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The Race to Win Staten Island
Ask Grey a Question

Ask Grey a Question

3 måneder siden

No Flag Northern Ireland

No Flag Northern Ireland

5 måneder siden

Road Trip Part 2: The Long Dark
Road Trip Part 3: Red Desert
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Airline Boarding Methods

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How Machines Learn
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Why Die?

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Death & Dynasties
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Brexit, Briefly

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You Are Two

You Are Two

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I, Phone

I, Phone

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Where is Scandinavia?
Humans Need Not Apply
American Empire

American Empire

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This Video Will Hurt
What is reddit?

What is reddit?

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Vatican City Explained
How to Become Pope
  1. J Paterson

    J Paterson13 sekunder siden

    So tell me what family structure does a pig have? A pig breaks out of its pen and in a couple of months it has totally reverted to the undomesticated boar. Pigs are tamed. Breaking the stallion doesn’t make it easier to ride the mares. Cats are domesticated, all jokes aside, they just don’t have the alpha structure you find in dogs so you really have to work to train them. That they are demanding is because we let them be demanding. It’s unavoidable because we want that behavior. Cat’s are entertaining, they’re zen. How can you not want to provide those purry, piles of fluff anything when they curl up on you and purr in your ear without smacking or kicking you in the head like the dog does?

  2. Rupesh Patel

    Rupesh Patel14 sekunder siden


  3. Fedora Channel

    Fedora Channel39 sekunder siden

    0:12 a good playmack is america

  4. Bawi Cz

    Bawi CzMinutt siden

    I say Ur nus

  5. Rupesh Patel

    Rupesh Patel6 minutter siden

    Become goodest moon and have always bright

  6. Rupesh Patel

    Rupesh Patel7 minutter siden

    Bretain remove charkasath and anthnau

  7. Rupesh Patel

    Rupesh Patel10 minutter siden


  8. Rupesh Patel

    Rupesh Patel10 minutter siden

    Queen librate us from buddhakrishna shanirahu yog

  9. Gifarly .M. Afdalash

    Gifarly .M. Afdalash14 minutter siden

    "Let's see what the experts think in the comments section."

  10. Rupesh Patel

    Rupesh Patel15 minutter siden

    Bretain ekdo

  11. Philip Sheehan

    Philip Sheehan22 minutter siden

    Heck yeah bro I’m ready to sufferrrrrrrr!

  12. Zen

    Zen36 minutter siden

    I do sometimes think how I would do everything much better, but than I play age of empire and before I know it there's huge army of cavalry invading me while I'm trying to manage my economy

  13. MattDTB1

    MattDTB139 minutter siden

    Half way through, but am I the only person that thought, 'why not call it NaPoVIC, rather than NoPoVoInterCo?'

  14. Kid Gohan

    Kid Gohan42 minutter siden

    Another requirement is that you have to like underage children

  15. Lavko

    Lavko47 minutter siden

    3:14 Montenegro as well.

  16. valcarni1

    valcarni151 minutt siden

    This is quite silly and undemocratic to the states and gives the federal a lot more power. Just do an amendment to make it popular vote if anything.

  17. البرمجة Programming Hacking

    البرمجة Programming HackingTime siden

    History... Do you know they are controlled by a demon and a charlatan who leads them to worship the devil and The Sun Slave?.. I am a Muslim and this is the reality that the unknown dominates ...

  18. Alex Bot

    Alex BotTime siden

    Police should never have access to citizen's private data, and that nuclear bomb scenario would never happen, fuck off

  19. Asalieri2

    Asalieri2Time siden

    6:00 this only works if every passenger was flying alone. Not a good idea to separate families and say, kids from their parents to achieve your 'perfect' boarding scheme

  20. البرمجة Programming Hacking

    البرمجة Programming HackingTime siden

    Thanks but earth is flat ...

