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Jason Aldean: We Back

Jason Aldean: We Back

12 dager siden

Brian Regan Stand-Up

Brian Regan Stand-Up

12 dager siden

John Legend: This Christmas
Jessica Kirson Stand-Up
Kacey Musgraves: Glittery
Hashtags: #ThatWasCold
  1. Alessa G

    Alessa G20 sekunder siden

    he. is. not. funny.

  2. Matthew Kramer

    Matthew Kramer30 sekunder siden

    She’s cake

  3. High Quality Channel

    High Quality Channel31 sekund siden


  4. Amy Geist

    Amy Geist39 sekunder siden


  5. Arnoldas

    ArnoldasMinutt siden

    Just to be clear, young Lithuanians are quite good with English. So do not compare our language skills with Google translate ;) Greetings from Lithuania! 🇱🇹

  6. Rami4life Vlogz

    Rami4life VlogzMinutt siden 👈🏻 🤯 I met Camila 🔥

  7. Binge The Cringe

    Binge The Cringe2 minutter siden


  8. Felix Kummer

    Felix Kummer2 minutter siden

    You Just stole a concept from Late Night Berlin

  9. Amy Geist

    Amy Geist2 minutter siden


  10. Defiant Tart

    Defiant Tart3 minutter siden

    I went to Medieval Times for my birthday this year so this is awesome that I have something in common with Posty this year. <3 love it, lmao

  11. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams3 minutter siden

    Reminder that Glen Ballard is entirely responsible for this record. There is a reason she never had one like this again...

  12. PMC05

    PMC054 minutter siden

    Seen Irishman 4x already and I like it more and more each time I watch it 👏🏽

  13. John O'Leary

    John O'Leary5 minutter siden

    I thought this was Emile Sande, "next to me" in the opening chords

  14. Agus Aguirre

    Agus Aguirre5 minutter siden

    LOL. Andrea es muy genial

  15. Tyrone Shoelacez

    Tyrone Shoelacez5 minutter siden

    She had a lot of work done and he’s a fucking idiot. Can’t watch this shit, just came here to post hate. Thx

  16. Dogoftheday

    Dogoftheday5 minutter siden

    Detroit: Become Human

  17. The Behemoth

    The Behemoth5 minutter siden

    When the hell is Season 2 of Titan Games Coming

  18. Karlo Stefanek

    Karlo Stefanek6 minutter siden

    She looks so different. I cant even recignize her

  19. John Holland

    John Holland6 minutter siden

    Smaller hands than Donald Trump 👐🏻

  20. Ева Лиса

    Ева Лиса7 minutter siden

    Очень классная и талантливая! Молодец! :)

  21. STINEUY 23

    STINEUY 237 minutter siden

    Who's here after señorita Check my channel :)

  22. Matilda games

    Matilda games8 minutter siden

    It was sooo funy

  23. Archeris

    Archeris8 minutter siden

    It’s basically impossible to translate anything to or from Lithuanian correctly, trust me xD

  24. Regina J Garland

    Regina J Garland8 minutter siden

    i aspire to be as beautiful as camila when i’m older

  25. deshaun dozier

    deshaun dozier9 minutter siden

    he and mark normand may b the same person

  26. Mcube Mesil

    Mcube Mesil9 minutter siden

    That's our thing that we do all the time😂😂😂😂, Jimmy is funny Sometimes

  27. Mooncalf

    Mooncalf10 minutter siden

    People saying this is auto tune and she is actually singing it not like the 90% of the singers fake singing like Katy Perry live on concert COUGH COUGH for example

  28. Sol Keep the Faith

    Sol Keep the Faith10 minutter siden

    You ougtha know I sang and sing so loud!!!

  29. Meenu Goyal

    Meenu Goyal10 minutter siden

    I want a song list

  30. vousmevoyez skuukzky

    vousmevoyez skuukzky11 minutter siden

    The Roots is soo good thoooo!

  31. Karlo Stefanek

    Karlo Stefanek11 minutter siden

    Ofc madonna accepted her


    PATTY NEXTDOOR11 minutter siden

    it says a lot for us for her to be able to openly perform her art like this!

