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A.I. Learns To Walk

A.I. Learns To Walk

11 måneder siden

A.I. Learns to DRIVE
AI learns to play pool
  1. Cindy

    CindyTime siden

    the number of times he said "and that's good s***" lmao

  2. Baalor204

    Baalor2042 timer siden

    I picture the Super Saiyan 3 transformation dialogue going on during the end "crushing." :) And this is to go even further beyond!

  3. Nova Brown

    Nova Brown2 timer siden

    yes world of tanks

  4. JaspR

    JaspR3 timer siden

    You should add a pain block like when that block hits the floot it dies. So you can make a head or something

  5. Kunal Sharma

    Kunal Sharma3 timer siden

    Not a real one

  6. StevenMartinGuitar

    StevenMartinGuitar4 timer siden

    CB **Makes an army of dicks**

  7. The Gamemasters

    The Gamemasters4 timer siden

    That shirt detail is awesome!!

  8. Flame Of Phoenix

    Flame Of Phoenix4 timer siden

    Wanna c enigma 2

  9. Gamer Dufortnite

    Gamer Dufortnite4 timer siden

    I can do the 1x1 faster than your bullshit Aİ.

  10. Matt

    Matt5 timer siden

    How to you create ur own character? :)

  11. Matty

    Matty5 timer siden

    You should slightly decrease the gap between the pipes as the game progresses or speed up the actual pace of the game.

  12. Casey Brand

    Casey Brand6 timer siden

    Seems to me like the late game portion of the Hamiltonian Cycle method should be avoiding taking shortcuts in order to not make tons of little pockets (closed spaces that both the food and the snake's head are not in), since those are what would potentially kill the snake at the end. I'm thinking that the snake should evaluate the total contiguous space of whatever portion the head is currently in, and if it's too small, don't take shortcuts. Only let it take shortcuts when there's plenty of room to spare. Might need to let it know the current snake length and total grid size too in order to understand what "not enough space" means. I'm not sure if it would be meaningful, but perhaps you could also let the snake know how big pockets would be before they are formed, to let the snake decide whether or not it's a good idea to take a shortcut that creates one. It makes sense that fewer pockets that are larger in size would be better for the snake than lots of tiny ones, but I don't know if that would actually help in practice. Also, I don't know how to properly explain it, but I feel like not all Hamiltonian Cycles would be ideal to use for any given grid size. If a shortcut on it would create the potential for uneven or oddly fitting pockets, then they shouldn't be considered valid. If there isn't a way to figure that out when rendering the Hamilton Cycle in the first place, maybe you could have the snake check which areas on it are considered good or bad places to make a shortcut? Perhaps have it check whether the skipped over portion can make a Hamiltonian Cycle of just that portion. If it can't, that means there's some thin part that sticks out weirdly, and so a shortcut shouldn't be made that creates that kind of weird shape.

  13. MyNameIsJoe :D

    MyNameIsJoe :D6 timer siden

    0:22 "leg"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Jonathan Ramos

    Jonathan Ramos7 timer siden

    4:48 if u want to skip the math

  15. SayrexZ

    SayrexZ7 timer siden

    this gotta be the best episode so far hahaha

  16. Strider Barnes

    Strider Barnes7 timer siden

    8:26 "super easy, barely an inconvenience" i see you are a man of class as well

  17. Jonathan Ramos

    Jonathan Ramos7 timer siden

    4:41 oh ok ;-;

  18. robin mackridge

    robin mackridge8 timer siden

    Bet u cant make a ai that makes itself Or let's say a game that makes itself

  19. lordsuvrowww y'all

    lordsuvrowww y'all8 timer siden

    And My friends that's how skynet was created

  20. Zalidia

    Zalidia8 timer siden

    AI is smarter than me

  21. Felix Kjelberg

    Felix Kjelberg10 timer siden

    Do you mean e for effort

  22. J Ma

    J Ma10 timer siden

    8:26 steven is fainted

  23. Jose Rosales

    Jose Rosales10 timer siden


  24. Guntherson220

    Guntherson22010 timer siden

    The 55x55x55 honestly looked like what I think a Rubics Cube of that size would look like in the hands of Barrey Allen.

