Simone Giertz
Simone Giertz
Simone Giertz

Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.
Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.
Want to send me something? All poop-free packages go here:
60 29th St.
Suite #217
San Francisco,
CA 94110

Making a mantis shrimp costume
I have a brain tumor.
My Favorite Tools
Applause Machine VLOG
Chopping Machine VLOG
Wake-up Machine FAIL
Breakfast Machine VLOG
The Breakfast Machine
The Toothbrush Machine
Hej från Amerika
  1. dinkc64

    dinkc6440 minutter siden

    you in those tight pants. <3

  2. JWSx2

    JWSx240 minutter siden

    You should do a draw my life

  3. Mark Hall

    Mark Hall41 minutt siden

    2:02 Whoa! That is the coolest fcking thing I have ever seen in my life! And I've seen some cool sht, man.

  4. namfruit

    namfruit58 minutter siden

    we need the LAMPON

  5. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkTime siden

    I have an angle grinder & a welder n I m not afraid to use it ....I m like wow, she's really brave man....I can't do that

  6. Tasty Food

    Tasty FoodTime siden

    The table top looks like calamari

  7. yeet dawg

    yeet dawg2 timer siden I wouldn’t be promoting simplysafe 👀

  8. TALKING DONKEY pictures

    TALKING DONKEY pictures2 timer siden

    Sitting at my desk watching Simone. Clicked on this video. @ 1:57 realized I was holding a pair of scissors. I don't remember picking them up.

  9. khdur

    khdur2 timer siden

    And what I'm seeing here is an excellent coat of fine dust control in a size workable for most reasonable width surfaces. The "roll-over" feature I'm guessing enables you to use either the medium or fine bristles, so that's awesome. A simple shampoo and water rinse to clean up will be great too since Scraps has obviously eaten all the real poo... BTW the slow-mo was criminally cute and we're forbidding you from ever using that technique on us again. Oh, we are officially waiting for Scraps to be the star of a Trukla commercial. #soyeah #nottellingyourneighbors #theyalreadyknow #adorableWOW

  10. Llamagirl R

    Llamagirl R2 timer siden

    She looks just like a webkinz I had as a kid!!!!!! (for yall who dont know a webkinz is a super amazing nostalgic stuffed animal with a code so you can play with it online)

  11. Brian S

    Brian S2 timer siden

    Never rub the contractor's belly. The discount is a lie.

  12. Old Brasso

    Old Brasso3 timer siden


  13. Zellamoon Brown

    Zellamoon Brown3 timer siden

    she have to watch her mouth

  14. Andy White

    Andy White4 timer siden

    I wish I could help on the baby front . Sadly I fire blanks . Nice to practice though

  15. Gareth Baus

    Gareth Baus4 timer siden

    You do look a little like allison hannigan.

  16. cringehh

    cringehh5 timer siden

    necessity is the mother of invention but no one knows who the father is -Simone Giertz

  17. Dane Hutchins

    Dane Hutchins5 timer siden

    Congratz for the new best friend!

  18. Cameron M

    Cameron M5 timer siden

    But make the Brain shred it tho...

  19. Cameron M

    Cameron M5 timer siden

    I need to munch on this. Ohhhh Noooo its goooone

  20. Gareth Baus

    Gareth Baus6 timer siden

    That is a lot of tofu.

  21. Malak Al naimi

    Malak Al naimi6 timer siden

    You are mean and by the way I am 7 and I had enough I am never going to see your videos again it was a big fan

  22. Alaska Skidood

    Alaska Skidood6 timer siden

    Was that Jimmy Diresta's brother's storage yard?

  23. Andrew Lucas

    Andrew Lucas6 timer siden

    I love your truck.. pretty awesome.. You had me at lumber and dead bodies. I would buy one! (the truck.. not a body) You made me smile. Thank you! (says a minion from Oklahoma)

  24. Jessica - Balanced Beautiful Life

    Jessica - Balanced Beautiful Life6 timer siden

    Omg what a cutie!! We also have a tripawd- similar story, she had her leg broken in 3 spots and they decided to amputate her back right leg when she was 3 months old. She does the same little nub shake too!! 🤣 Ours is 4 years old now and she gets around just fine - most people don’t even notice she’s missing a leg right away haha. congrats!!

  25. Gareth Baus

    Gareth Baus7 timer siden

    "Handheld CNC mill" looks like a fancy router.

  26. The Derps

    The Derps7 timer siden

    Petition to make a battlebot battle between Mark Rober William Osman Simone Giertz Michael Reeves

  27. Aermydach

    Aermydach7 timer siden

    Ok, so. I mostly watch to the end just for the "Ok, byeeeeeeee!"

  28. Houssem Chermali

    Houssem Chermali7 timer siden

    I support you yahhhhhhhhhhhh. Go go go, we love you!!!!!!

  29. Gareth Baus

    Gareth Baus7 timer siden

    I realize this is an older video, but I think a pnumatic claw made out of plate steel would be perfect for stuffed animal decapitation it would have the sudden violent snap you want and the durability to shear their little necks.

