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  1. M.Ibtasam Javed

    M.Ibtasam Javed23 timer siden

    He didnt want to go to Man utd because he has brains Man utd is the worse team ever RIP to any Man utd fan

  2. Darth Adam Skywalker

    Darth Adam Skywalker23 timer siden

    On One football you can only follow 1 club

  3. Mohammed Shibli

    Mohammed Shibli23 timer siden

    7:18 messi

  4. Aaron Joby

    Aaron Joby23 timer siden

    Sànchez and Mykhitariyan

  5. Ayaan Rizvi

    Ayaan Rizvi23 timer siden

    Outrageous record breaking FREE!! ??? WHAT?? 😂

  6. plezx29

    plezx2923 timer siden

    The only football fans that would want Karius back are man utd fans

  7. plezx29

    plezx2923 timer siden

    Shaqiri hasn't played a game all season Lovren not a good defender

  8. Balsa Potparic

    Balsa Potparic23 timer siden

    Balsa Balsa

  9. tarzoon

    tarzoonDag siden

    See the goal of Alex telled Vs portimonense, and Porto's attacker scores a lot of goals I'm from Portugal and I support FC Porto

  10. K. T

    K. TDag siden

    come on guys Haaland is good but he is no match at all for Lewy

  11. OnE WaY

    OnE WaYDag siden

    Talk about dembele

  12. OnE WaY

    OnE WaYDag siden

    Todibo is not Barcelona level?

  13. Tavannie Isaacs

    Tavannie IsaacsDag siden

    Bailey is way better that diaby but bailey not getting is chance to shine I think he should leave leverkusen

  14. Reggae Pyramid

    Reggae PyramidDag siden

    They're both Jamaicans. Good move good chemistry

  15. Ismaeel Ali

    Ismaeel AliDag siden

    Ighalo made a bigger impact than Eriksen and Can