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    ABDALLAH Ali6 timer siden

    Very big lie

  2. That Dude

    That Dude6 timer siden

    Last time I was this early pogba was at juventus

  3. K for the Win

    K for the Win6 timer siden

    I think sanchez was even worse for manu

  4. Kingey

    Kingey6 timer siden

    biggest transfer flop.... coutinio as a liverpool fan... 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. joelout

    joelout6 timer siden

    Imagine thinking Chelsea actually had a shot at beating Bayern

  6. Chris333

    Chris3336 timer siden

    Oblak and best gk in the world?

  7. Notice me senpai

    Notice me senpai6 timer siden

    This is a episode of Football version of Dad Jokes

  8. Cain Swanson

    Cain Swanson6 timer siden

    Joelinton is a huge flop

  9. Ian Deeley

    Ian Deeley6 timer siden


  10. Nicolas Pousset

    Nicolas Pousset6 timer siden

    Nico 💪🏼

  11. Revensar Paswet

    Revensar Paswet6 timer siden

    Griezmen is the flop

  12. abc123 xyz

    abc123 xyz6 timer siden

    Sorry but alexis Sanchez....

  13. EnderMutant101 YT

    EnderMutant101 YT6 timer siden

    Matt: Oblak the best goal keeper in the world Allison:Am i a joke to you

  14. Vijayr47

    Vijayr476 timer siden

    Really you have an agenda against man utd There are far worse flops like coutinho,morata,bakayoko FYI

  15. Sean Cread

    Sean Cread6 timer siden

    Chelsea were Humbled....... Again!!!

  16. Edwin Bowah

    Edwin Bowah6 timer siden

    Real madrid fans smash the like button #HalaMadrid

  17. Ainan Zahid

    Ainan Zahid6 timer siden

    Lmao that was a hilarious comment and a great clickbait. Messi scored 706 goals in 830 games and Ronaldo scored 730 in 1003 games. *just saying*

  18. Edwin Matalla

    Edwin Matalla7 timer siden

    Rma 2-1 barca

  19. Kidukkachi gaming

    Kidukkachi gaming7 timer siden

    Madrid 3 -2 barca

  20. Periya samy

    Periya samy7 timer siden

    Barcelona 5000 - no goal Rmd 🤗

  21. Abby Mmari

    Abby Mmari7 timer siden

    I predict 2-2


    MUHAIMINUL ISLAM7 timer siden

    Wat about Sanchez?

  23. Ben Grose

    Ben Grose7 timer siden

    Alison is the best in the world even uefa Confirmed it

  24. wayne conway

    wayne conway7 timer siden

    The Barcelona rule is weird. Liverpool can reject a billion pound offer for a player if they want. Or they can accept a one pound offer. It's completely up to them. They don't need it in writing that Barca have to pay extra.

  25. Daz Gaming

    Daz Gaming7 timer siden

    How did Mason Mount become a professional without learning how to pass the ball in the box? Mason Mount, CHO and Ross Barkley are selfish pricks we gotta get them out soon.

  26. ThGiorgis

    ThGiorgis7 timer siden

    Lukaku to man utd

  27. jss 1021

    jss 10217 timer siden

    442oons courtois was laughing when the barca man cried

  28. Joshua Louk

    Joshua Louk7 timer siden

    Alexis Sanchez to man united

  29. Samuel Aaron Espinoza

    Samuel Aaron Espinoza7 timer siden

    Courtois makes more clean sheets that Ter-Stegen.

  30. THE DES

    THE DES7 timer siden

    Coutinho for Barcelona huge flop


    SKULL TROOPER GAMER7 timer siden

    Imagine barca buying sturigge and liverpool be like:115million

  32. Sylvester Banini

    Sylvester Banini7 timer siden

    Kepa is good. I swear on my life. When you have Zouma, Christensen, and Marcos Alonso in front of you. I love how De Gea always gets support because he had Jones and Smalling in front of him. Chelsea fans need to give Kepa this same support. We aren’t getting Oblak anyway.

  33. Pritam Biswas

    Pritam Biswas7 timer siden

    These clause are really bizzare 🤣

  34. Vegito Messi10

    Vegito Messi107 timer siden

    It was impossible for barca to play fast flowing football because of how napoli parked the bus in the first half. In the second half, Napoli opened up more and barca played much better

  35. Ziad Elmokadem

    Ziad Elmokadem7 timer siden

    Kepa to Chelsea

  36. Qwertzy 78

    Qwertzy 787 timer siden

    2-2 draw


    DANTE RODRIGUEZ7 timer siden

    Coutinho cost around 140 million pounds and he did nothing compared to what lower priced players have done like Suarez witch only cost 80 million pounds

  38. MHREH

    MHREH7 timer siden

    I am sofa king fahad and stew pid

  39. James Games

    James Games7 timer siden

    Chelsea:kepa and 100mil for oblak Atletico madrid: no thanks we wil just take 100mil

  40. Ramswaroop Dangayach

    Ramswaroop Dangayach7 timer siden

    I believe the biggest flop was Zlatan

  41. M. B

    M. B7 timer siden

    Arsenal cant play without Xhaka

  42. NRG_Rizzle

    NRG_Rizzle7 timer siden


  43. Ghadeer Nazeeh

    Ghadeer Nazeeh7 timer siden

    Barça will win 5-0

  44. M. B

    M. B7 timer siden

    Why get rid of Xhaka , trust me he is a great player , who plays in a shit team.

