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r/Tinder I AM CAT

r/Tinder I AM CAT

Måned siden

r/Choosingbeggars Thanks MOM!
r/Facepalm What could go wrong?
  1. Sandman

    Sandman4 timer siden

    mellenials were born into P.C culture, they complain to much and expect everything to be given to them. Baby Boomers were born in a pre P.C time and when they did not have alot and had to work and save every little bit to get somewhere. The 2 generations could not be further apart in life styles. Baby boomers have one up on the millennials, as they watch first hand the millenials grow up in their environment. The millennials never knew what it was like to grow up in the era baby boomers did. So Millienials speak from ignorance. (generalisation here) One generation is spoilt and therefore expects everything given to them, the other generation expects the world owes them something for the life struggles they had. Only if there was some way they could share experiences and try to understand each others hardships and way of thinking, and outlook of life, so they could ease the tension. Could to be neither.


    JAMES-THE-IDIOT4 timer siden

    That almost sounded like a threat at the end lol luckily my room doesn't have an open window. I don't think it's been open in 6 years.

  3. TheCrazyShark1

    TheCrazyShark14 timer siden

    Entitled kid: *burns down a house* Entitled Mom: My precious babys did nothing!!

  4. Michael Davaz

    Michael Davaz4 timer siden

    Y'allqueda! I'm *totally* stealing that!

  5. Zeek - A.I Generated music

    Zeek - A.I Generated music4 timer siden

    16:00 ya like fire?

  6. Robbie berg

    Robbie berg4 timer siden

    the first story the guy cares to much what others think

  7. Alpha

    Alpha4 timer siden

    I am south African and don't mind slow internet for data transver because we have a thing called Eskom they shut down the power every now and then

  8. TaffyMatt

    TaffyMatt4 timer siden

    I find it hilarious when the choosing beggars keep typing insults and stuff hoping for OP to respond to them but they never do

  9. Calixen

    Calixen4 timer siden

    It is very hard to please people in automotive shops..

  10. Donna Groff

    Donna Groff4 timer siden

    It's "choosey beggar"

  11. monkeygirl000

    monkeygirl0004 timer siden

    “Credit card late payments” LOL Suspicions confirmed.

  12. nwladybuglover

    nwladybuglover4 timer siden

    The story with the car wasn’t a choosing beggar. It was an absolute murder by words

  13. XLM TAP!

    XLM TAP!4 timer siden

    13:50 deth row

  14. Carol Gillett

    Carol Gillett4 timer siden

    Whoever the man is who is marrying the woman asking for purses, cars etc. God man make a run for it, before it's too late.

  15. Anarky

    Anarky4 timer siden

    R/slash uhh I want to be in a relationship so can you give me your girlfriend uhh I'll give you a shout out pleaseee man

  16. Jasp1337

    Jasp13374 timer siden

    "She stops for a second and then pokes her head in first saying": HERE'S JONNY

  17. Reese Chesher

    Reese Chesher4 timer siden

    Guys...Thats legit 700 dollars just in gift cards. Jesus, that mans a saint.

  18. SuperninjaYTbro

    SuperninjaYTbro4 timer siden

    What the actual *_F#_**_#k_* is this?

  19. OynxWolf11

    OynxWolf114 timer siden

    Moral of the story kiddies: Unless your name is on that seat, don't be a douche and assume that it's "your" spot. First come first serve, you don't like it then just walk or get a taxi.

  20. henk steen

    henk steen4 timer siden

    I still find it mean to make a baer for someone else when the other one is watching

  21. Alpha

    Alpha5 timer siden

    That one about the village when you sounded your siren i heard an actual police siren in the background

  22. whywouldyousaythat

    whywouldyousaythat5 timer siden

    Every respons to a choosing begger single mom should be... well have the kids dad pay for it... youre the one who fucked him...

  23. Jon Walton

    Jon Walton5 timer siden

    Since you can buy groceries at Amazon how many people want to bet he wanted to use the cash for other stuff? Like illegal stuff? And was just saying he and his daughter needed money for groceries to scam that guy into giving him money?

  24. Jorge Recalde

    Jorge Recalde5 timer siden

    Karen voice on point

  25. JediLadyMisty

    JediLadyMisty5 timer siden

    I know a guy that can't walk due to his legs not developing correctly and he has a specialized car that allows him to drive with just his hands and I have heard about other physically disabled people driving with their legs/feet so being disabled physically isn't an excuse for not being able to drive; unless you're blind or have seizers. Do they let deaf people get driver's license? If not than that would be another good reason.

