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Top 10 Jose Mourinho Cartoons!


4 måneder siden



5 måneder siden

  1. netherlands Super heroes

    netherlands Super heroes59 minutter siden

    Neće real

  2. Joel Hughes

    Joel HughesTime siden

    I'm welsh tho don't do Ramsey like that bro

  3. realXV34TV .official

    realXV34TV .officialTime siden

    3:56 isnt rl9 afraid of his wife when dating other women?

  4. Konstantinos Kontos

    Konstantinos KontosTime siden

    Is JT

  5. Liam Connell

    Liam ConnellTime siden

    In Suarez out game of thrones guy

  6. Shobha Achari

    Shobha AchariTime siden


  7. Dahen Dareen

    Dahen DareenTime siden

    And Maguire in Matip's place




  9. Dahen Dareen

    Dahen DareenTime siden

    Rashford should have been in firmino place

  10. Fatma Usta

    Fatma UstaTime siden

    In the last one i said justin bieber

  11. Mr_Sweaty TryhardJR

    Mr_Sweaty TryhardJRTime siden


  12. Alvin Bisther00 I

    Alvin Bisther00 ITime siden

    Bruno fernandes

  13. Vishnu Moodley

    Vishnu MoodleyTime siden

    Now who is going to win the priemer League. Liverpool 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  14. Claudiu Chifor

    Claudiu ChiforTime siden

    I saw jt

  15. Vaqif Veliyev

    Vaqif VeliyevTime siden

    Out guy with parrot Come Suarez

  16. 손흥민

    손흥민Time siden

    do son military theory- marine corpse

  17. Crazy Tiger

    Crazy TigerTime siden

    Gamemode 1 ON

  18. Luis Antón

    Luis AntónTime siden

    Drop Pukki, get Suarez in

  19. Jack Cads

    Jack CadsTime siden

    Rooney in parrot guy out

  20. M M

    M MTime siden

    Bad video

  21. Gamerboy Darren

    Gamerboy DarrenTime siden

    It was John Terry

  22. Mike Cage

    Mike CageTime siden

    The hard round was easier than The medium round

  23. Quarantine Life

    Quarantine LifeTime siden


  24. Etelvina Urrutia

    Etelvina UrrutiaTime siden


  25. amaara jussab

    amaara jussabTime siden


  26. Linley Chewere

    Linley ChewereTime siden

    Boring vieo stipti cr7 shit

  27. The Olympians

    The OlympiansTime siden

    Game of thrones guy should leave and Müller should come in

  28. Sandro Soselia

    Sandro SoseliaTime siden

    Pukki go

  29. Братик Ярик

    Братик ЯрикTime siden

    Out Pukki

  30. Xiorte z

    Xiorte zTime siden

    The words of the almighty Haaland; BANANA

  31. Sarmad Hasan

    Sarmad HasanTime siden

    No it was gone terry

  32. Sune Oll

    Sune OllTime siden

    game of thrones out and luis suarez in

  33. Linley Chewere

    Linley ChewereTime siden

    Bachelot messi

  34. jesse mogeni

    jesse mogeniTime siden

    G.O.T. Extra out muller in

  35. Sólrun Hrendriksdóttir Sørensen

    Sólrun Hrendriksdóttir SørensenTime siden


  36. Sólrun Hrendriksdóttir Sørensen

    Sólrun Hrendriksdóttir SørensenTime siden


  37. Nar M_yan

    Nar M_yanTime siden

    Ronaldo suarez

  38. Jessica Goldberg

    Jessica GoldbergTime siden

    Milner is so fricking crazy🙀

  39. A Dumb Boy

    A Dumb BoyTime siden

    In 2012 this would’ve been great for Arsenal. A goal and 2 assists for Giroud going past Petr Cech would’ve got Arsenal the Europa League.

  40. Abhishek Yadav

    Abhishek YadavTime siden

    Bro actually I have all 3 of them so whom should I put at LW coz my team over is 94 and my striker is braithwaite and I have around 6 mili

  41. Kayden Owen

    Kayden OwenTime siden

    Tore brothers are my favourite

  42. Jessica Goldberg

    Jessica GoldbergTime siden

    Klop is so funny

  43. Jessica Goldberg

    Jessica Goldberg2 timer siden

    Liverpool are better then Barca and arsenal fc

  44. Callum Sidhu

    Callum Sidhu2 timer siden

    It was John Terry

  45. X - Gamer

    X - Gamer2 timer siden

    Who else saw john terry?