  45. ichbins

    ichbins7 timer siden

    *world's 2nd best Goalkeeper :P

  46. C Prince

    C Prince7 timer siden


  47. Karl Bts

    Karl Bts7 timer siden

    3:24 it ia impossible

  48. Nidal Kidiyoor

    Nidal Kidiyoor7 timer siden

    Cristiano Ronaldo

  49. Jens Peder Bech Larsen

    Jens Peder Bech Larsen7 timer siden

    3-2 FCb Martin 3 gols

  50. Ayaan Ibrar

    Ayaan Ibrar8 timer siden

    Liverpool did Barca dirty

  51. seeme 09

    seeme 098 timer siden

    Why the hell would you swap kepa for oblak

  52. Mohamed Ahsanullah

    Mohamed Ahsanullah8 timer siden

    lol how are liverpool still robbing barcelona from the coutinho deal??

  53. Jonus Gaming

    Jonus Gaming8 timer siden

    One of the reasons why he didn’t join man united was because his dad used to play for city as well as man united made his dad retire because of roy keane

  54. Captain YEE

    Captain YEE8 timer siden


  55. fifa 21

    fifa 218 timer siden

    זה כזה מטומטם

  56. Mario Joseph

    Mario Joseph8 timer siden

    At the moment it looks like only German teams can beat English teams..

  57. vayun goel

    vayun goel8 timer siden

    But in the form of kepa... Chelsea are giving a gk+money+A MANAGER!!!!!...... acceptable 🤔🤣🤣🤣

  58. Mario Joseph

    Mario Joseph8 timer siden

    Di Maria is not a world class player, he's more like an Above average player, so when he plays in a league filled with mostly Average players like La Liga he will look good worth the money Manchester United paid. But when you put him in a league filled by almost 50% of Above average players 10%-15% of World class players and remaining being an Average level player, of course he's gonna lool like NOT WORTH THE MONEY!! And when he goes to a league filled with Below average players, then even an Above average player looks World class... There's a reason why PSG never go past beyond the Round of 16 or Quarter finals of the Champions League 🤣🤣

  59. Aldo Zulfikar

    Aldo Zulfikar8 timer siden

    I like how Chelsea fans think they can beat bayern 4-0 😂👍

  60. Priyanshu Das

    Priyanshu Das8 timer siden

    Super Bayern Super Bayern Hey Hey Hey ❤❤❤❤

  61. Priyanshu Das

    Priyanshu Das8 timer siden

    Every Bundesliga team has won their knockout match in both UCL and UEL competitions Auf geht's Deutchland <3 fArMeRs LeAgUe 🇩🇪 Goodnight!

  62. Priyanshu Das

    Priyanshu Das8 timer siden

    Robert Lewandowski has scored nine away goals in the Champions League this season; the joint-most by a player ina single campaign, along with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2013-14. Invader. ❤

  63. Sandeep Ghimire

    Sandeep Ghimire8 timer siden

    #ONEFOOTBALLENGLISH Heard LIVERPOOL are negotiating wage of 8 million euros plus bonuses with TIMO WERNER's agent.

  64. Ajay Hoey2

    Ajay Hoey28 timer siden

    Ok oblak is good but I don't think he's the GK in the world

  65. Jack Robinson

    Jack Robinson8 timer siden

    3 1 to Barcelona

  66. Yisrael Vaknin

    Yisrael Vaknin8 timer siden

    It was deffenetly zlatan Ibra And I think it was bolitely who replaced Suarez

  67. Oreoluwa Adegoke

    Oreoluwa Adegoke8 timer siden

    Di Maria had 4 goals and 11 assists at Wing back? How's he a flop?

  68. Yankie frenz

    Yankie frenz8 timer siden

    to this day people still parrot the story of Dembele being a prodigy. " Oh its his first season, he'll get better.Oh he's been injured, he'll get better". After two seasons he has yet to show any star qualities. Meanwhile De Jong and Athur are doing fine yet some fans deceive themselves that Dembele is the future. In my opinion Hallilovic was way beter than Dembele.

