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Weirdest eBay Items (GAME)
Try Not To Twitch Challenge
Top 5 Favorite Moments
Top 5 WTF Moments

Top 5 WTF Moments

Måned siden

The End Of LTAT.

The End Of LTAT.

Måned siden

100 Years Of Toys (GAME)
Wedgie Hangman (GAME)
Orbeez Food Taste Test

Orbeez Food Taste Test

2 måneder siden

Nasty Pancake Art Challenge
Will It Ramen? Taste Test
We Respond To Hate Mail

We Respond To Hate Mail

2 måneder siden

We Eat Everything At Bojangles
We Were Bad Kids (Part 2)
Recreating Rhett's First Kiss
Link Gets A Hand Tattoo

Link Gets A Hand Tattoo

3 måneder siden

Pumpkin Spice Snack Taste Test
Blind Finger Trap Challenge
Will It Sausage? Taste Test
Tortilla Chip Brand Taste Test
Kombucha Taste Test

Kombucha Taste Test

3 måneder siden

What Am I Inside Of? (GAME)
Vegan Cheese Taste Test

Vegan Cheese Taste Test

3 måneder siden

Sweet & Spicy Snacks Taste Test
1000 Years of Pie Taste Test
Blind Frozen Pizza Taste Test
Will It Bagel? Taste Test
REAL Pirate Food Taste Test
We Put Cheese Wheels On A Car
Mail Order Steaks Taste Test
Does This Go Wrong? (GAME)
  1. Uhtread The unholy

    Uhtread The unholy8 timer siden

    Gotta luv 2 guys who will retch for our entertainment!

  2. Emma Sprouse

    Emma Sprouse8 timer siden

    I didn’t even know McDonald’s had buffalo sauce.

  3. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu8 timer siden

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that 16 year old Rhett made his own wine?

  4. Charlie Dopefiend

    Charlie Dopefiend8 timer siden

    The guy in the hat. Is that the "weird Arbys guy?"

  5. Breanna Novak

    Breanna Novak8 timer siden

    I don’t normally comment but what a good way to start my birthday! I love watching Rhett and Link.

  6. Payton Bergman

    Payton Bergman8 timer siden

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: we need a vlog of Rhett straightening his hair before he cuts it

  7. Michael Prokop

    Michael Prokop8 timer siden


  8. Boaz Baggins

    Boaz Baggins8 timer siden

    Chao is amazing!!

  9. DougJK

    DougJK8 timer siden

    I didn’t even want to buy food when I went, just because the prices seemed unreasonable. I did buy a corndog though haha

  10. Jesus Fr33k

    Jesus Fr33k8 timer siden

    If you are reading this you should know that you have a purpose in life and you were created for a reason and no matter what happens God will always be there for you even if it doesn't feel like it❤

  11. Holden Mcgroine

    Holden Mcgroine8 timer siden

    mcdonalds used to be the kind of company that would improve its sausage immediately upon hearing this

  12. Herbie Versailles

    Herbie Versailles8 timer siden

    I haven’t eaten at McDonalds enough in the last decade to have tried all the stuff they say they love from McDonalds.

  13. Forest Taniguchi

    Forest Taniguchi8 timer siden

    3rd degree member huh? Checkerboard floor? Butterflies? Owls? Mythical society? Illuminati confirmed.

  14. BG08

    BG088 timer siden

    I deep fry my tater tot’s

  15. ChigginWhengz

    ChigginWhengz8 timer siden

    "Spicy Buffalo sauce" Another great item, which was brought to you by Buffalo 🐃

  16. Ben Thielen

    Ben Thielen8 timer siden

    Why haven't they done a series of trying exotic and weird fruits? I feel like they could even make it into the "Where did it come from?" segment Rhett and Link please do this!!

  17. Pedro Bonifácio

    Pedro Bonifácio8 timer siden

    Rest in peace legend ❤️

  18. kiara shae

    kiara shae8 timer siden


  19. Holly Shively

    Holly Shively8 timer siden

    Well I signed up for the society today! I'm now a third degree member!!!

  20. Austin Farr

    Austin Farr8 timer siden

    This feels like I'm watching my parents fight. I wish both of you the best. Truly.

  21. Alanomaly

    Alanomaly8 timer siden

    >insulting BK's chicken Excuse both of you

  22. Poppey Corn

    Poppey Corn8 timer siden

    Them: McDonald fries are good Other people: yessssssss Me: 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  23. Ghost Zenic

    Ghost Zenic8 timer siden

    Rest In Peace Kobe 😭😭😭

  24. Heat Bringa Beats

    Heat Bringa Beats8 timer siden

    Link I'm with you on the breakfast choices you like aswell, McGriddles and Crousant are always the best!

