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  1. Molly♡

    Molly♡2 minutter siden

    She’s not gonna be able to get over this. Her future relationships are going to be difficult, definitely gonna have trust issues now. Twice now, she’s been cheated on.

  2. Joshua Quinn

    Joshua Quinn3 minutter siden

    Dee is a bitch. He obviously knows who Brother Nature is so why would he take anything as a threat? You can record him but he can’t take a picture of you? Everything he says at the end doesn’t even correspond with the videos so he’s lying out his ass.

  3. beastmaster- 64

    beastmaster- 644 minutter siden

    Geez u fat old fuck

  4. Alinn

    Alinn5 minutter siden

    Edgy content might be back in 2020 gl leafy

  5. Alinn

    Alinn7 minutter siden

    He is living the life I want

  6. bryan giron

    bryan giron13 minutter siden

    This nigga Keem ask stupid ass questions and don’t listen 😂

  7. beastmaster- 64

    beastmaster- 6427 minutter siden

    Ur almost 40, stop it pls. Literally rather watch leafy than this

  8. Blaine Smith

    Blaine Smith33 minutter siden

    Both of them should get arrested... pure stupidity on both parts. Ghetto

  9. nibba cheese

    nibba cheese33 minutter siden

    Hoes mad

  10. Jasper

    Jasper36 minutter siden

    u should post the restaurants footage.. yikes

  11. Katie Dixon

    Katie Dixon37 minutter siden

    Do a report on onison

  12. Stefanny Angelina

    Stefanny Angelina41 minutt siden

    Ayyy let's go sir 😍😍😍

  13. Pyro Flame

    Pyro Flame45 minutter siden



    HOMiCiDE CLYDE58 minutter siden

    I knew that foo brother nature started this shit, he's an entitled brat that thinks cause he's famous he can get special treatment, when they said "chico, don't nobody know u bro" he's was saying it from the store owners point of view like he don't give a fuck if u famous nobody cares if your too good to eat with everyone at the bar

  15. John No Mo Doe

    John No Mo Doe58 minutter siden

    Do a video on unbox therapy ripping off pitaka phone case

  16. Jungler

    JunglerTime siden

    6:43 funniest shit i've ever heard ngl

  17. Rinaldo Isaac

    Rinaldo IsaacTime siden

    Keemstar your a bad person

  18. Feng Gula

    Feng GulaTime siden

    Why do brown people say the N word, thinking they're hood and shit...... Say that to someone black and you'll get fucking slapped

  19. Charlie Garduno

    Charlie GardunoTime siden

    Moral of the story protect your phone lmao

  20. Randy Savage

    Randy SavageTime siden

    Brother nature just ruined his career

  21. IvanElGaming

    IvanElGamingTime siden

    Bank:*cheats* Nobody: Keemstar:they were madly in love

  22. Essa Amer

    Essa AmerTime siden

    Fuck you keem

  23. Victor Gullberg

    Victor GullbergTime siden

    IM sorry but if you cheated you don’t get to decide if there are any boundries. She gets to rant on twitter as much as she wants

  24. EntityGamer 303

    EntityGamer 303Time siden

    Keem Juice WRLD passed away :(

  25. mike ant

    mike antTime siden

    This dude a bully. Watch the tmz video

  26. Raj Kothari

    Raj KothariTime siden

    We need the CCTV footage

  27. Jonathan Mora

    Jonathan MoraTime siden

    After his departure from NO-gos, NO-gos hasn’t been the same I miss you edgelord.

  28. Taz 135

    Taz 135Time siden

    You don’t start fights with a person that has a farragamo belt 😂😂

  29. Victor Gullberg

    Victor GullbergTime siden

    Alissa didn’t deserve this

  30. goku ssj4

    goku ssj4Time siden

    😂😂😂 thats funny that cayote said it dig time 😂

  31. Brandon Blackfyre

    Brandon BlackfyreTime siden

    No one came to help *Brother Nature* because he is the one who started it! And it was a one on one fight the enitre time. Not one other person jumped in it. *Brother Nature* was the aggressor and swung but just couldn't connect

  32. Mimi

    MimiTime siden

    Why was keemstar acc so funny in this. Made me resubscribe

  33. Mryeast 5999

    Mryeast 5999Time siden

    Today this video is 5 days old I just watched pewds video which is 33 mins old and it has 6k more views than this video

  34. Brandon Blackfyre

    Brandon BlackfyreTime siden

    Man Brother Nature did all this to *HIMSELF* all he had to do was say I tried to act hard in a pizza shop and got the shit beat out of me instead of saying he got jumped

  35. Mental Alchemist

    Mental AlchemistTime siden

    If you fight in a taco shop you're trash

  36. bruh its unknown

    bruh its unknownTime siden

    damn bro was straight stompin him and his head was just bobbling like a mf

  37. Vinny Moose

    Vinny Moose2 timer siden

    Brother nature should box the guy who beat him up... and you’re damn right I’m siding with the guy who beat him up. KEEM MAKE THIS FIGHT HAPPEN!

