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MUST SEE ending!

MUST SEE ending!

5 dager siden

Never Go This Deep Down....
Idubbbz Content Cop

Idubbbz Content Cop

9 dager siden

Stop Harrasing Me!

Stop Harrasing Me!

10 dager siden

I BOUGHT A Submarine! (real)
15 Men vs 5 Women is Cringe
Livestream FAILS

Livestream FAILS

22 dager siden

Subnautica Part 1 (OMG GAME)
Supergirl is Super Cringe
What is Jake Paul up to?
5/5 Rated Pewdiepie Fan Game
Happy Wheels is Cancelled
Dank Memes #59 [REDDIT REVIEW]
Pigeon Simulator

Pigeon Simulator

3 måneder siden

Jump King - i HATE this game
I hate twitter

I hate twitter

3 måneder siden

My game was banned... - Poopdie
YouTube is Stinky

YouTube is Stinky

4 måneder siden

I Am Fish

I Am Fish

4 måneder siden

The Joker VS Society meme


4 måneder siden

  1. Remy Bondoc

    Remy Bondoc2 timer siden

    At one second i thought pewds jacket was animated...

  2. Zephaniah Greenwell

    Zephaniah Greenwell2 timer siden

    PewDiePie, he's the one with the legs!

  3. Kali McFarlane

    Kali McFarlane2 timer siden


  4. GamingwithArjun !

    GamingwithArjun !2 timer siden

    is it just me or is pewds screen Stretched?

  5. Peyton King

    Peyton King2 timer siden

    I clean my pp every day WAIT not like that

  6. ello

    ello2 timer siden

    *IT'S TIME TO STOP* , and help pewdiepie or else he will give up on a great game just like what happened with terraria.

  7. Felix Reardon

    Felix Reardon2 timer siden

    beds use beds in the nether to find neterite

  8. Kali McFarlane

    Kali McFarlane2 timer siden

    Fleep flop

  9. CLICK

    CLICK2 timer siden

    W H A M E N

  10. Ian Gabbard

    Ian Gabbard2 timer siden

    4:27 (chuckles) That is not correct. Because according to the encyclopedia of (tongue noises)

  11. HauntedPearl99 Gaming

    HauntedPearl99 Gaming2 timer siden

    You need to use a smithing table to make netherite armour its found in villages

  12. Der Typ

    Der Typ2 timer siden


  13. Veto Deracota

    Veto Deracota2 timer siden



    『』WOAH THE DEAD MEME『』2 timer siden

    Pewds hair be like: 👨‍🦲

  15. Alex Scott

    Alex Scott2 timer siden


  16. Softer Kevin K

    Softer Kevin K2 timer siden

    Is it just me that noticed when pewdipie said mudamudamudamuda is from JoJo's bizzar adventure

  17. GoldenGamer454

    GoldenGamer4542 timer siden

    To make neatheritte tools do you have to take diamond tools and one neateritte ingot and get it and put them both in the smithing table

  18. yeetguy04 yeet

    yeetguy04 yeet2 timer siden

    When you do fine out how to make the armor put it in the smithing table with your good enchanted armor and I think you get to keep the enchantments otherwise I don't know if they'll stay or not

  19. Johan Wahyudi

    Johan Wahyudi2 timer siden

    test your own IQ after this, anyone else?

  20. Japhet Perez

    Japhet Perez2 timer siden

    PewDiePie is a simp because you did that mean respect woman me simp

  21. Tal Fisherman

    Tal Fisherman2 timer siden

    Are you gonna play the tlou 2?

  22. Kenzo Diaz123

    Kenzo Diaz1232 timer siden

    I think there are other netherite in the other dimension

  23. Ammar Jiheen

    Ammar Jiheen2 timer siden

    You’re sucks

  24. Jammy Jam

    Jammy Jam2 timer siden

    Pewdiepie has got nothing now and is just making shitty videos. Not the way he was a few yrs back...

  25. The squad gamers

    The squad gamers2 timer siden

    If i ever meet Morgz i while pouse him

  26. supidupi

    supidupi2 timer siden

    ... 1:58 Ken and this guy They They look the same Uhm ????