  25. 2K Nigger

    2K Nigger8 timer siden

    Where is that Kobe tribute?😭😭

  26. Luigi X

    Luigi X8 timer siden

    Now i want a Mcgriddle

  27. Jesi Agnes Dawn

    Jesi Agnes Dawn8 timer siden

    Has anyone called the numbers they post for these fake services?

  28. Heat Bringa Beats

    Heat Bringa Beats8 timer siden

    McGriddles 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Gabe Kapler

    Gabe Kapler8 timer siden

    Gmm isn’t the same anymore

  30. DougJK

    DougJK8 timer siden

    9:53 hardcore facepalm moment haha

  31. Yahaira Likes Turtles

    Yahaira Likes Turtles8 timer siden

    “It’s bigger it’s juicer “

  32. harpella

    harpella8 timer siden

    Rhett, worked at McDees 22yrs ago as a teen. They use, and still use reconstituted onions (recons) for big mac and regular burger but 1/4 pounder gets normal sliced onions.

  33. Sally Otley

    Sally Otley8 timer siden

    "That's cause we're divas"- Link 2020

  34. Charlie Dopefiend

    Charlie Dopefiend8 timer siden

    Whatchu got against Corn Nuts cuz

  35. Ye Edward

    Ye Edward8 timer siden

    Rest easy Kobe

  36. Nadia Delarosa Kadri

    Nadia Delarosa Kadri8 timer siden

    too distracted by them not eating the fries 👀

  37. ullcringe

    ullcringe8 timer siden

    This would be a great job.

  38. Midrealm DM

    Midrealm DM8 timer siden

    14:37 - Rhett should have been given a chance to change his answer (before revealing the results) since he had a lead. Or allowed two guesses.

  39. Perry Antonelli

    Perry Antonelli8 timer siden

    McDonald's uses diced onions on the cheese burger and big mac etc. and slivered onions on the quarter pounder

  40. Kat Snow

    Kat Snow8 timer siden

    Colonel mcwendy king

  41. excelxiors

    excelxiors8 timer siden

    Y'all really used the sauce eating technique I used as a kid: using the fry as a sauce transporter to consume ungodly amounts of sauce.

  42. L2M

    L2M8 timer siden

    03:29 the subtitles reads to N word. Change it and thank me later 👍

  43. LikelyFinn

    LikelyFinn8 timer siden

    the things you americans call sausage...

  44. Country Boy TV

    Country Boy TV8 timer siden


  45. Dissa1

    Dissa18 timer siden

    McDonalds cheeseburgers have diced onions their quarter pounders have slices

  46. Mitchka Leon

    Mitchka Leon8 timer siden

    I love when Rhett eats. He is a man that appreciates food😂

  47. elchasai

    elchasai8 timer siden

    this show is really hurting for content

  48. Reaksmey Te

    Reaksmey Te8 timer siden

    Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi 🙏🏻

  49. random contents here

    random contents here8 timer siden

    6 years and there's still no restaurant

  50. Anne

    Anne8 timer siden

    10:42 they look like they should be in straight jackets I'm dying

  51. Kiera Todd

    Kiera Todd8 timer siden

    They should do another vacay gone cray cray. These segments are hilarious.

  52. Taylor Howard

    Taylor Howard8 timer siden

    So many fries lost to Link’s trashcan

  53. Kevin Dragon

    Kevin Dragon8 timer siden

    Part of me really wonders what the job description looked like when Chase signed up for GMM.

  54. Nina Sanchez

    Nina Sanchez8 timer siden

    I’m hangry


    THE QUITER8 timer siden

    If your under the age of 18 like this comment.

  56. Joshua Barnett

    Joshua Barnett8 timer siden

    Seriously, was this filmed over multiple days? Rhett ate like 4 sandwiches. He kept going back for more!

  57. Wesley Dagenhart

    Wesley Dagenhart8 timer siden

    2020 resolution: hearing link say clout

  58. Kylie Arsenault

    Kylie Arsenault8 timer siden

    *walks into subway* hi, can i just have pickles?

  59. Yokonova

    Yokonova8 timer siden

    Remember to sign up fo- *skipskipskip*

  60. Ratpack Village

    Ratpack Village8 timer siden

    I guess it's safe to say that GMM video had one of the best vibe on yt

  61. Orion_1

    Orion_18 timer siden

    GMM you should have awarded LINK a point because he was right about MickeyD's onions being chopped. You made the mistake.

  62. Rose Netherton

    Rose Netherton8 timer siden

    I can't believe they're unaware that Philippines was colonized by the Spanish before.

