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  1. Deborah Kennedy

    Deborah Kennedy4 timer siden

    Look up the difference between continuous and continual. Let the "Improper Grammar Games" begin...

  2. Star Mac

    Star Mac4 timer siden

    The primary highlight of this home is that PRINCE once lived in it.🕺🕺🎶🎵🎵🎶

  3. Deborah Kennedy

    Deborah Kennedy4 timer siden

    For being an alleged expert in RE, I'd be happy to give him a Grammar 101 lesson, to wit: A/the balcony (singular) over look. A balcony that overlookS. The (plural) balconies overlook... Basic subject-verb agreement, usually taught in 3rd grade ... ?

  4. Mateus Luedke

    Mateus Luedke4 timer siden


  5. BramMW

    BramMW4 timer siden

    I really wonder if this house brings in any natural light, anyone happen to know?

  6. Vojta Vajaý

    Vojta Vajaý4 timer siden

    It may be an unpopular opinion but I'd call this McMansion. It's bigger, posher and far more expensive than a regular McMansion but a McMansion nevertheless. There are many gorgeous old houses and mansions in LA which actually have character so not sure why AD feature this thing.

  7. ジノレジ

    ジノレジ4 timer siden

    Aaron Paul's gaff is better

  8. EMILIE GUILLON - Equitation

    EMILIE GUILLON - Equitation4 timer siden

    He's dressed like my brother 😁😁

  9. MaΣcott

    MaΣcott4 timer siden

    wow shes gorgeous

  10. Mike S

    Mike S4 timer siden


  11. Jon Lock

    Jon Lock4 timer siden

    That kitchen is abysmal

  12. Bush Wick

    Bush Wick4 timer siden

    I have to laugh when you get some of these celebrities that pay so much for their house and they only got a little backyard I can go and buy a quarter acre land and build a house for 250,000 and live like a king

  13. Shane Blaskiewicz

    Shane Blaskiewicz4 timer siden

    anyone else notice that he sounds like chills as he talks?

  14. pindaar

    pindaar4 timer siden

    Fun game to play while watching - Take a drink every time he says - beautiful - stunning - gorgeous

  15. TaZZ122

    TaZZ1224 timer siden

    i feel they always say bye a little bit rude

  16. Maria Kaake

    Maria Kaake4 timer siden

    This salesman needs better clothing.

  17. Aleksei Maksimov

    Aleksei Maksimov4 timer siden

    unbelievable, Maria has great style

  18. Fmart Mart

    Fmart Mart4 timer siden

    So the thing he really loves about the closet is how practical it is.

  19. givememore4free

    givememore4free4 timer siden

    PRINCE lived there? Okay I will buy it.

  20. RascalFascal

    RascalFascal4 timer siden

    Architectural Digest's youtube version of mtv cribs. no less. #nohate ;-) I love it.

  21. Thomas Felch

    Thomas Felch4 timer siden

    Remember people this house is staged to sell... not your taste... no problem ... you furnish it to your taste. Solved. $50 million ... another $5 to $10 to kit it out your way.

  22. Jonas Lolo

    Jonas Lolo4 timer siden

    Enes Yilmazer actually made a video of this Mansion but earlier. His Video is better.

  23. John Smith

    John Smith4 timer siden

    it's like living in a department store

  24. OneCoat

    OneCoat4 timer siden

    Sitting in the couch, relaxing. .............................. with outdoor shoes on?? / Im from europe

  25. Dann

    Dann4 timer siden

    This mansion is so beautiful that it gives me depression

  26. John Smith

    John Smith4 timer siden

    "amazing elevator" ok the adjectives are really too much

  27. Alex Brown

    Alex Brown4 timer siden

    Q: How would you describe the architectural style? A: It's a very consistent, cohesive style. It's a Mediterranean revival home, with neoclassical marble accents, French chandeliers and sconces, a 1980s villain's living room, Las Vegas Art Deco dining room, a Scandinavian contemporary kitchen, a traditional American master suite with a padded be-chromed hotel accent wall, Bamboo landscaping, Crate & Barrel-style home theater, Beetlejuice's casino's home bar, and the Titanic's bowling alley if the Titanic's architect designed the ship while on psychedelics. Q: What do you call this style? A: Too much money.

  28. Chaz Monzter

    Chaz Monzter4 timer siden

    The outside is cool, but the inside doesn't look like it was updated since the 80's early 90's. Pretty ugly inside.

  29. Nicole Daniels

    Nicole Daniels4 timer siden

    Not even worth half the asking price!

