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  1. Fićo i Pero

    Fićo i Pero8 timer siden

    Lovrene kraljino

  2. Ferdi Bruning

    Ferdi Bruning8 timer siden

    This is why I love Liverpool FC! David should get a job at Liverpool for real.. Love this

  3. 4 Reaction

    4 Reaction8 timer siden

    We’re is Alison’s

  4. Ravi Varman

    Ravi Varman8 timer siden

    liverpool good mu ........


    JOFIESTA Tv8 timer siden

    We are Champions

  6. Vaqif Eliyev

    Vaqif Eliyev8 timer siden

    0:55 wow Mesut is a legend

  7. GerardPedrico

    GerardPedrico8 timer siden

    You need to work on your lobs or high over pass balls in order to break free from the "blanket cover". Kick balls at plastic Coca Cola bottles at a distince of 5 metres? Targeting Coca Cola plastic bottles not in a straight line but lobs as in parabolic pattern.

  8. senni bgon

    senni bgon8 timer siden

    I love the moment at 9:28 after Mo's miss - Bobby's jogging past him with a big smile laughing it off - sure enough Mo ended up getting his big goal

  9. SriderA

    SriderA9 timer siden

    anyone notice Mo disappearing at 5:15

  10. GerardPedrico

    GerardPedrico9 timer siden

    You are in big big trouble... 1. Shewsbury knows your style of play: LFC always attacks from the flanks. 2. Shrewsburry knows that LFC always wedges towards the centre of the penalty box. 3. Shrewsburry tries to screen cover LFC or tries to "blanket cover" the area within the penalty box so that LFC strikers cannot score. 4. Shrewsburry players move-dribble like "basketball players". You can see by the legs. 5. Shrewsburry is toying with LFC. Sorry.

  11. FPI bukan teroris

    FPI bukan teroris9 timer siden

    i dont care for anything he important thing is liverpool champions league 2019 2020

  12. H A

    H A9 timer siden

    NO-gos algorithm strikes again. Feels like hitting a feelgood jackpot.

  13. Mla Gamer

    Mla Gamer9 timer siden

    Think Messi and ronaldo


    SPORTSMONTAGE9 timer siden

    Lovren the Best defender in the world 🌎

  15. eddt430

    eddt4309 timer siden

    Liverpool fan but dam. We must have the best team spirit ever. What a family what a club. YNWA.

  16. alida flus

    alida flus9 timer siden

    10:32 Where are we going? Love Virgil best cb in World football

  17. Waleed Salem

    Waleed Salem9 timer siden

    To each player of Liverpool.. Really thank you.. From my heart.. U guys have made the beautiful football come back. I really enjoy very very much while watching you.. By the way i am arsenal fan.. Since 1998, but i do love you guys. All the best

  18. 锺宗宏教練 Coach Ivan

    锺宗宏教練 Coach Ivan9 timer siden

    Nice inside. 👍🏻

  19. Gunni Jonson

    Gunni Jonson9 timer siden

    Liverpool his gud


    MUNDO DOS GAMES10 timer siden

    Melhor time da inglaterra

  21. CH Tan

    CH Tan10 timer siden

    The ball just has to go in for it to count. The only exceptions are if the player who hit the ball in hits it once or hits it with the arm(hand is allowed). Oh and the ball has to hit the opposition side of the table except for serves(lovren and salah got that correct)



    ???? 1:43 ?? 2019 dec? ? ? ? ? ??

  23. LC Plays

    LC Plays10 timer siden

    They should do a TOTY version

  24. LC Plays

    LC Plays10 timer siden

    Where is Alisson??

  25. araya harget

    araya harget10 timer siden


  26. Dio Jodianto

    Dio Jodianto10 timer siden

    Is he still alright now? I want him to see Liverpool lifting the league trophy this season.