  25. Facade Kitsune

    Facade Kitsune11 timer siden

    But If it is hard coded it is not AI, you are the one doing the learning and adapting not the program

  26. SlickFGaming

    SlickFGaming11 timer siden

    Wow he uploads slower then my grandma drives on the highway 20-30 miles an hour

  27. yeet die sinister

    yeet die sinister11 timer siden

    Code bullet has no legs

  28. Terel

    Terel11 timer siden

    He’s back... With dicks

  29. J Ma

    J Ma11 timer siden

    8:08 bbbboooooooooommmmmm

  30. J Ma

    J Ma11 timer siden

    When he said piece of cake it jinkst him

  31. Martin De Carli

    Martin De Carli11 timer siden

    Damn, he stayed wake all night long doing this

  32. Braylon Spanjer

    Braylon Spanjer13 timer siden

    One year later the video still isn’t there

  33. Henrik Høyrup

    Henrik Høyrup13 timer siden

    "Fuck this, fuck you, fuck you!" Ah, the sound of frustrated defeat. Someone already made it, you didn't - so they're better than you. I know the feeling :-/

  34. Arcanefire 734

    Arcanefire 73413 timer siden

    When code bullet for his first time doesn’t speed up the game so he can get that ad revenue

  35. Kangy Studios

    Kangy Studios14 timer siden

    8:23 that dude knows what’s up.

  36. Jonel Patrick Ah Sue

    Jonel Patrick Ah Sue15 timer siden

    this basicly went like naruto mirage in the last few minutes

  37. Matthew Yeh

    Matthew Yeh15 timer siden

    i made a glorious creature and things happened i guess it was too beautful for this world T^T

  38. Iam Dot957

    Iam Dot95715 timer siden

    0:18 I love how the legs are literally “leg”

  39. Theodore Small

    Theodore Small16 timer siden

    When you put on play back speed all the way up, I would bet you all right now ppl with epilepsy who would do that right now would probably die.

  40. Stinking Druid

    Stinking Druid16 timer siden


  41. Wesley Els

    Wesley Els16 timer siden

    @1:23 i was gonna go with bib ross tbh

  42. Deku-san

    Deku-san18 timer siden

    everybody gangsta till yo computer has multiple mice of screen

  43. Beandonuts

    Beandonuts18 timer siden

    What's the music he used for when shit got serious?

  44. Jake Wang

    Jake Wang18 timer siden

    you should make the laser accelerate to kill the ones that go faster than the normal laser speed

  45. Star SCT4000E Bun Toaster

    Star SCT4000E Bun Toaster18 timer siden

    Video starts at 10:34

  46. Evan Ford

    Evan Ford18 timer siden


  47. lockshades Gaming

    lockshades Gaming19 timer siden

    Lol! I can't believe you used that meme video😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Aiden Cloud

    Aiden Cloud19 timer siden

    my record w minesweeper is 166 on expert, but that was a lot of luck piling up, i typically get 200-250 seconds

  49. Simon Weizman

    Simon Weizman20 timer siden

    How do you check how many empty blocks the snake can reach?

  50. Gorazd Novsak

    Gorazd Novsak20 timer siden

    So no part two?

  51. TCarrot Gaming

    TCarrot Gaming20 timer siden

    1:14 "This is an excellent example of why one shouldn't attempt alliteration with the letter Q," I quipped quite quizzaciously.

  52. Matthew Nowlan

    Matthew Nowlan20 timer siden

    I don't know if anone knows this but the real game has no end

  53. Kagome Kagome

    Kagome Kagome21 time siden

    Would the AI be able to learn how to play Team Fortress 2? Just curious

  54. rage_ man

    rage_ man22 timer siden

    I dont come for the grass, I came on it😅

  55. Deread Lord

    Deread Lord22 timer siden

    I remember when I played minesweeper and ended up with a 50-50 chance of mines being in two positions, I would narrow it down by counting the number of mines remaining - I note the code here doesn't appear to include that?

  56. Niamm Paramadvaiti

    Niamm Paramadvaiti22 timer siden

    they needed proper arms to walk correctly

  57. Diavolo

    Diavolo23 timer siden

    king crimson?

  58. andrew Souza

    andrew Souza23 timer siden

    He should do fortnite

  59. BzuX_CZ

    BzuX_CZ23 timer siden

    what's the name of the song starting at 10:00?

  60. Ben Clearwater

    Ben Clearwater23 timer siden

    Geometry dash

  61. UltraViolence Gaming

    UltraViolence GamingDag siden

    This AI taught me you can duck in this game

  62. TopsyTripsy Decadent

    TopsyTripsy DecadentDag siden

    Great Scot, could one person ever solve the 55×55? Could they hold the algorithmic information in their head? How long would it take?