  38. erikbarrett85

    erikbarrett852 timer siden

    Dude sounds like Masvidal a little

  39. 2polesimrambo

    2polesimrambo2 timer siden

    ima smack the nature out of you lmaoooo

  40. SmallestWARRIOR

    SmallestWARRIOR2 timer siden

    See, your ass needed my help. Cause I would've been making people burst into tears with just my words alone.

  41. Quinn Hazelton

    Quinn Hazelton2 timer siden

    Keemstar is a fucking idiot does he not know how to listen? Stop interrupting a man telling a story

  42. Catch 22

    Catch 222 timer siden

    Canela finna be wildn

  43. DaxamusPrime

    DaxamusPrime2 timer siden

    I love The Brother Nature video game.

  44. Quinn Hazelton

    Quinn Hazelton2 timer siden

    Honestly how did Keemstar get famous? Hes a terrible host and terrible interviewer. I constantly feel like hes always trying to spin things, not just this guys story but every keem video I watch.

  45. Gucci GaMeR

    Gucci GaMeR2 timer siden

    This is the first video that keem star has made That hasn’t started it off of him screaming about the first the news topic

  46. Cole Smith

    Cole Smith2 timer siden

    listen to the rules of a game or be banned get over it they have rules for a reason

  47. JerichoPoopersGames

    JerichoPoopersGames2 timer siden

    DramaAlert: "Alissa Violet For FaZe Banks For Cheating." Me: "Am I Joking To You?"

  48. Kids Hopkins

    Kids Hopkins2 timer siden

    Your delusional dollar In the woods is so bad

  49. Cole Smith

    Cole Smith2 timer siden

    people cant get the real world is not sunshine and rainbows

  50. Christine L

    Christine L3 timer siden

    Oh but he had no idea who he was but he said he's going to smack the nature out of u. This man is full of shit

  51. Charlie Edwards

    Charlie Edwards3 timer siden

    Team 10 has been proven to be click bait once again

  52. The Weekly Daily

    The Weekly Daily3 timer siden

    damn keemstar is fucking stupid. I’ve never actually watch a video on this channel but holy shit, what a terrible interview.

  53. Christine L

    Christine L3 timer siden

    Well the clock sat 530 so how was he coming in at 545. Well thats a lie

  54. Toxic Vibes 74

    Toxic Vibes 743 timer siden

    Baby yoda

  55. KxARKx 465

    KxARKx 4653 timer siden


  56. Mizza US

    Mizza US3 timer siden

    D, we still finna smoke you for nature. Don’t sleep easy papa.

  57. Gamer Awwab211

    Gamer Awwab2113 timer siden

    Moral of the story: No matter how famous you are, you aren't a god

  58. k.B

    k.B3 timer siden

    Keem: breathes Dee : no no no no no

  59. xo Hazza

    xo Hazza3 timer siden

    the interviewer needs to shut the fuck up and let the man talk. His fucking beard alone is enough to piss you off. This is ruined by the guy just interrupting every 30 seconds fuck sake

  60. FuckYouProbably

    FuckYouProbably3 timer siden

    Yo drama. Shut the fuck up for 2 SECONDS and let him tell the story

  61. KePsSsS

    KePsSsS3 timer siden

    "Ima snack the nature out of u" 😂

  62. 2PhoneSensei

    2PhoneSensei3 timer siden

    Lmaooo he really went back to eat 😂😂 u know “I’m hungry” beating is a whole different type of beating .. especially when someone ruined your meal

  63. Suga Monstaa

    Suga Monstaa3 timer siden

    I really thought it was just a female reality tv show thing to throw drinks on people during a “fight” but here they are

  64. Camron Findlay

    Camron Findlay3 timer siden

    Haha what a filthy fighter a guy on the floor doing nothing back. Must feel strong hitting a guy lying on the floor and kicking 😂

  65. Alexlimixone

    Alexlimixone3 timer siden

    Long time of go

  66. CapitalTeeth

    CapitalTeeth3 timer siden

    If there's one thing i know about Twitter, it's that you don't share your fucking opinions on it. It's just that much of a toxic wasteland.