  27. haritini sarri

    haritini sarri10 timer siden

    what an unbeaten run

  28. Wan Maziyah Wan Ismail

    Wan Maziyah Wan Ismail10 timer siden

    Loserpool play cheat use referee

  29. luciano souza

    luciano souza10 timer siden


  30. Giorgos Abso

    Giorgos Abso11 timer siden

    It's going to take a reaaaaaally special game for this to be dethroned as my favourite football game ever.

  31. Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos11 timer siden

    2:44 when the cockroach flies towards you

  32. Muhammad faris officiall

    Muhammad faris officiall11 timer siden

    Alhamdulilah liverpol winner liverpool 2 wolvetion 1

  33. علي وتيمو

    علي وتيمو11 timer siden

    i Egyptian🎥mo Salah

  34. Adnan Hakim

    Adnan Hakim11 timer siden

    4:28 alberto moreno watching from the stands instead of the bench?😂

  35. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiue11 timer siden

    I like who Alison run all the way to celebrate his assist to salah great moment

  36. Mr. T

    Mr. T11 timer siden

    I dont know man... if more people see the young guys playing , even the highlights, more people will support them for sure. So this will also effect the mentality and in the long run it´s better you make this for free. I am a student and no i "cant" throw 3 euros away every month for that. You better give that money to charity.

  37. Traoré dramanediwb

    Traoré dramanediwb11 timer siden

    Liverpool Où Rien

  38. Tom R

    Tom R11 timer siden

    Why are so many people shocked that Salah is right handed and left footed? It’s pretty common

  39. Traoré dramanediwb

    Traoré dramanediwb11 timer siden

    Liverpool Où Rien

  40. Dritan Tahiraj

    Dritan Tahiraj12 timer siden

    These 4 make great friends the banter is great in this video

  41. Jon Berisha

    Jon Berisha12 timer siden


  42. Sean Ohare

    Sean Ohare12 timer siden

    And to think Martin Tyler gets paid to put it not half the effort these 2 did 😂

  43. Shamas Gamas

    Shamas Gamas12 timer siden

    Mo Salah + Sadio Mane = Liverpool

  44. Lalawmpuii Zadeng

    Lalawmpuii Zadeng12 timer siden

    Amazing how Robbo managed to drown what he's actually saying by that thick accent of his😂😂

  45. Safia Hussain

    Safia Hussain12 timer siden

    I like how everyone welcomes him


    ANJELIKA J12 timer siden


  47. malkhi berutu

    malkhi berutu12 timer siden

    Two goals liverpool offside i am mu

  48. malkhi berutu

    malkhi berutu12 timer siden

    Liverpool is bad i am mu

  49. Mr Meow

    Mr Meow13 timer siden

    Mane reaction when salah scored is gold

  50. Abdulkadir Moalim Mohamud

    Abdulkadir Moalim Mohamud13 timer siden

    From somalia🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴 I support mo salh

  51. canlı yayın canavarı

    canlı yayın canavarı14 timer siden

    Salah gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaallllll goal goal golll

  52. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss14 timer siden


  53. İmran Manaflı

    İmran Manaflı14 timer siden

    Love not Liverpool.

  54. Sanjay Prakash

    Sanjay Prakash15 timer siden

    Who is here after lovren defeated Salah to become world ping pong champion 🔥

  55. Jose Porras

    Jose Porras15 timer siden

    0:27 what my food sees when it’s in the microwave

  56. Jeremy Harris

    Jeremy Harris15 timer siden

    Suarez is an absolute goal-pig

  57. Egbe Ejay

    Egbe Ejay15 timer siden

    VVD's warm up skills killed it all

  58. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan15 timer siden

    Robbo on interview : "yea kddjfhkklslsoeoeiehvbbnakakaoeiejbcmxkllakejdjkw sbejkwaooeuehebsaka"

  59. IsmailEC

    IsmailEC15 timer siden

    Abdulkadir ömür

  60. Bruno Silva

    Bruno Silva15 timer siden

    Anything :*happens* John Aldridge: YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH

