Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea

Doing animated commentary and solving crimes with my purple goose boi Wilfur!
I animate using Adobe Flash CS6, with a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet.

Why KSI Made Jake Paul Cry
How Pewdiepie Saved Minecraft
How Haters Made MORGZ Rich
Here's Why TFUE Messed Up
Have EXPOSE VIDEOS Gone Too Far?
All This Drama Over VITAMINS??
How To Become Pewdiepie!
Wilfur Bloopers

Wilfur Bloopers

6 år siden

Meet Wilfur!

Meet Wilfur!

6 år siden

  1. Jason Kramer

    Jason KramerDag siden

    They're in different stages of their life. Ethan and Hila just moved into a 9 million dollar mansion and have a kid now. I think the podcast is a way to be lazier and not as creative, but they're making enough money from their clothing brand that their youtube channel really only exists to keep the fanbase and popularity alive.

  2. Zaluschi EmanuelYT

    Zaluschi EmanuelYTDag siden

    Salut Andrei ce faci?

  3. Elliott Tedford

    Elliott TedfordDag siden

    No lazarbeam did it first tho just saying

  4. McFishMuffin

    McFishMuffinDag siden

    you are suke and u chanel is verry bad

  5. KaMpfAlpaKa MiD

    KaMpfAlpaKa MiDDag siden


  6. Weird channel

    Weird channelDag siden

    2:23 idk if that is his real face

  7. Jpug Pugger

    Jpug PuggerDag siden


  8. Skyloop 222

    Skyloop 222Dag siden

    That's my local Woolworths aka Australia's best supper market

  9. Munkhtushig Maidar

    Munkhtushig MaidarDag siden


  10. J4y_boi

    J4y_boiDag siden

    Like when you watch in 2020

  11. Adarsh Raj

    Adarsh RajDag siden

    Animation channel to animation rosting channel.

  12. Youtubergaming Kids

    Youtubergaming KidsDag siden

    5:58 19 yr old lookin like a grown man

  13. Jewel Richards

    Jewel RichardsDag siden

    I pray to anyone who may have this very horrible virus that they must get well. I am praying 🙏 Stay Safe, Healthy, And wash your hands! Please stay safe, we will be cured or the virus will have a cure! Hope Quarintine will soon be over, So we can go outside without toilet paper fights. Love y'all!!

  14. Dominant Armzy

    Dominant ArmzyDag siden

    I kinda like that duck

  15. Vince Miguel Ventura

    Vince Miguel VenturaDag siden

    James Charles fans be like:

  16. Afnan 287YT

    Afnan 287YTDag siden

    Tati in hindi and urdu means poop or shit

  17. Petra Forsberg

    Petra ForsbergDag siden

    Historien om varelsens

  18. Aculturednormie

    AculturednormieDag siden

    For mine I hope I get lsd and meth

  19. Victor Hunter

    Victor HunterDag siden

    I understand your hatred brother

  20. SpleeCake

    SpleeCakeDag siden

    it was lazar beam

  21. Christopher Moreno

    Christopher MorenoDag siden

    How to become a millionaire just brag you tubers to pay you

  22. JJ Forever

    JJ ForeverDag siden

    Follow me on Instagram @johnchavezarmenta

  23. Pokemon - tips and tricks

    Pokemon - tips and tricksDag siden


  24. BraveLionGatcha

    BraveLionGatchaDag siden

    You have 2m subs odd1sout have 14 subs its obvios you will lose hahaha and how could you turn super saiyan when youre hair is bald

  25. Neon Dragon

    Neon DragonDag siden

    i wish there was a way to at least click the like button multiple times cause i love your content. It's so funny xD

  26. Yellow Rose

    Yellow RoseDag siden


  27. Vince 26

    Vince 26Dag siden

    Pota ka Gago kala mo kung sino ka kay liit nga ng subscriber mo yabang mo hayop ka!

  28. Nolimitvendel

    NolimitvendelDag siden

    Well ... time to delete my channel

  29. Mina Karem

    Mina KaremDag siden

    2.12 million subs... AM I LATE?!