  30. Lynild

    Lynild7 timer siden

    I would so marry you

  31. Jonathan S Merigian

    Jonathan S Merigian8 timer siden

  32. Gem Puggy

    Gem Puggy8 timer siden

    You both are so loveable ❤️

  33. Игорь Лысенко

    Игорь Лысенко8 timer siden

    I kindly chalenge you to (try) making dog protesis replacement for the missing dogs leg. So she could scratch her ear. She is nice!

  34. cringehh

    cringehh8 timer siden

    Michel reves and Simone Giertz the shitty king and queen

  35. Jsrdude 12354

    Jsrdude 123549 timer siden

    Who followed on TikTok

  36. monika laosi

    monika laosi9 timer siden

    I saw the first few words I immediately thought “She’s pregnant!” Then I looked at the rest of the title.

  37. Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec9 timer siden

    Thou shalt not destroy purple laptops :)

  38. PIZZA !

    PIZZA !10 timer siden


  39. Christopher R Bailey

    Christopher R Bailey10 timer siden

    I still have the mask from my brain tumor radiation treatment. I think it is awesome that you did something with yours! I love the fact that you asked your friends for help and got to spend time with them during this.

  40. Abdulla Furat

    Abdulla Furat10 timer siden

    2 years later and I'm so happy that you are alright 🖤

  41. ashy m

    ashy m10 timer siden

    she’s perfect

  42. Keeley Pomeroy

    Keeley Pomeroy10 timer siden

    I really want to do that one day it’s so fun and I never see this before so that’s why I’m going to do that one day how exciting is that🥰🥰🥰🥰

  43. SFS X

    SFS X10 timer siden

    The instructor in that plane is having the time of his life

  44. Hageman

    Hageman10 timer siden

    Jeez I hate youtube for recommending this video to me now again. Thought the tumor was back for a third time....

  45. Alayna Moore

    Alayna Moore10 timer siden

    Me next?

  46. tiktok statues

    tiktok statues11 timer siden

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  47. Domino - Spycron

    Domino - Spycron11 timer siden

    im already seeing the future where simone makes an actual artifical leg limb for scraps

  48. Ignacio Garcia Oliver

    Ignacio Garcia Oliver11 timer siden

    she looks like Milou from Tintin!

  49. 2024-Addison Labbe

    2024-Addison Labbe11 timer siden

    you succeeded in making me scared that my headphones got unplugged several times.

  50. Delias Lucero

    Delias Lucero11 timer siden

    I like your overalls

  51. instant_mint

    instant_mint12 timer siden

    I didn't even notice she had only three legs, haha. What a cutie!

  52. Warp

    Warp13 timer siden

    My brother and sister adopted a dog, Earl, that had a rear leg amputated. I don't know how long ago Scraps had her amputation, but Earl's was fresh. He wasn't supposed to run or jump for several weeks to allow the hips to settle. However, Earl is very active and that just didn't happen. This led to his hips settling too close together and he had problems pooping, so keep an eye out for that.

  53. Cody.

    Cody.13 timer siden

    before we get kari'd away

  54. tolu b

    tolu b13 timer siden

    this is weird, why do these micheals look so feminin?

  55. Hao Wang

    Hao Wang13 timer siden

    you are getting more and more professional

  56. FaZe Bacon

    FaZe Bacon13 timer siden

    I found my favorite youtuber

  57. Chase Kratzer

    Chase Kratzer14 timer siden

    Actually it’s not 1980s. I think it started in 75 or 76.

  58. Todd Price

    Todd Price14 timer siden

    thank god for cc

  59. helperbot 2000

    helperbot 200014 timer siden

    american healthcare be like:

  60. Team modern car

    Team modern car14 timer siden

    School he like

  61. przekovski

    przekovski14 timer siden

    "Straight enough" will be on my next dating profile. XD

  62. Bill Pollock

    Bill Pollock15 timer siden

    Awww...I always have such admiration for three legged dogs. You go..guy...girl!

  63. rene cabuhan

    rene cabuhan16 timer siden

    4:13 it will make you laugh.

  64. roger sadler

    roger sadler16 timer siden

    V.P.Ns are not want you described you're a bad girl for giving out false information write a 100 times i must not do this

  65. Annus

    Annus16 timer siden

    Fire: Simone: yes

  66. Jan Kowal

    Jan Kowal16 timer siden

    How to went from Queen of shitty robots to Queen of shitty commercials in every video. I hope that dog is not borrowed for that cause :(

  67. Stephanie Ruggles

    Stephanie Ruggles17 timer siden

    I would,give you thousands of thumbs up just for wearing all that safety gear! And I am so glad you had help. Otherwise that would have even taken longer for you. You can be so proud of your achievement. That table looks pretty. Thx. Please stay healthy and take care.