  21. البرمجة Programming Hacking

    البرمجة Programming HackingTime siden

    Thanks for info And for this channel ♥ NO-gos ):

  22. Sam z’s LEGO vlogs

    Sam z’s LEGO vlogsTime siden


  23. Hype King

    Hype KingTime siden

    Why does the thumb nail look like a fortnite storm circle ⭕️

  24. Benjamin Newlon

    Benjamin NewlonTime siden

    You assume all americans are jerks? Nvm, you said yanks

  25. The Bird of Hermes

    The Bird of Hermes2 timer siden

    It's outdated and needs to be removed. Period.

  26. NightWi5h

    NightWi5h2 timer siden

    Thanks for that. Quite literally a mindfuck.

  27. Hisham Alhusaini

    Hisham Alhusaini2 timer siden

    So basically my vote doesnt count

  28. NCG

    NCG2 timer siden

    Don't live in crowded cities like New York for example. Place is nice but getting a car is dumb

  29. Dr Cyan

    Dr Cyan2 timer siden

    The world shoulda ended doe

  30. Emile vanzyl

    Emile vanzyl2 timer siden

    Always makes me sad about the general apathetic stance humans take towards death.

  31. Scorpio

    Scorpio3 timer siden

    thank u

  32. ChrisNSX

    ChrisNSX3 timer siden

    where is part 1 AGHHHHH

  33. timpie100

    timpie1003 timer siden

    perfectly matched. I am from the Netherlands, but I couldn't explain it better by myself.👍

  34. Karen Kim

    Karen Kim3 timer siden

    I like this voice better than Kurzgesagt's

  35. Lucas264

    Lucas2643 timer siden

    I’m the last guy at 6:51 lol

  36. George Hornsby

    George Hornsby3 timer siden

    That's the first zoolander reference I've seen in a while

  37. Car Visionary Version Two

    Car Visionary Version Two4 timer siden

    *flying cars*


    KYIN KENREICH4 timer siden

    anybody else see that creeper in the window at 3:47 or was it just me?

  39. Eskew Roberts

    Eskew Roberts4 timer siden

    Bro, I think youtube unsubscribed me ... I've re-seen, like, 8 of you vids within the past 2 days, and none of them had any indication that I've seen them

  40. Amir Hagit Einav

    Amir Hagit Einav4 timer siden

    5:13 that’s why I go to vids about Israel to look for actual ppl to fight

  41. Spacebattler

    Spacebattler4 timer siden

    So Naboo is like Vatican City but a planet.

  42. Dom Graves

    Dom Graves4 timer siden

    It honestly annoys me so much how people dont see the obvious answer, have ireland annex the UK. We had our fun with them now its time to give them a turn at the good ol' empire

  43. Pulze

    Pulze4 timer siden

    Yeeet I watch it so I don't get drafter

  44. Ayesha Atif

    Ayesha Atif5 timer siden

    You know the oddonesout plagerized you right

  45. Vinceroni0706

    Vinceroni07065 timer siden

    What about hosting your videos on PeerTube?

  46. BlueCassio

    BlueCassio5 timer siden

    Why does it exist if you can’t use it.

  47. Td l48

    Td l485 timer siden

    Side note: Zebras will also abandon a foal if the mother dies. They don't adopt even if they're 1st. cousins so really the only family a zebra has is a mother to foal.

  48. BlueCassio

    BlueCassio5 timer siden

    So why don’t they get rid of it if it’s bad

  49. Simon Forrest

    Simon Forrest5 timer siden

    No i wont like

  50. JustJay :3

    JustJay :35 timer siden

    Every time he says Bigger Army Diplomacy

  51. Felipe Luengas

    Felipe Luengas5 timer siden

    In Latin America we also referred to the natives as Indians. It is wrong to say that term only applies to the US. Although in recent times we have started to use terms such as indigenous, Indian is still synonymous with the native tribes(speaking from experience). The term is not clear at all with its geography considering what I mentioned, plus with the already existing country of India(1 billion people you are talking about). Maybe Native American isn’t the correct term, but neither is Indian,

  52. wm8806

    wm88065 timer siden

    I'm psyched for the next part of this, Grey. C'mon!! :-)

  53. BongieGER

    BongieGER5 timer siden

    does he speak`? :D

  54. Crypt0nym0us Sec

    Crypt0nym0us Sec5 timer siden

    Ah yes, "Part 0"... The universal way of saying, "I already rendered a video called Part 1, but there was a buncha shit I missed, so here's that, and it's called Part 0".