  30. Charlie Colon

    Charlie ColonDag siden

    At first when I was like 6 I believed these vids LOL

  31. QVAR Hyx

    QVAR HyxDag siden

    My country has MorgZ too and its feel like Hell

  32. Ye

    YeDag siden

    Wait the twins were babies when she was 17 then she turned 19 and they look as her like tf

  33. ADAM

    ADAMDag siden

    ты русский?

  34. Kakyoin Noriaki Pancakes

    Kakyoin Noriaki PancakesDag siden

    Our Queen, Jeffrey Star

  35. Jumak.TheGreat

    Jumak.TheGreatDag siden

    Please do a pt 2

  36. Raging Boy777

    Raging Boy777Dag siden

    The whole thing is based on dragon ball

  37. Suu's Tutorials

    Suu's TutorialsDag siden

    Wow. Great story. By the way, how come you could learn english perfect?

  38. NOVA

    NOVADag siden

    Only svens alive nowadays:(

  39. Emma Walsh

    Emma WalshDag siden

    This was an add

  40. jayr6r

    jayr6rDag siden

    Jay 8:35 me: just kill me

  41. Nan Kuo Wo

    Nan Kuo WoDag siden

    wait pewdiepie doesn't love us 9 year olds??

  42. Mile Chang

    Mile ChangDag siden

    He’s a goose idiot

  43. Kayden Price

    Kayden PriceDag siden

    Well I was watching this I asked my brother if he wanted the box he said yes so I punched him in the face and made his tooth to fly out

  44. sans

    sansDag siden

    you to fake no way ha

  45. Neffinred

    NeffinredDag siden

    Morgz drinks some and spills the rest

  46. hello pllp

    hello pllpDag siden


  47. Cl0utxx

    Cl0utxxDag siden

    The thing is WhErE’s ThE eMaIL...hUh!?!

  48. Film Phoenix

    Film PhoenixDag siden

    Wilfer is funny, the way he hit him with a pan

  49. Cole Balon

    Cole BalonDag siden

    So insparationl

  50. Singerdude Gaming

    Singerdude GamingDag siden

    Your new identity should be Andres and Wilber

  51. Kevin The 7th

    Kevin The 7thDag siden


  52. Kayden Ahmu

    Kayden AhmuDag siden

    Bruh the voice is a robot i just noticed that

  53. david elliott

    david elliottDag siden

    Hand sanitizer is useful just dont get to much and stay sare

  54. Nexon

    NexonDag siden

    *This is good advice..*

  55. DSYEarthling

    DSYEarthlingDag siden

    Lazarbeam revived minecraft

  56. Scottie Boi

    Scottie BoiDag siden

    5:36 idk why a Residents Evil 3 ad popped up

  57. Undertale Stuff

    Undertale StuffDag siden

    I actually was 9 when i heard about logan paul and jake paul and when i tried watching them...errr... They were kinda cringe.

  58. Stephanie Coffey

    Stephanie CoffeyDag siden

    Wilfur is working and friends with JEFFREE STAR

  59. El Nutter Butter

    El Nutter ButterDag siden

    what you do in these w o o o u d s

  60. riya kolluri

    riya kolluriDag siden


  61. Christopher Gonzalez

    Christopher GonzalezDag siden

    It was dustin from stranger things? Maybe.

  62. 1000 Subscribers challenge

    1000 Subscribers challengeDag siden

    I got a million dollars from a poop I pooped omg

  63. TIM YANG

    TIM YANGDag siden

    Covid 19

  64. Ocean Studios

    Ocean StudiosDag siden

    How did he know he was in a basket when he was just a baby?

  65. The Noob Empire

    The Noob EmpireDag siden

    Having $1,000,000.00 dollars is not even the LEGAL amount to be a millionaire having $1,000,000.00 dollars is only 50k Net Worth, YOUR NOT EVEN IN THR HUNDRED THOUSAND ON NET WORTH appetantly you have to have 2.3M+ Dollars. to have exactly 1M+ Net Worth and there is when your a Millionare. DUDE IF YOUR A MILLIONARE WITH $1M IS TOO LESS

  66. Captain Borcane

    Captain BorcaneDag siden

    Ține-o tot asa mă Terbelistule!!

