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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Carmen Lynch Stand-Up
Griselda: Dr. Bird's
Yola: I Don't Wanna Lie
Little Big Town: Sugar Coat
Black Pumas: Colors

Black Pumas: Colors

12 dager siden

Karol G: Tusa

Karol G: Tusa

16 dager siden

  1. Amanda Pentiah

    Amanda Pentiah13 timer siden

  2. The Bleaciboi

    The Bleaciboi13 timer siden

    Why does Jimmy look like David's dad? Haha

  3. Vy Buii

    Vy Buii13 timer siden

    “Take it i dont need it i just got it... so heavy”

  4. Smiledoughnut

    Smiledoughnut13 timer siden

    claire looks so pretty and i love her makeup uwu

  5. babyhols666

    babyhols66613 timer siden

    Jimmy still looks like jimmy tho

  6. Kevin Alan

    Kevin Alan13 timer siden

    No no no that's not how you do it. You show out takes, and reveals or it didn't happen

  7. Alyssa Lao

    Alyssa Lao13 timer siden

    I'm a kid. I know Queen

  8. Harrison Boys

    Harrison Boys13 timer siden

    “Apple Watch or one hundred bucks. Which one?” Random Guy: Yes

  9. babyhols666

    babyhols66613 timer siden

    This is kinda creepy w the touching

  10. Rosana  Rodrigues

    Rosana Rodrigues13 timer siden

    Noah ❤️🇧🇷❤️

  11. Ann Mendoza

    Ann Mendoza13 timer siden

    he looks like john krasinsky

  12. Steven Wang

    Steven Wang13 timer siden

    Charles just salty because he's a fucking pedophile and Trump will expose him too.

  13. Jessica Jacobs

    Jessica Jacobs13 timer siden

    I <333333 David ugh what a guy

  14. muhammad irfan

    muhammad irfan13 timer siden

    Host looks like little bit aushie captan michel Clerk .

  15. Charles Frederick

    Charles Frederick13 timer siden

    David's wig, literally just looks like his hair.

  16. HelenaLOVES Winter

    HelenaLOVES Winter13 timer siden

    Sophia be giving Hatsune Miku serious competition.

  17. Joel Lim

    Joel Lim13 timer siden

    awww our claire made it bigg

  18. Lily Kithan

    Lily Kithan13 timer siden

    Aww... Cute cute cute 😍😍😍

  19. Juliane Ewaleifo

    Juliane Ewaleifo13 timer siden

    the fact that there’s absolutely no difference between David’s hair and its wig

  20. HelenaLOVES Winter

    HelenaLOVES Winter13 timer siden

    Humans are funny, if she jokes about destroying humans, you'll be afraid, but if she does not you'll still be afraid and say she's hinting at it. What are you afraid of?

  21. Shaun Newport

    Shaun Newport13 timer siden

    My wife and I loves This Is Us.

  22. El Marheachi

    El Marheachi13 timer siden

    Where Mike's mic

  23. Joshua Beckham

    Joshua Beckham13 timer siden

    People in the crowd probably was like WTF than started to bob there heads wait a minute this is actually good lol, they didn’t know if they where suppose to run or stay there lol 😂 GRISELDA All DAY!!!!


    BLK ENTERTAINMENT13 timer siden

    Martin personality is coming back.

  25. Ann Mendoza

    Ann Mendoza13 timer siden

    why does david look like john krasinsky

  26. HighVisi0n

    HighVisi0n13 timer siden

    Love how fallons family show turns into drug murder criminal rap show 😂 holding the album cover of female drug lord

  27. Olga trevisan

    Olga trevisan13 timer siden


  28. Ana Nunes

    Ana Nunes13 timer siden


  29. 2Face Ace

    2Face Ace13 timer siden


  30. Gerry Gross

    Gerry Gross13 timer siden

    I love your voice and that little growl

  31. Mike Ezeala

    Mike Ezeala13 timer siden

    All the white fox where shocked ass fucked

  32. Niklas

    Niklas13 timer siden

    I am sure the t-shirt "is the best gift ever" wtf :D

  33. Jack Carroll

    Jack Carroll13 timer siden

    this is the iconic duo none of us knew we needed

  34. Dankkk 420s

    Dankkk 420s13 timer siden

    WWCD 🔥🔥🔥

  35. 하얀제이미

    하얀제이미13 timer siden

    RIP to the people in the crowd who hadn't watched season 1

  36. Psychedelic Pain

    Psychedelic Pain13 timer siden

    The amount of ppl in this comment section still doubting about that body not being Jimmy's, still impresses me.

