm talent for a while.

  78. Alvin

    AlvinMåned siden

    And tom

  79. Tk_

    Tk_Måned siden

    @Lakehouse 160 🤣

  80. Russell Mania

    Russell ManiaMåned siden

    Tua sounds islander?

  81. Quinton chapman

    Quinton chapmanMåned siden

    Russell Mania he’s Samoan

  82. Oziel Maldonado

    Oziel MaldonadoMåned siden

    He’s no Lamar Jackson type of qb, he a RG3

  83. Jak Jones

    Jak JonesMåned siden

    @Oziel Maldonado Tua is more of an pocket passer. He has wheels but he has pinpoint accuracy, so he’s more Steve Young then anything

  84. Lisyghettostory

    LisyghettostoryMåned siden

    If he goes now he can be in the first 3 rounds and get a good team. If he waits and get reinjured he's destined for the browns or jets

  85. Mike Fitzpatrick

    Mike FitzpatrickMåned siden

    Hes got arm talent, offcourse he will go first round. His accuracy is second to nobody in the draft. He doesnt need to be a running qb with trackstar speed.

  86. Sebastian Andrew

    Sebastian AndrewMåned siden

    His accuracy is SCARY.

  87. Mike Fitzpatrick

    Mike FitzpatrickMåned siden

    @Shadow9220 that would be best for him. Let that injury fully recover with a good coaching staff.

  88. Shadow9220

    Shadow9220Måned siden

    I hope he goes to a playoff caliber team with a good supporting cast. Let him red shirt his rookie year and ball out in year 2

  89. Mike Fitzpatrick

    Mike FitzpatrickMåned siden

    @Pacman whats up. Do you dissagree?

  90. Pacman

    PacmanMåned siden

    Mike Fitzpatrick bruh

  91. Vripper

    VripperMåned siden

    Big Board 1. Joe Burrow 2. Chase Young

  92. Michael MacRae

    Michael MacRaeMåned siden

    I'd take Young first.

  93. Amor odio Amor

    Amor odio AmorMåned siden

    I wouldn't pick him in 1st round. Maybe the 4th. I am sure QB's from 4th round are successful

  94. TaZe

    TaZeMåned siden

    True. Brady was a 5th round pick

  95. Mc Shibby

    Mc ShibbyMåned siden

    Whats the difference between Toa and Marc Sanchez?

  96. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    Tua has a Natty🤷🤷🤷

  97. Mc Shibby

    Mc ShibbyMåned siden

    Jackie Moon hands off Missus. Pepperfield

  98. Jackie Moon

    Jackie MoonMåned siden

    Sanchez is white

  99. Hadouken Hadouken

    Hadouken HadoukenMåned siden

    I'll take Tua over a Joe burrow, a Jake Fromm, any Heisman winner or Heisman finalists. Whomever drafts Tua, he'll not start the first year, paper clip and pencil continue to learn how the Pros work. With the exception of Lamar Jackson ( Heisman winner) I believe Tua's got that burning desire for a winner just like Tom Brady. - Truth

  100. Pono Keala

    Pono KealaMåned siden

    Truth ✊🏽

  101. M C

    M CMåned siden

    Hadouken Hadouken nice try, Tua..

  102. Andrew Schnatter

    Andrew SchnatterMåned siden

    After that injury hes not gonna be the same and not worth a 1st round pick hes a mid 2nd rounder or top of the 3rd

  103. Andrew Schnatter

    Andrew SchnatterMåned siden

    @Captain Boomeran idk if u ever had an injury like that but he's not gonna throw like he did ur hips mean alot more then people think when it comes to ur throwing motion and he knows it he may never be the same and lucky if he's 70% of what he was after rehab and not throwing for atleast 6 months

  104. Captain Boomeran

    Captain BoomeranMåned siden

    All the injury will do is slow him down he has the best arm in the draft he is going 1st round for sure.

  105. A_Hunna_

    A_Hunna_Måned siden

    He’s not ready

  106. bob bib

    bob bibMåned siden

    im not sure about "No Doubt" injuries are a scary thing they (media) was calling it the Bo Jackson injury at first before they started saying not exactly the same . i WAS a big "Tank for Tua" guy but i quickly hushed after i think the 2nd ankle injury now this injury . injury after injury after injury .i think will stick in your mind no matter how great you are imo

  107. Lewis Lemons III

    Lewis Lemons IIIMåned siden


  108. TJ Smith

    TJ SmithMåned siden

    Lies! I looked up the Mock Draft and Tua wasn’t in the first round.

  109. john Collins

    john CollinsMåned siden

    You looked it up when right after he had hip. Surgery ?.

