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  1. Graziella Torres

    Graziella Torres10 timer siden

    This put me such in a good mood ! *AMAZING*

  2. Yasmim Takashi

    Yasmim Takashi10 timer siden

    Cd os BRS jkkjk

  3. Maha Gren

    Maha Gren10 timer siden

    اه ما هذه الاغنية ما اروعها

  4. beariger

    beariger10 timer siden

    while y'all are here, vote txt on mubeat : ))

  5. шпротница

    шпротница10 timer siden

    Как же красиво...)

  6. kaede 1010

    kaede 101010 timer siden

    There are a lot of ads (ToT)

  7. Kotaro Gaming

    Kotaro Gaming10 timer siden

    1.21.Bấm ngưng lại thử xem có j !!!

  8. Rodina Yasser

    Rodina Yasser10 timer siden

    اغنيه mic drop اغنيه روعه

  9. Megan De Anda

    Megan De Anda10 timer siden

    The shirtless person is you yourself the people in black are different things about ourselves that we dislike or hate or what mentally bring us down or a dark part of you . We have many shadows dark history in ourselves that make us who we are and no matter what they will be a part of you , move like you , move with you no matter what the shadows are what makes you who you are . It's a beautiful concept into the history they continue to make . So proud of these 7 men they truely capture my heart everytime I see them grow in their music . I'm always amazed such beautiful voices And of corse such beautiful dancers . Round of applause for everyone that was apart of this song so amazing 👏🤧🤯🖤

  10. Love BTS

    Love BTS10 timer siden

    What I understood: The most painful death is when you stop doing what you love! ... Heavy

  11. BILAQ

    BILAQ10 timer siden


  12. Lady Loram

    Lady Loram10 timer siden

    He deserves everything. All my BTS fav songs are Yoongi's songs. Fighting Suga!

  13. Azucena Almanza Garcia

    Azucena Almanza Garcia10 timer siden


  14. manoj khatri

    manoj khatri10 timer siden

    Purple u suga

  15. Hannah Schneider

    Hannah Schneider10 timer siden

    I have to admit, I was confused at first. There was so much going on, it was disorienting in a way with the members not present, and as much as I love and can interpret art, dance like this has never been my forte. After serval listens, a bit of research, my own reflections and being able to peel back the layers, this becomes more and more enchanting, haunting, poignant, truly groundbreaking. As Yoongi said somewhere, what a relief the members have each other. Indeed, and what a relief we have BTS.

  16. Yo y mis chinitos

    Yo y mis chinitos10 timer siden


  17. 티키타카

    티키타카10 timer siden

    노래 들을수록 중독된다

  18. OneTrue _7

    OneTrue _710 timer siden

    A big applause to Bighit Staff, Artists,and of course to Bang Shi Hyuk for making such great music. Bighit Entertainment from nothing to one of the biggest Entertainment or Company right now. Bighit Entertainment is truly MUSIC, ARTIST FOR HEALING .

  19. Kauã Berbert

    Kauã Berbert10 timer siden

    Oi BTS

  20. Ngoc My Nguyen

    Ngoc My Nguyen10 timer siden

    "Do your thing with me now What's my thing, tell me now" Excellent word choice from the very first words.

  21. beariger

    beariger10 timer siden

    as of now, txt's run away japanese version has been #1 on line music realtime chart for 43 hours straight already!! thank you japanese moas(´∀`)♡

  22. ღ- Fαɳƈy -ღ

    ღ- Fαɳƈy -ღ10 timer siden


  23. ERA ERA

    ERA ERA10 timer siden

    La he escuchado por lo menos 30 veces. BTS es arte y nunca me cansaré de decirlo. Que afortunada me siento de nacer en la misma época que los reyes de mis sentidos y de mi corazón ❤💛💙💚🧡♥💜

  24. Kim_ sou_bin

    Kim_ sou_bin10 timer siden

    يااااايييي وصلنا لل15 مليون مشاهدة مع انو المشهادات قليلة كتيييير المهم كملو فايتينغ(قلوب بنفسجية)(>_<)

  25. Marat Kalzhanov

    Marat Kalzhanov10 timer siden

    i love BTS. bts eto zaebis`

  26. Jeon Rabab

    Jeon Rabab10 timer siden

    كل ما اسمع هذا للحن بحس حالي حزينة و معصبة مع إني ما فهمت الكلمات

  27. TaeTae Baby

    TaeTae Baby10 timer siden


  28. maryem Boulidam

    maryem Boulidam10 timer siden

    Just amazing

  29. Open VCS

    Open VCS10 timer siden

    Lagu kontollll

  30. Lily Amalia Ananda

    Lily Amalia Ananda10 timer siden


  31. Yunuen

    Yunuen10 timer siden

    I just love BTS

  32. Um Katycat sz

    Um Katycat sz10 timer siden

    Perfeito 😍

  33. Kookies&Cream

    Kookies&Cream10 timer siden

    Wait... Are there two versions of this song? First this one and second the one with the drums? I prefer this version

  34. 하얀소다

    하얀소다10 timer siden

    방탄은 한국의 대표적인 아이돌인데 댓글들이 다 외국어인게 탄이 오빠들이 자랑스럽기도 하지만 슬프다.. 그리곤 이 댓글도 어느새 묻히겠지...

