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Full Face of YouTubers Makeup


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I'm Back ...

I'm Back ...

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100 SHADES of Foundation ...
  1. Monique Ferrez

    Monique FerrezMinutt siden

    Drugstore lashes also please!!!!!

  2. seda Yusuf

    seda YusufMinutt siden

    I love her lipstick faces 😂😂😂

  3. Sandra Martinez

    Sandra MartinezMinutt siden

    My OCD won’t let me be at peace with the fact that her left cheek has more blush than the right 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Emily C

    Emily CMinutt siden

    It’s finals week. People are sitting in circles holding hands crying. Today is not a good day for many. But for Tati.... it’s a good day, and because it Tati it’s a good day for me now too

  5. Heather Adams

    Heather AdamsMinutt siden

    I love love drugstore makeup. Thanks for being so sweet and teaching me so much about makeup. 😍 congrats on vol 1 it would soooooooooooooo make my day if someone would get it for me for Christmas 😉

  6. issy someone

    issy someoneMinutt siden

    Can you pleaseeeeeeee do a video about the best best bestttttt high-end/luxury nude lipsticks of all time? I need the reference for my wedding which is in less than two weeks!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

  7. L Ahlm

    L Ahlm2 minutter siden

    TFS. So many goodies. Take care.

  8. Jacqueline Hofferth

    Jacqueline Hofferth2 minutter siden

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the Physicians Formula Muru Muru Collection is on sale online at Walgreens for $19.99. Also, Shipping is free if you ship it to a store. I had rewards at Walgreens and walked away with this collection for $11.94 after tax!

  9. eli herr

    eli herr3 minutter siden

    Can we bring January already 😭 I still need to purchase vol 1 🤦🏼‍♀️ when can i buy it all 😭🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. January Giles

    January Giles3 minutter siden

    I've been in the hospital for the past couple days with double pneumonia. I just got discharged this afternoon and my husband asked what I wanted to do now that I'm back home and my reply was "I just want to snuggle up with Mochi (my service dog) in my own bed, eat a bunch of snacks and catch up on NO-gos beauty videos all day." So that's exactly what I'm doing!! I've got my doggo, some hummus and chips and I catching up on all of Tati's videos!

  11. ash

    ash3 minutter siden

    Thanks for making me feel better about my little chipmunk face today lol I needed it. I would not spin the wheel again (never thought about it that way before)

  12. Lauren Ashley

    Lauren Ashley3 minutter siden

    FYI!!!! I just purchased the physicians formula kit she mentioned from walgreens online! IT IS HALF THE PRICE RIGHT NOW!!! everyone go and get it!!! so excited to try it out for myself!!! bought it for $20! will never need to buy another face product again

  13. Jennifer Y

    Jennifer Y3 minutter siden


  14. Furious Magpie

    Furious Magpie3 minutter siden

    I feel like today we went a bit HAM 🤔

  15. madison nicole

    madison nicole4 minutter siden

    thank god u uploaded this. im about to go to ulta lmao

  16. Patricia Smola

    Patricia Smola4 minutter siden

    At 6:20 it's written Revolution pro, but it's Revlon 😂😘😘

  17. Hey Kay Eh

    Hey Kay Eh4 minutter siden

    Yer killin it Tati!! ❤️

  18. Sabrina Ledbetter

    Sabrina Ledbetter4 minutter siden

    where is this sweater from i LOVE it!

  19. Ifigenia Inimicum

    Ifigenia Inimicum6 minutter siden

    this is the best look ever. love that hair

  20. Bianca Rivers

    Bianca Rivers6 minutter siden

    I would definitely spin the wheel again.

  21. l'eau

    l'eau6 minutter siden

    oh h-hey... spare some makeup?

  22. adrieneceleste

    adrieneceleste6 minutter siden

    Wow!!! The end result is so beautiful!!!