  67. Charlie Morgon

    Charlie MorgonDag siden

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  68. Elisabeth NASA

    Elisabeth NASADag siden

    En español también tenemos un morgz, es *_H O R R I B L E_*

  69. supreme godfather

    supreme godfatherDag siden

    7:28 they are 15 schools give sexual education at 12 And most boys know about it at 8 or 9

  70. akacarbide342 Yt

    akacarbide342 YtDag siden

    Lazarbeam brought it back

  71. Realtheboinoah Berg

    Realtheboinoah BergDag siden

    I am inspired thanks

  72. supreme godfather

    supreme godfatherDag siden

    Ok boomer

  73. supreme godfather

    supreme godfatherDag siden

    The eyes of this cartoon are very boomer cartoon style. Ok boomer

  74. Leon Hermans

    Leon HermansDag siden

    4:37 thats a lotta damage

  75. Eva Velasquez

    Eva VelasquezDag siden


  76. carl marino

    carl marinoDag siden

    Wilfur:makmakmak Mcdonalds:sr i dont understand Andrei terbai:he wants a burger

  77. Jhon VVick

    Jhon VVickDag siden

    You are gei


    MOACIR MOACIRDag siden

    One of the best videos ive ever seen

  79. Live Wire

    Live WireDag siden

    You can't control what's going on but you CAN buy all the toilet paper...seriously I get fearing you'll run out but please you don't need ALL that.

  80. ASAG [331743]

    ASAG [331743]Dag siden

    2:21 This is Vlad Alexandrescu XD

  81. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomDag siden

    Andrei: there is no moret toilet paper Algeria: are you sure about that

  82. Sanichuka kun

    Sanichuka kunDag siden

    Why am I watching this??? I have no life...

  83. Hashtag205

    Hashtag205Dag siden

    We are rich we are rich!!!!! And then I started dancing The animators of my life story : *FLOSS*

  84. Ahmed hany

    Ahmed hanyDag siden

    Use a dam water hose.....

  85. Valeanu Antonio

    Valeanu AntonioDag siden

    Hei, where are u from?🇷🇴

  86. Arjol gaming shqip

    Arjol gaming shqipDag siden

    Heyy 2020 subs

  87. grizz follower

    grizz followerDag siden

    If Jeffrey had a girl voice and had a different name I would think he was a girl

  88. Siri Serious

    Siri SeriousDag siden

    It takes a pandemic for h3h3 to start uploading again...

  89. Lehmän matka laukku

    Lehmän matka laukkuDag siden

    Andreis Eyes look a lot like 2 pacmans

  90. Daniela Golban

    Daniela GolbanDag siden

    I am so proud of Romania only because you are romanian

  91. MARKUS Bailey

    MARKUS BaileyDag siden

    Kid:does floss dance Me:you don't have permission to live anymore

  92. Frost Fangs

    Frost FangsDag siden

    Why you make morgz look like a psychopath? He is a annoying click baiting brat but not a psychopath

  93. Radiant HD

    Radiant HDDag siden

    I’m Romanian too!

  94. Big Question Gaming

    Big Question GamingDag siden

    Little Timmy: I am rich *Does fortnite dance* Dad: *chanting and muttering* *pulls out knife* "I will sacrifice him to the floor snails!"

  95. Sparkle Fedora

    Sparkle FedoraDag siden

    Nemonia (I’m only nine right now so I don’t know how to spell it) but I had it when I was five and she is making it up like she haves it like bruh plus I was in the hospital for a month

  96. BatexPro

    BatexProDag siden

    I think I video about LeafyIsHere would be interesting.

  97. That one animator

    That one animatorDag siden

    Anyone notice the dragon ball references

  98. Guess What Animation

    Guess What AnimationDag siden

    Some one took all the crackers.

  99. Hyde 00H

    Hyde 00HDag siden

    Actually jeffery was the one that hiding behind and manipulating everything.

  100. Noob Gaming

    Noob GamingDag siden

    I watched this fight by finding live streams on NO-gos that have not yet been claimed by DAZN after the previous live stream was claimed