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A.I. Learns To Walk

A.I. Learns To Walk

7 måneder siden

A.I. Learns to DRIVE

A.I. Learns to DRIVE

9 måneder siden

A.I. Learns to play Flappy Bird
  1. ByJohan-Nozomi I

    ByJohan-Nozomi I59 sekunder siden

    This is love!

  2. Joey 1258

    Joey 1258Minutt siden

    @feliks zemdegs

  3. ByJohan-Nozomi I

    ByJohan-Nozomi I7 minutter siden


  4. Alex Kuradnov

    Alex Kuradnov15 minutter siden

    I am so happy to see you back!!!

  5. Alex I Guess

    Alex I Guess18 minutter siden


  6. Antosupre 460

    Antosupre 46037 minutter siden

    This sanity sound😂😂

  7. MMAoracle

    MMAoracleTime siden

    Why not just have it go... up and down and leave some room at the top to escape?

  8. Kai Merry

    Kai MerryTime siden

    P A R T 2 W H E N ?

  9. Olivia Timm

    Olivia TimmTime siden

    Get a ryzen 7

  10. The Ultimate Irishman

    The Ultimate IrishmanTime siden

    What language and program are you using for your projects?

  11. The_00squirrel

    The_00squirrelTime siden

    @2:23 i died laughing omfg your reaction

  12. Huntsman LeBaron

    Huntsman LeBaronTime siden

    I just wanna play in the level editor

  13. The Everything Core

    The Everything CoreTime siden

    5,592,000 views :o

  14. Juga

    Juga2 timer siden

    wow you are sooo funny

  15. Holt112/zix

    Holt112/zix2 timer siden

    Isnt it machine learning not ai?

  16. Clayden 104

    Clayden 1042 timer siden

    what software do u use

  17. Brett Olson

    Brett Olson2 timer siden

    Dude can you like get to AI part instead of being super corny for 10 minutes?

  18. Coitus Interruptus

    Coitus Interruptus2 timer siden

    AI creates AI incoming

  19. Neya

    Neya3 timer siden

    Still waiting I see.

  20. अंशुमान अवस्थी

    अंशुमान अवस्थी3 timer siden

    Thousands of references to other channels and memes🤣

  21. Coffee Bro

    Coffee Bro3 timer siden

    I'm the only person, whos inner perfectionist was totally pleasured? THANK YOU!

  22. Dan Green

    Dan Green3 timer siden

    Cool. But can it play QWOP?

  23. Astro

    Astro3 timer siden


  24. Tyler Scott

    Tyler Scott3 timer siden

    That's pretty neat

  25. Feerz05

    Feerz053 timer siden

    Do u use python or Java or what

  26. pleaseyourselfsir

    pleaseyourselfsir3 timer siden

    Code Bullet makes an archive website for his hard work , I went to visit it , loved throwing his balls around ! 🧐🤝🤔🇬🇧👍🏻❤️💪🏻🤓

  27. Actual Programming

    Actual Programming4 timer siden

    How do I learn this? I need the resources, please help.

  28. Squelf The Elf

    Squelf The Elf4 timer siden

    next, get it to get it to solve a 55x55x55 megaminx

  29. Splatpope

    Splatpope4 timer siden


  30. Alex Learoyd

    Alex Learoyd4 timer siden

    me and the bois at 3am waiting for code bullet to make another enigma amchine video

  31. Elena Tassi

    Elena Tassi5 timer siden

    do a AI that learns to fly i dare you

  32. A smol Lemon

    A smol Lemon5 timer siden


  33. Soul-Struck

    Soul-Struck5 timer siden

    This kinda looks like a happy wheels level

  34. Gg Vg

    Gg Vg5 timer siden

    Can you code AI.I to play QWOP?

  35. Gaming Semlan

    Gaming Semlan5 timer siden

    Can you teash A.I to Play pac-man.

  36. Mihran Khachatryan

    Mihran Khachatryan5 timer siden

    plz sub to FizzyFizz102

  37. m7md gaming

    m7md gaming6 timer siden

    I can’t recognize the program you used...

  38. Alex Learoyd

    Alex Learoyd6 timer siden


  39. Huntsman LeBaron

    Huntsman LeBaron6 timer siden

    Henry is bae

  40. Ramazan Durmaz

    Ramazan Durmaz6 timer siden

    Im quite far away from these. I barely made a simple homework the programmer gave me. Doesn't work properly. Make me wanna give up at times

  41. László Házi

    László Házi6 timer siden

    Couldn't you simply use scores to force the AI or it'd be way too much work?

  42. Уильям Фокс Кремлеботович

    Уильям Фокс Кремлеботович6 timer siden

    Holly shit! IT'S SOOOO HARD!!!

  43. Solrun Debes Heinesen

    Solrun Debes Heinesen6 timer siden

    P P P P P P P P

  44. Ashutosh Verma

    Ashutosh Verma7 timer siden

    That's js right ?

  45. St.Ashley

    St.Ashley7 timer siden

    i am russian and i dont understand, but i left a like and subscribed.

  46. Pixyire Productions

    Pixyire Productions7 timer siden

    Your wink noise scared my cat

  47. Min_ Ereu

    Min_ Ereu7 timer siden

    Hahaha I am better than your bot

  48. Blade TheElectrowolf

    Blade TheElectrowolf8 timer siden


  49. Ƶø៣乃îє Ĺóřđ

    Ƶø៣乃îє Ĺóřđ8 timer siden

    Technology has come so far im crying

  50. King Oreo

    King Oreo8 timer siden


  51. Foxiler

    Foxiler8 timer siden

    It would be very interisting to hear about the complexity of your program and teach what is the complexity of an algorithm to your audience. Because I can tell that your algorithm has a awful complexity and I would like to kow if you use any trick to reduce it.