  63. Danielle On A Journey

    Danielle On A Journey8 timer siden

    Rest in peace Kobe Bryant. You were a legend. So sad you had to depart this Earth the way you did. May your soul live on through your loving fans, friends and family. You will not be forgotten.😔

  64. Treat U Right

    Treat U Right8 timer siden

    05:03 both of them turned their heads at the same time

  65. emma

    emma8 timer siden

    i really like this episode

  66. E

    E8 timer siden

    Good mythical morning bois and girls and ect

  67. Luiggi Huerta

    Luiggi Huerta8 timer siden

    Waaaiiiit I thought link got hypnotized to like tomatoes? 🤔🤔🤔

  68. David Glackin

    David Glackin8 timer siden

    I hope the viewer comes with that reel of naked Chase pictures

  69. Aye Uplink

    Aye Uplink8 timer siden

    I work at Dunkin and really never been a fan of sausage until I ate theres

  70. DaveStudio illustration animation

    DaveStudio illustration animation8 timer siden

    " That's a good sandwich. I love this country." - Rhett McLaughlin

  71. stardustie

    stardustie8 timer siden

    wtf? sausage? thats a patty..murica doing murica things.

  72. Hawk

    Hawk8 timer siden

    Do they not know about what happened to Kobe? They did a entire video with him.

  73. Cool Film Movies

    Cool Film Movies8 timer siden

    Rhett: eats McGriddle. Also Rhett: I love this country

  74. Emerald Unicorn

    Emerald Unicorn8 timer siden

    The thing that blows my mind the most is that they can put a fry in their mouths and not instinctually eat them.

  75. FieryPinkSapphire 9196

    FieryPinkSapphire 91968 timer siden

    I have cried

  76. joe hill

    joe hill8 timer siden

    No not all McDonald's Sandwich have diced onions

  77. GameCubeGuy01

    GameCubeGuy018 timer siden

    Franken rounds are back!

  78. AOT Dark Jay

    AOT Dark Jay8 timer siden

    Turn captions on at 3:27 👀

  79. Katy Leanne

    Katy Leanne8 timer siden

    The auto captions at 3:28 have a very bad word 🤭

  80. Peter G

    Peter G8 timer siden

    would like to see if they can do the dry weet-bix challenge. how many dry weet-bix can you eat without drinking anything getting past 1 is doing well :)

  81. Mitchell Sack

    Mitchell Sack8 timer siden

    These two are inhaling a lot of fast food, that’s hours old and has been tampered with. Unreal.

  82. Lil Boi

    Lil Boi8 timer siden

    that's my birthday

  83. Jack Collins

    Jack Collins9 timer siden

    They said we were gonna have fun. And I got spit on 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  84. What’s Poppin

    What’s Poppin9 timer siden

    They should’ve had a josh category where josh could’ve put one of his self-made things on it

  85. Susan P.

    Susan P.9 timer siden

    Husband just paused the video, declared he needed a McGriddle, got up, got dressed, and left to go get Mcdolads for breakfast......

  86. K Wojo

    K Wojo9 timer siden

    i wish this was my morning

  87. Muhammad Reza

    Muhammad Reza9 timer siden

    Just watching you guys make me full

  88. Kaycee M

    Kaycee M9 timer siden

    Boy those auto captions just went wild around the 3:25 mark...

  89. DA4CE

    DA4CE9 timer siden

    McDonalds has smaller, chopped onions on regular hamburgers/cheeseburgers and Big Macs, but the bigger onions slices go on quarter pounders. I can see where Rhett’s confusion came to be.

  90. Vladimir K.

    Vladimir K.9 timer siden

    His\Her Majesty Colonel Wendy "Pop Eye" McDonald.

  91. g halv

    g halv9 timer siden

    Is it sad that I can tell the difference just by looking at it?

  92. Seasonal Vibes

    Seasonal Vibes9 timer siden

    Living the hair Rhett

  93. kilu8

    kilu89 timer siden

    Welcome to Good Mythical Morning Anyways where, like the popular vote in the most recent US election, the points don't matter!

  94. Destiny M

    Destiny M9 timer siden

    Turn on captions and go to 3:31... I need to know if other people’s are seeing the same 😬😬

  95. Emily Green

    Emily Green9 timer siden

    DIVAS. Lmao. Yes. Nice.

  96. BiteyAlmighty

    BiteyAlmighty9 timer siden

    I totally guessed the burgerking chicken patty when they said it tastes burnt lol

  97. BravoChzCake

    BravoChzCake9 timer siden

    Legends live forever💜💛

  98. Justin Hill

    Justin Hill9 timer siden

    Colonel Wendy McDonald

  99. Noloc Drums

    Noloc Drums9 timer siden

    It works... I want McDs now....

  100. Jennifer Bureau

    Jennifer Bureau9 timer siden

    You can actually get the Mac sauce as a dip cup. :)