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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. gw park

    gw park19 sekunder siden

    Is Jax????

  2. Dustin Abrams

    Dustin Abrams36 sekunder siden


  3. idonotmakevidsyet

    idonotmakevidsyet3 minutter siden

    Dynamax Jax

  4. Borja Nogal

    Borja Nogal7 minutter siden

    po muuu bien, poo muu bonicooo!!

  5. L N/A

    L N/A9 minutter siden

    I keep coming back for the rap segment, shame its so short

  6. Siva Reddy

    Siva Reddy10 minutter siden

    *Yeah* Legends never die *THEY RESPAWN*

  7. Lorexia Vin

    Lorexia Vin13 minutter siden

    Am I the only one tripping for the dj?

  8. Toann

    Toann15 minutter siden

    Jax is a Power Ranger with his Megazord

  9. Thresh

    Thresh16 minutter siden

    0:42 i see the saliva bursting out when he said " time "

  10. Fallout dust

    Fallout dust20 minutter siden


  11. Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat21 minutt siden

    He was already op enough without a mecha man ... x)

  12. Sam

    Sam23 minutter siden

    Lego ninjago?

  13. Asia Alyanna Marie Dela Cruz

    Asia Alyanna Marie Dela Cruz24 minutter siden

    I thought it's was a music video

  14. WillyWizzer-LoL Montages

    WillyWizzer-LoL Montages26 minutter siden

    everyone talking about jax but not about aurelion xd

  15. ricardo gonçalves

    ricardo gonçalves30 minutter siden

    Next up is Blood Moon Pajama Party Zed

  16. Kerem Utku Toraman

    Kerem Utku Toraman32 minutter siden

    Pop/stars ✖ Pornstars ✓

  17. happyGuy

    happyGuy33 minutter siden

    And Jax still doesn't have an actual weapon (excluding mech).

  18. Adam Tran

    Adam Tran34 minutter siden


  19. happyGuy

    happyGuy36 minutter siden

    Mecha kingdoms Irelia???

  20. Adrianartis 22

    Adrianartis 2239 minutter siden

    The one whose dislikes this is the worst person in the world.

  21. Jose Paulo Dino

    Jose Paulo Dino44 minutter siden

    Now he has a real weapon and its a GUNDAM

  22. Nara Lemoya

    Nara Lemoya45 minutter siden

    Love Lion 🖤

  23. chemi with the clouds.

    chemi with the clouds.46 minutter siden

    istg league songs are better than the actual league :,)

  24. momo the best faker

    momo the best faker47 minutter siden

    Giant and Lion, bops of years

  25. Kagome Higurashi

    Kagome Higurashi47 minutter siden

    Yooo Lion by gidle is epic

  26. Dank

    Dank48 minutter siden

    R E A L W E A P O N I N T E N S I F I E S

  27. 구불

    구불52 minutter siden

    롤은 안하는데 개미쳤네 어우

  28. chiatzu1337

    chiatzu133753 minutter siden

    really this looks just like gigantamaxing from pokemon, not hating though

  29. Kamado Nezuko

    Kamado Nezuko55 minutter siden


  30. Shadów

    Shadów55 minutter siden

    It seems that this is another Ryze Rework Teaser

  31. 정윤태

    정윤태59 minutter siden

    이 노래 덕분에 오늘 과거분사 시험을 틀렸습니다!

  32. Yakumi

    YakumiTime siden

    The mech and hin standing on it reminds me of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Jax incoming 🤣

  33. Niccolò Miglio

    Niccolò MiglioTime siden


  34. Alexandria Hernandez

    Alexandria HernandezTime siden

    Guitar hero WHOOO??!?!!

  35. KittyVonPaws

    KittyVonPawsTime siden

    Don't you love it when a song has nothing to do with the topic?

  36. Obsideon

    ObsideonTime siden

    So Jax is a jäger now?

  37. Arima

    ArimaTime siden

    True Damage < K/DA

  38. Chlorine_

    Chlorine_Time siden

    apart from the whole song my personal only favourite part is at 2:12 the rap part.

  39. 관쥐

    관쥐Time siden

    진짜 이거 이어폰 끼고 들으면 왠지 여리고 높은 음 소리가 작게남 진짜 그게 카이사파트(?) 라는데 진짜 너무좋음 맨날 1일 1곡은 듣는데 안질리는 노래임 ....

  40. ID IZ ME

    ID IZ METime siden


  41. Julian van Teylingen

    Julian van TeylingenTime siden

    I like how Galio and Sylas theme is a remix of this

  42. M Korhecz

    M KorheczTime siden

    New Gimmicks - Same ole broken client

  43. irene rosario

    irene rosarioTime siden

    are you going to release this hero in LOL Wildrift? Pls release it

  44. Elroburien

    ElroburienTime siden

    I, jax have enought attack speed

  45. irene rosario

    irene rosarioTime siden

    are you going to release this hero in Leage of Legends Wildrift? please release it

  46. Toshiniro

    ToshiniroTime siden

    EPIC Davie504 is everywhere! SLAPP LIKE NOW

  47. Gacha FlamingoDog

    Gacha FlamingoDogTime siden

    What is this voodoo magic? *I love it*

  48. László Kiss

    László KissTime siden

    The first thing that came in my mind: Jax Prime:"Autobots... Roll out!"

  49. john madrid

    john madridTime siden

    Pacific rim

  50. jik mail

    jik mailTime siden

    Zp theart

  51. Ahmed Obeidat

    Ahmed ObeidatTime siden

    am I the only one who thought he's gonna say "I am Optimus Prime, and now stand mountains tall".. should be inspired by the Transformers

  52. Hokkaido Wencm

    Hokkaido WencmTime siden

    watch out Mobile legend will copy this 😂😂😂

  53. XX XX

    XX XXTime siden

    존나 멋있네 시발

  54. Destro tv

    Destro tvTime siden

    Im jax and i have a dream...

