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  1. R Mawhorter

    R Mawhorter22 minutter siden

    what the hell is that

  2. Fui Gebhardt1

    Fui Gebhardt138 minutter siden

    I swear I heard an audience member say "Shit-X".

  3. Ken Ten Have

    Ken Ten HaveTime siden

    Umm internet, what is this? *adobe flash player will no longer be supported after december 2020* WHAT THE FUCK, GUUUUHHH. WAIT, PLEASE NO YOU CAN'T...😨 WAIT... how am I ever gonna play robot wars arena and swords and sandals ever again If that shit is gonna happen next year!😲 WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT!!!😠 First penguin club and now THIS. What more could they take away from me. 😡 (very triggered) AAAAAAGGHHH😠 Everything i have in my childhood is taken away from me.😢😭

  4. T Ellison

    T EllisonTime siden

    Well crap I bought the Moto Z4 a month ago

  5. Ravenfyre

    RavenfyreTime siden

    Good job wasting energy

  6. onjapanewer

    onjapanewerTime siden

    I'm watching this using the Note 10+ 5G. Am I gonna die faster when the network goes live?

  7. Yiyosk o

    Yiyosk o2 timer siden

    * Not biased, complete objective review *

  8. Hhemenistan

    Hhemenistan2 timer siden

    Micro USB Boss?!! u lost me already.

  9. RelTheKing

    RelTheKing2 timer siden

    Their technology is similar to Xenith.

  10. Ryan Scherbluk

    Ryan Scherbluk2 timer siden

    You can find LED TVs that have lots of local dimming zones that perform just like an OLED tv and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless you knew it wasn’t an OLED. Plus there half the price of an OLED

  11. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes2 timer siden

    trolls need to back off! what are you driving now?

  12. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes2 timer siden

    so much less expensive then the gas vehicles 2x. you save on the cost of the truck at 40k plus you save the $80 in gas per week, plus you save the environment, plus you are safe... so many pluses.

  13. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes2 timer siden

    i am buying it

  14. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes2 timer siden

    it is amazing

  15. Josefina Magallanes

    Josefina Magallanes2 timer siden

    love it

  16. 2_Face Unknown

    2_Face Unknown3 timer siden

    By the time I can afford to buy an 8k tv I'll be so old that I would need 8'' thick glasses to even see the tv.

  17. Akshit Gupta

    Akshit Gupta3 timer siden

    Do you think sony WH1000XM4 are coming anytime soon?

  18. Kumar Ashoka

    Kumar Ashoka3 timer siden

    Plz India lnch dt plz

  19. Jennie

    Jennie3 timer siden

    Yeah virtual reality :) It is better than the reality of what 5g and 6g will do. It will end humanity as we know it. Boycott 5g.

  20. brosrcool

    brosrcool5 timer siden

    Excellent review. I was going to get my son the 11 but now I will get him, and myself, the Pro's for Christmas. Again, GREAT REVIEW!!!

  21. Daniel Dudek

    Daniel Dudek5 timer siden

    Apple did have in-ear headphones in the past.

  22. modelx89

    modelx896 timer siden

    Does this tv have Dolby atmos?

  23. Eri Nya

    Eri Nya7 timer siden

    the youtube vid is max 4k resolution showing an 8k tv.mmmmh.we have a long way to go in camera tech.

  24. Em Dee

    Em Dee7 timer siden

    1 tug of war means nothing typically the vehicle that gets the first tug and is going to get the win almost every time

  25. Wilfer88

    Wilfer887 timer siden

    Im mean, why not buy something of the very best 4K OLED and only 60 inch, and have money over for a brand new car.

  26. Mr. Gacha09

    Mr. Gacha097 timer siden

    If another car crashed into this it’ll most likely turn into dust

  27. Em Dee

    Em Dee7 timer siden

    Look at all the dislikes from commie protesters

  28. Chim Richalds

    Chim Richalds7 timer siden

    Got my vote

  29. Colin Parks

    Colin Parks7 timer siden

    I have had to replace an LG c9 and then an E9 as both had issues. Gutted... Now I gave up and got the q90r, quality control at lg has left me cold, when I went to lick up the q90r, in front of me was another c9 being brought back for burn in already!!!! Imo the E9 is the Best TV there is atm, but they are a risk.