  69. Arhaan Mukherjee Saha

    Arhaan Mukherjee Saha8 timer siden

    Sanchez bruh

  70. Blake Birchall

    Blake Birchall8 timer siden

    Sack Lampard

  71. rose aim

    rose aim8 timer siden

    To me the biggest flop is Fernando José Torres Sanz who move to Chelsea


    OOF GHOST8 timer siden

    Turn on captions At 1:06

  73. Tausif Karim

    Tausif Karim8 timer siden

    Where is messi now big player with small teams and when big matches come messi nowhere to see and is nothing new

  74. Jaden Short

    Jaden Short8 timer siden

    I think Carol to Liverpool is the biggest flop

  75. F Ahmed

    F Ahmed8 timer siden

    You've gotto remember You're getting a keeper, cash AND manager...

  76. Darryl Burrell

    Darryl Burrell8 timer siden

    Benteke to Liverpool would have been the answer for worst flop if crystal palace didn’t pay us the money back. Can’t really beat Sanchez to Man U tho. Awful isn’t the word. Painful since he was so good at Arsenal

  77. Sibusiso Maphanga

    Sibusiso Maphanga8 timer siden

    Chelsea :How about Kepa + 80 million Atletico:we'll just take the 80 million

  78. Constantinos Chrisochou

    Constantinos Chrisochou8 timer siden

    The west NO-gosrs

  79. Soham

    Soham8 timer siden

    Has the second highest goals against the epl top 6 behind aguero and he doesn't play PL,has the highest goals in clasico,had his first career hattrick again real,has scored a goal against a heavily physical side that's been marked by sports scientists as near impossible,has destroyed a prime Boetang like he's a live one bottom tier defender,has destroyed countless legends,scored a header over Rio against Van Der Saar in a CL final,more recently toyed with Atletico Madrid in the supercopa,scored the only goal against them in la Liga in wanda metropolitano which was a banger,the same team against whom a full strength Liverpool couldn't register a shot on. So yeah. Scores against small teams

  80. Constantinos Chrisochou

    Constantinos Chrisochou8 timer siden

    Fuck off

  81. K G

    K G8 timer siden

    80 mil flop for Kepa

  82. Mitsos21

    Mitsos218 timer siden

    Kepa no way he is worth 87 million

  83. Waylen Barreto

    Waylen Barreto8 timer siden

    The biggest flop in recent history was Phil countinho to Barcelona

  84. Muhammed Saabiq

    Muhammed Saabiq8 timer siden

    Nobody: 442oons subtitles for Thomas Mueller: Dumbass Moon

  85. Uilliam Dante

    Uilliam Dante8 timer siden

    Is Timo Werner signing a 5 year contract for Liverpool are am I just hearing rumours ?

  86. All mobile

    All mobile8 timer siden

    2-0 for barcelona

  87. Abdullah Hussain

    Abdullah Hussain8 timer siden


  88. Finu Faiz

    Finu Faiz8 timer siden

    €80M for a goal keeper who become 2nd choice behind a 38 year old guy He is the biggest flop

  89. Alexander Schellemans

    Alexander Schellemans8 timer siden

    Alexis to man u

  90. Paul Gheorghita

    Paul Gheorghita8 timer siden

    The biggest flop? Hazard to Real Madrid

  91. A V

    A V8 timer siden

    Biggest flop : Alexis Sanchez. Ter Stegen > Oblak

  92. Ryan Andhee

    Ryan Andhee9 timer siden

    Okay I think we can all agree that Alexis Sanchez to Man United has been the biggest flop in history

  93. ST1P3

    ST1P39 timer siden

    Coutinho is a very bad transfer 135 mill for a flop De jong to Barca wasn't a good one but not that bad Vidic to Inter Falcao to Chelsea Cuortois (don't know how to spell it) to real Hazard to real There are a lot of bad ones especially last 2 years but i think that coutinho to barca was the biggest disappointment for me

  94. skuvana corba

    skuvana corba9 timer siden

    biggest transfer flop is Griezmann

  95. [JG] Jason Glassoe Fan

    [JG] Jason Glassoe Fan9 timer siden

    Sack Simeone atletico and get kepa as the new boss

  96. German Faustinohernandez

    German Faustinohernandez9 timer siden

    The biggest flop 🤔... Football Daily

  97. muneeb ali

    muneeb ali9 timer siden

    For me the biggest flop is lemar

  98. Shõn Noire

    Shõn Noire9 timer siden

    Zidane: where did we go wrong with Eden Eden: i'm a whole Hazard

  99. Ashish Suryavanshi

    Ashish Suryavanshi9 timer siden

    Alexis Sanchez is the worst signing.. Nearly £500,000-a-week in wages.. utterly ridiculous..

  100. Gaunter O'Dimm

    Gaunter O'Dimm9 timer siden

    Rma2-4Barcelona lol it's really not that hard to realize... surprised to see ppl didn't recognize it