  55. Lonit

    LonitTime siden


  56. Savior Pelayo

    Savior PelayoTime siden

    Xerath.. Bb where are you?

  57. 정수약탈자

    정수약탈자Time siden

    A Korean general?

  58. Zétanta

    ZétantaTime siden

    I love the art, if you look closely you can see Malphite and Maokai in the background!

  59. Decker Hart Kreuz

    Decker Hart KreuzTime siden

    Rip bonus

  60. Rahmatciti Rahmatciti

    Rahmatciti RahmatcitiTime siden

    Tida bagus vidio

  61. Equalizer

    Equalizer2 timer siden


  62. Snowey :3

    Snowey :32 timer siden

    Jax now got his “real weapon”

  63. otp yasuo

    otp yasuo2 timer siden

    My name is Optimus Jax

  64. irelia 577ksj

    irelia 577ksj2 timer siden


  65. Kid Arachnid

    Kid Arachnid2 timer siden

    *PepeLaugh* 👉 Jax in game model _size_

  66. iMusic NOCYAM

    iMusic NOCYAM2 timer siden

    Lethality Feat Akali, Zed, Katarina, Talon

  67. Shawnee Lapten

    Shawnee Lapten2 timer siden

    I, jax have a dream of having 5 figures

  68. David Beltrán Argüelles

    David Beltrán Argüelles2 timer siden

    Give volibear some love already man! He just as a bunch of other champions are forgotten, get quicker with the reworks instead of bringing even more op champs to the rift..

  69. tricks doubleback

    tricks doubleback2 timer siden

    Anyone from osu?

  70. Taosin Sharif

    Taosin Sharif2 timer siden

    "LEGENDS NEVER DIE" Marvel : BET Legends never die an other spirit of me...

  71. Deadmeme64

    Deadmeme642 timer siden

    Who wants a piece of the champ?

  72. Martin Nedyalkov

    Martin Nedyalkov2 timer siden

    at least now he has a real weapon.

  73. Heman Gaming

    Heman Gaming2 timer siden

    APRA_CS SOCAN please remove thay copyright on my video of legends never die pubg montage please please please please plesae pkease please plesae please

  74. Heman Gaming

    Heman Gaming2 timer siden

    APRA_CS SOCAN please remove thay copyright on my video of legends never die pubg montage please please please please plesae pkease please plesae please

  75. rafa magalhaes

    rafa magalhaes2 timer siden

    will jax get the model updated aswell?

  76. 겜대남 - 게임대신해주는남자.

    겜대남 - 게임대신해주는남자.2 timer siden


  77. Retro Man

    Retro Man2 timer siden

    Yeah, maybe in the splash art. In game you're the same old size you've always been

  78. Stefano Iannone

    Stefano Iannone2 timer siden


  79. 태현 덕

    태현 덕2 timer siden

    ??? : HASEGI !!

  80. Jezee Playz

    Jezee Playz2 timer siden

    Wow I like this it's cool

  81. J

    J2 timer siden

    dead game

  82. Gidiotic

    Gidiotic2 timer siden

    Sniffs the blue meth essence

  83. Yesid Alvarez

    Yesid Alvarez2 timer siden

    Rito pls stop hurting my wallet...

  84. Rocky Balbao

    Rocky Balbao2 timer siden

    Same voice as Optimus Prime xD

  85. Charly

    Charly2 timer siden

    So it means I’m not a legend.

  86. David G

    David G2 timer siden

    I'm gonna assume the enemy is Aurelion Sol?

  87. Blitz Regen

    Blitz Regen2 timer siden

    Jax: Imagine if I had a real weapon Rito: Here have a mountain sized Hulk Buster suit Jax: You shouldn't have 😍

  88. optiTHOMAS

    optiTHOMAS2 timer siden

    A pretty cool song! Also, it's great to see Static Shock is still working hard and now he's in a music group! XD

  89. Chrislocho

    Chrislocho2 timer siden

    Gundam X LOL ?

  90. Čoconut Lover vɴシ

    Čoconut Lover vɴシ2 timer siden

    run bois, he got a real weapon

  91. Peevxwm X

    Peevxwm X2 timer siden

    Reminds me of gurren lagan

  92. Kerim Kerim

    Kerim Kerim2 timer siden

    Stop bringing a new hero every 2 months you break the game every time. Stop changing just for sake of change I don't even read the patch notes because I play the game once every week so I don't have time, It's frustrating that 1 hero I play changes and I don't even notice and keep losing because of it.

  93. jiawei ye

    jiawei ye2 timer siden

    aw man we getting gundams in league

  94. Maarten Bergsma

    Maarten Bergsma2 timer siden

    Strong Exo-Force vibes

  95. Jake Num

    Jake Num2 timer siden

    Watashi wa Jakkusu, ima senotakai Yamanoue ni tatsu

  96. 吼吼

    吼吼2 timer siden


  97. SikkaTrikka

    SikkaTrikka3 timer siden

    whos listening to this in 2020

  98. Louvel

    Louvel3 timer siden

    This got me into metal music, gg

  99. Sarah Mae Sanchez

    Sarah Mae Sanchez3 timer siden

    so is this an actual rework or not?

  100. R3ar3ntry

    R3ar3ntry3 timer siden

    Probably Another Ryze rework, better nerf irelia... oh wait? we only nerfing akali now? "LET'S DO THIS"