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  1. AL-Burhan General Trading

    AL-Burhan General Trading5 minutter siden


  2. Zayn Malik

    Zayn Malik5 minutter siden

    Faizani the king

  3. hello Cat

    hello Cat6 minutter siden

    Lagta h kinza Ka demag khram ho gya

  4. Zahid Ahmad

    Zahid Ahmad9 minutter siden

    Heram kitny acha hai nd saher I like u saher

  5. Inayat Naeem

    Inayat Naeem10 minutter siden

    Bkwas ma kawa hhhhhh

  6. Aqib Rana

    Aqib Rana14 minutter siden


  7. Mano Rajpoot

    Mano Rajpoot15 minutter siden

    Danish pr braa gusaa aa rha itna piyr sy bol rha muh torna chyii iskaa

  8. Astonish Astral

    Astonish Astral21 minutt siden

    یہ کہانی کہیں سے ہندو توا کی لگتی ہے ۔ بھلہ ایسی کہانی کا اسلامیت سے کیا کام ؟ پاکستان کراچی کے ڈرامے تو بُہت دلچسپ ہُوا کرتے تھے ۔ یہ ہندوستان سٹائل کب سے آنا شُروع ہو گیا ؟ 👎

  9. Romli Berliana

    Romli Berliana21 minutt siden

    Very good song and beatiful place....good luck.....

  10. Aleeza online boutique

    Aleeza online boutique24 minutter siden

    قبولیت کی رات تھی اور میرا پاگل دل مسجد ڈھونڈتا رہا، تیرے گھر کے آس پاس۔۔ ❤

  11. Ayesha Akram

    Ayesha Akram28 minutter siden

    This drama is my fav.. Hopefully they will find their daughter in the future or in any other episode..Just wanna know what will happen after.....

  12. G K

    G K29 minutter siden

    Is this how we respect or measure worth of a woman. She gets kidnapped and family is worried about honor and mother in law wants her dead. Are women not humans or their worth is tied to their vagina.

  13. Astonish Astral

    Astonish Astral32 minutter siden

    ایک شرابی کی زبان ایک شیطان کی زبان ہوتی ہے ۔ اور ایک شیطان کا ٹارگٹ صرف ایک عورت ہوتی ہے ۔ اور گھر برباد ہو جاتا ہے 😊 ۔ A women never be a silly over a temporary shine✨ . شیطان بُہت مکار اور وقتی ہوتا ہے ۔ لیکن اس کیلئے بُہت صبر چاہئے ۔ یہ ایک مومن کی آزمائش کے وقت سے پہلے پُہنچتا ہے ۔ بس وُہی ایک آزمائش کا لمحہ ہوتا ہے

  14. Nighat Khan

    Nighat Khan32 minutter siden

    The dresses of both the brides are beautiful. Designer name please??

  15. Your Cook Teacher

    Your Cook Teacher33 minutter siden

    koi subscribe nhi krta plz mujhe bhi subscribe kren

  16. Mrs Farrukh

    Mrs Farrukh37 minutter siden

    Nadia jameel naild it yr she made me cry with every scene I was crying badly 🤧 I am also a mother Allah please safe all the children from evil eyes.allah pak har maa ki ankhe or kaleja thanda rakha ameen

  17. laiba imran

    laiba imran43 minutter siden

    phupo , saba saba acha theek he zinda he 😂😂😂😂👍

  18. abeeha shahbaz

    abeeha shahbaz45 minutter siden

    Wheel chair change kardooo ..malik balaj ki .. sb kuch hai bas ic k pasy nahi kia

  19. Bashir Ali

    Bashir Ali45 minutter siden

    Plz sand Episode 18

  20. Pani Alaee

    Pani Alaee48 minutter siden

    Salman ke mom kitni irritating hai😠😠

  21. Rose Yasin

    Rose Yasin50 minutter siden

    Afzal ki dusri bv keci rakhi ino ny

  22. Rose Yasin

    Rose Yasin50 minutter siden

    Fzul treen lg ra ay akmal and his fzul acting no personality

  23. sev7n

    sev7n53 minutter siden

    Our real hero is the saver of holy Quran proud of that man

  24. Mehak Yawar

    Mehak Yawar53 minutter siden

    So sad to see her husband behavior he should educate himself about rape survivor instead of being upset with her

  25. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood54 minutter siden


  26. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood54 minutter siden


  27. BiLaWaJhA yt

    BiLaWaJhA yt55 minutter siden

    Watch my channel for the best roast of mehwish and shehwar part 1(:

  28. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood55 minutter siden

    Can’t wait for #ghalati 💕💕💕

  29. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood55 minutter siden

    #GHALATI 😭😭😭😍😍🤩🤩🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥💔💔🥵🥵😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💗💗💗💗

  30. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood56 minutter siden


  31. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood57 minutter siden

    #RUSWAI 😭😭😭😭🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️💔💔💔💔💔💔

  32. Tasneem Bibi

    Tasneem Bibi59 minutter siden

    Is police vly k dil krta ha dnt tor du.inthai gatiya r cheap character n behaviour ha 👊🏻👊🏻😡🤬🤬🤬 Omg what did he say about that kid....Noooooo plz🙊😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood59 minutter siden


