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We're Getting MARRIED

We're Getting MARRIED

24 dager siden

wait...stop... NOOOOOOOOOOO-
When saying NO screws you over
  1. Lolita Lavender's Japanese & K- beauty

    Lolita Lavender's Japanese & K- beauty6 timer siden

    The wax thing would work if it is paraffin wax

  2. XxbloodangelxX :þ

    XxbloodangelxX :þ6 timer siden

    Gloom your like me!! I'm 1/2 Asian &1/8 polish

  3. Mac Camble

    Mac Camble6 timer siden

    3:49, “Oh this lady’s about to get it”😂😂😂

  4. Little Wolf girl

    Little Wolf girl6 timer siden

    Me an 8 year old:tamagotchi,beanie baby,easy bake,Polly pocket,you think I’m dumb?

  5. Eliana Edward

    Eliana Edward6 timer siden


  6. Sarah Weir

    Sarah Weir6 timer siden


  7. Nightchloe

    Nightchloe6 timer siden

    Your t-shirt makes uncomfortable no offence it's soo scary

  8. Charlotte Mitchell

    Charlotte Mitchell6 timer siden

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa I feel so sad 😢

  9. Brook Mcvay

    Brook Mcvay6 timer siden

    What is the name of the game

  10. Kamolthip Ljung

    Kamolthip Ljung6 timer siden

    I know I am SOOOOOO late but i still love the intro

  11. OttoChamps

    OttoChamps6 timer siden


  12. Maisie Morley Joyce

    Maisie Morley Joyce6 timer siden


  13. Amelia Jeal

    Amelia Jeal6 timer siden

    I got every riddle correct

  14. صلوح الاهدل

    صلوح الاهدل6 timer siden

    يعععععع +في عرب؟؟

  15. Nova Elementals

    Nova Elementals6 timer siden

    Sorry Woman

  16. Melanie Battersby

    Melanie Battersby6 timer siden


  17. esti gay bro

    esti gay bro6 timer siden

    Bruh i was just like ,,ofc mad son because if his father dies he will get all the money"

  18. Vaida Vasques

    Vaida Vasques6 timer siden

    I had Seriously every single one of these at sometime of my life

  19. TehUwUKing

    TehUwUKing6 timer siden

    did you know Azzy verified on TikTok with one video?

  20. Kipany Otto

    Kipany Otto6 timer siden

    Leena, I hope the fires stop soon! (it won't let me reply)

  21. Mint Hope

    Mint Hope6 timer siden

    you should make a video speaking only malay for 24 hour

  22. Mint Hope

    Mint Hope6 timer siden

    yey malayy ganggggg

  23. Jennifer Naughton

    Jennifer Naughton6 timer siden

    Akano is cute

  24. Lana Petkovic

    Lana Petkovic6 timer siden


  25. Chris Sumpter

    Chris Sumpter6 timer siden

    On the hot sauce one u forgot to put the water

  26. Janat elatrassi

    Janat elatrassi6 timer siden


  27. Edge clan

    Edge clan6 timer siden

    *80000 years ago *. 2020 kassie arrives at her destination

  28. Amy George

    Amy George6 timer siden

    Is it bad that my name is Amy... bc I am not Goth lol xD

  29. Itz Melanie

    Itz Melanie6 timer siden

    Is it also for Samsung

  30. Galaxy Pop

    Galaxy Pop6 timer siden

    15:49 THATS MY GIRL!

  31. Lillie Davis-Adams

    Lillie Davis-Adams6 timer siden

    Kobe ride on 26 2020

  32. magicbluedragon's channel

    magicbluedragon's channel6 timer siden


  33. Itz Melanie

    Itz Melanie6 timer siden

    What is the name called

  34. Jaquel WONG

    Jaquel WONG6 timer siden

    Is there any other ending

  35. magicbluedragon's channel

    magicbluedragon's channel6 timer siden


  36. Mihael Jurcan

    Mihael Jurcan6 timer siden

    17:45 if you had a billion dolars i dont think that you would help homeless pepole

  37. India Norris

    India Norris6 timer siden


  38. India Norris

    India Norris6 timer siden

    i bet like 10 boy watched this

  39. dzan tabakovic

    dzan tabakovic6 timer siden

    I don't know what's up because I looooove your hair kassie

  40. India Norris

    India Norris6 timer siden

    lol no boys watch this

  41. Avery's Magical World

    Avery's Magical World7 timer siden


  42. Flowers Family

    Flowers Family7 timer siden

    Love your dancing a the end Gloom LOL

  43. magicbluedragon's channel

    magicbluedragon's channel7 timer siden

    Me can't watch no more but must!!!! For u

  44. magicbluedragon's channel

    magicbluedragon's channel7 timer siden


  45. magicbluedragon's channel

    magicbluedragon's channel7 timer siden


  46. T Time

    T Time7 timer siden

    The Facebook one is so boomer is hurts

  47. Lovelii Thr33 The E-Clown

    Lovelii Thr33 The E-Clown7 timer siden

    oh waw thas a fr e sh a voca do

  48. Kylie Green

    Kylie Green7 timer siden

    I’m an angel...

  49. magicbluedragon's channel

    magicbluedragon's channel7 timer siden


  50. Anime Crazy Girl

    Anime Crazy Girl7 timer siden

    I can violently shake my eyes

  51. Vina Barwari

    Vina Barwari7 timer siden

    Random “Human”: pick a random number!! Me:4! Azzy:4! Me:*i can read minds*

  52. A cotton candy Icon

    A cotton candy Icon7 timer siden

    Akano: I'm pretty lonely Me: *that sounds like a you problem*

  53. Lacey Surkitt

    Lacey Surkitt7 timer siden


  54. Lacey Surkitt

    Lacey Surkitt7 timer siden


  55. lil possi

    lil possi7 timer siden

    Them being like… Simple is showing up in your moms big hoodie in your ripped jeans and then I look at myself and I’m like you just described my style

  56. Gwen

    Gwen7 timer siden

    Love you, but those extensions aren't it girl.