  63. Joey Murga

    Joey MurgaDag siden

    What’s the music at 7:05

  64. Kirritz zz

    Kirritz zzDag siden

    it would not be difficult. just time consuming.

  65. TamTroll

    TamTrollDag siden

    all i get is a bunch of flying creatures that die half a second latter. they never touch the ground and there is no laser >_>

  66. Dark Aron

    Dark AronDag siden

    It was a long time sense you made another video

  67. Jacksonian Sonex

    Jacksonian SonexDag siden

    Then Code Bullet did a backflip, snapped the AI's neck, and saved the day.

  68. Eric Dean

    Eric DeanDag siden

    Ya he won

  69. Julie Martin

    Julie MartinDag siden

    Don’t the apples increase speed to

  70. jk jvm2 20 2

    jk jvm2 20 2Dag siden

    Day 664 and still no sign of a part 2 😔

  71. Deven Singh

    Deven SinghDag siden

    1:26 hahahahahah

  72. ImposterBow

    ImposterBowDag siden

    11:00 It's forming a triangle... (ill...)

  73. Epic Outdoor Gamer

    Epic Outdoor GamerDag siden

    now make an AI that learns how to play geometry dash. that is, if you can... (you most likely could)

  74. Space Chase

    Space ChaseDag siden

    "The rubik's *tube* solving AI"

  75. James Kerman

    James KermanDag siden

    12:25 This is the quality content we deserve

  76. The Glitch

    The GlitchDag siden

    Well he used redux

  77. Fapalapagus

    FapalapagusDag siden

    Enigma part 2!!!

  78. S U R V I V O R

    S U R V I V O RDag siden

    Hey . If the number of females watching is 0 then I'm your first female I guess😂. You better treat me well. 😁

  79. Gold Master

    Gold MasterDag siden

    0:35 I wasn't sure if that was ment to be a dinosaur or a roo but aussie internet I sometimes worse than dial up. g'day.

  80. hamez the James

    hamez the JamesDag siden


  81. Metzger Meister

    Metzger MeisterDag siden

    Can u make a AI, that ist learning trading? I think that would be super interesting. A bot that is trying to make the biggest profit per day with real-time stock data. And after the bot has found the perfect strategy we could give him a bit money to manage. Would be super awesome!!!!!

  82. Mad Jack

    Mad JackDag siden

    You are extremely talented to be a leader to understand code cause it looks like a bunch of gibberish to me

  83. The Gladiator

    The GladiatorDag siden

    19:44 welcome, to the matrix

  84. The Gladiator

    The GladiatorDag siden

    That’s a big ass snake

  85. Mad Jack

    Mad JackDag siden

    You wont see this but I like the Distrubed's Dark Messiahs face on your face for the thumbnail

  86. Chaotic Madness

    Chaotic MadnessDag siden

    Bode Cullet

  87. 91xjn

    91xjnDag siden

    *Brain.mp4 has stopped working.*

  88. Thereal735

    Thereal735Dag siden

    1:32 hey does that actually say shoot_some_fuckers

  89. Eruption_Games

    Eruption_GamesDag siden

    I am from the future and you have still not made a video explaining neat

  90. otaku katana boi TM

    otaku katana boi TMDag siden

    1:24 im sorry you lost me can you explain the rules again 4:00 ok now you really lost me

  91. jackalantorn

    jackalantornDag siden

    Code Bullet: I'm gonna start this video on Christmas Code Bullet 3 months later: Hello it's now Christmas Veiwers: Duuuuuuuuuumb

  92. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    NitroSpider VIlluminatiDag siden

    0:07 I actually can't believe you CinemaSins-ed it I'm proud of you

  93. Eliel King

    Eliel KingDag siden


  94. ____

    ____Dag siden

    why not replace yourself with an AI to make videos?

  95. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    NitroSpider VIlluminatiDag siden

    That AI wants to play World of Tanks I'll give it to him, he's got good taste

  96. Ariel Fernandez

    Ariel FernandezDag siden

    God dammit your upload schedule is more incosistent than a bipolar teenagers mood

  97. SupaFlySi

    SupaFlySiDag siden

    Michelle obama would be proud

  98. Maxime Lusignan-Laplante

    Maxime Lusignan-LaplanteDag siden

    Did he really uploaded this video about coding without having replace is ??? By the actual time to skip to ?😂

  99. Brady Plumberg

    Brady PlumbergDag siden

    One year ago still no sign of part tow

  100. DANDAN2052

    DANDAN2052Dag siden

    6:29 the timing on that is absolutely perfect Comedy GOLD