  61. K-he suaka

    K-he suaka15 timer siden


  62. Mahmoud Mado

    Mahmoud Mado15 timer siden

    mo salah


    GAMER TUBER15 timer siden


  64. Cheat Cheat

    Cheat Cheat16 timer siden


  65. Mohamed Abosena

    Mohamed Abosena16 timer siden

    صلاح 😁

  66. Hope Me

    Hope Me16 timer siden

    Best goal i saw it is mo salah goals amazing

  67. محمد مسي

    محمد مسي16 timer siden

    🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬😂😂😂😂😂Mo. Salah

  68. Aya Mohamed

    Aya Mohamed16 timer siden

    محمد صلاح غنى يلا حالم بالم😂😂

  69. Darius & David Official

    Darius & David Official16 timer siden

    Alison card?

  70. chicafreddy bonnie

    chicafreddy bonnie16 timer siden

    2:45 hear the sound!! amazing <3

  71. Hope Me

    Hope Me16 timer siden

    Ohhhh mo salah

  72. Hope Me

    Hope Me16 timer siden

    Wawww shaqiriii

  73. 饶磊你在哪

    饶磊你在哪16 timer siden

    2020.1.27还在看 太激动了

  74. lobotimise aha

    lobotimise aha17 timer siden

    most of us Chinese play pan handle since 7or 8.

  75. daniel albo

    daniel albo17 timer siden

    Henderson didn’t know how to pass like that when he was playing under Rodgers

  76. Jürgen Gille'

    Jürgen Gille'17 timer siden

    Öffentlich Kommentieren

  77. Ильхом Бахронов

    Ильхом Бахронов17 timer siden

    ... BOOM ...

  78. Ryan Sepulveda

    Ryan Sepulveda17 timer siden

    I wish there will be more games like this

  79. VogonyoTV

    VogonyoTV17 timer siden

    Salah refuses to pass the ball and is dispossessed.. It suddenly lands at Firmino's feet... GOOAAL!

  80. 25JL

    25JL17 timer siden


  81. MyeZ G

    MyeZ G17 timer siden

    My best is 86 but with a normal ball

  82. sridaran vellasamy

    sridaran vellasamy18 timer siden

    God bless all

  83. 01023102246 العشوائيات

    01023102246 العشوائيات18 timer siden

    There is ,No God except Allah Muhammad is the Messenger from Allah, Islam is the true religion from Allah I invite you to Islam Allah and faith in Muhammad so that you will enjoy a paradise in forever and ever

  84. Brandon Calderon

    Brandon Calderon19 timer siden

    bruh i’ve never been so entertained

  85. Rizki Elsaf

    Rizki Elsaf19 timer siden

    Garuda indonesia

  86. HKRECONNECT Records

    HKRECONNECT Records19 timer siden

    The Spurs was the Winner of the hearts and Liverpool the winner of the match. Was a Great Night What do you think who wins these year the Champions leagues?

  87. dikhi fujima

    dikhi fujima19 timer siden

    Ings :')

  88. Uci 8585

    Uci 858519 timer siden

    1.42 the girls so excited

  89. Sergio Mosqueda

    Sergio Mosqueda19 timer siden

    Van Dijk: How tall are you? Random person: 6.1 Van Dijk: Could be Higher!

  90. james friel

    james friel19 timer siden

    4:17 his last goal there, the goalie didn't even get to move his feet that went by him so easy...

  91. javiergamer 32

    javiergamer 3220 timer siden



    CRISTIAN MENDOZA20 timer siden


  93. T 21199

    T 2119920 timer siden

    Salah’s selfishness can end up costing them a match sooner or later.

  94. F1RST_ 22

    F1RST_ 2220 timer siden

    Rip Kobe bro 😭

  95. Ahmed ADeL _ احمد حجاج

    Ahmed ADeL _ احمد حجاج21 time siden


  96. FirelordCujo5.0

    FirelordCujo5.021 time siden

    Firmino really liked his

  97. Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith21 time siden

    Big man virg, drake is not bringing fire these days.

  98. Xuan Tran

    Xuan Tran21 time siden

    You'll never Walk Alone