  110. wackedout13

    wackedout13Måned siden

    Some how Alabama will make it to cfp top 4 don’t be surprise

  111. Giants/Mets/Blazers

    Giants/Mets/BlazersMåned siden

    wackedout13 ESPN is buying bribes right now, but Alabama is toast lol.

  112. MSE Gaming

    MSE GamingMåned siden

    Actually that's impossible, the odds of California falling into the Pacific today are higher.

  113. J Leww

    J LewwMåned siden

    You sound dumb lol

  114. Caleb Wong

    Caleb WongMåned siden

    Justin Fields from Ohio

  115. Jay Stiles

    Jay StilesMåned siden

    Trevor,Burrow,Hurts,Herbert should be drafted in front of Tua period

  116. Jason Mansell

    Jason MansellMåned siden

    Hurts ...no just no. Love the guy but he never came close to winning the job back from Tua

  117. Ty Calvert

    Ty CalvertMåned siden

    Lawrence? Do you watch football?

  118. forrest gump V

    forrest gump VMåned siden

    Doesn't matter what order, but yes all good QBs.

  119. Babineaux Lakey

    Babineaux LakeyMåned siden

    K W Herbert is not horrible at all. I can tell u know know football lol

  120. K W

    K WMåned siden

    Jay Stiles First off Hurts isn’t that good, Lawrence can’t come out until next year and Herbert is just horrible watch an Oregon game and tell me he is good watch the PAC-12 championship and then we can talk

  121. SWARK NUK

    SWARK NUKMåned siden

    If he go to a team with bad receivers he's not gonna be good.

  122. Darius Williams

    Darius WilliamsMåned siden

    SWARK NUK my point being tua has done significantly better than any other qb that has gone to Alabama. Comparisons would be impossible

  123. SWARK NUK

    SWARK NUKMåned siden

    @Darius Williams ????

  124. Darius Williams

    Darius WilliamsMåned siden

    SWARK NUK about the same amount of qbs that have thrown for 40 tds in one season at Alabama

  125. SWARK NUK

    SWARK NUKMåned siden

    @Darius Williams how many QBs have been successful in the NFL in the last 20 years from Alabama?

  126. Darius Williams

    Darius WilliamsMåned siden

    SWARK NUK yeah, just like the 5 previous starting qbs at Alabama were all-americans right?

  127. Jay Stiles

    Jay StilesMåned siden

    Do we consider injuries too? He's definitely is that but go ahead risk it then

  128. Dyrty Barstud

    Dyrty BarstudMåned siden

    @D D I would agree with you that he is over rated and has not made the most of his Talent. As for that talent, there have been few passers in the college game so pure and capable of leading receivers and hitting guys in stride. I feel that his being over rated is more about the way the game is changing to take advantage of QBs that can make the right choice in running the ball more. Lamar Jackson is showing the NFL that a quality passing dual threat that can seize the opportunity to run the ball opens up so many more pages in the offensive playbook. We will see come draft time, but i suspect with the year that Jackson is having pure passers will be the red-headed stepchild of QBs in this draft.

  129. D D

    D DMåned siden

    @Dyrty Barstud TUA is overrated... he has not done anything worth being that talented. Stop the nonsense

  130. Dyrty Barstud

    Dyrty BarstudMåned siden

    Tua is without doubt one of the most talented college QBs we have ever seen. That being said, can a team that NEEDS a franchise QB risk a First Round pick on a guy that has the kind of knee issues he is suffering from? A team with the NEED will take him if he is available, but the potential to get Zioned is there too. I suspect that we will know just how bad his Knees really are by what round he goes in the draft.

  131. bobby shmurda's Hat

    bobby shmurda's HatMåned siden


  132. Wtf Youtube

    Wtf YoutubeMåned siden

    bobby shmurda's Hat nobody cares

  133. Jay Stiles

    Jay StilesMåned siden

    Yes and btw I was listening about 4-5 songs too and at least now he can rest peacefully now

  134. MRTUPAC 28

    MRTUPAC 28Måned siden

    😂😂😂 are you kidding me? This guy no doubt will fail at the next level. Very low percentage of QBs that are from Alabama that were successful in the NFL. There's been only 3 overall. You don't draft QBs out of ALA and I don't care how many records he broke.

  135. Emin Kook

    Emin KookMåned siden

    @Darius Williams joe namath

  136. Darius Williams

    Darius WilliamsMåned siden

    I didn’t think Bart Starr and ken stabler were that bad for qbs

  137. Emin Kook

    Emin KookMåned siden

    He has broken many records held by former bama qbs

  138. John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmitt

    John Jacob Jingle Heimer SchmittMåned siden

    Tua Tufupaluva whatever his name is.