  30. M Z Lover Studio

    M Z Lover Studio8 timer siden

    a gand a

  31. Kenny Romaric

    Kenny Romaric8 timer siden

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  32. Vamsi kurapati

    Vamsi kurapati9 timer siden

    Good app

  33. Awesome Things

    Awesome Things10 timer siden

    Dam man, you didn't go inside one building to show millimeter waves don't work in them unless its t-mobiles low band ?

  34. Alexander Hayward

    Alexander Hayward12 timer siden

    Thanks for trolling my Alexa 😬😬

  35. ult1m4t30wn4g3

    ult1m4t30wn4g312 timer siden

    I just returned an LG C9 for this tv, and I can confirm that it has a better PQ overall. Shadow detail, motion handling, upscaling, noise reduction, and color accuracy is better. Also, believe it or not, it seemed brighter (higher targeted average APL). The picture feels duller and highlights in HDR suffer though. It also has much better panel uniformity (65" size). However I somewhat miss the C9. Gaming at 1440p 120hz with g-sync on an OLED is AMAZING. Even my 2070 Super was able to manage it with most modern titles.

  36. Serkan Koçak

    Serkan Koçak12 timer siden

    Why is everyone calling him an Apple fanboy? The Apple Watch and the iPad are the best in their class. Everyone agrees the iPhone 11 Pro is the best smartphone of the year. Clearly not innovative but the best overall. I was actually surprised the best laptop didn‘t go to the 16“ MacBook Pro but the Dell XPS 13 is a solid option too. The only mistake they made was to put the AirPod Pros into the wrong category. They‘re clearly not the beast headphones overall but everyone has to admit they’re the best wireless earbuds to ever come out.

  37. rahil hasan

    rahil hasan12 timer siden

    easy way to blow your laptop

  38. rahil hasan

    rahil hasan12 timer siden

    try awesome miner

  39. verrno

    verrno12 timer siden

    You forgot to mention that the LG OLED C9 is G-Sync capable. It's the biggest G-Sync tv you can currently get. Pretty awesome if you also use your tv for gaming.

  40. Asadullah Khan

    Asadullah Khan13 timer siden

    I need this miners e-mail ID send if possible.

  41. jj05

    jj0513 timer siden

    Rip the Papa’s series.

  42. G43 X

    G43 X14 timer siden

    that was a USB-C port not Micro USB

  43. BalthazarTheGreat

    BalthazarTheGreat14 timer siden

    And here I'm watch this TV comparison on a Galaxy note 10+ that has a screen better than both of them lmao.

  44. HaaaNoooooo

    HaaaNoooooo14 timer siden

    It's all about Alexa and Content shown in the two screens in the video. It shows you what humans care about. Shocking if someone watches a video for information and not a jackass comment. On that note: The Sony seems brighter and more detailed. Not in just this compressed format, but in real world comparison by me. These two sets being the same cost, the Sony is clearly the winner in most categories. Vizio getting much better every year though. I'd go with a 2000 Dollar A8G Sony OLED personally at reduced prices for all these sets now. Sony has taken many steps back in getting lazy over the last 5 years but, they have picked it up recently. Like Samsung used to make the best sets 8 years ago, got lazy and then started to pick it back up to about 3 years ago and now are not the best again. (They are sticking with great LCD/LED technology and refusing to stroke the ego of LG and buy their OLED panels. LG being the only corporation that produces OLED TV panels.

  45. JP Bredenkamp

    JP Bredenkamp14 timer siden

    How can we get this in Canada?

  46. flashbang217

    flashbang21714 timer siden

    still have this beast of a TV and love it. Power board failed but got it fixed online for $100.

  47. Jaco Van Staden

    Jaco Van Staden15 timer siden

    Get your hands out the picture dude.