  23. Reba Hensley

    Reba Hensley6 minutter siden

    Your hair!!💕

  24. KelseyKMUA

    KelseyKMUA6 minutter siden

    When you're counting down the days until your Textured Neutrals V.1 Palette ships... :D

  25. Kancy Hess

    Kancy Hess7 minutter siden

    Is anyone still waiting on their Tati eyeshadow palette ? I’m still waiting on mine 😔 I ordered in the second batch of peeps.... 🤔 I’m 🤞 that it’s here by 🎄

  26. makeup lover

    makeup lover8 minutter siden

    *Hi tati*

  27. Reba Hensley

    Reba Hensley8 minutter siden

    I'm 60 y.o. and finding the right makeup is challenging. However, I use several of those Revlon products with much success! Glad to see you talk about them. I dont think they get enough credit

  28. kristyardizzione

    kristyardizzione8 minutter siden

    It’s always a good day when you get a notification Tati posted😍

  29. Annette Bischoff

    Annette Bischoff8 minutter siden

    Great look

  30. Peter Zwegat

    Peter Zwegat8 minutter siden


  31. Silja

    Silja9 minutter siden

    I can totally relate to the being the oldest but looking like the youngest 😂😂😁😁

  32. Natalie Fish

    Natalie Fish9 minutter siden

    They did this with Jeffrey star mystery boxes and graveyard girl showed where they did hers as well.

  33. Stephanie Davenport

    Stephanie Davenport10 minutter siden

    I totally support you scaling back, but I really miss getting more videos. They bring me so much happiness 🥰

  34. Gigi Dodson

    Gigi Dodson10 minutter siden

    Such a great video! Thsnk you, i will be checking out the new mentions.

  35. Ashley Cave

    Ashley Cave10 minutter siden

    Now I see why you’re so obsessed with makeup.. look at you without it.. 🥴🤮🤮🤮 I have never ever met somebody so god damn HIDEOUS!!!!!

  36. Valerie Anne

    Valerie Anne12 minutter siden

    Does anyone else love when Tati is in her zone sinking in her chair?! Its the real deal lol

  37. Razan Aljohani

    Razan Aljohani12 minutter siden

    This made me more excited to get my tati palette 😍 I have preordered mine a month ago and i know when its shipped it will take longer to ship cuz its international shipping and i just CANT WAIT!😭

  38. Princess Mia

    Princess Mia12 minutter siden

    Tati I loved when you had the mentioned products in the description especially for your “best vs worst” product videos. Whenever I’m makeup shopping I refer to your recommendations to help me choose wisely and usually don’t have time to watch your whole video! ❤️

  39. Marla sue

    Marla sue12 minutter siden

    "OoooooooOoo shiiiiny...."

  40. Madiha Ahmed

    Madiha Ahmed12 minutter siden

    Tati please try the kits lip colors.

  41. Danielle Babineau

    Danielle Babineau12 minutter siden

    Can you please review Fancy Face Makeup from Canada? Please!

  42. Krystal Dominguez

    Krystal Dominguez13 minutter siden

    Is it just me or are the products not that new

  43. Deborah Jibben

    Deborah Jibben13 minutter siden

    💗Love you, Tati!!!!💄

  44. Hayley Rummel

    Hayley Rummel14 minutter siden

    Got my shipment notification about my Tati Beauty palette as I was watching this video 😂😂😂

  45. E M M A

    E M M A14 minutter siden

    Tati, you should try the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen primer. It smells very nice and works so well!💝

  46. Beth

    Beth15 minutter siden

    PHYSICIANS FORMULA USES PALM OIL! I used to love the brand until I discovered they use palm oil - the extraction of which is a huge contributor to climate change, deforestation and robbing Orang-utans of their homes. I'm a fan of Tati but please don't buy from this brand and support this :( be aware of what you're purchasing

  47. Gaba Jamrozińska

    Gaba Jamrozińska16 minutter siden

    I have that Catrice Goodbye pores primer and Catrice Mattifying powder for over 9 months now. And I live in Poland (Central Europe). And it wasn't a new item in the store. What is this sorcery?! However, this primer really cancelles my pores, but it also makes me oily faster and makes my foundation (Catrice HD Liquid) to slide of my nose :( I have to use the tiniest amount to balance the situation. It works as an under eye smoothener too. That compact powder I use as a retouch product during the day because it doesn't make my foundation cakey and it has a giant mirror inside! I prefer loose powders to set my face. And fun fact: I've bought that Catrice HD foundation after Tati's review and I quickly fell in love with it! Have been using it for over a year, finished like 5 bottles and I'm so excited they finally came up with another pale shade 002, because 010 is too dark for me in winter.

  48. Heidi Hernandez

    Heidi Hernandez16 minutter siden


  49. Alex Quinn

    Alex Quinn16 minutter siden

    The nyx primer is 17 it’s on sale at ulta for 11.90 rn

  50. Yamel González

    Yamel González18 minutter siden

    I don’t know what happened but in my iPad the video was blurring. Do you know how to change it?