  30. Anita Castrillón.

    Anita Castrillón.4 timer siden

    Aquí los pobres comentando.... la casa que jamás tendré 😆

  31. Fmart Mart

    Fmart Mart4 timer siden

    If this guy is one of the top producing real estate agents in the country then I'm quite sure I can be Secretary General of the UN.

  32. Liz

    Liz4 timer siden

    It’s weird to think that someone will own all this and never actually use almost any of it. Also if you had kids, you’d never know were your kids are. Also I think it’s strange to have all the entertainment areas in a separate house. You could have a house full of people and never see them. It’s kinda sad actually.

  33. Jacob E. Miller

    Jacob E. Miller4 timer siden

    20 bathrooms? Might want to get yo-self checked out.

  34. T C

    T C4 timer siden

    Why would anyone need 20 bathrooms??

  35. EMILIE GUILLON - Equitation

    EMILIE GUILLON - Equitation4 timer siden

    It's enormous ! I love the outside but I'm not so sure about the inside. There are more than one house in this house so l should find a bit I feel at home in 😁

  36. Jungle

    Jungle4 timer siden

    If I could summarize this video with 3 words I would choose “stunning”, “gorgeous” and “amazing.”

  37. Vincent No

    Vincent No4 timer siden

    Ugly, absolutely no taste. Please, none of this is "French" or "Italian"

  38. melvin barnett

    melvin barnett4 timer siden

    This looks like the property Jeff Bezos recently bought for $135 million!

  39. Emerson Riley

    Emerson Riley4 timer siden

    Why does the kitchen look like that

  40. pindaar

    pindaar4 timer siden

    1:03 *Unbelievably opulent and stunningly gorgeous* 😂😂😂😂

  41. ed

    ed4 timer siden

    this guy really loves his adjectives

  42. Tanja Petties

    Tanja Petties4 timer siden

    The carpeting on marble floor why ..The house is Magnificent

  43. grow proteas

    grow proteas4 timer siden

    low ceilings

  44. Parth Desai

    Parth Desai4 timer siden

    You can easily get lost in your own house if you buy this

  45. samnic1998

    samnic19984 timer siden

    "What I really like about this wardrobe, is that it's a wardrobe"

  46. Jaco Millo

    Jaco Millo4 timer siden

    Rolls bowling ball at nothing

  47. Ashley Buffa

    Ashley Buffa4 timer siden

    I’ve watched a lot of these videos and this is by far my favorite home I’ve ever seen. How organic & rich. It’s so beautiful.

  48. Mike Bertelsen

    Mike Bertelsen4 timer siden

    ... Rich people ...

  49. Saleh Elsileni

    Saleh Elsileni4 timer siden


  50. JimBob Cooter

    JimBob Cooter4 timer siden

    this cheesy agent is the king of the adjective

  51. Felix S

    Felix S4 timer siden

    Imagine trying to sell a 50 million dollar mansion in a tshirt

  52. Julien

    Julien4 timer siden

    Here's another tour from 2018:

  53. Gabriella Michaels

    Gabriella Michaels4 timer siden

    "amazing" and "Beautiful and "Stunning"

  54. L W

    L W4 timer siden

    I only wish it had more marble.

  55. srinath k

    srinath k5 timer siden

    This looks like $16 million dollar mansion bought by Ben in Florida. Ben's mansion is better.

  56. 3picHamster

    3picHamster5 timer siden

    this sin't even the first tour of this mansion on youtube. Check out Enez Yilmazer's video from last September

  57. Blackwater dd7

    Blackwater dd75 timer siden

    Love the tour,hate his annoying over the top look at me Rick licker attitude

  58. Patricia Gantz

    Patricia Gantz5 timer siden

    How much are the taxes ?

  59. Justin Danford

    Justin Danford5 timer siden


  60. RIXRADvidz

    RIXRADvidz5 timer siden

    $50M house and the decor looks like it came from Tuesday Morning. there are too many negatives to owning a house like this to make it appealing. $50M for a top-floor NYC penthouse is more like it. better finishes, better space design. this is just sprawl for sprawl's sake. perhaps in 40 years they'll be popular again.

  61. J. H.

    J. H.5 timer siden

    The Master Bath with the Rose Quartz faucet. OMG. And the tub is gorgeous. Just give me the master suite. I'd never leave.

  62. Jack Foley

    Jack Foley5 timer siden

    I finally realized this house was beautiful after the 15th time he said it

  63. Grace Fernandez

    Grace Fernandez5 timer siden

    Wow! What a beautiful property!

