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I’m Getting Sued!
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Football in Hotel!

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Taking 90 Year Old To The Club!
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Not My Best Idea...

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Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!

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Chase Your Dreams!

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Crashing Golf Carts!

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He Wanted To Fight!

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Jumping Bike Off A Bridge!
Would you do this for $5,000?
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I Love My Job!

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Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 1)
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Burying My Friend Alive!

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Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!
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Airsoft Battle Royale!

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My Car Caught On Fire!

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Putting Horns On My Tesla!
Putting My Car On The Roof!
Changing A Young Man’s Life!
Broken Sunglasses Prank!

Broken Sunglasses Prank!

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Danny Duncan | Best of 2018
I Didn’t Make It!

I Didn’t Make It!

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Can You Open This?
Mowing a Cemetery!
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  1. Reinen Fajardo

    Reinen Fajardo30 sekunder siden

    “I thought you like Rice Krispies?” “It doesn’t taste like one. It taste like RICE” 😂

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    Chris Kouroushiaklis46 sekunder siden

    fastest 15 minutes of my life.. i was stoked for a 15 min video , then it ended so fast i was like "emm hello?"

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    william parslowMinutt siden

    Good fucking video Danny

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    What ever happened to that one guy Gary Winthorpe

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    Ricky H.5 minutter siden

    We know Chris’ friends Danny was talking about is Sharney Rod

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    Erin Beitlich5 minutter siden

    It’s gonna be really bad for uuu

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    David Cartier6 minutter siden

    I can’t even believe you went through El Paso! I feel included lol

  8. Bullfika !

    Bullfika !8 minutter siden

    Why does Danny Duncan kinda look like Gary Winthorpe?

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    Jo Bic8 minutter siden

    i never know if danny is in los angeles or englewood

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    Wait , wait , is Cameron back!??!???

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    2.55 look a wild Jake Paul caught on camera. 😂😂

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    Lol that kid thinkin he could beat Danny in anything was the funniest thing I’ve seen

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    Beast Squad30 minutter siden

    why type of drugs jacob been taking?

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    self induced33 minutter siden

    9:50 danny always does that thing with his shoulders

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    Tommy Talamini36 minutter siden

    Fucking just brings CAMERON back casually

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    a j37 minutter siden

    The ping ping game awsome!!! 💪👍👊🤜🤘

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    WhenItsHalfPastFive38 minutter siden

    7:52 honestly that was fairly rude, i hope you apologized to her

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    Ryancrettol8240 minutter siden

    12:08 Danny has a bad hair line

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    " this girl thinks i owe her money *and its kind of funny cus i dont owe her shit* " LMFAO

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    Liam Fellows48 minutter siden

    Head over the The Vault Pro Scooters in Inglewood if you’re trying to have an actual scooter to mess around on and do tricks with. And if you order online use coupon code “MONEY” at check out ;)

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    Dam Danny go to UnionCity newjersey and the other towns connected. Bergenline be the spot a long line to wny and jersey city. PLEAS i swear no youtuber have poped up around here and done Soemthing. Uc is Latino spot through wny to. Shit be happening around here but new to see something around here lmao

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    Ok I'm from Dallas Texas just cause he got bull horns on his car don't mean he's from Texas well maybe but no not just Texans do this

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    VΞGΛEidolon51 minutt siden

    Super hyper sensitive people always waiting to play the victim role of racism. And they wonder why racism is still around... because they always think its about that when its not.

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    The worst part of this video is Danny getting called a racist.. what is wrong with the world

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  54. CoonzSyncro

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    what happened to "man-boy"?

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