  67. E S

    E S3 timer siden

    Jake: sees MrBeast video and copy's it. Jake: nobody have ever done anything like this before

  68. Charlie Edwards

    Charlie Edwards3 timer siden

    Morgs =💩💩

  69. Airhawker

    Airhawker3 timer siden

    Trending on gaming

  70. Sa.ga04

    Sa.ga044 timer siden

    Stop beings over dramatic lol

  71. NC

    NC4 timer siden

    Nigga wanted a street fight w Jorge Masvidal smhh

  72. isbeth Torres

    isbeth Torres4 timer siden

    Long story short brother nature is still rich and this bum ass nigha still broke 🤷🏽‍♂️

  73. Saitama's Apartment

    Saitama's Apartment4 timer siden


  74. Tommy Tagarook

    Tommy Tagarook4 timer siden

    If ya dont take 2 steps back Imma smack the nature outta you.

  75. GlobsToTheDome

    GlobsToTheDome4 timer siden

    Saw a video of 2 guys beating down on brother nature tho🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  76. M W1

    M W14 timer siden

    RIP juice wrld ❤️🙏

  77. Axel Sananes

    Axel Sananes4 timer siden

    People that record a fight and don’t do anything can’t throw hands and it shows lol

  78. Pendo Good

    Pendo Good4 timer siden

    Shout my NO-gos out everybody.

  79. WhatIsGoinOnPeople

    WhatIsGoinOnPeople5 timer siden

    Brother Nature got the shit kicked out of him for being a dumb ass lmao

  80. Agecatcher 2005

    Agecatcher 20055 timer siden

    Anyone noticed that there is a JUUL next to his mousepad?

  81. EllaNella

    EllaNella5 timer siden

    Ugly ass men truly ‘aint shit

  82. beecho smack

    beecho smack5 timer siden

    Keem brother nature had it coming obviously got to big for his britches had to get brought back to reality. Caught the beats courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Boriqua ya tu sabe

  83. Dav Guy

    Dav Guy5 timer siden

    Vitaly is telling the truth, fousey swaying all the shots Actin like he Acting a angel.

  84. NGDre & TheSaint

    NGDre & TheSaint5 timer siden

    You Kept Cutting Buddy Off To Ask The Same Questions That He Already Answered, Learn How To Sit There And Listen

  85. OtxFresh

    OtxFresh5 timer siden

    Brother nature is pretty irrelevant ngl I haven't heard his name since idk when

  86. Fletcher Evans

    Fletcher Evans5 timer siden

    In FL as long as no one presses charges it gets written off as mutual combatives it’s just 2 consenting adults fighting

  87. matt yaz

    matt yaz5 timer siden

    what I hate about keep is that he makes his vids 10 mins but putting a sponsor in each vid and saying unnecessary stuff he was gonna talk about ninja but when he found out its been 10 mins he ended the vid -_- I know u guys are with me god said to tell the truth!

  88. Ghost Clan

    Ghost Clan5 timer siden

    Its obviously fake, he made all this shit up! HES FUCKING STUTTERING...!

  89. Teddy Clifford

    Teddy Clifford5 timer siden

    Yeah from 3:00 - 3:45 I miss that keem

  90. Killer Tay

    Killer Tay5 timer siden

    guys his name is just Brother now...he literally and physically got the Nature slapped off of him

  91. Killer Tay

    Killer Tay5 timer siden

    Brother is a douchbag STRAIGHT UP

  92. Steezy-J

    Steezy-J5 timer siden

    So many people put on a Saint like visade on social media when in real life they just egotistical picks. Glad he got humbled.

  93. Sub To solar striker

    Sub To solar striker5 timer siden

    When keem star cant talk because the other guy is talking over him LOL🤣😂

  94. circledude

    circledude5 timer siden


  95. Typical Rayyan

    Typical Rayyan5 timer siden


  96. Smike

    Smike5 timer siden

    You are not a real journalist.

  97. circledude

    circledude5 timer siden

    Ninja played Halo?

  98. Taylor Lee

    Taylor Lee5 timer siden

    I bought the palette!!!! Keem, I am a small NO-gosr and would love any support! I’ll be posting a look book/tutorial on my channel when I receive it 🤡❤️

  99. Seba Hadad

    Seba Hadad5 timer siden

    Rip juice wrld

  100. Ruby Finder

    Ruby Finder5 timer siden

    me a happy boi oml best thing ever