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Nike Challenged Me...

Nike Challenged Me...

13 dager siden

Real Doctor VS Kids Health Quiz
Real Doctor Vs YouTube Challenges
  1. Robloxian Gamer

    Robloxian Gamer8 timer siden

    3:53 its the mnemonic for the carpals in the wrist !!

  2. Sarah Ng

    Sarah Ng8 timer siden

    It’s simply called Wuhan Virus. 😂

  3. Imp

    Imp8 timer siden

    Lent starts today. Whether or not you're religious, you can participate. If you're trying to cut back on something, like sodas or energy drinks, now's a great time to do it. I don't typically participate in lent but I've been trying to cut back on sodas and this is decent motivation to do so.

  4. Endless Vanity

    Endless Vanity8 timer siden

    He meant mucus xD

  5. Bruna Donđivić

    Bruna Donđivić8 timer siden

    Pretty sure the heart compression one was about asking if you could kill someone with them.

  6. LauraTheBookWorm

    LauraTheBookWorm8 timer siden

    1:26 so that's why I hate myself so much

  7. Meir Andrei Elnas

    Meir Andrei Elnas8 timer siden

    I did not realise dogs could be this strong :/

  8. Simo

    Simo8 timer siden

    7:00 I know u are russian, but it is SSSR in cyrillic Btw. I m SERB

  9. Chan Jun Yi

    Chan Jun Yi8 timer siden

    Is it good sleeping in a sitting style as I like to give pressure to me thighs

  10. NaitomeIya

    NaitomeIya8 timer siden

    According to my mom (a doctor): If you have a bit of acid reflux alkaline water can help with that. But other than that, almost exclusively living off alkaline water is going to give you indigestion. Also blonde Mike looks like a fuccboy. I’d rather he stick to his current down to earth cinnamon roll appearance.

  11. tass _tk

    tass _tk8 timer siden

    QUESTION: it is really rare for me to have fever, rare as in only once in my whole life which reached like 38, is that a good thing..?

  12. tahlin

    tahlin8 timer siden

    much respect for the video. would like to add though that something you may not be considering as a reason for why people take these supplements, even when they don't need them: poor people can't afford proper nutrition through food in every case or all the time. being unsure of which vitamins you are getting and aren't can be quite taxing. If you just buy the essentials and take them anyway even if your meals are poor you're still hitting the mark. and while the study may show that they didn't need to be taking them at the point in the study, They may very well need it for everyday life after that or before that...


    WINTER DA PØTATØ AKAKA8 timer siden


  14. Stevon Robb

    Stevon Robb8 timer siden

    Nike bad. Please don't sell out.

  15. Ielle p

    Ielle p8 timer siden

    Administrators are the dregs of society in most professions - fmr teacher.

  16. Hamster Sunflower

    Hamster Sunflower8 timer siden

    Question: Why do I get a severe splitting headache the instance I drink strong caffeinated products (Earl Grey, Black Coffee, etc),, and/or smell ridiculously strong lavender scent, and/or eat ridiculously strong peppermint mints(i.e: Mentos"Pure Fresh Peppermint" are my mortal enemy, Mentos "Pure Fresh Spearmints" have no effect on me surprisingly)? It feels like my head got run-over by a truck. But everyone else seems fine?

  17. Miki German

    Miki German8 timer siden

    Can you do a video on coronavirus

  18. Natasha Joyce

    Natasha Joyce8 timer siden

    Doctor Mike I crack my neck and it’s really loud. My mom is considered about what it doing to my neck and so am I

  19. google owns you

    google owns you9 timer siden

    The only problem here is all the fake outrage over memes. First girl was funny. If you're truly offended, you're probably a faker. Second girl was lame. So what? If you didn't know docs/nurses are thinking/doing this stuff behind your back, then you needed this wake-up call. Dr. Mike is a cringey, childish, narcissistic NO-gosr in his personal life, which makes me question his skills, but if he does his job well, so be it. Doctors are human beings, and are not to be trusted blindly. Protect yourself through communication.

