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A TFT Song by Nevercake
League 10-Year | Live from Europe
  1. Cenachi

    CenachiDag siden

    It's 2020 and I still find myself coming back to this video to hear the sfx at 0:50

  2. piNNch

    piNNchDag siden

    Nobody: Riot: Hey wanna see a hero that we released 9 years ago ?

  3. Hi im Aura

    Hi im AuraDag siden

    yapıyon bu işi rito

  4. 조이 형

    조이 형Dag siden

    한국인 +1

  5. Tuấn Hùng Nguyễn

    Tuấn Hùng NguyễnDag siden

    2"49 this is what happended when u bring yasuo in vietnamese sever

  6. Soul073

    Soul073Dag siden


  7. Fantasmita

    FantasmitaDag siden


  8. Paul

    PaulDag siden

    Why did this pop up in my recommendation 😂

  9. Irene Salvagno

    Irene SalvagnoDag siden

    I'm still listening to this. I'm so in love.

  10. как то вот так

    как то вот такDag siden

    sett? no?

  11. Nik

    NikDag siden

    You should have uploaded this during 1st of april..missed opportunity

  12. Demon Pigeon

    Demon PigeonDag siden

    My whole team listened to this They still let me down though

  13. 어둠의 인도자야스오

    어둠의 인도자야스오Dag siden

    이거 보여줄려고 어그로 끌었다 ㄹㅇ 라이즈 자르반 싸운 수준 실화냐? ㄹㅇ 세계관 최강자들의 싸움이다

  14. xXUr MommaXx

    xXUr MommaXxDag siden


  15. Xiong RS

    Xiong RSDag siden

    Dang.. It's been 2 years already.. Time flies..

  16. Malombras Dominum

    Malombras DominumDag siden

    I really need to know the name of the synth at the beginning at 00:12 any musician here?

  17. What is Lifeee

    What is LifeeeDag siden

    This is actually a bop

  18. thảo nguyên

    thảo nguyênDag siden

    1:44 last year at pop/stars, soyeon did it with that hologram too

  19. henzo schneider

    henzo schneiderDag siden


  20. Anantha Krishna

    Anantha KrishnaDag siden

    remember the name of this song when you are in the final step

  21. NoSanji 123

    NoSanji 123Dag siden

    people in 2020 laughing of the WILKOM TU THE WARLD-man? XD

  22. Thomas Lavery

    Thomas LaveryDag siden

    Can the jokes get any better?

  23. Inori

    InoriDag siden

    I've been thinking if I should try to make her one of my mains(I have so many and I don't feel comfortable calling them mains anymore XD) should I get her?

  24. hadia hamidi

    hadia hamidiDag siden

    I love it so sad omg خیدمیم

  25. Yvan Vlogs

    Yvan VlogsDag siden

    Where’s ekko?

  26. Wolfnex :D

    Wolfnex :DDag siden

    love it

  27. Shinobi XXX

    Shinobi XXXDag siden

    RIP the ones who have headphones on.

  28. Bobi Jonceski

    Bobi JonceskiDag siden

    Why do i have to skip 3 times for these 10 seconds to pass 🤔🤔

  29. Carlota Huaman

    Carlota HuamanDag siden


  30. Carlota Huaman

    Carlota HuamanDag siden

    espera que!!!!!!

  31. Катя Василева

    Катя ВасилеваDag siden

    I love this song💖🤩😍🥰

  32. jj 2812

    jj 2812Dag siden

    hey can u make a mod of league of legend but based ot WARZONE mod... like you can loot items and buy items... mod like COD...

  33. Mihai

    MihaiDag siden

    i go outside ,cuz rito game ban mai account 14 days and i dont have anythings what play

  34. Eco de Luden

    Eco de LudenDag siden

    I want this sound music in my playlist but im not find her

  35. BigBranRyan

    BigBranRyanDag siden

    I played Ap Malphite while listening to this. I went 18/5 with a fully stack mejai's and forced the ADC to buy a stopwatch.

  36. JG - 06CM - Tribune Drive PS (1446)

    JG - 06CM - Tribune Drive PS (1446)Dag siden

    Here’s a pun. Vel,koz why are do you shoot lasers, Vel,koz (well cause) get it, no it’s ok

  37. sona jimenez ponce

    sona jimenez ponceDag siden

    Vine aquí después de ver el pasado de Lux y Syslas xd



    Am i the only one who thinks the one girl looks like Naruto?

  39. 팝찡

    팝찡Dag siden




    Everyone else: K/DA me, an intelectual:

  41. Bane Rivera

    Bane RiveraDag siden

    i feel like i could be good at league but im too lazy to download it XD

  42. Carwyn

    CarwynDag siden

    sona looks like the captain of the morning star crew

  43. Kay

    KayDag siden

    "Legends never die" Yeah tell that to my grandpa

  44. Gaming Fun

    Gaming FunDag siden

    I don’t play LAL but the cinematic are great

  45. Gabriel Rodriguez Ruiz

    Gabriel Rodriguez RuizDag siden

    Dedicarse a hacer vuestro trabajo y hacer las cosas bien porque se me ha baneado sin motivo y los "argumentos" que me dais son inconcluyentes.

  46. Sparky

    SparkyDag siden

    1:55 Best part.

  47. Yengi Kizaku

    Yengi KizakuDag siden

    How the F is this in my recommendation?

