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Fortnite - Spy Games | PS4
The Road to PS5

The Road to PS5

19 dager siden

  1. hariton000

    hariton0003 timer siden

    Humanity "Brings war into space as well!"

  2. Giant Dad

    Giant Dad3 timer siden

    Why is a dlc being recommended to me?

  3. Lost Wishx

    Lost Wishx3 timer siden

    This is like the best dragon ball game I've played I don't think any other db game is better (opinion)

  4. XanMan

    XanMan3 timer siden

    I missed “free to play”.


    BOOMBER MAN3 timer siden

    Топ контент;)

  6. Michael Marley

    Michael Marley3 timer siden


  7. Encik Hairan

    Encik Hairan3 timer siden

    The game is delayed

  8. Hilmy S.

    Hilmy S.4 timer siden

    *kratos dancing* _MY EYES HAS BEEN CURSED_

  9. driftkin4

    driftkin44 timer siden

    0:24 *M I T S U B I S H I E V O*

  10. Nintus986

    Nintus9864 timer siden

    Tf2 or persona?

  11. Mando

    Mando4 timer siden

    Gameplay doesn't look bad but I'm just tired of the battle royale genre

  12. Ben K

    Ben K4 timer siden

    How primitive, still using knifes instead of guns.

  13. Brendan Des

    Brendan Des4 timer siden

    Wait..... what happened to Ellie’s old backpack?

  14. I L

    I L4 timer siden

    People in the gaming community always trying to find something to complain about. Where are the NPC”s?

  15. Chick-Filet Boi

    Chick-Filet Boi4 timer siden

    Alright but when is release date

  16. Darren Russ

    Darren Russ4 timer siden

    What is this trash?

  17. Gogeta Sama

    Gogeta Sama4 timer siden

    So my dbz kakarot save got wiped when I turned off my ps4 so I'm still recovering

  18. DarkiTaco

    DarkiTaco4 timer siden

    Why dirt rally tho??

  19. Jaesear wrld

    Jaesear wrld4 timer siden

    I just tired of fighting the Same Enemy’s 😐 Fought the same people since The Dragon ball games came out

  20. Sobrien

    Sobrien4 timer siden

    Im suprised no ones called mans at 0:56 a simp yet

  21. kusum keshri

    kusum keshri4 timer siden

    When this game will launch

  22. Matheus Siqueira

    Matheus Siqueira4 timer siden

    Legenda em português, no mínimo, está na hora de por nos jogos, Brasil compra jogo pra caramba e nada de levando-as em português

  23. Alpha Male

    Alpha Male4 timer siden

    Great graphics. But why many recent games coming out are still about killing another person?

  24. Deryus Sherman

    Deryus Sherman4 timer siden

    When is tekken 8 releasing?

  25. Jhon So

    Jhon So4 timer siden

    I wish the gameplay is like this but the retail gameplay is actually a little bit of disappointed

  26. SYPHER-T N3L0

    SYPHER-T N3L04 timer siden

    You guys deleted my Madden 20 and Sims 4 from my game and I can't get it back

  27. Solaris

    Solaris4 timer siden


  28. Mamaicik Delima

    Mamaicik Delima4 timer siden


  29. Sugar Boys

    Sugar Boys4 timer siden

    I thought this video going tech me how to open, the jar like a kratos

  30. Mr. Dio

    Mr. Dio4 timer siden

    99.99% of comments: coronaavirusss!! 00.01% of comments: literally my comment

  31. SavenGamez3131

    SavenGamez31314 timer siden

    Make a trailer about the ps5

  32. Marcianito Rk

    Marcianito Rk4 timer siden


  33. Killshot_Amvs

    Killshot_Amvs4 timer siden

    Yessir bout to get me the season pass

  34. gooieglopp

    gooieglopp4 timer siden

    this might be the thing to fill the Lawbreakers sized hole in my heart

  35. EAvci Productions

    EAvci Productions4 timer siden

    The worst campaign ever

  36. YoZen

    YoZen4 timer siden

    0:42 Didn't know Rose from Titanic was in this

  37. Bryan williams

    Bryan williams4 timer siden

    I have no clue what this game is about. I have never played it. I literally can't wait to no sleep for months playing this.