  26. Synthetic Reality

    Synthetic Reality5 timer siden

    Anyone who spends more than 10k on a first car for their kid is basically just breeding an entitled Karen

  27. Reina Arana

    Reina Arana5 timer siden


  28. Bluestreaker

    Bluestreaker5 timer siden

    Who would spend $700 on shoes? I already fail to understand Airpods, but SHOES!? Most expensive shoes I've ever bought were slip-on athletic Skechers with memory foam & comfort gel: best shoes I've ever tried on thus far. You know how much those cost? Literally 1/10th of that price! Yeah...$70! If you're spending the same amount of money on shoes as you would a low-mid-range gaming PC, you've got your priorities SEVERELY buggered! >.>

  29. Roosa Törnroos

    Roosa Törnroos5 timer siden

    Dear choosing beggars, let me tell you how to ACTUALLY react when offered something for free. Five Finger Death Punch had a consert in my country last monday and I was amazingly enough offered a ticket by a girl I had never met. She wanted nothing in return. I accepted, and was even more excited when I noticed that Megadeth AND Bad Wolves would be there too. Then, sadly Bad Wolves had to skip our country completely. Was it a shame? Yes. Did I complain? Hell NO. I went to the consert, met the girl and when she handed me my ticket, asked if I could hug her, and I could. I felt like crying from the happiness of seeing one of my favourite bands live, and I will forever be grateful for her gifting me this opportunity. So, choosing beggars. Did you learn anything from this? When given something for free, you either decline or accept with the biggest effing thank you in the world.

  30. Alexandra Bratu

    Alexandra Bratu5 timer siden

    Hope if that guy gets a bad review to post the entire conversation as a response.

  31. tenhirankei

    tenhirankei5 timer siden

    @10:10 You get what you pay for and this is what you get when you don't pay.

  32. troy holland

    troy holland5 timer siden

    I watch it all the time R/ Entitlement I actually have a story or want to share it happened actually last night so a little back story I live with my fiance her mom her little brother or sister and my stepdaughter in the also ever son but This involves mother in law and fiancee's little brother So So due to my son we have baby gates there's one baby gate in the mother in law's Room that the That my fiancee's little brother keeps open constantly so I was taking out the trash didn't realize the Gate was open so I rand my knee in the gate pretty hard and I was one thing after that but I said to the young boy God Dang it Nikki you gotta keep this closed I just hit myself in a very firm hurting tone not Yelling at and I went off to say look buddy you can't keep it open I just hurt myself so I go downstairs there out the garbage come back upstairs and I hear him crying in his Room now He Is a little slow not special and like saying anything like that about him hes wonderful kid just a little too emotional and doesn't do anything we could catch it but I mean a little bit more Motion then a teenage girl So she finds out later that night net his feelings got her so she barges into my Room says we need to talk and parades me about that's my son you have to apologize to me now as well acting all high-and-mighty so I did the right thing I said what happen what I said you know everything else and then I told her I said I sorry to him I meant it and I told her I was sorry even though I did not mean it because I have nothing to say sorry to her about So am I in the wrong let me know down below

  33. ThatOneWeirdGlitch

    ThatOneWeirdGlitch5 timer siden

    RSlash uploaded late, I’m sad yet happy

  34. WhatdidIsayagain

    WhatdidIsayagain5 timer siden

    Ah man, I was almost stabbed by a family member. The only reason I got away is because my mom was in the room closest to the staircase and reasoned my family member out of taking my life

  35. tenhirankei

    tenhirankei5 timer siden

    @7:05 I guess you sent your child to a doctor that doesn't care, because they want to be paid! Why would you subject him to that?

  36. Briana Hammond-Morris

    Briana Hammond-Morris5 timer siden

    10:59 just a place saver so I can go down into the comments.

  37. Time Bomb Terry

    Time Bomb Terry5 timer siden

    CSFelix... seeing my maiden name in there made me up chuck a little. I dont wanna be associated with no one like that!