  48. Scironaut

    ScironautDag siden

    Is it possible to get the music somewhere

  49. Xodiack.

    Xodiack.Dag siden

    The mv of this totally beat bts stuff This is gorgeous!

  50. De Jong FCB Fan

    De Jong FCB FanDag siden

    The old Talon is still superior to the new Talon

  51. PT CoNan

    PT CoNanDag siden

    Xin những cánh tay VN🇻🇳

  52. Dunk man

    Dunk manDag siden

    Evelynn the simphunter

  53. Chinese_ Look

    Chinese_ LookDag siden

    No one Asian:Rice Rice

  54. Vali Alina

    Vali AlinaDag siden

    Best cinematic ever. Love Draven and Jhin.

  55. Harry iL MaGo Oz

    Harry iL MaGo OzDag siden


  56. hi hi

    hi hiDag siden

    I want soyeon

  57. Sylar drazel

    Sylar drazelDag siden

    Bonus Damage ! Everything new champion !!

  58. Resh_2210

    Resh_2210Dag siden

    That's nice and all Now fix client

  59. Felipe Mello

    Felipe MelloDag siden


  60. 친전음

    친전음Dag siden

    Di sini ada indonesia gk??

  61. Sabbir Shuvo

    Sabbir ShuvoDag siden

    People coming here for Soyeon like, "I'm not disappointed with Soyeon!" and here I'm saying, "When did she ever disappoint us?" 🔥 "I Trust" album on April 6, go stream "Oh My God" and other songs cuz Soyeon made them all by herself! 💪💜

  62. The Potato Moon

    The Potato MoonDag siden

    legends never die bc they respawn and the song gets used for gacha life music vids

  63. Onyx Zhou

    Onyx ZhouDag siden

    Please do something about toxic team mates. Those trash talkers and quitters. They are so tilting. A lot players don't enjoy the game anymore because of trash talkers

  64. 이이잉

    이이잉Dag siden


  65. Kīzu

    KīzuDag siden

    Riot pls make a darkstar Velkoz :3

  66. josue puerta

    josue puertaDag siden

    like si hablan en español

  67. irrationalsense

    irrationalsenseDag siden

    This song has really grown on me. The beat is great and the chorus is killer. But honestly, the singers for Ekko (first rap), Qiyana, and Senna are the ones who really carry this. Akali's part really didn't stand-out, especially when she followed right after that amazing flow from Qiyana. That weird Ekko segment in the middle also took me out of it. Overall, not bad. The animation was also super sweet. Tpose guy kinda looks hot.

  68. Gerd Sverer

    Gerd SvererDag siden

    any body know simular band like pentakill like irl band

  69. Paras

    ParasDag siden

    If you think you're a badass hero but you're just a freaking slim/fat Nerd playing LoL (lol) Not a game for such music xD not at all!

  70. Abdul Wahid Ibrahim

    Abdul Wahid IbrahimDag siden



    NOOB GAMINGDag siden

    League of Legends:Legends Never Die Mobile Legends:Hold my beer

  72. Hack Time

    Hack TimeDag siden

    When You Clutch In CSGO..❤❤

  73. Charis Thohari

    Charis ThohariDag siden

    It is 2020 my girl, ur face has change a lot :*

  74. Annababy 129

    Annababy 129Dag siden

    3:06 nice... its like WAKANDA FOREVER!!!😂

  75. Mr Baraa

    Mr BaraaDag siden

    finding match....curtains call..... FOURRRRR Perfection art jhin, will be the best char in the whole league universe forever!

  76. Yeah Dem

    Yeah DemDag siden

    Ew K-pop fans

  77. 성후

    성후Dag siden

    Faker never die

  78. Ethaniel Chou

    Ethaniel ChouDag siden

    whuddoo we do now, sheriff?... “Now? We RIDE.” Rango vibes anybody?


    İSA OBALIDag siden


  80. Leland Allor

    Leland AllorDag siden

    i used to be a badass stealing everyone power, but then a took a lux ult to my everything

  81. Myukeyz

    MyukeyzDag siden

    His old kit is so much more interesting

  82. Lilly Johnson

    Lilly JohnsonDag siden

    I love this song ❤❤❤

  83. Nothing Here

    Nothing HereDag siden

    This kind of stuff makes me wish for an Elder Scrolls styled League of Legends RPG

  84. DriftyZM

    DriftyZMDag siden

    I've always wanted to download League, should I get it?

  85. 승지

    승지Dag siden

    Faker is never die.

  86. Doom Slayer

    Doom SlayerDag siden

    Jinx: So kid what do you say? Kid: **Vietnam flashbacks and intense PTSD**

  87. Têã Puffì

    Têã PuffìDag siden

    my big bro literally listens to this-

  88. Shell_TrayWnd

    Shell_TrayWndDag siden

    hello man, we need arabic langue VOICE DEMACIAAAAAA, voice man voiiiiice

  89. 双亲D

    双亲DDag siden

    This song gives me a feeling of extreme nostalgia. I started off league 7 years ago. Stopped for some years but took it back. I, therefore, think this song makes me think of how blessed we are. We have got a computer, a house, family, pets, a game we can play and have fun. The game is absolutely stressing if you tilt easily but man, I'm grateful. English is not my first language, sorry for any mistakes. Peace!

  90. me also me

    me also meDag siden

    I cant stop wachting this is soooo cool 😎😎😎

  91. Fantse Rishea

    Fantse RisheaDag siden

    We need a VR version of this

  92. 고라니들

    고라니들Dag siden