  38. WBC Highlights knockouts

    WBC Highlights knockouts4 timer siden

    NO-gos: This is a important PlayStation message what is your favorite game Comment here ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  39. Official Cisco_

    Official Cisco_4 timer siden

    I can’t lie to you guys but most of the stuff in dbz kakarot didn’t actually have everything on point kinda disappointed at the game. It’s short and honestly they should just make a NEW Budokai game with literally all the characters tired of these single player games 🤦🏽‍♂️ :-: worse dbz games always have that one button just to fight (square square square square)

  40. Jerson Ayala

    Jerson Ayala4 timer siden

    So is this dlc gonna be for free or do we have to pay for it? Because if that's the cause I rather not get the game at all.

  41. Joel Jewell

    Joel Jewell4 timer siden

    Not one chocobo shown

  42. tucked snuggly

    tucked snuggly4 timer siden

    Just looking forward to the drdisrespect content

  43. SoulKnight117

    SoulKnight1174 timer siden

    A caray Paya ahora es la protagonista

  44. i1irapi1i Gh

    i1irapi1i Gh4 timer siden

    Stop playstation we need [email protected] back .. like ps3 drop it and cut the all games we don’t even care ..

  45. Yottalodon

    Yottalodon4 timer siden

    The game looks dead

  46. Caracol Chavoso

    Caracol Chavoso5 timer siden

    if the game follows everything it shows in the trailers, do not change anything and make the most of it, from what I have seen so far, FOR ME it will be the best exclusive, perhaps the best game ever made, IN MY opinion. It seems to be very complete, in combat, in exploration and, obviously, by the time that is portrayed in the game, it will have a great story too, with the best graphics so far. I can't wait to launch.


    MOBA GAMING5 timer siden

    8:11 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  48. Aylmer Johnson

    Aylmer Johnson5 timer siden

    I saw this trailer years ago, my eyes Popped out and ears went Way Up, Lol, I'm back to normal now and Enjoying Doom Eternal...


    REZWAN MOSTAFA5 timer siden

    too bad for xbox

  50. Mr Brightside

    Mr Brightside5 timer siden

    now i have a reason to buy ps4, my all time favorite game 🥳

  51. HystericFernan

    HystericFernan5 timer siden


  52. Rean Schwarzer

    Rean Schwarzer5 timer siden

    Best game

  53. FeRi Murguia

    FeRi Murguia5 timer siden

    Hopefully we get to fight Zamasu! 🙏🏻

  54. Mikitas Donuts

    Mikitas Donuts5 timer siden

    Is this a sequel to The Club (2008)

  55. Ghost Soldier

    Ghost Soldier5 timer siden

    Imma use this on my brother thanks

  56. Jordi Coma Garcia

    Jordi Coma Garcia5 timer siden

    Wait for the complete game. It seams that it's episodic.

  57. SI Punk

    SI Punk5 timer siden

    Yup this is definitely a Japanese creation. I never played a FF game before but i get mad anime vibes from this.


    MOBA GAMING5 timer siden

    2:41 same outfit from resident evil movie

  59. thipan15

    thipan155 timer siden

    Spoilers much

  60. nokaut

    nokaut5 timer siden

    31:33, that was the moment I got emotionally invested into the game. Absolutely amazing performance playing Ellie.

  61. VEGITAS4

    VEGITAS45 timer siden

    "Horrible atmosphere"

  62. Angel BADBOY

    Angel BADBOY5 timer siden


  63. OH Blitzball League

    OH Blitzball League5 timer siden

    Hopefully its fun like Friday the 13th was, too bad that ended


    MOBA GAMING5 timer siden

    is dragon ball z kakarot the best dbz game?

  65. dat boi

    dat boi5 timer siden

    If patapon 3 comes out it better be online or else im not buying it -_-

  66. So Connie

    So Connie5 timer siden

    Red is a lovely talking dog, I wish I have one, I don't mind being teased about my weight every day. Oh and Rufus!!! Love his voice and appearance!!!

  67. Terence Tan

    Terence Tan5 timer siden

    Anyone knows who the person next to Sully is at 0:45? If that is even Sully lol. On another note, it was slightly disappointing not being able to hear 'THE END OF SAGA' in Rean's voice.