  51. claudia cleo

    claudia cleo18 minutter siden


  52. anton jenet

    anton jenet18 minutter siden

    So Nice

  53. kaidabroderick

    kaidabroderick20 minutter siden

    have you or could yo do an entire video on best liners for tight lining. The kind that wont wear off or mix from top to waterline if using two colors. Ones that won't hurt my eyes or give me bloodshot eyes by the end of the day. I feel like no one has done a video on this and tight lining is the difference between my mascara looking awesome and so-so. <3

  54. Melissa Ann’s Makeup over 45!

    Melissa Ann’s Makeup over 45!20 minutter siden

    I loved this video and am excited to get some of these products and try them! Thank you Tati!

  55. Lala_Sparkles

    Lala_Sparkles21 minutt siden

    Tati, is there a chance you could do an everyday tutorial for those who wear glasses? I have oily skin and wear glasses 100% of the time and it's a challenge. 🤓

  56. Amanda F.

    Amanda F.21 minutt siden

    That physician's formula kit looks so awesome, but I won't buy it because of the packaging. It's so unnecessary and hard to store.

  57. Amy Mazz

    Amy Mazz21 minutt siden

    I like how you use Scott Barnes method of contouring; looked scary at first then the lightbulb 💡 went off...you had him on introducing his palettes but can you do a separate review of his face palettes please? There are no other eye palettes for me since Textured Neutrals but for face....

  58. CayaD

    CayaD21 minutt siden

    uh i missed something, what was the second powder she put under her eyes? the PF is like a Transformer for makeup! :) tip: for hard to open tubes, wrap a rubber band around the wand handle so that it covers as much of the handle as possible and grip onto that when opening the tube.

  59. Meilia Brooks

    Meilia Brooks21 minutt siden

    Omg. That blue sweater and peachy lip make your BLUE EYES POP SO AMAZEBALLS

  60. Rin Fussel

    Rin Fussel22 minutter siden

    What are counterfeit cosmetic products?

  61. chantel george

    chantel george22 minutter siden

    Love the makeup

  62. Kim De Paep

    Kim De Paep22 minutter siden

    I love seeing more of your face again! Thank you! 💜 Sending love to you and your family for the upcoming holidays! 🎄

  63. Gary Wright

    Gary Wright22 minutter siden

    Hi! Tati I heard you singing on the Vocal Coach it was beautiful! I know you have so much on your plate. But, you sound so good, hope to hear more from you.

  64. Lauren Barbee

    Lauren Barbee23 minutter siden

    Tati, where did the product descriptions go? I really miss it girl !! I need your shade match cause we're foundation & concealer shade twins!

  65. Hannah Lo

    Hannah Lo23 minutter siden

    Tati, I love you so much, your reviews and videos are always well put together! We don't have the same skin type so most of the products that you love don't work for me, but that's okay you are my number one because of the quality of your videos! You are amazing, been supporting you since 2015! love ya!

  66. Jessica Mize

    Jessica Mize23 minutter siden

    I’m so excited! I just bought the Physicians Formula Ultimate Collection in-line from Walgreens for $20!!! 💙💙💙 Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  67. Cassie Poorman

    Cassie Poorman23 minutter siden

    Tati my palette shipped today!! I’m so beyond excited to get it. It’s my Christmas present to myself. Because yes I buy myself things for Christmas and my bday. Gotta treat ourselves lol. Love you and can’t wait!! Also your singing is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  68. Holly Plata

    Holly Plata23 minutter siden

    I love that you haven't used a self tanner and we can see your "pasty" skin. :)

  69. Kirsten Arabie

    Kirsten Arabie24 minutter siden

    Did Tati... just... ZOOM IN???? 🥳

  70. Makeup & Moto

    Makeup & Moto24 minutter siden

    This. Is. The. Best. Channel. On. NO-gos. 🥰❤️😍

  71. CC Marie

    CC Marie25 minutter siden

    Anyone else getting an 80’s tv family sitcom music vibe...? 😍

  72. VaChina Dynasty

    VaChina Dynasty26 minutter siden

    Love you so much and how youre flourishing but I miss that 5 day schedule lmao anyone else have any similar recommendations to follow? I miss my everyday tati time lool

  73. Shay Sama

    Shay Sama26 minutter siden

    The Maybelline pomade is very good, a decent dupe for ABH, but coverage in the brows tends to be lighter in comparison and it can fade a bit throughout the day.