  33. Rue Loyal

    Rue Loyal12 minutter siden

    Reverse racism

  34. Ellen Lindemann

    Ellen Lindemann12 minutter siden

    Das schlimmste Lied 2019🥵

  35. Aylon Lanberth

    Aylon Lanberth13 minutter siden

    Aaaaaah 💓💓😍

  36. Aussie 23

    Aussie 2313 minutter siden

    Nobody's going to talk about the way RDJ looks at the other avengers at 0:09 - 0:16? 😂😂😂

  37. Everett Schoenke

    Everett Schoenke14 minutter siden

    He is a bit much. But I love it

  38. Sajeda Khanom

    Sajeda Khanom14 minutter siden

    Camilla is such a sweetheart 😍 I love her

  39. David S.

    David S.14 minutter siden

    I got chills! She's amazing!

  40. Sumit Waidande

    Sumit Waidande15 minutter siden

    Duh = ghosts According to Google translate

  41. Banana Republika

    Banana Republika15 minutter siden

    Sophia has a cancer

  42. Batman 4 Life

    Batman 4 Life16 minutter siden


  43. SteveVi0lence

    SteveVi0lence16 minutter siden

    JJ definetly went all the way to destroy the franchise

  44. Claude Brindamour

    Claude Brindamour16 minutter siden

    The Roots are playing THE MAN FROM UTOPIA MEETS MARY LOU by Frank Zappa !!!

  45. Daniel Henriques

    Daniel Henriques17 minutter siden


  46. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov17 minutter siden

    Wow. I couldn’t see her personality when she was with the other group. I would’ve never even guess she’s this energetic.

  47. Tsv1860münchen Fan

    Tsv1860münchen Fan17 minutter siden


  48. bolosalex

    bolosalex18 minutter siden


  49. Auspicious Autonomous

    Auspicious Autonomous19 minutter siden

    I have had a few bad first dates and one that sticks out in mind was talking to a girl online. We got along and decided to meet for a first date to see a movie together. In 2000 we went to go see the movie, "The Cell." For two future love birds to see this science fiction horror film, we were both disturbed experiencing this together. After the film we didn't talk to the walk to my car. Then driving her home both of us had nothing to say basically in shock. I dropped her off in her driveway, said good bye, and we never spoke again. ~ That movie was not a good first date movie! - It is disturbing.

  50. Native Creative

    Native Creative19 minutter siden

    Awesome 🔥🍩

  51. Marjorie Wippel

    Marjorie Wippel21 minutt siden

    mu fomi

  52. M S

    M S21 minutt siden

    Who is this person?

  53. Jack Braddell

    Jack Braddell21 minutt siden

    Starting to sound like Hilary. Everyone's fault but theirs.

  54. l t

    l t21 minutt siden

    This has always been hilarious to me

  55. Complexed Com

    Complexed Com22 minutter siden

    It’s kind of like when he had Joquin Phoenix on after the Joker movie aired. Dude made that interview so horrendously awkward for no literal reason. I know this one was shot before the Phoenix interview, but holy shit does he make all the big named stars he has on his show feel out of place?

  56. אתי נחום

    אתי נחום23 minutter siden

    Perfect thanks for this song. Every second of this song and your voice is so amazing and perfect this song is absolutely brilliant

  57. Anonymous

    Anonymous24 minutter siden

    Me:bro i'll give you anything you want if she can sing like that without autotune. . Also me after this video:I got nothing

  58. Utooob76

    Utooob7624 minutter siden

    No idea who she is

  59. Kylie Krysten

    Kylie Krysten25 minutter siden

    This voice omg! Masterpiece ❤️

  60. Josh Rivera

    Josh Rivera26 minutter siden

    He's probably the coolest or will become the coolest grandpa ever!!.

  61. Disney Freak

    Disney Freak26 minutter siden


  62. Anonymous

    Anonymous26 minutter siden

    Why this accent?

  63. Sumithra Rajam

    Sumithra Rajam26 minutter siden

    She sure looks like Janice. Period.

  64. Can I Get 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Reason? :\

    Can I Get 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Reason? :\27 minutter siden

    0:25 Χτυπά με μωρό μου άλλη μια φορά 😅

  65. leon zhang

    leon zhang27 minutter siden

    Ha... boomer


    THAT BITCH27 minutter siden

    This halftimes show is gonna suck ass literally neither of those bitches know how to sing

  67. Mary

    Mary28 minutter siden

    I wonder what percentage she is

  68. Herida Cristina

    Herida Cristina28 minutter siden

    Google Translate is that crazy old aunt that we all love and hate.