  35. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

    모아미 _Kim Angie 2710 timer siden

    24.998.679 <3

  36. 오이

    오이10 timer siden

    어이 거기 한국인 일로와바

  37. Mary lara 마리 라라

    Mary lara 마리 라라10 timer siden

    My bones hurt just by seeing it lol




  39. Milena A.

    Milena A.10 timer siden

    Да когда уже будет этот миллиард просмотров? Давайте добьём это число

  40. Achiko Alavidze

    Achiko Alavidze10 timer siden

    i hate bts

  41. Lily Amalia Ananda

    Lily Amalia Ananda10 timer siden


  42. Morena Mar

    Morena Mar10 timer siden


  43. thef86f

    thef86f10 timer siden

    Ewww bts Is so bad, how tf can be you enjoy this shit.

  44. MussKiw

    MussKiw10 timer siden


  45. maria gatica

    maria gatica10 timer siden

    Vamos por 1B ARMYS

  46. Brisa Davalos

    Brisa Davalos10 timer siden

    La coreografia más la canción me da un mar de sentimientos Aun no se que dice la letra de la cancion, pero enserio mis sentimientos son confusos llegue hasta llorar con solo ver la coreografia la primera vez, no se si me entiendan, senti hasta enojo por mi misma y mucha tristeza, luego senti tranquilidad, tal vez este loca y sea la unica que se sienta asi, pero queria compartir este sentimiento, me encantó la nueva cancion y estoy segura que se viene un álbum grandioso.

  47. Saikal Soltonbekova

    Saikal Soltonbekova10 timer siden

    I lose my mind😍🤤😓💋💋💋

  48. essamir hamid

    essamir hamid10 timer siden

    Thanks you so much for this amazing song

  49. Nakhla Adinata

    Nakhla Adinata10 timer siden

    Get the whole time and where do you can come 😁

  50. Nadine K.

    Nadine K.10 timer siden

    one of the biggest betrayals ever. that's it. that's the comment.

  51. Esteban Gutierres

    Esteban Gutierres10 timer siden

    0:58 jiminie??😳

  52. Arushi

    Arushi10 timer siden


  53. Cute ;;

    Cute ;;10 timer siden

    The greatest part of this song starts from 4:00 till the end ..

  54. نور الزهراء

    نور الزهراء10 timer siden

    مريم انحظرتي😂😂😂💔🌚

  55. quiker yea

    quiker yea10 timer siden

    16m lets gooo!!!

  56. hujo 981

    hujo 98110 timer siden

    شلونكم بنياتي👀💜❤️ الفلاونزا رح تذبحني خره بيها صارلي فترة تعبانه منها المهم كونوا بخير 💜🌸 احبكم + اهتموا بصحتكم 💜🌸 ( معليكم بيه مناعتي ضعيفه و انعديت من اخويه)

  57. Roykookie

    Roykookie10 timer siden

    Do u thing

  58. Narjise BTS

    Narjise BTS10 timer siden

    Ilove you bts😍😊💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝👍

  59. Roykookie

    Roykookie10 timer siden

    Anyone after boy with luv

  60. Femke

    Femke10 timer siden

    Dark & wild era is what got me into BTS, I really hope this era will be dark as well. I love the song so much, it makes me think about many things. All the hardships BTS and ARMY went through the past years and the way the boys developed themselves. I am so proud and can't wait for the album to release.

  61. Flerlyn Kim

    Flerlyn Kim10 timer siden


  62. Chimmy Life 치 미 라 이 프

    Chimmy Life 치 미 라 이 프10 timer siden

    *Suga is officialy my bias now.*

  63. maria gatica

    maria gatica10 timer siden

    Hola soy del 2020

  64. Глупый Человек

    Глупый Человек10 timer siden

    На самом деле, клип, танец, каждая деталь выполнены прекрасно. Я очень горжусь тем, что ребята развиваются, растут и углубляются в разные разветвления искусства. Я очень горжусь! Хотелось бы добавить то, что я очень надеюсь на то, что АРМИ наконец перестанут вторгаться в личную жизнь и личное пространство ребят. Посмотрела бы я на вас, если бы вам по кожу лезли чужие люди, о которых вы даде не слышали никогда...😒

  65. luna proof

    luna proof10 timer siden

    Blood sweat and tears ile çok benzerliği var kuğunun da kanatları falan var. Bilemiyorum

  66. army v for ever

    army v for ever10 timer siden


  67. dOntkNowHo

    dOntkNowHo10 timer siden

    We all die twice - once when we stop loving ourselves, and the first death is more painful.

  68. خربشه kharbacha#

    خربشه kharbacha#10 timer siden

    اظن انه يهمك....

