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YouTube is Stinky

YouTube is Stinky

2 dager siden

Ninja made a bad tweet
I Am Fish

I Am Fish

5 dager siden

I Should Have Listened....
You Laugh you DRINK

You Laugh you DRINK

15 dager siden

The Joker VS Society meme


19 dager siden

Sonic looks EPIC now!

Sonic looks EPIC now!

26 dager siden

STOP calling me A BOOMER!!!
Kids are dumb.

Kids are dumb.

Måned siden

Am I a Boomer?

Am I a Boomer?

Måned siden

This has to end..

This has to end..

Måned siden



Måned siden

You Haha, You Lose!
Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2
I play a forbidden Amnesia mod
You Laugh You Bad YLYL #0065
Minecraft VR is A NIGHTMARE!
Untitled Goose Game. is epic
Forbidden memes -  YLYL #0065
I vlogged the Honeymoon..
  1. brxxyulol

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    This video has 69 million views so *NICE*

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    Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

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    Wow good job..😊

  4. Roddy349

    Roddy34921 sekund siden

    Actually flu vaccine ARE a thing in europe for the sanitary field

  5. Poison Tipped Sword

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    This was released the same day as NO-gos Rewind.

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    I'm the 0,59%

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    I bet Yas someone already tried those security codes

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    Yoooooo wheres Terraria????

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    1/10 burger are the basic cheeseburger patties lol

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    Terraria rewind next year⏪

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    First subscribers of pewdiepie:That is my kid

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    Leed Ore

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    --48 sekunder siden

    I hate meatloaf and as a kid my mother got me to try it by telling me it was “Christmas cake” because the red and green peppers in it were Christmas candy. Then she told me if i didnt eat it santa would be mad.

  15. noproblems123456

    noproblems12345649 sekunder siden

    We do use flue vaccine in Europe but like in America if you are young healthy and not working with sick people its not as important as other vaccines

  16. LyZeR

    LyZeR50 sekunder siden

    weaknes : too strong

  17. Lars Heike Wiik Marthinsen

    Lars Heike Wiik Marthinsen53 sekunder siden

    Disappointed that Felix hasn't seen the movie Breakfast Club...

  18. Aidan McFarlane

    Aidan McFarlaneMinutt siden

    He doesn’t know what the breakfast club is he is a disgrace to humanity.

  19. diamond dent

    diamond dentMinutt siden

    PewDiePie seemed so confident and got the answer wrong it’s 67 not 35

  20. Spazz Sams

    Spazz SamsMinutt siden

    Felix I bet you won’t respond to one of your fans

  21. Tiny Hasti

    Tiny HastiMinutt siden

    Me: *coming to watch dr.phil* All I hear: I WANT TO MARRY THIS FOREHEAD

  22. OranEllis

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    You’re telling me I can’t have sex as an engineer??? Not a problem anyway!

  23. Craig Smart

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    That movie was "the breakfast club" a true boomer movie.

  24. kossa gubben

    kossa gubbenMinutt siden

    Well, red is the color that draws [the most] attention to the eye, pretty obvious.

  25. Phoenix Productions

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    tiNIgUs iS NOt a JOkE FeliX bE EmPATheTic GOiD

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    Pewds: That's so sweet.........and GAY!!!!!

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    Pewds!! the intro screen has a streamer called KuruHs on it, hes an austrian need for speed streamer

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    Evita JamiesonMinutt siden

    Sven is now a communist

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    Where do you find this

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    Waiting for terraria

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    People have always been this stupid, we just didn't have so many safeguards to keep them from stupidly killing themselves...We have to go back!

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    lol the person that answer the how old my sister questions is really funny. 35? lmao

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    Whoa, you look like you didn't sleep for two days Are you ok?

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    When is the next terraria episode

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  37. Madison Salter

    Madison SalterMinutt siden

    Fun Fact: I can't be vaccinated. I always end up really sick with whatever the vaccine is against because my immune system is too damn busy fighting itself to realize I have something coming in

  38. M Mac

    M MacMinutt siden

    No Felix , the flu vaccination is vital as it stops the spread of the disease which KILLS people. The measles doesn't kill anywhere near as many people as the flu. The flu killed my great aunt and of course one more vaccination wouldn't have stopped it but 1000 more may have. The virus mutates quickly which is why it is so effective. We are fighting to prevent another spanish flu. It's important.

  39. Anthony Murphy

    Anthony MurphyMinutt siden

    My first pee die pew video. My last.

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    that's hot !

