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  1. Zoë 23

    Zoë 2323 timer siden

    He’s really that person that says “my best friend is Asian so I’m not racist😂”

  2. shannon 137

    shannon 13723 timer siden

    Nic just ended his own career

  3. Ghost

    Ghost23 timer siden

    Leafy is back?

  4. Connor Briggs

    Connor Briggs23 timer siden

    Leafy is not here

  5. Nathan Skelton

    Nathan Skelton23 timer siden

    I’m from Australia, I’d like to be your assistant for team seas but I would like raise awareness for my mums rare disease friedreich's ataxia which has left her wheelchair bound since the age of 21 this disease effects1 in every 50000.


    EL RENZO OK23 timer siden

    KSI: *lightly taps Deji* Yo bro wanna do a video? Deji: *He almost knocked me out and obligated to do a video*

  7. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm23 timer siden

    Keem: what’s your favourite Nikocado Avocado video? Leafy: the one where he eats stuff

  8. Diamond Loves Technology

    Diamond Loves Technology23 timer siden

    50 million subs - TeamPets


    ULTIMA ABZDag siden

    I want his computer

  10. Jenner The Skeleton

    Jenner The SkeletonDag siden

    There was literally evidence in the last video “you’re gay, and other stuff in the messages that he said”

  11. Lewis Eley

    Lewis EleyDag siden

    Memeulous has spoken about this so many times before this video and nobody has said anything until keemstar says something

  12. DarthSquid2

    DarthSquid2Dag siden

    Leafy come back

  13. Versatile IOS

    Versatile IOSDag siden

    Assistant resume : I’m asian, I’m smart, I’m funny, I’m gay, I’m 15, I’m hot, hire me beardman

  14. Slyboi

    SlyboiDag siden

    Assist resume: I can say the N word.

  15. nuitNo.6

    nuitNo.6Dag siden

    Boxing drama is so boring honestly.

  16. Epic Depic

    Epic DepicDag siden

    Do you guys here that? Sounds like cancer

  17. J.B 91

    J.B 91Dag siden

    I don't understand why people cheer him up. Clearly delusional and wery wery ill.

  18. mikael ronkainen

    mikael ronkainenDag siden


  19. Faraj Rizvi

    Faraj RizviDag siden

    Hes talking bout Leafy the youtuber *It was too leafy*

  20. insano man

    insano manDag siden


  21. insano man

    insano manDag siden


  22. insano man

    insano manDag siden


  23. insano man

    insano manDag siden


  24. insano man

    insano manDag siden


  25. sasha w.

    sasha w.Dag siden

    Freedom of Speech eye- 💀

  26. Delphoxx

    DelphoxxDag siden

    Leafyishere should be your assistant

  27. aiden Winter

    aiden WinterDag siden

    Imagine doing a diss track in 2020

  28. Gavan the greatest

    Gavan the greatestDag siden

    Hmm leafys kingdom will rise?

  29. Joey Howard

    Joey HowardDag siden

    Leafy needs to upload so I can feel 14 again

  30. GrumbleGamer 18

    GrumbleGamer 18Dag siden

    I’m a simple man, I see leafy, I click. I see nick, I run

  31. Peter Pan

    Peter PanDag siden

    leafy is so immature for his age and cringy as fuk

  32. Andres R.

    Andres R.Dag siden

    NO-gos just wants the money and it's sad WTF is that ceo bitch doing smh

  33. Mr. Kp

    Mr. KpDag siden

    Bcz I want to.

  34. Faizal Ali

    Faizal AliDag siden

    Nick says he's going to Korea but then says he's not going to Asia. Who gon tellem?

  35. onslaught Molina

    onslaught MolinaDag siden


  36. Andres R.

    Andres R.Dag siden

    WTF are NO-gos staff ppl doing so many fuckn accounts need to be wiped so many dumb shit

  37. Chokyo

    ChokyoDag siden

    Girl goes to Keemstar for clout instead of the police. Nice job

  38. Chokyo

    ChokyoDag siden

    NO-gos cares about money and viewers. They don't really care about anything

  39. ShaunTheCHB

    ShaunTheCHBDag siden

    9:26.......Keem's expression says it all. XD

  40. Von P3

    Von P3Dag siden


  41. F U D G E

    F U D G EDag siden

    Dudes leafy voice sounds so different

  42. Trxst

    TrxstDag siden

    Leafy is my god

  43. Anthony Fandago

    Anthony FandagoDag siden

    9:20 Let's face it. This is why you came for

  44. Jason Howell

    Jason HowellDag siden

    Bro keem im a broke college student from Louisiana it’s boring here my life is boring here I need something interesting and fun to do please help me... I’m tech savvy (computer science major)

  45. Mobkun sama

    Mobkun samaDag siden

    Why are you guys still watching this killers channel?

  46. Mobkun sama

    Mobkun samaDag siden

    Why you guyss still watching this killer?

  47. Daniel White

    Daniel WhiteDag siden

    I'm a cool guy, assistance worthy?