  64. Teddy Bear Of Doom Productions

    Teddy Bear Of Doom Productions5 timer siden

    *slurps cup of noodles in my studio when watching this*

  65. CommonTroll

    CommonTroll5 timer siden

    it always seems like the more expensive the house, the more horribly tacky and cheap looking the furnishings are

  66. Ramzi Bundu

    Ramzi Bundu5 timer siden

    Jeff Bezos just bought this from David Geffen...missed my chance 😉🤭

  67. Janice

    Janice5 timer siden

    This guy is showing off a $50 million mansion in black jeans, a T-shirt , and slip-on shoes 😆

  68. lleae

    lleae5 timer siden

    Seems like someone who is more sophisticated should be selling this home

  69. --

    --5 timer siden

    a very small village could live in this ._.

  70. Prashant Sharma

    Prashant Sharma5 timer siden

    What're the 20 bathrooms for?

  71. faith Davis

    faith Davis5 timer siden

    Cara actually has a personality.

  72. L3G3ND

    L3G3ND5 timer siden

    wow thats a big house!! hey why doesnt she let some of the rampant homeless stay in a few of the bedrooms or some illegals??

  73. 2ins games

    2ins games5 timer siden

    how much without the dinosaur?

  74. Semi Veg

    Semi Veg5 timer siden

    I don't think he understands what an "aha moment" is.

  75. the cake is a lie

    the cake is a lie5 timer siden

    eh. not homey

  76. GT C

    GT C5 timer siden

    What a BS tone in any presentation when you hear "HONESTLY"...!!! 20 bathrooms...REALLY?...the owner must have had SERIOUS problems with "holding it and finding a bathroom" fast."

  77. Yeti

    Yeti5 timer siden

    This is something I'd build in The Sims.

  78. Extra crispy Colonel

    Extra crispy Colonel5 timer siden

    Stop watching this and go out and start working hard and you won’t have to watch this video to see a luxury home like this.....

  79. tuklplubl

    tuklplubl5 timer siden

    terrible flair

  80. KiloCharlieOne

    KiloCharlieOne5 timer siden

    The home theater was the only room I liked. Okay, and the wine cellar.

  81. OW Kiddo

    OW Kiddo5 timer siden

    I wouldn't like to live there

  82. iSemi

    iSemi5 timer siden

    0:08 gotta agree

  83. Juicy Lucy

    Juicy Lucy5 timer siden

    Does the agent come with the house?

  84. RIXRADvidz

    RIXRADvidz5 timer siden

    59 seconds in, MUTE, shift playback to 2X and go. terrible posture put me off $50M, the neighbors are way too close, the house is just BIG, it's probably going to appeal to a Texan or a Saudi, the rest of us only see the problems of having a BIG house, staff, theft, upkeep, costs, taxes, insurance, loss. Itsa Meh Mansion.

  85. Pastor Flaps

    Pastor Flaps5 timer siden

    Who is this person ?

  86. TheOneAndOnly

    TheOneAndOnly5 timer siden

    auf den reatkionsboss warten...

  87. Mitchell -

    Mitchell -5 timer siden

    With everything he says I’m like yeah duhh... it’s $49.000.000.. of course all that is part of the house.

  88. maweu ruth

    maweu ruth5 timer siden

    My house

  89. Hoki

    Hoki5 timer siden

    It looks like a corporate hotel, multiple lobbies and all. No personality.

  90. Jennifer Giuliani

    Jennifer Giuliani5 timer siden

    I have finally found my dream house!!! Now I'm just going to plan a way to get them out of there and make it mine.

  91. Hoki

    Hoki5 timer siden

    Is that the indoor pool in True Blood? Was that the gym Mark Wahlberg and James Cordon filmed in when James tried to workout at 4am with Mark? I think someone rents this mansion out to the film world.

  92. Catorce

    Catorce5 timer siden

    Actually quite tacky. No soul, nothing cozy and just a display of expensive materials.

  93. Noah Lane

    Noah Lane5 timer siden

    "This room is literally bigger than most people's living rooms." Wow! Look at the big brain on Brad! That room is bigger than a large percentage of American homes ya wanker!

  94. Thibaut Haenebalcke

    Thibaut Haenebalcke5 timer siden

    You can say whatever you want about this mansion, but the "dome" area with the indoor pool and bwoling is dope asf.

  95. RJ

    RJ5 timer siden

    That kitchen is a MAJOR disappoinment for a house costing $50 million.

  96. Don

    Don5 timer siden

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he threw a bowling ball at 0 pins

  97. Owen Beharry

    Owen Beharry5 timer siden

    Very old school Bel Air Beverly Hills

  98. Holly Wood

    Holly Wood5 timer siden

    What's the "a-ha" moment? "A-ha I definitely can't afford this place?"

  99. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Choo Choo MotherTrucker5 timer siden

    20 bathrooms??? A man can never have enough bathroom.

  100. Edo Barba

    Edo Barba5 timer siden

    Definitely buying It!