  38. Kathy Bentley

    Kathy Bentley5 timer siden

    A friend of mine handmade a Christmas card for my family, and I love it. Honestly, I think it's my favorite card. I've received ❤️

  39. KillBill Grill

    KillBill Grill5 timer siden

    I somehow read: This is how I committed suicide. DOUBT

  40. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy5 timer siden

    TL;DR: proceeds to put the whole post in

  41. Ty Boots

    Ty Boots5 timer siden

    are all your vids pure subtitles. i see this as a waste of data.

  42. Todd_Draws _Lines

    Todd_Draws _Lines5 timer siden

    "Well obviously this guy can't write an authentic female protagonist because womens' pants don't have pockets"

  43. R A V Y N

    R A V Y N5 timer siden

    I was more grateful for getting reusable straws that I don’t use for Christmas than these choosing beggars are for free stuff.

  44. Parker T

    Parker T5 timer siden

    Bruh no need to diss Fortnite like that🙄

  45. Wilson Sunny

    Wilson Sunny5 timer siden

    The fact that rslash exists, let alone that Reddit exists, I thought it would deter choosing beggars from asking. Just an observation. I love the content, nonetheless.

  46. Slevin Channel

    Slevin Channel5 timer siden

    Wow. Cameras are just the Natural Enemy of Entitled People - it's always ruining their time in less than 10 Seconds! That's pretty fast, if you ask me...

  47. yamna lobos

    yamna lobos5 timer siden

    NO-gos is a Chossing Beggars, because he expect YOU to make videos for FREE, and HE earns all the money.

  48. Darrell Morris

    Darrell Morris5 timer siden


  49. tenhirankei

    tenhirankei5 timer siden

    @1:25 You expect a CB to spend money given on bills they have to pay? Have you forgotten your own posts? LOL

  50. Tayler Carroll

    Tayler Carroll5 timer siden

    That first story reminds me of something that happened to me when I was in the 9th grade. I was at a birthday sleepover party and we were all dancing. I had rolled my ankle and when I fell, my leg snapped in half at the knee, and it ended up being pushed back into place when I hit the ground. I called my mom and told her I had really hurt myself. She asked me what I wanted to do and I said I didn't know, so she said to call if I need her to come get me. I stayed at the party for the rest of the night, even though my leg was completely purple and swollen and I couldn't get up off of the ground. At one point it took me almost a half hour to get to the bathroom that was maybe 8 feet away from me. My friends mom came down to set up beds and saw that I couldn't move, but she didn't do anything either. She probably thought I was faking because I wasn't crying. Anyways, I slept on the floor where I had fallen while everyone else slept in the bedroom (except for the birthday girl who slept on the couch next to me). In the morning my step father called and asked if I wanted to go and get a kitten. Of course I said heck yeah. It took me over an hour to pull myself up the stairs and up my friends steep driveway, and my step dad was getting really impatient with me. As soon as he saw me (I was sitting on the ground trying to push myself towards the car with my good leg. I probably looked pitiful.) he immediately knew something was wrong and took me straight to the hospital. My little sister was PISSED that we weren't getting a cat that day. Anyway, I waited at the hospital for over 8 hours (it had been well over 24 hours since I fell by the time I was seen or given any pain meds) and was misdiagnosed at first as having a fractured knee and a sprained ankle. I had half of a leg cast for a few weeks, which ended up hurting me more in the long run. When I went back the doctors told us that I had actually completely shattered my knee and fractured my ankle. I ended up with a full leg cast for a few months and one hell of a story to tell.

  51. xXSniper AlertXx

    xXSniper AlertXx5 timer siden

    *Ya like jazz?*

  52. BESICT Hernandez

    BESICT Hernandez5 timer siden

    Since ive found this channel. Ive been watching all of your videos and probs have gone through almost all of them in the past 2 weeks.

  53. Olliesaurus Rex

    Olliesaurus Rex5 timer siden

    Ah, the life of having an invisible illness. Hope OP doesn't have that happen again

  54. Zanon

    Zanon5 timer siden

    Okay what's so wrong/awkward about buying KY Jelly? I don't understand what the issue is.

  55. Ryan Burns

    Ryan Burns5 timer siden

    So funny when they call the person lazy for not moving to let them be the lazy one lol

  56. Axe Pagode

    Axe Pagode5 timer siden

    Military Police protect military base/post housing. If you grew up in one of those communities, you would see that they are the safest places for children. You can let a three year old play in the yard. Your kids can ride bikes all over with little fear of some crazy person targeting you.

