Simone Giertz
Simone Giertz
Simone Giertz

Maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer. Have become somewhat of an expert in shitty robots.
Swedish but sound American just to confuse you.
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Making a mantis shrimp costume
Meet my giant pair of scissors
My brain tumor is back

My brain tumor is back

10 måneder siden

My Favorite Tools
Applause Machine VLOG
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Wake-up Machine FAIL
Breakfast Machine VLOG
The Breakfast Machine
The Toothbrush Machine
Hej från Amerika
  1. Tyclone

    Tyclone12 minutter siden

    (5:32) Lmao 😂😂😂

  2. Chuk Wow

    Chuk Wow2 timer siden

    Pitty that “thumbs down” doesn’t show count. It would be interesting to see the votes what people like. Thumbs up for Truckla, and down for cybertruck. This is however not possible, therefore we’ll never know.

  3. Jayden Lee

    Jayden Lee2 timer siden

    OMG NASA just hire her! She is doing so much things for it!!!

  4. Zoe T

    Zoe T2 timer siden

    So 5500 dollars. I better start saving cuz this is fr my dreams now

  5. californiakayaker N6GRG

    californiakayaker N6GRG2 timer siden

    Hey, I know you love Truckla, and, yes, its your beautiful concept. But, I'd like to see a ton of them out there, and who better to build and sell them but Elon. And, conversely, Elon, you have your concept Truck, but, you want to make money, right ? Yes. This concept is a money maker. Sell it for multi million dollars . You will see many Truckla's out there and be proud, while you take this multi million nest egg and work on the next project. Yes ? Yes ! Oh, and this is Michael. And to mention, Elon could build these , I'll bet, with or without paying you , I think. But, he should pay you. Your Brilliant.


    THE TWO AWESOME SIS2 timer siden

    i will do this no matter how much it costs its my dream now. like this comment to give me good luck.

  7. Jayden Lee

    Jayden Lee2 timer siden

    noooo hard works... meets cybertruck

  8. Chuk Wow

    Chuk Wow2 timer siden

    This could easy be a 5-6 25min episodes. I would love to see in depth the progress

  9. Servet Maydar

    Servet Maydar2 timer siden

    Come on girl! This is the BATHROOM.How can u eat something in there?🤦🏻‍♂️🤮

  10. Jayden Lee

    Jayden Lee2 timer siden

    oops should have waited until thwy released a cybertruck

  11. 마 쿠니 macooni

    마 쿠니 macooni3 timer siden

    How does the vomit comet work

  12. Rayno Abang

    Rayno Abang3 timer siden

    It's called no gravity 👌

  13. GachaArtist YT

    GachaArtist YT4 timer siden

    I so wish this was something anyone at any age can do

  14. tiny&sweet

    tiny&sweet4 timer siden

    wait my teacher showed us ur ted talk at school a week ago omg

  15. Sascha Dobson

    Sascha Dobson4 timer siden

    Could you breath

  16. Reilynn Donahue

    Reilynn Donahue4 timer siden

    Low key on the air plane that looks f***ing funxD

  17. Fights NYC

    Fights NYC4 timer siden

    $5,400 per ticket, I'm good

  18. Sherry Miyazono

    Sherry Miyazono4 timer siden

    can a kid go on?

  19. GachaStory

    GachaStory5 timer siden


  20. Lucas Martínez Parra

    Lucas Martínez Parra5 timer siden

    This is really fun.


    YOUTUBE_TOXIC5 timer siden

    wtf hahahaha noob

  22. Nightsintodreams

    Nightsintodreams5 timer siden

    I got 20 minutes on this :)

  23. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus5 timer siden

    Extreme skills.

  24. ExtraBigCookie BigRaisan

    ExtraBigCookie BigRaisan5 timer siden

    this is awesome!!!!!

  25. Alexander X

    Alexander X5 timer siden

    3:49 Zen Achievement Unlocked

  26. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnus5 timer siden

    Extreme skill, Simone (that movie is cool too by the way, the movie: S1m0ne released in 2002).

  27. PhilJam Production

    PhilJam Production5 timer siden

    “well it kinda makes my fifi hurt”

  28. Arthur Chazal

    Arthur Chazal5 timer siden

    Dirk Gently season 2, anyone ?

  29. Anders Karlsson

    Anders Karlsson6 timer siden

    I fucking died when the shitty claw machine dropped the claw instead of the candy.

  30. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya6 timer siden

    "sensory deprivation tank" me: OMG OMG WAS THAT A STRANGER THINGS REFERENCE???

  31. Drayton Van Sickle8

    Drayton Van Sickle86 timer siden

    Put a lift on truckla and make the cyber truck a convertible

  32. Alvaro Pineda

    Alvaro Pineda6 timer siden

    Hey shitty robot queen. So happy to see you making pickup trucks now 😂😂😂😂. Greetings from colombia

  33. Drayton Van Sickle8

    Drayton Van Sickle86 timer siden

    Lift your truckla and make the cyber truck a convertible

  34. Eleven Hopper

    Eleven Hopper7 timer siden

    Sensory deprivation tank Eleven is shook

  35. alice spiller

    alice spiller7 timer siden


  36. cabby007

    cabby0077 timer siden

    tesla ute, interesting and cool idea

  37. JOE KING

    JOE KING7 timer siden

    if i had the cash id buy it

  38. luis guerrero

    luis guerrero7 timer siden

    Me moving around in my moms whom

  39. JOE KING

    JOE KING7 timer siden

    LOL this was fantastic loved it !!!

