UFC 245 Media Day | Face Offs
  1. Richard W

    Richard W7 timer siden

    is this make a wish foundation

  2. H 12

    H 127 timer siden

    How’s Dee doing after that video went viral

  3. Sleepy Post

    Sleepy Post7 timer siden

    Conor is probably back to not doing interviews after this lmao. What the fuck was this ? Interviewer Talked nothin ab ufc, or anything actually relevant or interesting. And he was talking to Conor McGregor this interviewer sucks.

  4. Andy Kele

    Andy Kele8 timer siden

    *Conor* "You'll do noor'in!"



    🔥 0:42 🧡💜💙 👇 👇 👇💕

  6. Midship Sport

    Midship Sport8 timer siden

    Conor, please don't spoil Tyson.

  7. alienated

    alienated9 timer siden


  8. ZenBoxing TV

    ZenBoxing TV9 timer siden

    fury tore that mouth which talked shit about his depression and suicide with a kronk hammer jab 🔨 like literally


    MISHIT KINGS9 timer siden

    Yoel sucks.. This is more of a Warm up for Adesanya

  10. Filho Do Mundo

    Filho Do Mundo10 timer siden

    49/46 for the face off winer... Yoel, the soldier of God; Romerooooooo! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  11. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo11 timer siden

    Towel saved his life. Bleeding from ears, getting battered on top, what other choice was there?

  12. Carlo Salazar

    Carlo Salazar11 timer siden


  13. Jill Conner

    Jill Conner11 timer siden

    What can send the recoving drug addict/alcoholic? Whiskey! Jeez, did he send him a gram of coke too?


    NIL CHAKRABARTY11 timer siden

    Romero has got a nice big heart.....wish he had entered this sports in his 20s.

  15. Milf Hunter

    Milf Hunter12 timer siden

    2:30 🔥

  16. Mason Hermanowski

    Mason Hermanowski12 timer siden

    Did the crowd really boo whenever they hugged tf?!

  17. Mikey H

    Mikey H12 timer siden

    Legend has it Fury and McGregor both went half’s on another Smack head hooker after the fight !

  18. justin kibler

    justin kibler14 timer siden

    Your looking good conner, huge fan of urs and always sticking by your side. Keep killing the game!!

  19. T.Y.M Tube

    T.Y.M Tube14 timer siden

    After that Big push..fury knew he stronger

  20. alaa smadi

    alaa smadi15 timer siden

    Fuck this interviewer

  21. Roderick Williams

    Roderick Williams15 timer siden

    Talking the talk but didn’t walk that walk . Watching this now AFTER the fact .. is priceless

  22. Marc Hlavac

    Marc Hlavac18 timer siden

    They did some faaaaaaaat rails before this one

  23. aerternum8

    aerternum818 timer siden

    It would’ve been epic if they had some nice music in the background, and they had a dance battle right there. 😄

  24. Leonardo Turner

    Leonardo Turner18 timer siden

    Who the fook is this guy?

  25. Dossons Willyan

    Dossons Willyan19 timer siden


  26. daki gOatriBe

    daki gOatriBe19 timer siden

    Wow haha respect

  27. Karel Arturo Cruz

    Karel Arturo Cruz19 timer siden

    Si ubiera querido este moustro lo tira de un putaso🤗😁que digo lo mata!!! Al pendejito este

  28. Samuel Jurah

    Samuel Jurah19 timer siden

    The black history question, was so irrelevant and I'm a black man. This is an athletic platform. Not a panel for civil or human rights...

  29. Samuel Jurah

    Samuel Jurah19 timer siden

    Tyson said, wilder would be gassed by round 5... DAMN what a hell of a prediction, based on the first fight, according to Fury. WOW😯😯😯😯

  30. Samuel Jurah

    Samuel Jurah20 timer siden

    This is probably the best trash talking wilder has ever done, considering how his speech has gotten better. Unfortunately, all that talk couldn't save him from the onslaught of the Gypsy king 🤷🏽‍♂️

  31. Schism Circle

    Schism Circle20 timer siden

    The media is ignoring the fact a white fighter brutalized their great black dope

  32. Trenton Johnson

    Trenton Johnson20 timer siden

    I’m a Wilder fan but the hammer from Alabama didn’t travel to Vegas 😂😂😂😂

  33. Austyn Vanderbur

    Austyn Vanderbur20 timer siden

    Reebok needs a new logo.