  20. Hemani Singh

    Hemani Singh9 timer siden

    5:13 That model is an Indian actress. Her name is Dipika Padukone

  21. Llean Lovelyn

    Llean Lovelyn9 timer siden

    dr. dilshad: *is a doctor* also dr. dilshad: 𝙨𝙥𝙝𝙮𝙜𝙣𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙣𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙧

  22. NormGGames

    NormGGames9 timer siden

    I hate pets cuz they die

  23. NaitomeIya

    NaitomeIya9 timer siden

    Doctor Mike: dabs while sneezing

  24. Jules dauphinais

    Jules dauphinais9 timer siden

    dude this is-

  25. Szilárd Szél

    Szilárd Szél9 timer siden

    Hey Doc! My question: I fall asleep like anywhere, anytime (one time it happened on a bus while standing(?!)). I went to my family doctor who requested a lab exam (obviously nothing abnormal found) and told me I should sleep more. This problem is independent of sleeping time (even if I sleep 10,8,5 or 2 hours and between, it still occurs). I have to do something physical and I can stay up like a normal person, but it's really awkward when I'm listening to someone, and I can't keep my eyes open. Reading is also very hard under this circumstance. I don't even know how I got through college... Do you have any recommendation?

  26. Arianne Cantes

    Arianne Cantes9 timer siden

    I'm not sure but maybe Dr. Stone will fascinate you as well. As for the best episode, for me, it was the one where they showed Cancer Cell. I think it's episode 9

  27. Kei Ishii

    Kei Ishii9 timer siden

    Spoiler alert it has cancer.... at the end of the series I started to think man this person is super sick/screwed up

  28. Bashayer .A

    Bashayer .A9 timer siden

    Hey Dr.Mike, I have a question for you and hoping for an answer So Corona Virus just hit my country (Kuwait) with 26 cases they're stable for now But please can you make a video how to prepare our self for it cuz Kuwait is a very small country and it's so scary in here even the hospitals are not prepared for it, so if you can help us by educating us and thank you

  29. D.S

    D.S9 timer siden

    Doctor mike if we did not have the hormone oxytocin what would the world be like and what would you think the pros and con would be

  30. Heather Plays

    Heather Plays9 timer siden

    i see u got sum thicc thighs hmm

  31. Flower Daily

    Flower Daily9 timer siden

    I think China government spread corona virus intentionally to draw attention away from Hong Kong independence movement.

  32. Lydia W

    Lydia W9 timer siden

    Doctor Mike, what foods are truly heart healthy? Why do cereal companies say their food is heart healthy?

  33. darkking98

    darkking989 timer siden

    Why does this guy look like Paul Rudd

  34. Zeratul297

    Zeratul2979 timer siden

    mainly uninformed. I've spoken with many people about this and their reasoning is mostly because they heard it makes you healthier or it helps you lose weight or some other such thing which isn't proven to be true and a lot of the cases which are proven to not help at all.

  35. john doe

    john doe9 timer siden

    doctor mike has hpv

  36. Ian moseley

    Ian moseley9 timer siden

    I think he has misread the CPR one

  37. milton castro

    milton castro9 timer siden

    It just hit me You would make the perfect flash

  38. Art

    Art9 timer siden

    2:51 Lol

  39. Michele Diwa

    Michele Diwa9 timer siden

    The reason you have to wait a long time for your doctor

  40. TheDetailsMatter

    TheDetailsMatter9 timer siden

    The House formula: Patient comes in with an easily-midiagnosed ailment for which he or she has already been unsuccessfully treated. House assumes it is really another condition with similar symptoms, begins the standard treatment for that, and the patient reacts badly. Repeat the last two steps five or six times until the patient is practically dead. Then a new piece of information turns up which provides the final piece of the puzzle, and the patient finally responds positively. In the meantime House wades through a mire of mentally-deficient clinic patients. Speaking of which, I was saddened to see you cut House's prescription for the orange clinic patient.