  57. TheQPrimary

    TheQPrimary5 timer siden

    . '

  58. Skeletorrential Downpour

    Skeletorrential Downpour5 timer siden

    that one skeeze givin texas an even worse look gtfo of here abbott makes us look bad enough as is

  59. Adrian Cub A Cub

    Adrian Cub A Cub5 timer siden

    CB: DONT EVEN TRY DONATING UNDER $100 U BROKE A** Me: *Donates $99.99* CB: I sAiD dOnT tRy DoNaTiNg UnDeR $100 u DuMb A**

  60. Jack Valls

    Jack Valls5 timer siden

    First video I watched on this channel, liked and subscribed immediately after listening to the puppy bloopers and those stories! Keep it up!

  61. ursulajoni15

    ursulajoni155 timer siden

    "I'm never coming back" oh know how could we possibly survive without the$50 a week you spend that bairly even covers the wages of the fifteen-year-old bagger

  62. Jacob E Larsen

    Jacob E Larsen5 timer siden

    Yes the last one was "victim-blamy"... Not everyone finds it that easy to leave a relationship when it turns abusive.

  63. G K

    G K5 timer siden

    You’re the asshole with that thumbnail...

  64. Jakob Bernal

    Jakob Bernal5 timer siden

    Jury: cut her head Jugué: uhm... it to much Mom: SHE KILLED MY BABY

  65. Connor Jebb

    Connor Jebb5 timer siden

    wow people are stupid now in 2020

  66. Wilfred Rainey

    Wilfred Rainey5 timer siden

    The article I found says that it's translated from Hebrew so I believe it is an Israeli idiom.

  67. Mumsie Games

    Mumsie Games5 timer siden

    The guy who gave gift cards is probably that nicer person that he would still give entitled co worker another card. Bless that dude

  68. Ian Macfarlane

    Ian Macfarlane5 timer siden

    The story about the starter should have been on #murderedbywords, and I'm pretty certain that the first story was a joke - it has to be, right?

  69. Turbo Pokaski

    Turbo Pokaski5 timer siden

    I had to pause the video when it had a pic of Felix and the guy said “who is that in the background” like dude if you don’t know how that is you don’t need to be working with video games

  70. John FINALY HAS A GIRL says famliy

    John FINALY HAS A GIRL says famliy5 timer siden

    Im in my car waiting for my grandma to get out of the store and my phone battery is on 5% i figured i should watch a rslash vid to go out

  71. MashuTora

    MashuTora5 timer siden

    Yes, vets should be free and not ever be paid for their work so they can earn a living while they use expensive tools and medicines to care for your pet. It's not like they need money, right? If your care about your pet, pay for the vet!

  72. Pedro Pereira

    Pedro Pereira5 timer siden

    Kobe died and this video is cheering me up. Thank you

  73. Ale Titan

    Ale Titan5 timer siden

    I don't think the window one is true and hopefully it isn't. It's outrageous

  74. Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!

    Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!5 timer siden

    Women...I know your not all bad....but my god....your fellow females make yall look absolutely disgusting.

  75. Irish Hearts

    Irish Hearts5 timer siden

    guy with the car, i could have changed his starter for anywhere between 50 to 150. learn to do it yourself if you dont wanna pay labor and shit.

  76. Jenny Evans

    Jenny Evans5 timer siden

    How many times in one video are you going to drop how many viewers/subscribers/likes you have? It's thirsty and unnecessary and makes you come across just as arrogant as the people we're all laughing at. Congrats on your numbers, sir, but let them speak for themselves.

  77. Shawn Hierlihy

    Shawn Hierlihy5 timer siden

    Utube is a video channel, no video? Post your little story elsewhere.

  78. Fun5Gam4

    Fun5Gam45 timer siden

    subscribe to rSlash

  79. paper kay

    paper kay5 timer siden

    The makeup girl IS overreacting. Just say no. It's more than just doing cute makeup, you need to watch for allergies or, if there is going to be a lot of photos taken, make sure the 'evening wear' doesn't look like a punched panda on photos, if you use too matte shadows. there is no need to scream if someone asks you and then faint in horror. Just say no.

  80. M.Oskar

    M.Oskar5 timer siden

    Hei man. cool channel. any chanse you combine some of the same kind in to audi books for people to download :D ? if not maybe concider. id love to download a 6h episode or compilation to listen at work :D

  81. Shawn Hierlihy

    Shawn Hierlihy5 timer siden

    Could you do this without the whiney voice, it's very annoying. We realize these people are whiners, you need not "act" out their part.