  34. sahiba mahmood

    sahiba mahmood59 minutter siden

    #Ruswai 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  35. Albar Sundo

    Albar SundoTime siden


  36. S. Mirza

    S. MirzaTime siden

    Wow hamza mein sari qualities hein 👍

  37. Qazi Waleed

    Qazi WaleedTime siden

    Offic sy aty howy blu suit or kechan sy baher yellow

  38. K Kas

    K KasTime siden

    Unbelievable acting by Nadia jameel & shahood alvi. Kamaaaaaal

  39. Mukhtiar Ali

    Mukhtiar AliTime siden

    My Favorite drama Actor Hira Mani 💖

  40. Suraiya Khan

    Suraiya KhanTime siden

    Somebody said I thought he loved her no he did not love her if you love someone you will stand by the person no matter what so there was no love if I were her I would kick his ass and leave him be on her own don’t even go back to your parents because they are the one who pressurize them to make a wrong decision

  41. Rose Yasin

    Rose YasinTime siden

    Akmal is over actor bht zyda e over ay

  42. honesty

    honestyTime siden

    sameera ka sath hadsa hua, woh apni jaga, lekin waisa woh bohat hi ziddi, egoistic, baddemagh, arrogant, aur sarial bandi ha!!

  43. Azhar Hussain

    Azhar HussainTime siden

    december 2019

  44. Awais Ijaz

    Awais IjazTime siden

    Paglo wLa drama

  45. Suraiya Khan

    Suraiya KhanTime siden

    Man r like that in Those countries they don’t have a understanding or respect for woman the disrespect women so much it’s sham

  46. Astonish Astral

    Astonish AstralTime siden

    ہر ایپیسوڈ کے سٹارٹ میں ایک بد شکل ضرور آتی ہے اور کہتی ہے سبسکرپشن کے لئے

  47. K Kas

    K KasTime siden

    Kamaaaaaal acting both Nadia jameel n shahood alvi. Awesomeeeeee

  48. Adeel Ahmad

    Adeel AhmadTime siden

    last scene she should have hit her harder, the background sound of the slap was too subtle LOL

  49. Rahima Begum

    Rahima BegumTime siden

    Please add subtitles from this episode to all the way to the last one

  50. Suraiya Khan

    Suraiya KhanTime siden

    She shouldn’t have married him anyway because she knew what kind of person he was but sometime in those countries people get under the pressure and they make The wrong decision how come in Pakistan woman r so weak is shame but truth there is no balance either they’re out of Control Or very wreak specially women Who are educated they are supposed to be smarter and they should know what is right for them but the act so dumb it gets me very upset to see that

  51. S K

    S KTime siden

    Salman behaving ridiculously. His stupid mother also so dumn. Sameera made a wrong decision to marry Salman

  52. Caylin rose

    Caylin roseTime siden

    bulbule is zero without chandi

  53. Shahzaib Shahzaib

    Shahzaib ShahzaibTime siden

    Salman tu gay nikla so gaya dhakkan insaan lol 😄

  54. Qwerty Keyboard

    Qwerty KeyboardTime siden

    Yeh phuppop kaise dikhaye hai?!! Seriously agar nand nahi pasand lekin beti tau apne bhai k khoon ki hai,,she has NO remorse????

  55. Daniyal Sherazi

    Daniyal SheraziTime siden

    So nice Danish I proud of you

  56. X Y Z With Arif bhai

    X Y Z With Arif bhaiTime siden

    Waw Nice

  57. Zoya Abbas زویا عباس

    Zoya Abbas زویا عباسTime siden

    Very emotional drama serial. Love the OST.

  58. Hira Usman

    Hira UsmanTime siden

    Alkaram ke add main ayeza Khan bht buri lag rahi hai

  59. Arooj Arooj

    Arooj AroojTime siden

    Mard kitny bewkof hoty hain😂

  60. Desi blogs worldwide

    Desi blogs worldwideTime siden

    یہ تو ڈرامہ ہے مگر افسوس حقيقت میں بھی ہمارے اسلامی معاشرے میں ایسے درندے پاے جاتے ہیں

  61. It'z EzZu

    It'z EzZuTime siden

    Galti agar Salman ki hai to sameera ki bhi hai is tarha shdiyan nahi tikti itne attitude me wrda bol to sahi rahi hai

  62. Bilal Baloch

    Bilal Baloch2 timer siden

    Hira salman (y)

  63. Syeda Hania

    Syeda Hania2 timer siden

    Dil phat gaya ye drama dkh k 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  64. Samina Azim

    Samina Azim2 timer siden

    میرا خیال ہے کہ مائرہ کے بالوں کا سٹائل بدلنا چاہیے

  65. Mrs Farrukh

    Mrs Farrukh2 timer siden

    Ya Allah pak sari betion ki hifaxat farma...allah pak sbko apni hifazat me rkhna ameen..

  66. sapna noor

    sapna noor2 timer siden

    mekal sherwani mn phns gya hai tori deeli penaty na

  67. Aaiz Malik

    Aaiz Malik2 timer siden

    Who is here after school kids viral video??