  41. D.S

    D.S9 timer siden


  42. Ruth Gallagher

    Ruth Gallagher9 timer siden

    Did hear the entire speech. She was dismissive in some of her statements. As a professional politician she knows all about the sound bite. I applaud you desire to be charitable, but I believe the contrition came after she realized that she was losing her constituency.

  43. Gašper Geršak

    Gašper Geršak9 timer siden

    Hello mr. Mike! I have sleep paralysis and i want to know what do you think of it and if you had ever a patient that have it? Thanks

  44. ANIM-ART!

    ANIM-ART!9 timer siden

    This really helped me in my science quiz

  45. darren ben

    darren ben9 timer siden

    His Boyfriend is so luckly

  46. NaitomeIya

    NaitomeIya9 timer siden

    I spend 8 to 12 hours a day on a screen. Half to 3/4 of that is spent on drawing.

  47. Lunara Chan

    Lunara Chan9 timer siden

    1:57 Dr.Mike: I love blood~

  48. mitchrocks0706

    mitchrocks07069 timer siden

    Thanks Dr Mike please keep up this updates!!

  49. Imogen Carpenter

    Imogen Carpenter9 timer siden

    Bear : gives his love and kisses Dr Mike : “you’re such an aggressive kisser - ask for consent!”

  50. 7Singularity

    7Singularity9 timer siden

    Doctor Mike pls do an update on Coronavirus it seems it's going to be pandemic soon!

  51. Andrzej Samorzewski

    Andrzej Samorzewski9 timer siden

    Doc you are wrong about water bottle, any bottle that is food safe is good for water.

  52. Black Crimson

    Black Crimson9 timer siden

    Dr. Mike: Brutally cuts the whole system down Also Dr. Mike after the patient dies: I swear-

  53. Vrh Matija

    Vrh Matija9 timer siden

    Question, Is it true that if you wake someone that is in a sleep walk he Will get a heart attack?

  54. Julie Hurlburt

    Julie Hurlburt9 timer siden

    Great information. I have been fasting on and off for 20 years and it gets less effective as you do it and age :( I just count calories now but need to stay consistently low to maintain my weight. But of course I still spend about 12 hours fasting most days. Lots of water helps

  55. Haorii

    Haorii9 timer siden

    When a doctor answers more questions than your science teacher

  56. Ghada Raad

    Ghada Raad9 timer siden

    Im waiting for next d COVID-19 video

  57. Humphr3y

    Humphr3y9 timer siden

    Popcorn lung has been debunked.

  58. TBTGjosh56

    TBTGjosh569 timer siden

    9:42 Explain.

  59. Wiktoria Blumert

    Wiktoria Blumert9 timer siden

    Doctor Mike, why don't you play Reanimation INC? I heard its a good game :)

  60. Black Crimson

    Black Crimson9 timer siden

    “Be-woop!” “Onaki!” Omg he’s such a baby at times 😂😂💜💜

  61. QueRTSD gaming

    QueRTSD gaming9 timer siden

    How to not get the covid-19 Stay home Play games Watch NO-gos And 1 thing BE CLEAN OR GET IN UR COFFIN

  62. GamingSpace Plays

    GamingSpace Plays9 timer siden

    No offense but flu vaccines are just a waste of time I’ve had one and it did nothing But it’s ok I still love the channel

  63. Michele Diwa

    Michele Diwa9 timer siden

    I don’t get 00:01

  64. Sabrina Dermouchi

    Sabrina Dermouchi9 timer siden

    Love ya so much man, you make me laugh.

  65. Emily O'Neal

    Emily O'Neal9 timer siden

    Are teas that claim to have probiotics a good source of probiotics if you can’t eat dairy?