  34. David Scott

    David Scott20 timer siden

    Welcome back Rumble, MMA is better with you than without. Light it up big man.

  35. Baby J

    Baby J21 time siden

    When did UFC become a dance battle😂😂

  36. Bookiemooks

    Bookiemooks21 time siden

    I think wilder needs that bottle after that fight to drink

  37. Stable Jeanious

    Stable Jeanious21 time siden

    Please please please, don’t associate yourself with Connor Tyson!! I’m excited with Boxing’s future and don’t want anything to do with Dana the CON White or his boy Connor. You have way too much class and dignity.

  38. Jason H

    Jason H21 time siden

    I wish Artem would embrace his short arms and be Artem "T-Rex" Lobov...

  39. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin21 time siden

    No rematch!! Seen enough of that.

  40. Lui Fuga

    Lui Fuga22 timer siden

    Wilder is so ghetto. I'm glad he got fucked up. He got embarrassed so bad in the history of boxing. Than he comes with a lame excuse why he lost the fight. Damn costume cost him the fight lmao what a big ass joke.

  41. Shakis Yusuf

    Shakis Yusuf22 timer siden

    7.07 Mojahed😂😂 " Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see Sometimes your words just hypnotize me"🤣👍🏾

  42. Devon Nunley

    Devon Nunley22 timer siden

    What is the intro music called

  43. emisoccer •

    emisoccer •23 timer siden


  44. Danny Westcott

    Danny Westcott23 timer siden

    You can’t see cos you’ve not got your glasses 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Svyatoslav Epifanov

    Svyatoslav Epifanov23 timer siden

    Khabib is not Russian, he is Dagestani. Conor come on

  46. MeKrukama Jahlalmalahl

    MeKrukama JahlalmalahlDag siden

    I thought 10 minutes was too little for a fight but after watching like 3 minutes of this shit i understand

  47. Jimmy Alexander

    Jimmy AlexanderDag siden

    7:11 Connor slipped that sneaky jab and was defo ready to clock him with a left hand

  48. Carolyn Janes

    Carolyn JanesDag siden

    The guy between them wants Wilder's black balls, I bet he feels so fucking dumb now. :)

  49. Sylver Ezeugonwa

    Sylver EzeugonwaDag siden

    Who is watching this video after Wilder was disgraced in the ring

  50. John howard Pineda

    John howard PinedaDag siden

    Ronaldo:yeah Conor:Hahahahaha Ronaldo:yah i'm good Conor:Hahahahah Conor:Hahahahahaha Conor:Hahahahaah

  51. John howard Pineda

    John howard PinedaDag siden

    That super saiyan girl was so damn hot

  52. Michael Apebo

    Michael ApeboDag siden

    God looks the proud (Deontay Wilder )from afar but gives respect to the humble(Tyson Fury) ; the event would set his mouth straight this time

  53. Nils

    NilsDag siden

    Nice political correct answer. That was awesome 😁

  54. 0verdoze31

    0verdoze31Dag siden

    fuck israel country racists

  55. Dead Pizza

    Dead PizzaDag siden

    This ninja reading off his phone

  56. GTR 192

    GTR 192Dag siden

    RIP to headphone users my gawd

  57. afutla qian

    afutla qianDag siden

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS...when you underestimate FURY SWIPE in Pokemon. 👈

  58. Legend

    LegendDag siden

    The Irish hahaha

  59. CKMLMA8

    CKMLMA8Dag siden

    He need to train that hair. My mans hair stay nappy


    JUNKY LONDONDag siden

    Ay but how fast can you run in them?

  61. cate hardwick

    cate hardwickDag siden

    Deontay should never use mental illness in that way

  62. trevcon 3

    trevcon 3Dag siden

    Lol propper 12 baby

  63. Anthony Driver

    Anthony DriverDag siden

    Carnt sell it so he gives it away ,proper shite 😂😂

  64. Blayre Ward

    Blayre WardDag siden

    Yo that jacket is tight son!