  69. ayohitmanbangtan !

    ayohitmanbangtan !10 timer siden

    1:16 - 1:20 I felt that straight through my heart Its like being anxious and having butterflies in your stomach💀💀

  70. MOMOLAND Thumbs Up

    MOMOLAND Thumbs Up10 timer siden

    This is the song that made me fell in love with these precious human beings. 😍

  71. Jia Pia

    Jia Pia10 timer siden

    They look like they had so much fun making this video. If you are new, check out the dance practice. It is hilarious!

  72. K-POP JANA

    K-POP JANA10 timer siden

    التعليقات العربيه وين احس انا الوحيده اللي ما بتنقرض

  73. Qwerty Uiop

    Qwerty Uiop10 timer siden

    Танцор умирает дважды...

  74. 10 giờ đêm đừng ngủ

    10 giờ đêm đừng ngủ10 timer siden

    *F̥I̥G̥H̥T̥I̥N̥G̥ !!!1B*

  75. Hariram Selvakanth

    Hariram Selvakanth10 timer siden


  76. ki ki

    ki ki10 timer siden

    Xq eres tan perfecto


    DILI DILJON10 timer siden


  78. Fifth harmony CC

    Fifth harmony CC10 timer siden

    عاشو عيال بطيسان

  79. H

    H10 timer siden


  80. kewl.

    kewl.10 timer siden

    Theory: at 5:09 the shadows aren’t letting him fly just as Yoongi said he didn’t want to fly in Shadow.

  81. Настя Юсупова

    Настя Юсупова10 timer siden

    Пипец ребят, я в ахуе

  82. VAIPER TopGaming

    VAIPER TopGaming10 timer siden


  83. fagr- chan

    fagr- chan10 timer siden

    Egyptian Army was here...

  84. Hell Yeah

    Hell Yeah10 timer siden

    A lot of people are still not understanding the song as a whole and keep believing it's about them losing passion for what they do. Listen to the second verse carefully. It's a clear message of still getting back on track, knowing that no matter what - that artist in you will never vanish, hence the lyrics in the second verse: "The waves go darkly by in a throe, but I'll never be dragged away again." or "Nothing can devour me, I shout out with ferocity." Yes, they felt unmotivated, not like themselves in certain times in their career. In times they felt like this is a routine, but through this song they try to put out how strong their passion actually is. They learned that this (music they do) is actually what they see their whole self in (lyrics in Suga's part: "Inside I saw myself...") This song portrays their search of an artist within them which goes perfectly with album's title: 'Map of the soul', they are finding themselves and we are witnessing how through the music.

  85. tri cuong Le

    tri cuong Le10 timer siden

    Aaaaa! Bangtan ah, i love you. Suga ah, i so amazing!

  86. VAIPER TopGaming

    VAIPER TopGaming10 timer siden


  87. Karla Emanuelle

    Karla Emanuelle10 timer siden

    *Apenas uma palavra: ORGULHO 💜*

  88. bibing ventura

    bibing ventura10 timer siden

    I love you so much jimin

  89. 김형진

    김형진10 timer siden


  90. Dea Irna

    Dea Irna10 timer siden


  91. Odalis Nazario

    Odalis Nazario10 timer siden

    BTS Y ARMY 15M❤️

  92. 방탄보라해

    방탄보라해10 timer siden

    나는 무슨일 있어도 오빠들 뿐인깐 앞으로도 힘내요 , 전세계에서 알아주는 방탄소년단

  93. Lois B

    Lois B10 timer siden

    Watched for the song, stayed because of the dancers.

  94. Yasin- BrawlStars

    Yasin- BrawlStars10 timer siden

    offf müq moruq ewqewqqwwe

  95. K-POP JANA

    K-POP JANA10 timer siden

    الهيترز موجودين هدول حيوانات نادره والله ما ادري ايش فيهم عمي /طرش /ايش مجانين وصار في هيترز تقريبا بدهم ينتحروا يحرام نحن قاتلينهم (إيموجي وجه ضفضع)

  96. Karla Emanuelle

    Karla Emanuelle10 timer siden

    Eu tô chorando 😭💜 ✊🏻

  97. Айсулу Ильясова

    Айсулу Ильясова10 timer siden

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  98. 윤태완

    윤태완10 timer siden

    댓글에 한국인 없음? 다 외국인이네?...

  99. Army Bts juonghkook

    Army Bts juonghkook10 timer siden

    ارمي نحن نريد ان نتبت ل bts دعمنا الذي لا ينتهي ولن ينتهي ماداموا سعيدين بوجودنا Bts غيرت مجرى حياتي من الحزن والكآبة إلى شخص يعرف معنى الحياة وكيف يكون سعيد اتمنى من كل قلبي ان تتاح لجميع الآرمي فرصة لقاء bts فايتيييينغ love you bts Junghkook oppa

  100. Tae Tae

    Tae Tae10 timer siden

    Omg 💜