  66. Mike Brang

    Mike Brang9 timer siden

    Dr Mike, Thanks so much for taking the time to post these. Since this video, the CDC has stated that they “expect the novel coronaviurs to begin spreading at a community level in the United States” and that “disruptions to daily life could be severe.” Additionally, they state they want the American public to be “prepared.” 2 questions: 1. If we have been taking precautions and placing potential infected individuals under a mandatory 14-day quarantine, how is this possible? 2. They are asking us to be prepared. If there is no treatment or preventative medication available to the general public, how do we prepare for this? Also curios as to what disruptions they are speaking of. That’s a pretty broad term. Love your channel. Keep up the amazing work! I’m a new sub and have already told a ton of people about you so hopefully support for your channel will continue to grow. Thanks for all you do!

  67. Laudanum 1987

    Laudanum 198710 timer siden

    My rule - on which I lost 55#, which I’ve kept off for 5 years - is to not eat anything my great-granny wouldn’t have had access to (with exceptions for spices and recipes not common among white folks in the late-1800s). Even with making and eating the occasional sweet (such as apple crumble), I steadily lost weight. I still drink diet soda and have a daily treat. But 90% of my diet is real food. Meat, veg, and fruit. A little rice or pasta sometimes. Smaller portions. I did cut back on bread a lot, but I’m making my own now and notice a big difference. Meanwhile I’ve seen so many friends struggling on the latest diet. Nobody wants to hear “just...don’t eat junk”. Sigh. (I and my friend are well-paid medical/IT workers with access to excellent food options. There’s a shocking amount of food faddism mixed with an addiction to a lot of junk.)

  68. IvanBro

    IvanBro10 timer siden

    Someone stupid guy from Italy went to Croatia and thought "It will be a good idea to spread the virus in the biggest city" the food stocks and supplies will be running low

  69. Irina Meri

    Irina Meri10 timer siden

    Naturopaths, chiropractors and the like are not medical professionals and you shouldn't call them that because you legitimize their services.

  70. mrnickbig1

    mrnickbig110 timer siden

    What about grossly incompetent doctors who make snap diagnosis and then twist all test results to support their judgement, even falsely reporting the patient described symptoms he didn't? I had such a doctor. He also was obsessed with alcohol and made it clear he thought I was an alcoholic, despite my very rare drinking (one or two drinks a MONTH), and a stack of blood tests showing no trace of ethanol in my body. I have hypoglycemia, due to a problem digesting complex carbs, and the idiot prescribed medicine to LOWER blood sugar. He kept confusing me for a diabetic, despite NEVER having elevated blood sugar, and having dangerously low blood sugar after the several glucose tolerance tests he ordered. This was the last straw. I went to another doctor and he confirmed that the medication was grossly incorrect, and that I should also drop the statins he kept prescribing, because I NEVER had a cholesterol problem.

  71. Scrooge Mcduck

    Scrooge Mcduck10 timer siden

    Dude,I got pictures just like that from my teenage years..I was kind of a raver/hacker kid..

  72. The Nomadic Jamaican

    The Nomadic Jamaican10 timer siden

    Bear becomes Cudjoe.

  73. Alisa Racine

    Alisa Racine10 timer siden

    Dr. Mike, Love your it all the time! I am a nurse and enjoy learning from you. You spoke of BMI, BMI doesn't take in account muscle and isn't a true indicator of lean muscle mass. Why are we still using this outdated system and do you think we will have a better one in the future?

  74. Dany Nasreddine

    Dany Nasreddine10 timer siden

    Dr Mike is it if every time I touche my rib cage i feel little pain

  75. barbie lesa

    barbie lesa10 timer siden


  76. renogiza -

    renogiza -10 timer siden

    1:15 or you know, you could just split the tablet in half with a tablet divider..

  77. K1llerB333

    K1llerB33310 timer siden

    He already knows the plot.

  78. Collette Welnitz-Hall

    Collette Welnitz-Hall10 timer siden

    I am a non vaccinated entity.... 58yrs young... because my body my choice... I have never ever ever had a cold or flu or or or... I had reubella at 8... thats it... Im happy my folks allowed me these choices.... I choose natural immunity... because I have an immune system... uncompromised by vaccines and phamacuticles...