  68. Paul Winkel

    Paul Winkel17 timer siden

    The KUKA robot be like „am I a joke to you?“

  69. Dad's RC Hangar

    Dad's RC Hangar17 timer siden

    Love it, it’s great you speak to Adam, another great creator / Builder 👍🏻

  70. ohnoitsjose

    ohnoitsjose17 timer siden

    Not to be dramatic or anything but I’d totally die for Scraps.

  71. Casey Pierson

    Casey Pierson18 timer siden

    I love Scraps

  72. Jonathan Crummett

    Jonathan Crummett19 timer siden

    I can't believe 429 heartless jerks thumbed this down.

  73. TommyT628

    TommyT62819 timer siden

    what is the song that is played during the intro graphic (Edit) and the next song after that

  74. Anon Anon

    Anon Anon19 timer siden

    Simone: I've been keeping a tiny Me: Shes pregnant Simone: secret (No, I'm not pregnant) Me: Oh

  75. Sam chand

    Sam chand19 timer siden

    I have very fantastic idea to make a baby to adult butt washing device. Can i get ur email id. I need to send the photos how it will work. Its not at all difficult. U can give me ur email details in [email protected] . I will be glad to send u the awesome project secret that had not made till date.

  76. dirtyhannie

    dirtyhannie20 timer siden

    Your last months of being in you twenties... life is lover as soon as you hit 30 :P

  77. Kijk daar Een pelikaan

    Kijk daar Een pelikaan20 timer siden

    Bruh the camera man is just sitting there , it costs 5.400

  78. Giles S

    Giles S20 timer siden

    Simone saying Kari is the only one she let’s call her cute just exploded by little bi heart

  79. Luxury Life

    Luxury Life20 timer siden

    I think you might have changed the aerodynamic profile just a litttle bit

  80. joerobinson88

    joerobinson8821 time siden

    You should have built a vacuum cleaner 😅

  81. Brendan Wood

    Brendan Wood21 time siden

    Commander straps! TO THE BACKPACK! Off to space we go! oops I meant scraps.... But maybe straps is an upgraded better suited name? Who knows?

  82. Roc

    Roc21 time siden

    Her dog voice sounds like she driving down stairs with a bike . Joking 🙃

  83. Giles S

    Giles S21 time siden

    ‘A budding has been’ 😂

  84. Thomas.E. Jensen

    Thomas.E. Jensen21 time siden

    Simone my favorite pottymouth on you tube.😘😉

  85. Hiram Gudeman

    Hiram Gudeman21 time siden

    4:46 instant like

  86. Thomas.E. Jensen

    Thomas.E. Jensen22 timer siden

    You should offer a course in truck design, exclusively for Elon, and maybe throw a bit about rockets in there. Luv ya. from Denmark.😉😘

  87. Hiram Gudeman

    Hiram Gudeman22 timer siden

    instant sadness 13:09

  88. Fabio Ambrosetti

    Fabio Ambrosetti23 timer siden

    Fun fact: dogs eat poop cause their digestive system doesn't completely digest their food and they are able to smell the nutrients still present in the poop and reassimilate them. <3

  89. Luke Sylvester

    Luke Sylvester23 timer siden

    im pretty sure alot of guys would wanna impregnate you. So dont worry about finding a guy, that is if you dont have one

  90. Shoko Jim Hollingsworth

    Shoko Jim HollingsworthDag siden

    I had a wee bit of neurosurgery myself in 2016. Definitely not something you want to have unless you *really* need it. I lost my hearing in my right ear, and still get the occasional inflammation headache, but otherwise I'm in better shape than ever, really. It does wake you up. In the end, I think it was kind of a gift, to have everything put in perspective via a quail's egg-sized tumor in your head. I asked my surgeon to flip on the "superpowers" switch when he was in there. He asked me how I knew it was in the "off" position right now. Those docs are quick. I'm so glad to hear your own experience has had a good outcome. May you be healthy and happy!

  91. Ahmad Hackett

    Ahmad HackettDag siden


  92. mozkito life

    mozkito lifeDag siden

    That's the last time I let my 5 yo watch a Giertz video 7:12 Thanks for that.

  93. susan beaver

    susan beaverDag siden

    She is SO CUTE!!

  94. Idnekib

    IdnekibDag siden

    Oohh. Cute. But I don't believe you. What are the specs? I wanna see the internals. Is it hidraulic or are you using step motors?

  95. Animal

    AnimalDag siden

    I cant believe she's pregnant

  96. okow tina

    okow tinaDag siden

    1:50 Simone: "...except scratch her right ear" scratches right ear for her stub starts to wiggle Me: "OMG That's so adorable!"

  97. Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in QuébecDag siden

    My brother died at 53 with a glioblastoma - the bad kind of brain tumor. You are courageous to share. I appreciated it 👍🙏

  98. sour tooth

    sour toothDag siden

    You yelling in AMERICAN is what scared him off. Probably thought you had 7 guns and a bald eagle tattooed on your back.

  99. John Lime

    John LimeDag siden

    Lol I didn't even notice that Scraps was tripedal

  100. J R

    J RDag siden

    Where can I get those boots!!!