  27. King Henry Elejido

    King Henry Elejido2 timer siden

    Let filthy frank host lway

  28. Ossian Nauckhoff

    Ossian Nauckhoff2 timer siden

    I am also a Minecraft veteran I’ve been playing since it was released

  29. Violets

    Violets2 timer siden

    still watching

  30. Xsharkslayer

    Xsharkslayer2 timer siden

    Holy shit I was 8 when I started watching this

  31. Ali Hassan

    Ali Hassan2 timer siden

    Im just waiting for him to reach 1 billion subs and youtube giving him *THE OBSIDIAN PLAY BUTTON*....that would be sick :)

  32. Arthur Boschmans

    Arthur Boschmans3 timer siden

    Not from yoshi but from kirby

  33. Darron GA

    Darron GA3 timer siden

    Ah yes, our drunk loli senzawa getting some light

  34. Link The Fox

    Link The Fox3 timer siden

    Pewdiepie from 2020 is that you?

  35. BradysStuff

    BradysStuff3 timer siden


  36. Bakar MC

    Bakar MC3 timer siden

    You supposed to make the creeper farm high up so they spawn more

  37. Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Don't Read My Profile Picture3 timer siden

    DONT READ MY USERNAME PLZ DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i'm francineee

    i'm francineee3 timer siden

    when you remember that pewds actually changed the title

  39. Taetae is a cuTAE

    Taetae is a cuTAE3 timer siden

    i like pewdiepies video before watching them


    HARVEYTOOP3 timer siden

    i just fell asleep to that crepper song

  41. Nate

    Nate3 timer siden


  42. Rajath Bharadwaj

    Rajath Bharadwaj3 timer siden

    Editor : so how many edits do you want ? Producer : yes .

  43. den zen

    den zen3 timer siden


  44. Lord Snow

    Lord Snow3 timer siden

    What the fuck was that intro

  45. nlol pggh

    nlol pggh3 timer siden

    I have all you game

  46. Champyboy Q

    Champyboy Q3 timer siden

    pewdiepies never seen a chunk error

  47. Bart Zeal

    Bart Zeal3 timer siden

    That new voice is briliant lmaooo

  48. tit bozic

    tit bozic3 timer siden

    its the same

  49. zenitsu

    zenitsu3 timer siden

    If you know jojo Pewds stans is a yoyo

  50. Ryan Griffin

    Ryan Griffin3 timer siden

    I’m surprised he hasn’t played the aether by now.

  51. Mashats

    Mashats3 timer siden


  52. Brylle Lapasaran

    Brylle Lapasaran3 timer siden

    u din't actually finished terraria.. You defeated 4 bosses Butt theres 11 bosses left

  53. Kayori Daichi [Anime/Nightcore/AMVs/Gaming]

    Kayori Daichi [Anime/Nightcore/AMVs/Gaming]3 timer siden

    It feels so nostalgic hearing Felix swear in Swedish again.

  54. GvLjuxe

    GvLjuxe3 timer siden

    Pewds hair : 👩‍🦲

  55. Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Don't Read My Profile Picture3 timer siden


  56. xxvyomxx

    xxvyomxx3 timer siden

    "ill ask my wife's boyfriend if she has one" - Felix kjellberg, 2020

  57. Cinnamon Cart

    Cinnamon Cart3 timer siden

    pewds " on Xbox, not gamer" me " whaaa…" tier rolls down my face *sniff

  58. Debdas Bhowmik

    Debdas Bhowmik3 timer siden

    4:43 Karma

  59. Paunda xxx

    Paunda xxx3 timer siden

    I was watching some Michael Jackson no yaiba and remembered this hee hee

  60. Z4 IcEy

    Z4 IcEy3 timer siden

    I M P O S S I B L E

  61. Da Ufo

    Da Ufo3 timer siden

    0:14 When you kill the Moon lord and it drops the Celebration

  62. Mason

    Mason3 timer siden

    Buddy u need Smithing table

  63. Stefănutz

    Stefănutz3 timer siden

    Pewds every 10 seconds "I GET IT , niw that I play minecraft, I GET IT "

  64. Ackaziia

    Ackaziia3 timer siden

    Pewdiepies haircut be like: 🦔

  65. thomas bissell

    thomas bissell3 timer siden

    i still want to see them fight to death at the ranch

  66. P. Roud Tobi Mi

    P. Roud Tobi Mi3 timer siden

    I remember when this happened to Bill Burr. I wonder what idubs loses first, his edge or his girlfriend.