  79. geuduen

    geuduen10 timer siden

    I rly liked that you try to get attention to this kind of topic. I wouldn’t mind if you make more of this kind of Videos 👍

  80. aaron capuno

    aaron capuno10 timer siden

    Hey doc. Mike! How do you deal with sleep paralysis?

  81. the wafflez waffle

    the wafflez waffle10 timer siden

    that doesn’t look like a wall behind you q: does sexuality disturb health?

  82. Black Clover

    Black Clover10 timer siden

    "Safe-ish" well everything is "safe-ish". I bet this chick drives and driving will have a higher chance of killing you than vaccines. She should be an anti-vehicle activists coz it's "safe-ish".

  83. Allan Hernandez

    Allan Hernandez10 timer siden

    I have question Can highblood can be cure forever? (Sorry for my grammar)

  84. Lieze Lavaert

    Lieze Lavaert10 timer siden

    Can you explain why certain people aren’t cold when like 99% of the people are? Or just why are there people who aren’t cold when it’s like freezing outside?

  85. Melissa Roscher

    Melissa Roscher10 timer siden

    Nose picking; I sometimes use qtip with vaseline. I wouldn't store them in the bathroom though.

  86. Singing Pixie

    Singing Pixie10 timer siden

    2 million otakus

  87. Christie Bullard

    Christie Bullard10 timer siden

    Check this guy out. I'm not sure if he's legit or just another prepper.

  88. just a loona fan

    just a loona fan10 timer siden

    you are literally mcdreamy 😍💗

  89. Lieze Lavaert

    Lieze Lavaert10 timer siden

    Is there anything you can do to help a stiff neck?

  90. Reiner Barrera

    Reiner Barrera10 timer siden

    Linus has turned into a meme 4:17

  91. Jack Distad

    Jack Distad10 timer siden

    mike i have a question so it’s spreadable through air droplets so say you had it and you walked past me and breathed near me would i get it

  92. Kimia Miller

    Kimia Miller10 timer siden

    He looked like dr shawn Murphy when he said No to that question

  93. Melissa Roscher

    Melissa Roscher10 timer siden

    My pup doesn't even chew #dachshund

  94. Janeru

    Janeru10 timer siden

    Student Question: How do I wake up at 7 in the morning feeling energized? I usually go to sleep at 9 or 10. I know theres things such as opening the curtains and getting sunlight but we dont have that here. I live in Japan. Sun doesnt come up at 7 or 8. Also. Any quick breakfast foods you reccomend when you only have 20 or 10 minutes? Edit: Also. I hate to admit this but I dont eat breakfast b4 going to school. I just drink milk.

  95. N B

    N B10 timer siden

    ep 2 pls!!!! or 3,4,5,6

  96. KimWim

    KimWim10 timer siden

    Can you please address if someone has done the research to see if the other countries Socilized Medicine/"Healthcare for All" has anything to do with the spread and/or have you addressed if those countries provide flu shots available for all? Would our country fair better than others due to the better choices in healthcare? Also, Elderberry is very popular with some moms, any truth to that syrup? Thanks for taking the time to read.

  97. lindabakker

    lindabakker10 timer siden

    I was hearing music and I already muted the video twice before i realized that there is music playing in the background on your video...(what is that?)

  98. aliya

    aliya10 timer siden

    Question: For the past two years, I have been experiencing rapid heart beats and shortness of breath. This happens everyday especially at night. I have consulted 2 cardiologists but they both said that I am fine. Since the check ups, it got worse. What is happening? What should I do? Also, love your vids and Bear 🐻 . ❤️❤️

  99. Mary Perez

    Mary Perez10 timer siden

    Thank you for the awesome videos Dr. Mike !!

  100. KatAttack61

    KatAttack6110 timer siden

    Please do more code black!! I love it, literally any episode is good.