  55. Ally Brooke Is Taking Me Higher

    Ally Brooke Is Taking Me Higher6 timer siden

    Turns out my teacher watches this too!

  56. Alison Simpson

    Alison Simpson6 timer siden

    I haven't had a notification for your vids in over a year.

  57. Ali Agah

    Ali Agah6 timer siden

    LOVE THIS! Especially the end. Genuinely why im commenting

  58. aryan shah

    aryan shah6 timer siden

    So 1/2 population is already out

  59. BenglD

    BenglD7 timer siden

    doenst this belong to cgp play?

  60. Sara Rayhan

    Sara Rayhan7 timer siden


  61. Garrett Kearns

    Garrett Kearns7 timer siden

    Use "Indian American", but recontextualize it to mean "Indigenous American".

  62. Αμάνολ Χαςαν - The Derviş Nomad

    Αμάνολ Χαςαν - The Derviş Nomad7 timer siden

    A group of tribes named after a river on the opposite side of the world The word India is derived from the word Indus(Greek), which is derived from Hindus, which is derived from Hindu(Persian) which is derived from Sindhu (a Sanskrit word meaning "a body of water"), thus India means "the land of water" and Indian means "the water people"

  63. Clar Wikk

    Clar Wikk7 timer siden

    The EC is a leftover from the Holy Roman Empire. Let it die.

  64. Αμάνολ Χαςαν - The Derviş Nomad

    Αμάνολ Χαςαν - The Derviş Nomad7 timer siden

    how does "AMERINDIAN" sound

  65. ossi_

    ossi_7 timer siden

    They’re not elves, they’re G N O M E S

  66. Jakob

    Jakob8 timer siden

    Semantically, the "American Indian" Indian is a noun. The "From India" Indian is an adjective. One man is an Indian, and another is Indian. Unless English isn't your first language, I'm not sure how confusing this could really be. I just don't find the distinction very difficult, and I find the complaining a little hard to take seriously.

  67. Brooke Lynn

    Brooke Lynn8 timer siden

    I don't like the "equal behind" distance because it is impractical and logically unsound. If the person behind me kept appropriate space behind me then I don't need to worry about "distance behind". Also, by definition and frank reality of what traffic is, it is physically impossible for a car behind me to cause me traffic. therefore it is none of my concern.

  68. Iron Templar

    Iron Templar8 timer siden

    Just throw open the gates and let us get to their seats in a free for all

  69. im fucking looking at you bitch

    im fucking looking at you bitch8 timer siden

    Instructions unclear, turned america into a communist state accidently.

  70. Flazirs

    Flazirs8 timer siden

    3 years ago nothing happened and nothing has still happened

  71. Alsina Kiria

    Alsina Kiria8 timer siden

    My roommate's entire job exists because people can't read directions and expiry dates. That is her entire job is repeating the same directions people could do themselves if they bothered to read the form.

  72. Varad Mane

    Varad Mane9 timer siden

    Yes but has anyone felt alive since 2012?

  73. TwentyGlitch

    TwentyGlitch9 timer siden

    Just got home from a bad day. Hearing your voice instantly calmed me. Thanks Grey.

  74. hojokono

    hojokono9 timer siden

    Before you get demonized and makes ur points mute

  75. Kiabeta

    Kiabeta9 timer siden

    Ok, brb

  76. Gunsmith Tristar

    Gunsmith Tristar9 timer siden

    the game is not to win the popular vote it is to win the electoral vote

  77. Cinni Minni

    Cinni Minni10 timer siden

    The electorial college is so every STATE has a say in the elections vs just the leftest blue cities riddled with election fraud!