  67. Rausi an

    Rausi an3 timer siden

    Took me 3 years to realize that he say nibba in 16:01


    TRITIUM3 timer siden

    Where subnautica at

  69. Kadour Benali

    Kadour Benali3 timer siden

    مين عربي فيكم

  70. NekoEchoFlower

    NekoEchoFlower3 timer siden

    Pewds: *Scared to loose his stuff in the nether* Also Pewds: *Carries every valueable item in his inventory instead of putting them in the chest*

  71. e___fox :D

    e___fox :D3 timer siden

    For me its funny im czech and "zlato" in English is gold.😂

  72. MC The Great

    MC The Great3 timer siden

    Say n word 11:00

  73. Neos

    Neos3 timer siden

    3:54 That triggers Jotaro tho beware

  74. fatarsemonkey

    fatarsemonkey3 timer siden

    So are the piglins a reference to the Zionist Rothschilds and their kin?

  75. CohenMGE

    CohenMGE3 timer siden

    1:40 when someone’s dating the girl I have feelings for.

  76. FOX arsen

    FOX arsen3 timer siden

    Крутой ты

  77. armin arlert

    armin arlert3 timer siden

    Can we talk about the frozen hat

  78. \ amputra

    \ amputra3 timer siden

    How do you get the things that make you fly back?? Did it have been destroy by the lava?

  79. The MLG Gingerbread Gamer

    The MLG Gingerbread Gamer3 timer siden

    This song and megalovania playing at the same time is a masterpiece (Skip 16 seconds into megalovania).

  80. ian kelly

    ian kelly3 timer siden

    Stop hmmmmm no

  81. Sidneia Silva

    Sidneia Silva3 timer siden

    Take a bunch of beds and sleep in it , and do that ,like , so many times and you have a chance to find it.

  82. عبدالرحمن الحربي

    عبدالرحمن الحربي3 timer siden

    Felix: I wish to die Alabama: your wish is my command

  83. ich bin amin

    ich bin amin3 timer siden

    pewds haircut 🥚 balding 🍞 beard

  84. ipeeonsmallpeople

    ipeeonsmallpeople3 timer siden

    4:44 it’s been a while

  85. Pyranyde

    Pyranyde3 timer siden

    Rip Kakyoin.

  86. Ceasar Magnusson

    Ceasar Magnusson3 timer siden

    You dropped soul speed 2 to Sven that thing is so rare😑

  87. Adrian _Tj

    Adrian _Tj3 timer siden


  88. Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Don't Read My Profile Picture3 timer siden


  89. Alex Retallick

    Alex Retallick3 timer siden

    Yo Pewdipie you want netherite gear you need a smithing table

  90. Paarthurnax 21

    Paarthurnax 213 timer siden


  91. Jordan Voges

    Jordan Voges3 timer siden

    And then he says like and you can give him an xbox good content

  92. Mustafa Somuncu

    Mustafa Somuncu3 timer siden

    Koroya aaaaaaaa

  93. Dmitry_ pro#

    Dmitry_ pro#3 timer siden


  94. Arvin Vicencio

    Arvin Vicencio3 timer siden

    true f*king content material

  95. Imagine Wagons

    Imagine Wagons3 timer siden

    I feel like Pewds loves Sven more than Edgar and. Maya

  96. Dmitry_ pro#

    Dmitry_ pro#3 timer siden

    Первое видео

  97. Joel Rexroad

    Joel Rexroad3 timer siden

    Cat🐱~ Meow PewDiepie~SHUT UP MR.BOB THE BUILDER Like for pewdiepie (150M?)

  98. Sierra Panda beara

    Sierra Panda beara3 timer siden

    “Pick axe about to go bye bye.” Me: OhHo SaY cAn YoU SeEeEeEeEe

  99. Just__Juan __

    Just__Juan __3 timer siden

    Their is no more updates for terraria rip 🤦🏻

  100. Shagger 123

    Shagger 1233 timer siden

    Love cocky PewDiePie 😂 talking about his net worth 😂😂😂😂