  52. celia sumathi

    celia sumathi8 timer siden

    Watch your profanity.

  53. Yancy Nunez

    Yancy Nunez8 timer siden

    Is this KSI ?

  54. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker8 timer siden

    How to make it

  55. Taylor Summers

    Taylor Summers8 timer siden

    Create an AI that can play Doodle Jump

  56. John Price

    John Price9 timer siden

    There is no "AI" in this design.

  57. علیرضا صالح زاده

    علیرضا صالح زاده9 timer siden

    Holy moly try watching it with ×2 speed

  58. ginbelg1

    ginbelg19 timer siden

    Out of everything in existence, camels as an example for ww2 weaponry.. I like this guy.

  59. night2night3

    night2night310 timer siden

    20:50 lol

  60. Michał Bocian

    Michał Bocian10 timer siden

    Cool! Any chance to get the code? I've checked your GitHub, but there is no repo with this project.

  61. fail dog

    fail dog10 timer siden

    I love that the rubik’s cube moves to the beat lol

  62. Open Mic Maps

    Open Mic Maps10 timer siden

    Your voice is so fucking annoying.

  63. Blu Deat

    Blu Deat11 timer siden

    dear diary, its day 545 and my vision is full of cammels...I hope alies will send 4 tank into squadron B soon...

  64. Jan Kalisz

    Jan Kalisz11 timer siden

    CodeBullet I think u win

  65. Cesare Ciarrocchi

    Cesare Ciarrocchi12 timer siden



    CRISSCROSS !12 timer siden

    What program is this

  67. Illusion

    Illusion13 timer siden

    I'm having an AI test in 6 hours thank you Code Bullet

  68. andymouse123

    andymouse12314 timer siden

    DEFENDER.....not possible.

  69. Legit Ligit

    Legit Ligit15 timer siden

    woooahh no way the ai actually did it it solved a 1x1x1 cube woahhhhh omg

  70. IamSystemsbuster

    IamSystemsbuster16 timer siden

    Are yoi a porn star too?

  71. 666wurm

    666wurm16 timer siden

    Technically the AI also came from a human - so,... I guess humans always win :-)

  72. Iridescent Mirage

    Iridescent Mirage17 timer siden

    There's more snake than screen and its _gut clenching._

  73. True Gamer 341

    True Gamer 34117 timer siden

    Not to flex, but i legit took a tear to complete 2 sides on a 3 by 3

  74. ElementalGuy

    ElementalGuy17 timer siden

    You win CB You didn't buy the gunmen, the AI did. There was no rule against that.

  75. My Name Is Very Elongated

    My Name Is Very Elongated19 timer siden

    this isn’t coding he just pulled gameplay of the nearby korean that plays storm yhe house obsessively

  76. Cereal Guy

    Cereal Guy19 timer siden

    08:14 Aight ima head out

  77. ruby kane

    ruby kane19 timer siden

    This guy is flexing on us with a computer, it’s obvious a computer is going to beat a human brain. It’s impossible to beat.

  78. lucas felipe

    lucas felipe20 timer siden


  79. lucas felipe

    lucas felipe20 timer siden


  80. lucas felipe

    lucas felipe20 timer siden


  81. and i OOP

    and i OOP20 timer siden


  82. Jacob Sorrell

    Jacob Sorrell20 timer siden

    Line rider flashbacks

  83. Lordofthecows

    Lordofthecows20 timer siden

    I'm quite sad you didn't put in a move counter 😞

  84. Jeremy Schacht

    Jeremy Schacht21 time siden

    Tetris AI?

  85. Warlock_223

    Warlock_22321 time siden

    Love Joey from Friends on the thumbnail

  86. Sam cohen

    Sam cohen21 time siden

    What up if you draw the one circle really slowly like in sanely slowly like take multiple days to get to the first corner the drawing seven and 700 squares that is normal pace will be much faster

  87. Chetan Naik

    Chetan Naik21 time siden

    Honestly this would be a fantastic screensaver (if anyone still used them). To make it indefinite, you could add a couple of rules establishing maximum and minimum lengths for the snake, after which eating the food reduces the snakes size instead.

  88. UwU Boi

    UwU Boi21 time siden

    Very impressive

  89. W B

    W B21 time siden

    What about an AI that learns to play or other .io games. Maybe Candy Crush, or something that will play Trivia Crack with web scraping. You could take a shot at Crossy Road, Fruit Ninja, Geometry Dash or finally do the Enigma part 2 video?

  90. Jake LaRosa

    Jake LaRosa23 timer siden

    When the 100x100 is scrambled it just looks like a shit ton of legos

  91. JujuPuggy

    JujuPuggy23 timer siden

    What a madlad

  92. Buttnugget Sauce

    Buttnugget Sauce23 timer siden

    Smh you could’ve just set the code to: if about you die, don’t

  93. The Real ET 89

    The Real ET 8923 timer siden

    Please date me in 2020 ✌🏼

  94. TheChemist 130

    TheChemist 13023 timer siden

    “Yep, it’s snakin.”

  95. Zackdasher12 Dashers

    Zackdasher12 DashersDag siden

    8:14 an actual scientific name that makes sense

  96. UncagedCactus39

    UncagedCactus39Dag siden

    The boss I can solve a 1x1 in about 1 seconds!

  97. Smith Adams

    Smith AdamsDag siden

    Omg he solved it

  98. Fuvy

    FuvyDag siden


  99. Your Grandma's Dyslexic Father

    Your Grandma's Dyslexic FatherDag siden

    Me : We're learning about WWII in history. What my Grandpa see's : 1:48

  100. Sup Guys27

    Sup Guys27Dag siden

    What platform do you code on