  37. ブッチキャシディ

    ブッチキャシディ13 timer siden



    SAVVY AZE13 timer siden

    And know this would be the youtube trend

  39. Sharmin H

    Sharmin H13 timer siden


  40. Canna Dance

    Canna Dance13 timer siden

    Belding became a Lego guy

  41. Swuka Chishi

    Swuka Chishi13 timer siden

    Amazingly awesome ❤️

  42. Christian Stoytchev

    Christian Stoytchev13 timer siden

    Let’s give money to homeless. Celebrities:” nah”

  43. Israel Torres

    Israel Torres13 timer siden

    From one Torres to another... that's some hilarious shit bro. Much love!

  44. Sarah Renna

    Sarah Renna13 timer siden

    Ghostbusters is 3 syllables though

  45. Surabhi Diwan

    Surabhi Diwan13 timer siden

    David didn't even need that wig I-

  46. Stanleys Urine

    Stanleys Urine13 timer siden

    im so happy for him

  47. Art Vandelay, Jr.

    Art Vandelay, Jr.13 timer siden

    Wow, very funny. Love her delivery style.

  48. Mickey Park

    Mickey Park13 timer siden

    Robert: *compliments Curly's beautiful little eyes* Curly: *smiles like a highschool girl*

  49. Prince London

    Prince London13 timer siden

    When you’re lonely

  50. Ursula Tentáculos

    Ursula Tentáculos13 timer siden

    No es lo mismo sin niki

  51. Dony S.

    Dony S.13 timer siden

    Ya ya ya.. fun and all Why don't we donate to actually people who needs it the most! Jesus the disparity😷😷😷

  52. Jehu Dagohoy

    Jehu Dagohoy13 timer siden


  53. Organic LEAF

    Organic LEAF13 timer siden

    He grew up so fast

  54. Paige Malay

    Paige Malay13 timer siden

    When noah did his little dance i died😂😂

  55. Linden Rose

    Linden Rose13 timer siden

    He didnt even try. Like do you even fucking understand who you are interviewing and how privledged you are. Fuck you man.

  56. Prince London

    Prince London13 timer siden

    Jimmy: “ how to “ Public: “ not interested “

  57. Clout Claudius Charles

    Clout Claudius Charles13 timer siden

    David’s wig looks like his regular hair style

  58. Ivis Sauceda

    Ivis Sauceda13 timer siden

    Que bueno q no es de plástico y prefabricada como muchas q han salido!

  59. MermpyDermpy

    MermpyDermpy13 timer siden

    Okay Mr. Beast

  60. Rick rick

    Rick rick13 timer siden

    They're wasting their time on this impeachment stuff. There was no quid pro crow

  61. j

    j13 timer siden

    bruh in the beginning david looked like jim from the office

  62. hellomelaniee

    hellomelaniee13 timer siden

    I don’t want your money lmaooooo

  63. Grace Johnson

    Grace Johnson13 timer siden

    “Hi, uh sorry” “Hi, if you’re like me” *laughs*

  64. Andrew Gutierrez

    Andrew Gutierrez13 timer siden

    Who is this

  65. Infamilia86

    Infamilia8613 timer siden

    Benny is fire 🔥

  66. Limpy Poo

    Limpy Poo13 timer siden

    Fallon is so annoying in his excessive pandering and rolling around with fakest laughter known to man. He used to be funny. Or was it him?