  69. Vala Dhruvaraj

    Vala Dhruvaraj28 minutter siden

    Good work

  70. Milos Panic

    Milos Panic28 minutter siden

    This is the way.

  71. Petros Kouklotheatros

    Petros Kouklotheatros29 minutter siden

    Γαμώ!! Love from Greece

  72. William H

    William H30 minutter siden

    The absolute bitch nature of late night talk show hosts..,

  73. Stranger

    Stranger30 minutter siden

    What the hell is kratos doing there

  74. Willis Wham

    Willis Wham30 minutter siden


  75. Im Struggling

    Im Struggling30 minutter siden

    *Just imagen someone looking like her...*

  76. StephiPendl

    StephiPendl31 minutt siden

    How on earth is this man still hosting this Show? He is neither funny nor entertaining. Quite rude at times and further more he is so inarticulate.

  77. Sunny MSP

    Sunny MSP31 minutt siden

    Okay. He mentioned Lithuania. OKAY.

  78. Moheeb Asif

    Moheeb Asif31 minutt siden

    Star Lord has nothing against Antman

  79. I throw rocks at kids

    I throw rocks at kids31 minutt siden

    I’m offended for sharing the same name as that t h I n g

  80. Angel Montes-Ayala

    Angel Montes-Ayala32 minutter siden

    The most perfect talent I’ve seen anywere in the last 20 years I love you Melissa villaseñors

  81. Yogi

    Yogi33 minutter siden

    Jimmy counted wrong . Cheater :p

  82. batfly

    batfly33 minutter siden

    Biden's staff was probably attending to family matters when they should have been warning Biden it's a conflict to set up money laundering schemes to skim U.S. Tax dollars through his son Hunter.

  83. Jimmie Lee Patterson

    Jimmie Lee Patterson33 minutter siden

    Sarah has "Jacob too too" syndrome

  84. John Marinero

    John Marinero33 minutter siden

    Next video: How to shoot a cycler rifle

  85. Mika Korenblit

    Mika Korenblit36 minutter siden

    שוקולד פרה

  86. Scorpion King

    Scorpion King36 minutter siden

    Damn esa Camilla Cabello is So Sexy As Hell 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘

  87. Jaheem Wilson

    Jaheem Wilson36 minutter siden

    Just finish doing some Christmas cleaning and needed a laugh

  88. Bryce Varley

    Bryce Varley36 minutter siden

    Huge family feud rip off.

  89. mare müller

    mare müller37 minutter siden

    no one: sebs: !!!!!PUELTO LICO!!!!

  90. PhoenixBoy59

    PhoenixBoy5937 minutter siden

    i think james suffocated in the puppies during the break

  91. kpop fan

    kpop fan37 minutter siden

    Is it me or someone else as well, who thinks that Camila is the prettier version of "Janice" from "friends"😂. . . . . P. S. Janice is pretty. 😯❤

  92. Col Waters

    Col Waters38 minutter siden

    He sounds so......not British

  93. Bob

    Bob38 minutter siden

    Fallon restrained himself from doing the fake laugh several times. This is the respect that Sir Paul McCartney commands.

  94. Juan Ivy

    Juan Ivy38 minutter siden

    Good god! She's definitely in love. You can feel it through the video. Good for her!!

  95. Эмма Делла-роз

    Эмма Делла-роз39 minutter siden

    O:26 💜

  96. Arbitros

    Arbitros40 minutter siden

    Ok shes pretty good.

  97. Nat Porras

    Nat Porras41 minutt siden

    I've tried to like her but I just can't... She tries to be likeable and relatable but I just can't. Meh sorry!

  98. Liam

    Liam41 minutt siden

    She so sexy and I know why

  99. Julia De Rodríguez

    Julia De Rodríguez41 minutt siden

    Could you invite Sommer Rey?

  100. Minguk Films

    Minguk Films41 minutt siden

    I feel like Camila bought all the hairs available in Cuba and made herself a weave