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    Heads off...superb content. These kind of stuff motivate us to make something new or do something new instead of going mainstream jobs and stuff. Huge appreciation from our channel. I have recently started my channel. Need peoples support😊

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    pewdiepie: 2:20

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    Is this episode just pewds just shitting on America?

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    his sister is 67 pewds 10:20

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    For real? 9:50

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    Where are terraria videos ???

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    Spain:doesn’t get flu shot Also Spain:Spanish flue part 2

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    Man...pewdiepie's adverts have gone to shit.

  49. YTUnixdX

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    I'm watching this a year later and he forgot to put xxxtentacion in it

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    9:19 hmmmmm

  51. Verga Burro

    Verga Burro2 minutter siden

    The problem with the flu is not the flu in itself, but leaving your body vulnerable to other infections after fighting the flu for a whole. Pneumonia is a common co-morbidity after being hospitalized from the somewhat preventable flu. Hospitals are pneumonia hotspots.

  52. Ben Larson

    Ben Larson2 minutter siden

    Who else lost at the white robots?

  53. HotPocky

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    omg Marzia's voice is so cute!

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    I facepalmd when the ppl were open about how rich they would be. I'm dead

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    You know we could prevent people from having poo brains by bringing back book review..... Please Felix

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    The sister is 67

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    who went to look at the thumbnail of this video?

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    Dream wants to fight you!

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    Dude there is this app called hacker typer and I was bored so I used it and the people next to me were freaking the hell out

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    666k likes, that is all.

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    I just watched without facepalming I'm too lazy😂😂

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    I hate when youtubers make their eyes larger and brighter blue, like Collins Key and now Jacksepticeye

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    Felix still never fails to amaze me

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    35 What? okay let's go to the next one (facepalm)

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    I got a raid shaodow legends ad on this video

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    اكو عرب بالمقطع لايك🌚✋🏻.

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    You can blame it on anti-vax these 22 people should have been vaccinated, no? XD

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    ALFIAN ZUHARDY3 minutter siden

    Anyone else got bugged after entering portal for save edgar mission?the black screen with poopdie bug...

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  75. IINachturnal

    IINachturnal3 minutter siden

    I went to high school with "Azzy" and she always made fun of the kids who played video games and liked D&D, like, intensely made fun of them. Funny how things change.

  76. Super clock

    Super clock3 minutter siden

    פיודיפאי אתה טוב תמשיך אם מינקרפט

  77. Elizabeth Soodsma

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    I haven't really been able to watch Pewds for a long effing time and let me tell you he's making me want to play minecraft now.

  78. Ethan Johnson

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    “Why is everyone so frickin stupid these days” Also pewdiepie: “Can I book a food appointment?”

  79. Hoof Met Eieren

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    Pewds doesnt know breakfast club makes me sad that such a legend slips like that

  80. Turtle Boy

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    Her sister is 67 I spent way more time than I thought on this 10:18

  81. Hoganply

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    Culture = an agglomerations of traditions, usually appropriated from other cultures.

  82. Durka- Henry

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    Can you play Sudnautica🤗


    THE ANGRY DWELLER3 minutter siden

    If a boomer asks you to use a rotary phone give them a telegraph machine and them to use that.

  84. ChezDayable

    ChezDayable3 minutter siden

    3:08 has been making fun of anti vaxxers in America, "that seems kind of stupid to have to be vaccinated every flu"...

  85. Keb Lee

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    Biggest facepalm I had here was when pewds didnt recognize the effin breakfast club... 🤦‍♀️

  86. kahlei98

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    Felix not knowing the movie Breakfast Club is the biggest facepalm of this video

  87. David Forde

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    Fight Dream

  88. Catherine Stoppleworth

    Catherine Stoppleworth4 minutter siden

    THE MOVIE IS THE BREAKFAST CLUB, YOU UNCULTURED SWINE jkjk, but really, its the Breakfast Club. Please watch it. You'd probably cringe, but good cringe 😂

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    ישראל לנצח

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    A tenth pound burger is actually a cheeseburger

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    Fight Dream

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    rip 🧃🌎 🖤

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    NO-gos REWIND ? when is he gonna react ? :(

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    I love your laugh

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    please play more terraria king

  96. Charles Christian

    Charles Christian4 minutter siden

    I just gotta say it’s funny how the “boomers” are hating on the younger generation, because we’ve had it easier than them, but they don’t realize that they had it much easier than the generation before them.

  97. Λnimo

    Λnimo4 minutter siden

    We are just gonna ignore how he said “three hundred thousand k”

  98. Noah Berggren

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    We still play that in my class in Sverige 🇸🇪

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    Do americans really