  67. AncientTurtle

    AncientTurtle13 timer siden


  68. melchor mendoza

    melchor mendoza13 timer siden

    as much as jimmy wanted to ruin that cake, its nigh impossible to make a cake look bad with chocolate frosting

  69. Mister CR

    Mister CR13 timer siden


  70. hadlee landis

    hadlee landis13 timer siden

    That one guy in the audience who can’t snap :(

  71. Kat Kamila

    Kat Kamila13 timer siden

    David is such main stream media material

  72. Levi Uzodike

    Levi Uzodike13 timer siden

    I could interview Ray. Just ask, “how are things going?” Then sit back and laugh with everybody else

  73. Eddie Hernandez

    Eddie Hernandez13 timer siden

    😂 this was hilarious

  74. Michael The Weirdo

    Michael The Weirdo13 timer siden

    oh damn im early af

  75. April Wilson

    April Wilson13 timer siden

    I would of taken both too

  76. jillian nicole

    jillian nicole13 timer siden

    I truly thought David would be at least a little awkward/uncomfortable seeming, because when you’re a creator you’re used to calling the shots/scenes and how things go, making him out of his element completely. But he absolutely killed it and I can’t believe how much of a natural he was in all of these clips!! He was so funny and acted the exact same as he does in the vlogs and on the podcast. I’m so happy for him 😍😭

  77. Algotimo

    Algotimo13 timer siden

    Hi lord farquad x)

  78. Amy Joyce

    Amy Joyce13 timer siden

    no I don’t want your money 🤣🤣

  79. Varsh Harsh

    Varsh Harsh13 timer siden

    Justin timberlake is the cutest one in the video 💕💕💕

  80. TBeatsy Chill

    TBeatsy Chill13 timer siden

    1 year after 6ix9ine

  81. Jazzmin Ivey

    Jazzmin Ivey13 timer siden

    Tariq: ✌🏿☝🏿✋🏿😬 David: Another one bites the dust Me:🥴🤔😮

  82. Subscribe & Like

    Subscribe & Like13 timer siden

    Awesome 👍👍 nipple 🔥🔥

  83. xdgklm tweete

    xdgklm tweete13 timer siden

    All I am hearing is Jessie from Gilmore Girls yet he has changed a lot. It's so wierd and confusing.

  84. BIG BOY

    BIG BOY13 timer siden

    You weirdo

  85. huzaifa gujjar

    huzaifa gujjar13 timer siden

    The real killers and terrorists are Florida school students and teachers not Nikolas Cruz and gun violence is a drama

  86. Eric K

    Eric K13 timer siden

    I'm just going through all of their US show performance to get myself ready for black swan performance

  87. Gabriella Evergrace

    Gabriella Evergrace13 timer siden

    Cole’s jokes where really good and no one listened ☹️

  88. Hellcat717

    Hellcat71713 timer siden

    *I love how David looks the same 😂😂😂*

  89. Violet Wood

    Violet Wood13 timer siden

    a pity case.

  90. christopher ascanio

    christopher ascanio13 timer siden

    Litteraly sounds just like the record 🤯🔥

  91. Belinda Xiong

    Belinda Xiong13 timer siden

    Jimmy's hair has been styled with extra pazzazz lately. Very cute and preppy 🙂

  92. Sleven eightyeight

    Sleven eightyeight13 timer siden

    I'm so proud on Jimmy working with Griselda and having them on his platform, real respect.

  93. Ankeet Singh

    Ankeet Singh13 timer siden

    The only change david has is that he has an extra black jacket.

  94. Christopher Stephens

    Christopher Stephens13 timer siden

    Nick Burns!

  95. Rich Dars

    Rich Dars13 timer siden

    They're on a come up. Performing on a talk show is a major thing

  96. Lauren Russell

    Lauren Russell13 timer siden

    Awkward awkward awkward

  97. Stephanie Joobern

    Stephanie Joobern13 timer siden

    WHY he look so different. Can't put my finger on it.

  98. Edie Summer

    Edie Summer13 timer siden

    The Best Song in 2019

  99. Michael The Weirdo

    Michael The Weirdo13 timer siden

    ok I dont wanna be rude but Miley's voice was really weird in the first song, but sounded better in her second song ( edit: she sounded good in the duet too. )

  100. iambrunii

    iambrunii13 timer siden

    Can't wait for the song called "boyfriend" ✨