  48. Colby Lott

    Colby Lott15 timer siden

    Me:hits truck with basketball Me: oh no! Me now: hits cybertruck with basketball Me now: hits harder

  49. Tyler 201313

    Tyler 20131315 timer siden

    It's clear vizio has the edge in color and quality. Only thing I seen the Sony do better with is the water on a big scale, the color was more accurate. But other than that I saw a much better picture out of the quantum x. Also you'd definitely get more for your dollar going with vizio. Sony is overpriced for there "quality tvs"

  50. Quantris

    Quantris16 timer siden

    Recently got a Q90R. Biggest annoyance: how did they make a remote without a source button??? Luckily the remote from my old Samsung TV works for this one too.

  51. Pleading Mule

    Pleading Mule16 timer siden

    Who is here because of what's inside 👇👍

  52. Elton Oliveira

    Elton Oliveira16 timer siden

    Wich is the best for heavy use on phone calls???

  53. Rich w

    Rich w16 timer siden

    Can you do comparison between samsung 82 inch q900 8k vs Sony a9g 77 inch.these are 2 I am interested in and leaning more towards samsung

  54. iblackfeathers

    iblackfeathers17 timer siden

    the chipmunk background music was an odd choice for this video.

  55. Kewl Khid

    Kewl Khid17 timer siden

    Why does it NOT have a finger print sensor under the display? That has to be the norm at this point I would think....a future proofing standard!

  56. noodz7219

    noodz721917 timer siden

    I can finally drive safely through the hood.

  57. shillishill

    shillishill17 timer siden

    Spins Jack Whites Lazaretto...Nice

  58. Tom Coppola

    Tom Coppola17 timer siden

    Ugliest vehicle of the century century!! I'll wait till they make it look futuristic...NOT weird looking!! Elon,give me one & maybe I'll change my mind.(?)


    ONE AND ONLY18 timer siden

    It looks like a Lamborghini from upper half

  60. Eric Falcon

    Eric Falcon18 timer siden

    Is it region free?

  61. Alex Stewart

    Alex Stewart19 timer siden

    Can this speaker be added to Google home speaker groups? As in, I can pair it with all of my other Google Max speakers in the home app? Multi-room functionality?

  62. michael

    michael19 timer siden

    Vincent is misogynistic

  63. Stuff stuff and More stuff

    Stuff stuff and More stuff19 timer siden

    I like the Vizio p series the best imo, dying to try a tcl thiugh

  64. ᴊᴏʜɴ

    ᴊᴏʜɴ19 timer siden

    But what’s the mpg???

  65. Ackros Gliceas

    Ackros Gliceas19 timer siden

    please tell me that 'little box' decoder actualy clips on t othe back and does just sit randomly any where... for that price it better attach to the back to remain hidden, lol.

  66. BruffDaddy

    BruffDaddy20 timer siden

    The only thing that sucks is that you have to pay Sirius XM an additional $7 to stream it thru the Echo Dot even if you have a Sirius XM subscription.

  67. Khawar Khan

    Khawar Khan20 timer siden

    It's all shit ..... whether LED or LCD or OLED or QLED......... thay can't compete the picture quality of my 7 years old Plasma ........I wonder why they decided to stop making PLASMA TVs

  68. jorge alan

    jorge alan21 time siden

    I currently want to upgrade my s7 active for rugged use. Is this recommended given the OS and durability or should i look for a different model?

  69. Anthony Gerard

    Anthony Gerard21 time siden

    1:06 that’s what she said

  70. GianniAzul3609

    GianniAzul360922 timer siden

    He didn’t mention that you need to multiply the distance in inches and not in feet. 8 Multiplied by .84 is not the same as 96 by .84

  71. Forever Cool

    Forever Cool22 timer siden

    Very good review you got yourself a sub and yes I also clicked on the bell icon. Thank you for your hard work

  72. Александр Третьяк

    Александр Третьяк23 timer siden

    Ни черта не понял!

  73. Toney Ndungu

    Toney NdunguDag siden

    Tcl R625 vs Vizio M8, which is better?!

