I make videos of me and my friends messing around. That's honestly the best way to describe my videos!

How I Joined The Sidemen....


3 måneder siden

I Was Santa For 24 Hours ft W2S
We Exposed Youtubers

We Exposed Youtubers

4 måneder siden

Exposing Instagram Models DMs!
$250,000 GAME OF FIFA
  1. Big Virgil

    Big VirgilDag siden

    You don’t touch somethings belongings like that and hand it around for other people to look at. Especially without the owners permission and no gloves wtf.

  2. Freddie Aves

    Freddie AvesDag siden

    Savva should be a pro

  3. FrankieDoesStuff

    FrankieDoesStuffDag siden

    Actual video starts around 7:21

  4. Aearix 420

    Aearix 4202 dager siden

    I feel like cal could acc be a boxer

  5. JankaLV

    JankaLV2 dager siden

    Omg Cal is so cringe

  6. Isaac Buchan

    Isaac Buchan2 dager siden

    It this is my favourite calfreezy video

  7. Kris Quinn

    Kris Quinn2 dager siden

    say fight night rapidly

  8. Tiff Wood

    Tiff Wood2 dager siden

    cals outfit was way better than simons why was he so mad?

  9. Aryyan Sohail

    Aryyan Sohail2 dager siden

    Freezy highkey looks like gandia from money heist when he was bald😂😂


    JAMMYDODGER2 dager siden

    Does it ship to north Korea

  11. Ben sinclair

    Ben sinclair2 dager siden

    Does anyone know what the best/music is while Logan and ski are weighing in.thanks

  12. Keyaan Khan

    Keyaan Khan2 dager siden

    i think ksi wud agree that fight night is his worst performance

  13. GRK_itsluke 204

    GRK_itsluke 2042 dager siden

    Can I just say cal dances round like a dinosaur in the last bits of cook off

  14. Pierre Ceballos

    Pierre Ceballos2 dager siden

    Its sad that it took 3 big security guards to stop viddal

  15. MD_TWONK

    MD_TWONK2 dager siden

    do more

  16. NitrozeBtw

    NitrozeBtw2 dager siden

    You sound so Irish back then lol

  17. Jack McGuinness

    Jack McGuinness2 dager siden

    Well it didn’t work

  18. Ramona Haynes

    Ramona Haynes3 dager siden

    i have a nice video

  19. cassie Mayweather

    cassie Mayweather3 dager siden

    seeing this now has made me realise how much more in shape jack is recently

  20. Swedish Rebellion

    Swedish Rebellion3 dager siden

    Yooo! Your hairstyles has inspired one of my mates to look like you! He can't thank you enough, keep up the good work brother.

  21. SenpaiGaming

    SenpaiGaming3 dager siden

    I loved this 😂💞,100% need another one

  22. Youssof Zayed

    Youssof Zayed3 dager siden

    cal is really dead, why the fuck DOES HE HAVE TO ADD SOME OF HIS DAILY SHIT FOR A VID? who cares just get on with the fucking video

  23. Luka Dejak

    Luka Dejak3 dager siden

    Gib Said gor Tokyo 2020 now olympics are in 2021🤣

  24. Frederick 10.3

    Frederick 10.33 dager siden

    Vik and jj

  25. Destin Rogers

    Destin Rogers3 dager siden

    Ft the squirrel in the window

  26. Malde Odedra

    Malde Odedra3 dager siden

    Bruh did you see KSI's cOoK his name his Eric

  27. ishan deb

    ishan deb3 dager siden

    ronaldo was bored af

  28. ishan deb

    ishan deb3 dager siden

    anyone else wouldve done a better job

  29. ishan deb

    ishan deb3 dager siden

    he got to meet ronaldo and fucked it

  30. Doddy Ramirez

    Doddy Ramirez3 dager siden

    Skeps, who’s my man?

  31. Doddy Ramirez

    Doddy Ramirez3 dager siden

    I come through like what is he on?

  32. Lam Fam GAMING

    Lam Fam GAMING3 dager siden

    It actually looks very good

  33. No U

    No U3 dager siden

    10:17 try and hit me like that again 10:56 boom

  34. [LXR]Lizzyoya

    [LXR]Lizzyoya3 dager siden

    I started work today let’s see how it goes

  35. Kyle

    Kyle3 dager siden

    Lux was only going for gib cuz he’s too scared to get hit by Vidal

  36. Qubeh

    Qubeh3 dager siden

    0.99 pound for a McFlurry in NZ that shit cost $4.50 😤

  37. bIGbOIbENNY1108

    bIGbOIbENNY11083 dager siden

    yo why does willnee have a bigger model of his head on his back?

  38. Bossjay 1596

    Bossjay 15963 dager siden

    join my discord server so you can make £150 by doing absolutely nothing

  39. Emily Cook

    Emily Cook3 dager siden


  40. Mitch Geiger

    Mitch Geiger3 dager siden

    Why hasn’t chip uploaded in 9 months on his “main” channel

  41. akshat lalani

    akshat lalani3 dager siden

    Start uploading more than once a week

  42. 『Guido Mista』

    『Guido Mista』3 dager siden

    8 year old thought this was real

  43. Carine Makoko

    Carine Makoko3 dager siden


  44. chrisablake1984

    chrisablake19843 dager siden

    Another youtuber reacting to tiktok videos, how fucking original! The content that these youtubers with a big following make, is getting so lazy. All they seem to do nowadays is react to someone else's content or prank their NO-gos mates. Or the old trusty, scream like a little kid whilst playing a computer game.