  74. Johna Hughes

    Johna Hughes26 minutter siden

    The Catrice primer is my holy grail can't live without product! So glad you finally tested it out!!!

  75. Raskanii

    Raskanii26 minutter siden

    The face products did you incredibly well today, you're glowing! Also I covet that PF kit, it looks amazing.

  76. Manuela Neufurth

    Manuela Neufurth26 minutter siden

    i like the close up view we can really see how you do your make up

  77. Kalani Oney

    Kalani Oney28 minutter siden

    I do like Tati, but Wish She would do a lot more Reviews on Makeup Celebs

  78. Kayla Pugh

    Kayla Pugh29 minutter siden

    I have a chubby face no matter how much weight I lose! 😭 it’s TORTURE!

  79. onemartinitwo

    onemartinitwo29 minutter siden

    I’m glad you tried the PF stick bronzer at the beginning! I’m gonna have to try the Scott Barnes style of contour on a budget with my own stick.

  80. Skyler Thompson

    Skyler Thompson29 minutter siden

    can you imagine tati doing your makeup? i feel like she could transform my self esteem lol

  81. Liz Miller

    Liz Miller29 minutter siden

    Who thinks Tati is one of the most beautiful women in the world? I do.

  82. Callie Bahls

    Callie Bahls30 minutter siden

    The physician's formula kit has all the colors they make....great deal!

  83. Kalani Oney

    Kalani Oney30 minutter siden

    A lot of You tubers Haven’t really done a review on Kylies Holiday Collection

  84. Kalani Oney

    Kalani Oney31 minutt siden

    Tati hasn’t even Done A Review on Kylie’s holiday collection. Tati hasn’t really Review a lot of Kylies Collection

  85. Cherise Coleman

    Cherise Coleman31 minutt siden

    Nope crap day my grandpa who passed away had his storage unit sold his legacy is gone and all that's left are the memories I hope whoever got it finds and enjoys the gems everything happens for a reason is the bright side. Thanks for asking tati!

  86. Heidi Hernandez

    Heidi Hernandez32 minutter siden

    We need a follow me around CVS

  87. Mara R

    Mara R32 minutter siden

    You have tagged the Revlon products both as Revolution Pro, both the foundation and the powder. Maybe you can fix it...

  88. Amanda Shumpert

    Amanda Shumpert33 minutter siden

    my face is an actual circle so no thanks

  89. shedoesfashion

    shedoesfashion33 minutter siden

    Thank you for sharing drugstore too!! 😍 need to upload a drugstore video to my NO-gos channel too 😍

  90. Damaris O'higgins

    Damaris O'higgins34 minutter siden

    Wow that makeup look is gorgeous on you Tati. I just love it so much! Not that I need it but if I find that physician's palette I might just buy it I think it would be perfect to travel with

  91. Randi Keene

    Randi Keene35 minutter siden

    Tati the beautiful 💙🙏💙🙏💙

  92. Croitoru Elena

    Croitoru Elena35 minutter siden

    Can you try also the new Rimmel foundation, Matte lasting or smth ?

  93. sarah james

    sarah james35 minutter siden

    you look pretty with glowy champagne skin

  94. Holly J

    Holly J35 minutter siden

    Beautiful! Love this look.

  95. Miranda K

    Miranda K35 minutter siden

    I love your dark hair, and love when you do dark eyebrows. I love the contrast between pale skin and dark hair. It’s very vampy- totally my vibe.

  96. Stephanie DeLuca

    Stephanie DeLuca35 minutter siden

    Ive always had chubbier checks and now that im 35 im grateful i totally get it

  97. kyleigh baxley

    kyleigh baxley36 minutter siden

    “I’m very attached to my cosmetics” if this isn’t me I don’t know what is.....

  98. conceitedminaj

    conceitedminaj37 minutter siden

    Catrice mattying waterproof powder is holygrail I have 5 back ups it's so beautiful and doesn't show a cast on my skin when I set my whole face ....my makeup doesn't move all day it's a must have

  99. Eagle Marin

    Eagle Marin37 minutter siden

    Ayyy I'm not digging the dark hair. I feel it ages Tati a lot!!! ; - ;

  100. Heidi Trower

    Heidi Trower37 minutter siden

    I wish someone would have come in while Tati was trying to make a better “lipstick face” 😂😂