  74. Loofy101™

    Loofy101™Dag siden

    Bought it on Black Friday. Highly recommended

  75. Dio Dio

    Dio DioDag siden

    Does it have display white balance tweaker? I had a Moto phone in the past that had blue whites and no settings to mitigate the problem

  76. Dio Dio

    Dio DioDag siden

    No black version?! Black phones always sell first and everybody wants them

  77. John Nguyen

    John NguyenDag siden

    I love fire emblem three house!

  78. The Kirk

    The KirkDag siden

    NO! And I didn't even watch the video.

  79. fabler007

    fabler007Dag siden

    Anyone think that the subwoofer is not punchy enough compared to Vizio 2.1 Channel soundbar?

  80. Sterling Blake

    Sterling BlakeDag siden

    Computer specs literally speak a different language lol

  81. Retired at 49

    Retired at 49Dag siden

    BEWARE!!!!! If you have a home theater sound system (avr,soundbar,etc) The roku ultra as well as any other roku device you will not get 5.1 or any other sound other than stereo except for amazon,Netflix and vudu and with these apps you will not get dolby vision! Most if not all other apps you will only get stereo period! I dont know why all these company's who own apps and media players cant play nice with each other but it sucks! Oh and be aware that Disney app will say it has "hdr" and I'm not sure what it actually is but it sucks as when your watching a movie in hdr its dark as hell and not anything like hdr or dolby vision is on other apps! Just beware!!

  82. DangOleDbo

    DangOleDboDag siden

    So an AWD truck, pulled a REAR WHEEL DRIVE truck uphill.... Obviously the ALL WHEEL DRIVE truck will pull a REAR WHEEL DRIVE truck uphill when the rear wheel has no weight in the bed... what a one sided test and joke of a presentation.

  83. Nates garage

    Nates garageDag siden

    Has all this stuff doesn't show anything

  84. Maverick F14Tomcat

    Maverick F14TomcatDag siden

    That's LTE not 5G. 5G only by icon. Also latency has to be 15 and below.... Dial *#0011# to check what it's connected to.


    ICEMAN GTDag siden

    In short, all Apple's 2019 products. 😂

  86. Nolly Miranda Laus

    Nolly Miranda LausDag siden

    Sony is way more better when it compared to airpod pro.. sound quality is phenomenal.. use this as a sleeping buds to block noise cancellation and my sleeping before like 4 hours and with the use of my sony I can sleeps like more than 7 hours... thanks sony! Bose and sony all the way!!!

  87. Daniella Steel

    Daniella SteelDag siden

    Do you prefer ss or aluminum?

  88. Jokerr

    JokerrDag siden

    This thin ugly as hell

  89. Leandro Fonseca

    Leandro FonsecaDag siden

    You do need new cables for HDMI 2.1

  90. Daisily Dazed

    Daisily DazedDag siden

    Sometimes I feel like he’s signing with his hands while talking...

  91. Mr JayL

    Mr JayLDag siden

    Bet they haven’t fixed that burn in issue. 🔥

  92. Youry Davydov

    Youry DavydovDag siden

    LG is much better than Samsung- more better OS, better and more easy to operate remote, million time better image!!! Winner 24/7

  93. jpnz

    jpnzDag siden

    Very coherent and musical sounding, but plagued by too much and boomy bass

  94. Andy Fox

    Andy FoxDag siden

    Can you lay these speakers on the side? I have a wall unit that they are too tall for.

  95. 4catsnow

    4catsnowDag siden

    Any of these whiz bang TV's come with standard audio output jacks to connect to a real-deal amplifier?

  96. Subaru

    SubaruDag siden

    I tested Sony WH-1000XM3 at a showroom. It totally make me like a deaf person. Damn ANC

  97. Elite Exposure

    Elite ExposureDag siden

    You can tell this guy has never gotten his D sucked before... LOL...

  98. Naomi Disaster

    Naomi DisasterDag siden

    Sony makes the best TV’s period !

  99. Rich Chacon

    Rich ChaconDag siden

    Ready for the cyberpunk drive-by.

  100. paul kagwa

    paul kagwaDag siden

    Seriously waiting for iphone 12