  45. Nova

    Nova3 dager siden

    We need to see Harry open yugioh cards

  46. Joseph Matthew

    Joseph Matthew3 dager siden

    Whos here after gib's fight

  47. Gaming Milo

    Gaming Milo3 dager siden

    Why do I watch people eating at 1 am when there’s nothing in the fridge I hate myself

  48. santoryuuzoro

    santoryuuzoro3 dager siden

    14:15 where it gets good

  49. LucaDaGreenBerny Boy

    LucaDaGreenBerny Boy4 dager siden

    I really want to do this with my friends. But I have none

  50. Waheed Saeed

    Waheed Saeed4 dager siden

    Why include that part of the video if your just going to bleep it? It just ruined the video

  51. Daan Bakker

    Daan Bakker4 dager siden

    That lie guy is in such an awkward situation

  52. Luke James

    Luke James4 dager siden

    2020 is the one ok..... jan - WWWIII feb - Australia march and April - coronavirus what's next???

  53. andrew fernandez

    andrew fernandez4 dager siden

    peep the jacket Harry said he'd never wear

  54. Mexican Cast

    Mexican Cast4 dager siden


  55. Shane Shedd

    Shane Shedd4 dager siden

    Imma call my calender

  56. htxsebastian _

    htxsebastian _4 dager siden


  57. wet like wata

    wet like wata4 dager siden

    I wish i trained like that

  58. JimmyRu05

    JimmyRu054 dager siden

    Why is ethan surprised by a breakfast roll??

  59. Kay M

    Kay M4 dager siden

    This is just a video of Cal seeing how drunk he can get his friends

  60. Kita Silver

    Kita Silver4 dager siden

    Callux: 2020 is gonna be the one yuno Jinxed it mate Coronas your girlfriend now

  61. Ther real Super sayian

    Ther real Super sayian4 dager siden

    Ethan cooking the fries(chips) was fucking hilarious because I’ve make them homemade all the time and the worst feeling is when the grease is too hot and it starts to overflow. You shit yourself then you do everything to stop it. And you know your fucked when you don’t have a fire extinguisher either. But yeah it is always a scare when the grease is hot like that

  62. dylan chandarana

    dylan chandarana4 dager siden

    Gib: I’m training for Tokyo 2020. Coronavirus: I don’t think so 😫

  63. Crazy Clownfish

    Crazy Clownfish4 dager siden

    Freeze vs coronavirus

  64. Ninja 205

    Ninja 2054 dager siden

    definatly deji

  65. neriah fruin

    neriah fruin4 dager siden

    you can cook pasta in the oven, its called a pasta bake. callux's pasta would of been cooked if he added tomatoe sauce or water that the paster could absorb.

  66. Chloe Dixon

    Chloe Dixon4 dager siden

    didn’t harry take his maths exam a year early and get an A, or is the website i saw it on wrong

  67. Anonysshh

    Anonysshh4 dager siden

    my man is omw to JL's house in the fcking train..

  68. Chloe Dixon

    Chloe Dixon4 dager siden

    nobody going to talk about how hot harry looked? okay just me

  69. Rizahri

    Rizahri4 dager siden

    north korea would have been funnier

  70. Kita Silver

    Kita Silver4 dager siden

    That guy who drank the last shots I first thought it was Seth rogan 😂

  71. 94 Waller

    94 Waller4 dager siden

    Harry's nostrils still work 👌

  72. Rishon Solomon

    Rishon Solomon4 dager siden

    Wow. KSI was wearing a POWER BY LACHLAN hoodie

  73. Ayan Patil

    Ayan Patil4 dager siden

    Ethans steak is blue 🤣

  74. Louie Drill

    Louie Drill5 dager siden

    Rods n Shafts is a banger tune


    PACYJOSH N5 dager siden

    Shrimps on the barbie will fucking haunt me forever it prawns

  76. Dominic Horton

    Dominic Horton5 dager siden

    Ethans steak is super rare

  77. jason sunassee

    jason sunassee5 dager siden

    Jj and tobi

  78. KevinTheKing

    KevinTheKing5 dager siden

    So that's where bed bug barry went, I was looking for him. He traveled from the US to the UK that's mad

  79. Micah Coleman

    Micah Coleman5 dager siden

    0:44 anyone else see the hickey on his collar too? who knew cal was such a horny bastard lmfao

  80. Jordan Humber

    Jordan Humber5 dager siden

    Take in JME said his shoes were 99 rated and he couldn’t hit the crossbar

  81. KillerKillingKeem aka *kkk*

    KillerKillingKeem aka *kkk*5 dager siden

    I have a feeling the fat guy will be most fit in a couple of years.

  82. Moosman Lillyst

    Moosman Lillyst5 dager siden

    I tried the Rock Paper Scissors thing but it didn’t work on my dad it worked on me

  83. Tejalkera_Msp love

    Tejalkera_Msp love5 dager siden

    Amazing video!

  84. Reece Gamez

    Reece Gamez5 dager siden

    Anyone Self isolating and thought of watching this in 2020

  85. Master GreenGuy

    Master GreenGuy5 dager siden

    Gib vs Logan Paul

  86. Connie B

    Connie B5 dager siden

    2020 corona time anyone ,just me oh ok

  87. Rizahri

    Rizahri5 dager siden

    ok willne and callux have the worst fucking taste when it comes to clothes

  88. Rizahri

    Rizahri5 dager siden

    the clickbait again ughhh

  89. Alexander Lowe

    Alexander Lowe5 dager siden

    6:17 legendary moves.