  68. Iqra Rehman

    Iqra Rehman2 timer siden

    Yeh salman tou kameena nikla😏😏

  69. Pakistani Media

    Pakistani Media2 timer siden

    Astaghferullah Allah sab ke bachon ki hifazat Karen. Ameen

  70. Intzar G

    Intzar G2 timer siden

    Rumee is such a cute innocent kid😍

  71. Sana Baig

    Sana Baig2 timer siden

    Allah mjhe ese saas na de Ameen sameera ko b ab sahi hojna chye

  72. Jamaal Razzak

    Jamaal Razzak2 timer siden

    She will sort this pagal husband out.

  73. Pearl Stars

    Pearl Stars2 timer siden

    Sameera should divorce Salaman and his loser parents. Guys don't be like Salman.

  74. nafees facade khan i Abidi

    nafees facade khan i Abidi2 timer siden

    Honestly, the story lost me,the maham character,slapped the girl, typical, lady ,your husband is a man of no character, obviously, you would know this,after he took your bussiness shares! The writers needs new mind sets that shows women who Moves on !

  75. mussrat nasim

    mussrat nasim2 timer siden

    Sherwani new khreed lety itni tight ku pehna di bechary ka dam ghoot gia

  76. Pearl Stars

    Pearl Stars2 timer siden

    I hate when educated girls like Sameera wed idiots like Salaman and his parents because of their idiot parents. Ewww

  77. naimat malik

    naimat malik2 timer siden


  78. Sana Baig

    Sana Baig2 timer siden

    Warda ki lipstick tou dark krte nd humza so sooooo❤️😍

  79. Bilal Baloch

    Bilal Baloch2 timer siden

    Yr ye Allah k lye jeto jeto pakistan ka sound slow karein

  80. Shaista Hassan

    Shaista Hassan2 timer siden

    Yaha drama per comment say ziada dars shuru rehta hai 😵

  81. Awais Ijaz

    Awais Ijaz2 timer siden

    Bc dilog k ilawa drama bakwas hai

  82. Zoya Abbas زویا عباس

    Zoya Abbas زویا عباس2 timer siden

    One of the best OST. Pakistan Zindabaad.

  83. Azlaan Shah

    Azlaan Shah2 timer siden

    Kya zabrdast pareee sukoon mil gya dil ko........

  84. Pakistani Media

    Pakistani Media2 timer siden

    Astaghferullah Allah sab ke bachon ki hifazat krna.ameen

  85. Bilal Baloch

    Bilal Baloch2 timer siden

    mateen sahab i salute your acting

  86. Sehrish Atta

    Sehrish Atta2 timer siden

    Itni strong sameera, salman k agey itni weak ho jati h,

  87. A k

    A k2 timer siden

    I think sameera ka b kasoor hai she isnot handling her relationship nd not chaning her thoughts

  88. Noreen pervaiz

    Noreen pervaiz2 timer siden

    Jis ki shadi na ho rahi ho. Allah huma bismeka kaf kitmeer awl ahir darood har namaz ke bad aik tasbee

  89. Pakistani Media

    Pakistani Media2 timer siden

    Aek maa apni beti k bina bilkul khali hoti hai

  90. Zarar Cheema

    Zarar Cheema2 timer siden

    i can't watch this drama

  91. Bilal Baloch

    Bilal Baloch2 timer siden

    Danish sahab 200 rupy k pakorey double roti nh milti is zamane me apne methai megwali ;)

  92. Aneela Saad

    Aneela Saad2 timer siden

    I hateee salmans mom and salman

  93. Ali Raza

    Ali Raza2 timer siden

    Ais begairt ko itni ni parwa hy ke ais ki wajha se warda ka ghar khraab hoga ager ais ki sister ki izat gye hoty then hamza yeh sub kerta ????

  94. the shredder tone

    the shredder tone2 timer siden

    allah sub bacho ko apni afzat main rakhay

  95. Ayyan Shah

    Ayyan Shah2 timer siden

    Shabnam or bilal ka kasoor nahi...UN ki maa nay unhy kharab kiya hy

  96. Sim Sim

    Sim Sim2 timer siden

    Aaisi SAAS ALLAH KSI KO NA DY AMEEN, waisy 90 %saasain aaisi hi hotin hain, ptanhi kyon

  97. Ali Raza

    Ali Raza2 timer siden

    Cheap Salman itna cheap hy yeh insaan jo sameera ko openly friend's se milwa raha hy cheap thoughts hy ais ki adjust kerna hoga asy cheap frnds he saat bullshitt x😈😈😈

  98. Sim Sim

    Sim Sim2 timer siden

    Sameer ko Kia ho gia Hai, aaisy kaisy insaan badal skta Hai??? Jub k us ki pasand ki shadi hai

  99. Eli Bakshi

    Eli Bakshi2 timer siden

    I hate mommas boys.... he has no manners

  100. Zeba Ahmed

    Zeba Ahmed2 timer siden

    Sad 😞 for Sameera 💔💔💔🤲