  65. Jonathan Palacios

    Jonathan PalaciosDag siden

    To all the fighters. Why do you need this as$hole to make your money. People go to the fights to watch yawl not him so stop fighting at his domains. It's time to stop contracts for him and start a new world of respect. Boycott Dana White is a non American! He's trash and yawl don't need him to fight. Or are yawl telling me yawl are scared of this fat little fu#k? This guy is old news. The future is calling for a real American and not a Trump dirty supporter! U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! 🇺🇸✊

  66. Chris Dunne

    Chris DunneDag siden

    This interviewer is the god

  67. Julian Midgley

    Julian MidgleyDag siden

    Imagine if Mcgregor and The Gypsy King worked together

  68. Enemy Of moron

    Enemy Of moronDag siden

    Can somebody, tell what shoes those are that Dana is wearing

  69. Mark McClelland

    Mark McClellandDag siden

    I actually thought the ref stopped the fight. The ref had not taken his eyes off Wilder for the last 4 rounds. From the camera view I witnessed live.....I am not sure the ref ever saw a towel. I would like to see full ring camera shot of the last round before I am convinced........and I am not even sure why it even matters......but it appears suspect either damn way from my view.

  70. Stephen Dobs

    Stephen DobsDag siden

    I bet he was overwhelmed with that shite gift 😂

  71. 6 N T H O N Y

    6 N T H O N YDag siden

    Can’t even watch the interview with this autistic interviewer🤦🏽‍♂️

  72. JD D

    JD DDag siden

    Interviewer was so patronizing and so reactive on a spastic level. Needs to tone it down.

  73. KTS

    KTSDag siden


  74. Ben Laskoski

    Ben LaskoskiDag siden

    must know yourself to know otters lol

  75. Billy Cain

    Billy CainDag siden

    24:11 look at Wilder the racist prick shaking his finger, got what he deserved.

  76. Hackfleischhackender zerhacker

    Hackfleischhackender zerhackerDag siden

    The Interviewer is such a weirdo

  77. Edmar Seagal

    Edmar SeagalDag siden

    Mkkk parece uma criança contra um adulto rs

  78. Jay Sakong

    Jay SakongDag siden

    know yourself to know utters.

  79. Tony Erus

    Tony ErusDag siden

    Wilder have only muscel on on his tungue

  80. hermes Undaloc Hamol Awon

    hermes Undaloc Hamol AwonDag siden

    Reyes is the real won.....

  81. Lee Neale

    Lee NealeDag siden

    You will know then by their fruits



    ** 5:15

  83. Hayley Downes

    Hayley DownesDag siden


  84. shane c

    shane cDag siden

    Conor Mcgregor not a fan of the guy !! Tyson Fury seems a nice enough fella tho

  85. pks

    pksDag siden

    So a MMA fighter is sponsoring the biggest fight in boxing nowadays...hmmm world has changed a lot

  86. Rob Short

    Rob ShortDag siden

    @ 6:12 in to the video Im already wanting to smack the fuck out of this clown commentator



    What in the YOU GOT SERVED just happened😂💀

  88. thehero5060

    thehero5060Dag siden

    I love to see people happy and stress-free. I enjoyed this interview.

  89. Баха А8

    Баха А8Dag siden

    Конор у тебя беспонтовые тёлки как и ты

  90. Squab Mobb

    Squab MobbDag siden

    These accents geeze everything is fast forward

  91. PlatinumDonut

    PlatinumDonutDag siden

    Why is this dwarf in the background wearing a XXXL Glasses ???

  92. Самад Шеров

    Самад ШеровDag siden

    Sayborg, fok you!

  93. Jahlil Willis

    Jahlil WillisDag siden

    Ik this nigga ain't jus back flip and pop lock n drop it live on the air

  94. Андрей Миронов

    Андрей МироновDag siden

    Давай Артём,бей всех,чтоб говно посыпалось из них!!

  95. Mike Oxlong

    Mike OxlongDag siden

    this idiot, the interviewer should have had one mic. let them say their piece each. this was annoying

  96. Mike Oxlong

    Mike OxlongDag siden

    such ignorant childish shit from both. Love both stories. Wilder was more childish. but he was insecure . but he did Bring fury back with his insults. I would never argue like this. its so stupid

  97. Ray Steinbeck

    Ray SteinbeckDag siden


  98. Dan Addy

    Dan AddyDag siden

    5 minutes in... Comment here! Leave! Shite Interviewer 🤦🏻‍♂️

  99. Dylan Anderson

    Dylan AndersonDag siden

    Specsavers haha

  100. Fabian Timmins

    Fabian TimminsDag siden

    And the UK & Ireland now have the 2 biggest names in combat sports!!