  48. onslaught Molina

    onslaught MolinaDag siden

    100 percent FACTS 🍿🍩🍪🥧🍭🧁🍬🍰🍫🥩🍔🌭🍟🍕🥪☕️🍣

  49. onslaught Molina

    onslaught MolinaDag siden

    Facts 🍔🍭🍪🍩🍿🥩🥒🍳🥪🧇🥞🍟🍫🍬🧀🥔

  50. onslaught Molina

    onslaught MolinaDag siden


  51. Mysterio

    MysterioDag siden

    13:09 he said coronavirus is a mental disease💀💀💀

  52. Yx1[dark]1xT

    Yx1[dark]1xTDag siden

    I like helping

  53. Gxmmy-_-

    Gxmmy-_-Dag siden

    I should be ur assistant cuz I’m kool

  54. Undead Unicorn

    Undead UnicornDag siden

    Not gonna lie I fucking loathed leafy but he was pretty funny in this

  55. Torch TV

    Torch TVDag siden


  56. Emil Power Torvik

    Emil Power TorvikDag siden


  57. lepszy od siebie

    lepszy od siebieDag siden

    Petition for leafy to Come back to NO-gos

  58. Myst6c YT

    Myst6c YTDag siden

    we were here for leafy let’s be honest

  59. Angelo Fonseca

    Angelo FonsecaDag siden

    Dude this guy needs help. I have ptsd, anxiety and depression. One has to know when to throw the towel and say I Need HELP!!

  60. FintanMajora

    FintanMajoraDag siden

    All I can really say is I'm extremely flexible and can adapt to any non given to me

  61. F1 Shadow

    F1 ShadowDag siden

    Assistant Resume: I’m fucking hilarious

  62. SiddRth 008

    SiddRth 008Dag siden

    Assistant resume : I am from india so I can't come

  63. Firez

    FirezDag siden

    Keem he said anywhere but LA😂

  64. Angelo Fonseca

    Angelo FonsecaDag siden

    This guys a joke!! Lol

  65. baka denki

    baka denkiDag siden


  66. Celerem

    CeleremDag siden

    Video doesn’t even match up with the sound

  67. MrSmiles

    MrSmilesDag siden

    Kpop is so bad all these wannabes that dance and sing at the same time🙄🙄🙄

  68. NerdyBluu

    NerdyBluuDag siden

    Is that genuinely leafy???

  69. pvpgaming2007

    pvpgaming2007Dag siden

    8:40 you don't have one

  70. Wakarimasen

    WakarimasenDag siden

    "mid-roll ads"

  71. s r

    s rDag siden

    thats what happen when you diss ksi

  72. YO BLXRR

    YO BLXRRDag siden

    Leafy pls come back

  73. glg shadow

    glg shadowDag siden

    Keem just talking about the drama leafy make remarks that makes it 100% better

  74. Lucas Andrews

    Lucas AndrewsDag siden

    Anyone else find leafy funny but only in really small doses

  75. Kayra

    KayraDag siden

    jeeeeeesusss i didnt even know Lana rhoades (who i watch daily in pornhub) dated MİKE.

  76. evil cookie

    evil cookieDag siden

    I feel bad for all the people who believe this man's bulls***, this guy shouldn't even have a yt account look him up

  77. Basically Touche

    Basically ToucheDag siden

    My favorite part was when he was in the forest

  78. GD Oh woah

    GD Oh woahDag siden

    Leafy: I have the corona virus Me: 😶

  79. Brad Robinson

    Brad RobinsonDag siden

    I'm in a lot of need to help my family out. My dad is a single father and my mom isn't in the picture. I need anything that can help my dad and my two brothers. Age :17

  80. Manny Biggs

    Manny BiggsDag siden

    lost among thousands but hey, might as well shoot my shot. never know what can happen. assistant resumé: love helping people. i have volunteered for 4 years. it's all for a good cause and i'd love to make some friends on the way.

  81. David Zoyoquila

    David ZoyoquilaDag siden

    This guy really said “Team Tress was a fundraiser a bunch of us NO-gosrs donated money” Ignoring all the people who put their own money too, not just NO-gosrs

  82. Noah Vaporz

    Noah VaporzDag siden

    I really want to be your assistant keem cause I’ve always wanted to meet you and I love the ocean

  83. Matos.

    Matos.Dag siden

    Assistant resume: First off, I want to say I love ya Keem. Been around to witness drama alerts lows and highs and still proud to be watching. I’m 18, and am in my first year of college. Major is comp science atm but I got other things I wanna do with my life. This would be an insane opportunity to not only do something good for the world and community, but an amazing one for myself, my friends, and especially my family. I’m currently unemployed, been in the restaurant business for years and I’m sick of it. I don’t play video games anymore or anything like that, been mainly focused on inspiring peers and motivating myself to chase dreams. If get picked for this opportunity just know I won’t let you or the team down and I’ll work the hardest I have in my life (while still having a good time of course). If you want to talk or interview that be awesome. Contact me via my channel for more contact information.

  84. Big Billie

    Big BillieDag siden

    leafy plz


    CODE PP-MCGUNGADag siden

    I Feel like Gucci mane in 2006

  86. Who’s this dumb guy?

    Who’s this dumb guy?Dag siden

    Imagine asking Ricegum for fucking help on a disstrack!!

  87. Ayresh Shieplusnel

    Ayresh ShieplusnelDag siden

    Jake sucks

  88. Devicraft

    DevicraftDag siden


  89. dylan kennedy

    dylan kennedyDag siden


  90. qqHorizon

    qqHorizonDag siden

    Im from Denmark and i finished my education in sales recently but im jobless so ive got plenty of time and im a big fan. Pick me big man Keem

  91. Cola Bears YT

    Cola Bears YTDag siden

    Is it me or did it not sound like leafy. Maybe because he is sick but when he was sick on his other vids he did not sound different

  92. Tal Fishman

    Tal FishmanDag siden

    How would dee admit that he jumped on him😂 he dont wanna expose himself

  93. Soldier1287

    Soldier1287Dag siden

    g fuel has merch now? damn I remember when it was just orange mountain dew with halo 3

  94. Puff Worldwide

    Puff WorldwideDag siden

    *Top 10 Crossover Episodes in History*

  95. Mr. Lucky Lyon

    Mr. Lucky LyonDag siden


  96. BryceTheWizard

    BryceTheWizardDag siden