  40. JOE KING

    JOE KING8 timer siden

    this is such a great video and best part is how much fun you all seem to be having too

  41. Arnaud Yumiro

    Arnaud Yumiro8 timer siden

    What is the name of the song how starts at 2:40 please ? It is not on the description...

  42. Foreva.destiny 06

    Foreva.destiny 068 timer siden

    Her eyes tho

  43. RoBlOx NuGgEt

    RoBlOx NuGgEt8 timer siden

    Is it like simon or simown

  44. radical games

    radical games8 timer siden

    You did better than the cyber truck just wanted du to know that lmao

  45. Hallie June

    Hallie June8 timer siden

    “I feel like fucking packman” me: omg same

  46. Kiwi Beaver

    Kiwi Beaver8 timer siden

    youre basically falling you just have a border around you

  47. Sparrow

    Sparrow8 timer siden

    So her project instigated the cyber truck ?

  48. Karolina Kamoda

    Karolina Kamoda9 timer siden

    Weirdest Rorschach-style thing: before you explained what is on your T-shirt, I was sure it’s an artistic shadow representation of two kittens touching foreheads???

  49. gaming jonder178

    gaming jonder1789 timer siden

    You are just having the time of your life and im just watching you have the time of your life on a toilet wtf is my life

  50. Pete Reilly

    Pete Reilly9 timer siden

    Thought 1 - next year, free range tofurkey in the Thanksgiving special. Thought 2 - Between the awesome free association and the utterly gorgeous eyes, it's a shame she's a vegetarian! Thought 3 - NO-gos actually found me something enjoyable to watch!

  51. Dr. Zana Hamad

    Dr. Zana Hamad9 timer siden

    You really can't speak normal and little bit more polite rather than all these fucken , fuck , damn ...e.t.c. ??!!

  52. BUBE Runner

    BUBE Runner9 timer siden

    awwww this is just cute

  53. Alain Pfaeffli

    Alain Pfaeffli10 timer siden

    Diy is always better than bought new. Apple would push a firmware update that bricks it

  54. Saba Irfan

    Saba Irfan10 timer siden

    Me: ummmm ya right show me something special and you can have the whole pack My sis : (shows me this vid) can I have it now Me : hands the whole pack of chocolates and stares with dribble in my mouth

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    My sis: can you pls give me a cookie With white Chocolate plsss

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    Snivic10 timer siden

    you could make bank if you sell truckla's

  57. Cass C

    Cass C10 timer siden

    1:43 my earbuds were in.. i got scared it just sounds like.. woah

  58. G O O S E

    G O O S E11 timer siden

    yea i hate gravity too

  59. Saga Nilsson

    Saga Nilsson11 timer siden


  60. Agentnatsu 13

    Agentnatsu 1311 timer siden

    Your not actually weightless, there is just no gravity pulling you down.

  61. GeorgeH-W

    GeorgeH-W11 timer siden


  62. brivie suņi

    brivie suņi11 timer siden

    U fkng bich

  63. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum11 timer siden

    I’m jelly

  64. Linn Verschueren

    Linn Verschueren11 timer siden

    This is my dream since i‘m a Child

  65. ShyRIBoyy

    ShyRIBoyy11 timer siden

    iam happy that simone survived this :) <3

  66. 100k subs with videos?

    100k subs with videos?11 timer siden

    Run at the speed of light

  67. Afrin Afrin

    Afrin Afrin12 timer siden


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    its Keanu12 timer siden

    “Good for you to” 👌🤣🤣

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    Brother's and sister's we are united once more by youtube's Algorithm.

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    Darkbeak12 timer siden

    Damm i want to play superman in there xD

  71. Miroslav Barták

    Miroslav Barták12 timer siden

    What have you done... Challenging Elon Musk to make a pickup truck was terrible idea.

  72. Abcd efgh

    Abcd efgh12 timer siden

    i will prefer my joint .

  73. CrawlleR

    CrawlleR13 timer siden

    remember the weird, smart but kinda cute kid well this is her now !

  74. Tad Rimmey

    Tad Rimmey13 timer siden

    Simone, I LOVE what you are doing! You ARE an Engineer, dammit. Also, your sense of humor is great!

  75. Dagner Candelaria

    Dagner Candelaria13 timer siden


  76. Mooshii

    Mooshii13 timer siden

    I'm definitely gonna work there XD

  77. Aige

    Aige14 timer siden

    Woah thats epic.

  78. suesongs

    suesongs14 timer siden

    At first, I thought this was stupid, but it looks better than the cybertruck.

  79. Oh my Gacha

    Oh my Gacha14 timer siden

    Eleven is that you ( season 1 flashbacks )

  80. Ritesh Pathak

    Ritesh Pathak14 timer siden

    I don't know why but when in video you are getting happy I am also getting happy here 😁you are really cheerful person😁

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    Pogal14 timer siden

    Why fuck pacman I have nothing against it but it seems random?

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    Тася Astral14 timer siden

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    Yay Simone! Glad to see you and Truckla are doing well!

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    This is the number of people that are making their Tesla into a Pickup 👉♾. 👇👇

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    João Pedro18 timer siden

    Simone...First time I find a soulmate...please, how can I talk to you? I need to exchange some principles with you, for the sake of my future

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    Aleksei Shpakovskii18 timer siden

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