  82. Seance Cosplay

    Seance Cosplay5 timer siden

    As someone who lives in Antioch, we don’t accept this choosing beggar. We pass them on to Bellevue

  83. Jade Oreo

    Jade Oreo5 timer siden

    How to not get demonitized F word - forking A word - ash B word - beach S word - shirt Boom. Now you can swear without getting demonized

  84. Amandica

    Amandica5 timer siden

    She’s vegan, not a vampire lmao

  85. TheJayinator585

    TheJayinator5855 timer siden

    You’re not overreacting, you’re underreacting.

  86. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor5 timer siden

    I think that video that lady sent was from over a year ago. But that's just a theory. A REDDIT THEORY.

  87. Cluckoo TheChicken

    Cluckoo TheChicken5 timer siden

    3:01 Gen-you-eye-n. Hmmmm.

  88. Dylan.chermishnuk Chermishnuk

    Dylan.chermishnuk Chermishnuk5 timer siden

    I feel like there a big conspiracy about all these Reddit guys

  89. Dr ChrisRespect

    Dr ChrisRespect5 timer siden

    Bro please don’t laugh anymore...shits creepy lol 😂

  90. Reece Shugrue

    Reece Shugrue5 timer siden

    Military spouses aren't risking their lives for their country, their spouses are. Yeah, it stinks you don't get to see them often but that doesn't give you the right to a free drink.

  91. Summer Dawn

    Summer Dawn5 timer siden

    How to claim the money: 1. Find her and explain the plan to her and her girlfriend. 2. She "Breaks up" with her GF and has a date with you. 3. You propose day after, and get married. 4. He is there to witness marriage, and you get paid. 5. When he returns home, you and your new "Wife" break up in secret and get a divorce. 6. She goes back to her GF, you both split the money as that seems fair. 7. If the father asks what happened, say you went back to the UK to continue work/education/whatever, but stay in contact every single day. 8. You're rich, she's happy her father has taken the bounty off her, he's happy she's "married". Or, you know, the GF can "Sexually identify as a man" during the marriage.

  92. BB-

    BB-6 timer siden

    That girl who cheated on her bf is delusional as fuck

  93. alexandra x

    alexandra x6 timer siden

    It’s pronounced ECK-TOPIC... not EC-TOEPIC.

  94. The Doctor

    The Doctor6 timer siden

    Imagine trying to flex on donated money, who’s really the broke ass?

  95. Chara Grey Dreemurr

    Chara Grey Dreemurr6 timer siden

    ME: *hears dogs woof* OOOW!!!! QwQ rSlash: *Puppybloopers* ME: the dog is an EK! he's demanding humanish attention!! (I'm sorry for my bad spelling of english, it's not my first language so, it's a bit difficult to me to speak it or write it)

  96. Random Videos

    Random Videos6 timer siden

    Rent one 5/5 op is asshole

  97. Charlie Higgins

    Charlie Higgins6 timer siden

    The male version of a Karen is a Richard because he would be a BMW Driver and sorry RSlash if you have one in 🇮🇪 Ireland their male karens

  98. Pinky Ponkle

    Pinky Ponkle6 timer siden

    That first one can't be real it's so bad

  99. SpaceTimeMimic

    SpaceTimeMimic6 timer siden

    I don’t believe the first one at all

  100. 0XBlondie96X0

    0XBlondie96X06 timer siden

    That CB who didn't recognize PewDiePie must not spend a lot of time on the internet Also, in regards to the same post, if your reasoning behind not wanting to pay for a service is "I can do it myself if I wanted, so I shouldn't have to pay you for it!" Well then stop wasting their time and go do it yourself then! Otherwise, if you expect someone to go out of their way to do it for you, then unless they specifically offer to do it for free or at a discount, you should expect to have to fully compensate them for their work. Your ability to do a thing yourself does not justify not paying someone for a service, because technically you can do literally everything yourself if you had enough time and materials. You could technically make a burger at home instead of going to McDonald's you can even put in all the effort required to produce all the ingredients if you wanted to instead of buying them at the grocery store, but I have yet to see a single person use that as an excuse for why they shouldn't have to pay for their Big Mac.