  68. Rogelio Limon

    Rogelio Limon5 timer siden

    Wish I knew a release date


    LUNATICO GAMER5 timer siden

    Wow this game has more gameplay options than what i thought

  70. SexyUnclePickle

    SexyUnclePickle5 timer siden

    Guitar feels and sounds like JOJO'S

  71. -올리비아-

    -올리비아-5 timer siden

    this is giving me so many memories from advent children and the original game, I’m in tears yo I get to relive my childhood

  72. pundiman69 -

    pundiman69 -5 timer siden

    Alright so my theory is that the woman in the other trailer was Ellie’s mom and that she was trying to end the groupe or somthing and now Ellie found out about it and she wants revenge beacause that groupe might have killed her mother so she will go on to a journey to finish what her mother started

  73. Claire Hartstonge

    Claire Hartstonge5 timer siden

    ooooh it looks so cool. Wish I had a PS4 :( Gonna have to wait til it's on xbox.

  74. Ataca Games

    Ataca Games5 timer siden

    Quem é br huehue

  75. Grennoc

    Grennoc5 timer siden

    I'm more hyped for this than Mulan. Tbh.

  76. Nik Nak

    Nik Nak5 timer siden

    It’s been a pleasure to grow up with naughty dog!

  77. Gede Wibawa Cakramurti

    Gede Wibawa Cakramurti5 timer siden

    Why you so cruel. I don't have any money left....


    IAMTHE WALRUS5 timer siden

    Wish they wouldve just made the whole game.

  79. Htet naing nyunt

    Htet naing nyunt5 timer siden

    Nice graphics and game play, but I don't wanna see the death of Aerith again.

  80. maxwell

    maxwell5 timer siden

    I don't like it it looks slow and sloppy and not fast and clean

  81. IzzyTheAussie

    IzzyTheAussie5 timer siden

    black chick kinda looks like Nadine from uncharted 4 tbh 😳

  82. Unity King

    Unity King5 timer siden

    From watching this my opinion is that this is definitely FFVII7.....disc 1.

  83. Ezequiel montt

    Ezequiel montt5 timer siden

    Ni en pc se ve asi jaja

  84. oscar cool12345

    oscar cool123455 timer siden

    I needz my db movies cooler android 13 14 15 broly etc

  85. mob kun

    mob kun5 timer siden

    Ps vita is alive!

  86. EL Mehdi

    EL Mehdi5 timer siden

    This is just makes me wanna be a Game developer.

  87. Luis NogueiraPT

    Luis NogueiraPT5 timer siden

    One of the best games i played on my life even todas i still play it its so magic

  88. noah yang

    noah yang5 timer siden

    Who's gonna do a buster sword only run when the game launches that's what I wanna know?

  89. Argh Nigami

    Argh Nigami5 timer siden

    It looks better than valorant...

  90. laughthis138

    laughthis1385 timer siden

    All THE SUBPLOT!!!!!!

  91. jeshon loonskin

    jeshon loonskin5 timer siden

    Is anybody ready for aerith or aeris death when this game comes out

  92. Isaac's Channel

    Isaac's Channel6 timer siden

    Which Song Is This ?

  93. Arthur Sanches

    Arthur Sanches6 timer siden


  94. Jaqen H'ghar

    Jaqen H'ghar6 timer siden

    So we do get Red XIII?

  95. Sskraight up

    Sskraight up6 timer siden

    How do i add xbox friends

  96. Lil Rd

    Lil Rd6 timer siden

    I didn’t know sasuke’s voice actor, voiced acted Spider-Man ps4

  97. Keyboard

    Keyboard6 timer siden

    Rainbow nite of duty: WWZ without zombies Overwatch 69 Edit: anymore games?

  98. King Kado

    King Kado6 timer siden

    I really hope this isnt another Souls Borne game cause it looks awesome!

  99. wiffle waffel

    wiffle waffel6 timer siden

    2020 where my insurgency at it still hasn't hit

  100. Please dont shoot officer, i have a wife and kids!

    Please dont shoot officer, i have a wife and kids!6 timer siden

    Ewww she pronounced terraria wrong