  46. Oliver /Lufc fan

    Oliver /Lufc fan2 timer siden

    Its been a while since you used vardys voice

  47. Alhareth Hasan

    Alhareth Hasan2 timer siden

    The Football Countdown

  48. AdiEzmAnn

    AdiEzmAnn2 timer siden


  49. Oscar Entwistle

    Oscar Entwistle2 timer siden

    I don’t like beards salah shaved his beard 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  50. shivansh badiani

    shivansh badiani2 timer siden

    Get Suarez..... I am dying

  51. shivansh badiani

    shivansh badiani2 timer siden

    I don't know who the hell goes out... I want Suarez in Frontmen by next video

  52. James tingley

    James tingley2 timer siden

    Rooney just for the lols

  53. Yassin Shalaby

    Yassin Shalaby2 timer siden


  54. Pro_gamer0759

    Pro_gamer07592 timer siden

    They were the best team in the league

  55. alinmcj

    alinmcj2 timer siden

    Mbappe is more raster

  56. TitchPiglet

    TitchPiglet2 timer siden

    Couthingo: £142 Million Moratahahahaha: £142

  57. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol2 timer siden

    0:13 beck ? Or Ronaldo ? Or ronaldinho ? At least Cristiano ? U ? Messi ? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah Nop ur not at all

  58. X Gamer

    X Gamer2 timer siden

    If you find any Arab comment Know its💯 haters🤣😂

  59. Subhadeep Nandi

    Subhadeep Nandi2 timer siden

    Sterling is confirmed real Madrid

  60. Ahmad Lana

    Ahmad Lana2 timer siden

    Wait is that girl before after Tinder challenge

  61. Бобровое МЕСТО

    Бобровое МЕСТО2 timer siden

    Pukki gone. Muller come.

  62. Cheeseburger

    Cheeseburger2 timer siden

    *Simps have joined the chat*

  63. Сурен Балян

    Сурен Балян2 timer siden


  64. MiRoN PlaY_228

    MiRoN PlaY_2282 timer siden

    Должен уйти Тему Пукки Teemu Pukki pleas

  65. Realix

    Realix2 timer siden

    0:10 John Terry


    CD6 CAMALMAN2 timer siden

    The title said number #10 but in the vid it says #11

  67. Excellent Ethan

    Excellent Ethan2 timer siden

    Who saw 6-1 at 0:30

  68. Excellent Ethan

    Excellent Ethan2 timer siden

    Kane spit caused the flooding of Tewkesbury in 2007

  69. wessel gamer

    wessel gamer2 timer siden


  70. Sabina Akhtar

    Sabina Akhtar2 timer siden

    RIP pep Guardiolas mum 😥😥

  71. Armaan Mirwani

    Armaan Mirwani2 timer siden

    then why does the logo say Man We're Shite ed

  72. Любовь Микова

    Любовь Микова2 timer siden


  73. Doukas Lagos

    Doukas Lagos2 timer siden

    4:05 i cry😂😂😂😂😂😂

  74. Benjamin Legher

    Benjamin Legher2 timer siden

    Copying sideman be like

  75. MatiHD3

    MatiHD32 timer siden

    [*] guardiola mum

  76. Михаил Сушенцов

    Михаил Сушенцов2 timer siden

    Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea

  77. TWIRLY

    TWIRLY2 timer siden

    Zlatan why u are so crap

  78. Devdev

    Devdev2 timer siden

    Imagine the suspension for all those cards

  79. Адилет Догдурбаев

    Адилет Догдурбаев2 timer siden


  80. Samdazliam Murfitt

    Samdazliam Murfitt2 timer siden

    Liverpool premier league trophy haha love from mcfc

  81. Ashkar gamer

    Ashkar gamer3 timer siden

    Where is hazard

  82. Conceicao Alves

    Conceicao Alves3 timer siden

    world war 3 is wwz

  83. Kristian Percival

    Kristian Percival3 timer siden

    I vote pukki out. And Kevin de bryune in

  84. Alfir Barry

    Alfir Barry3 timer siden

    Out Troy parrot In luis Suarez