  78. SDX3

    SDX310 timer siden

    Cgp Grey: First be a Catholic *Mission failed we'll get em next time*

  79. nico

    nico10 timer siden

    shit vid

  80. ValChronification

    ValChronification10 timer siden

    Brexit means Brexit. I don't care which of these 3 is compromised on, WE LEAVE.

  81. Patry BC

    Patry BC10 timer siden

    2:03 lool he has put antibacterial in his hands after high-five 😂😂😂

  82. george cobaleanu

    george cobaleanu10 timer siden

    Is everybody joking or stupid? The metaphor isnt death because death, unlike the dragon, has been with us since the begining and you cant shoot death in the head to get rid of it. The whole time i was under the impression that this video is either advice for people to start thinking for themselves instead of drinking the kool aid, OR ...its a slightly better sales pitch for the green new deal than AOC...SLIGHTLY. Although people who buy into the whole " vote communism or youre gonna die in 12 years" are too stupid to get such subtelties ... so im inclined to believe its telling us to stop being mentally enslaved zombies , use our brains and take some initiative.

  83. x.

    x.10 timer siden

    Instructions unclear, accidentally revived Adolf Hitler.

  84. Eggmon -

    Eggmon -10 timer siden

    I still love the image of some cute lil robots in a classroom with a teacher bot testing them on their B’s and 3’s.

  85. Benjamin McIntosh

    Benjamin McIntosh10 timer siden

    4:43 *Searle has entered the chat*

  86. Mrjmaxted0291

    Mrjmaxted029110 timer siden

    This video has attacked me

  87. Jerry Lin

    Jerry Lin10 timer siden

    @0:59 US: Oh yea we have a bigger army and Thank you for renting us this land.

  88. David Jones Cua

    David Jones Cua11 timer siden

    when you try to join the email list and find out your already joined.

  89. whiteandnerdytuba

    whiteandnerdytuba11 timer siden

    Thumbs up for having the balls to post this

  90. whiteandnerdytuba

    whiteandnerdytuba11 timer siden

    I didn’t get that video wtf

  91. Pyro Maniaz

    Pyro Maniaz11 timer siden

    1:02 No

  92. TheFPSChannel

    TheFPSChannel11 timer siden

    One tiny correction. At 3:43 "This part of the world" - true; but not exclusively. Indian is still used in Canada. In fact a bill was passed called "The Indian Act" which is still in use today (horrifically so). But that doesn't mean this group likes or prefers being called "Indians". Far from it. Our experience on the East Coast is that Mi'kmaq people will call themselves Indian but understandably get ruffled if others do. The preference is to use the tribe or nation's name (if you know it). Otherwise "First Nations" or "Indigenous" is frequently used in the collective sense. Never "Native" or "Aboriginal" (although our provincial governments frequently, and incorrectly, use these and "Indian" in their parlance). As your video rightly points out, it is complicated.

  93. Finnegan Kane

    Finnegan Kane11 timer siden

    Respect for going this in depth for one little nagging thing

  94. Marcus Tingdahl

    Marcus Tingdahl11 timer siden

    Fair enough, let's rephrase then. Which planet i closest to earth, at the point in time where each planet is as close as it can get?

  95. KingRoayal V.

    KingRoayal V.12 timer siden

    In Greek we actually pronounce it oo-ran-os (Ουρανός=Sky) just so you know...

  96. Rebecca Larson

    Rebecca Larson12 timer siden

    Did anyone see a creeper

  97. Prinregan123

    Prinregan12312 timer siden

    I hope one day some says "not all children matter" about me long after I'm dead.

  98. Bilimin Sırları

    Bilimin Sırları12 timer siden

    They are just steaving.

  99. The Thirteen Colonies

    The Thirteen Colonies13 timer siden

    Canada and USA is fighting Meanwhile Mexico:plz help me

  100. Zack Yona

    Zack Yona13 timer siden

    FINALLY a video on ANY CHANNEL where at the end the videos LINE UP. GOD.