  57. K-pop uwu

    K-pop uwu7 timer siden

    You have 3 more endings. And the true ending.

  58. Angela Kelly

    Angela Kelly7 timer siden

    Can y’all stop talking so much in between like 5 seconds of the video it’s annoying I want to hear the video Jesus...

  59. K-pop uwu

    K-pop uwu7 timer siden

    I think when the bad ending said "akano saw it all" ı was like- what did he see? O > o

  60. Michelle Swickheimer

    Michelle Swickheimer7 timer siden

    That apple product though

  61. N Didi

    N Didi7 timer siden

    I'm at 5:11 plz the people that have already watched it tell me if I need to get scared is there a jump scare coming up or a scary thing I dont wanna wacht

  62. Kipany Otto

    Kipany Otto7 timer siden

    "I guess no one would feel bad for anyone." I truly feel bad for only the children. I'd name her daughter Aubrey, and the other daughter Reina

  63. Ninjapoke - Roblox

    Ninjapoke - Roblox7 timer siden

    15:17 kassie: five minutes and forty seconds in he hit the jackpot! Me: it’s at 15 minutes so you talked and paused for 10 minutes straight...

  64. Puji Ati

    Puji Ati7 timer siden


  65. Brooklyn Beltran

    Brooklyn Beltran7 timer siden

    Is it me or does one of the story’s just like Home Alone

  66. Just Your Average Potato

    Just Your Average Potato7 timer siden

    my school doesn't have a dress code

  67. SmilingJack Audio

    SmilingJack Audio7 timer siden

    My big brother is 13

  68. Meow Tzu

    Meow Tzu7 timer siden

    are you sick? 🤔

  69. caitlin allen

    caitlin allen7 timer siden

    Now you two are engaged 😍😍❤️

  70. Colby Stewart

    Colby Stewart7 timer siden

    Did anyone else get upset and thought of Kobe when she showed a helicopter?

  71. Saihlira Hlira

    Saihlira Hlira7 timer siden

    Owwww i love flood🤤

  72. Milky Cookie Monster

    Milky Cookie Monster7 timer siden

    Ana is her real name, and Ann’s is her nickname

  73. All you need to know about

    All you need to know about7 timer siden

    Once I fell down while doing some squats (as a punishment by my teacher) and every one laughed at me The disabled thing haven't vanished yet

  74. Kafia Ahmed

    Kafia Ahmed7 timer siden

    Wow I Iove ur video sooo much❤️❤️❤️

  75. 3k_ fortnite

    3k_ fortnite7 timer siden

    6:38 LIES it's against werewolves

  76. Toma Fri

    Toma Fri7 timer siden

    I can flare my nostrels

  77. Jojo L.

    Jojo L.7 timer siden

    My favorite Asian comedy is Neko Zamurai

  78. TaTa x Kookie

    TaTa x Kookie7 timer siden

    It was at this moment, Kassie forgot to ask Azzy to do the thumbnail with her

  79. sgt major

    sgt major7 timer siden

    Turning best friend into plant food is a bad thing?

  80. Sophie Schultz

    Sophie Schultz8 timer siden

    Nooo repregnant janass baby shower double

  81. luxe lover

    luxe lover8 timer siden

    So cute

  82. Ai Hanako

    Ai Hanako8 timer siden

    Pls play more because there another ending which you will meet a red head girl and a sence that Akano is crying

  83. luxe lover

    luxe lover8 timer siden

    I'm buying it on my birthday

  84. Sophie Schultz

    Sophie Schultz8 timer siden

    #pregnantsingleteenemobigbootymom! To much?

  85. Sakkis Animation

    Sakkis Animation8 timer siden


  86. NotPopcorn

    NotPopcorn8 timer siden

    *I'm asian*

  87. Stella Antoniette Grude Kolstad

    Stella Antoniette Grude Kolstad8 timer siden

    Solution if hugging me need yeah

  88. W ø ł f ï ë

    W ø ł f ï ë8 timer siden


  89. Anthony Harnett

    Anthony Harnett8 timer siden

    Wear the dress in the club🤣🤣

  90. Ann Vijaya

    Ann Vijaya8 timer siden


  91. Lynthesafetypin

    Lynthesafetypin8 timer siden

    My two favorite youtubers doing a video together. My life is complete.

  92. juliet juliet

    juliet juliet8 timer siden

    Areu muslim😥 because of that necklace or is it just my brain or am i blind😂🤣

  93. Tha Non-Gamer

    Tha Non-Gamer8 timer siden

    Gooooo Kasie wet

  94. ItsAuliya YT

    ItsAuliya YT8 timer siden

    You Chinese and Malay 🤯 btw I'm from malay and cambodia

  95. Mohd Ilhanz

    Mohd Ilhanz8 timer siden

    Both Malay and Chinese are Asian lol

  96. georgina i Izabella

    georgina i Izabella8 timer siden

    vy and chad

  97. Mireya Strom

    Mireya Strom8 timer siden

    Hi Kassie, you don’t know me but I love your videos! Thank you for making videos and doing what you do💗

  98. Little Italian Capsicum

    Little Italian Capsicum8 timer siden

    Kinda miss that end card...

  99. gachaliferainbowlove ella

    gachaliferainbowlove ella8 timer siden

    0:23 _

  100. 《 Phoenix Fire 》

    《 Phoenix Fire 》8 timer siden

    Razz: he's coming he's coming! Jay:where? Razz: yes yes He's coming 🤣