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  1. ハマグリの部屋

    ハマグリの部屋Time siden


  2. Adnan Hakim

    Adnan HakimTime siden

    no one gonna talk about the first goal?

  3. Imam Arifzarifunas

    Imam ArifzarifunasTime siden

    1:40 what are you doing boys?

  4. Mister Logik

    Mister LogikTime siden

    It's going to a long 3 weeks to see our champions in action again YNWA

  5. Myself Is

    Myself Is2 timer siden

    Watch msz

  6. Alexander KARAISKOS

    Alexander KARAISKOS2 timer siden

    diffently know who the comentaters go for

  7. James Vasquez

    James Vasquez3 timer siden


  8. Huma Khan

    Huma Khan4 timer siden

    Salahs shot at 1:06 lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. TaWonga

    TaWonga4 timer siden

    Alison out here looking like Jesus

  10. Paul Wen

    Paul Wen5 timer siden

    TAA's playing swapparoo with Robbo sometimes, TAA becomes left, Robbo becomes right.

  11. The Retro

    The Retro5 timer siden

    El mago del Anfield ⚽

  12. Cam Hoàng Trúc

    Cam Hoàng Trúc5 timer siden

    Love this video

  13. Cameron white

    Cameron white6 timer siden

    Coutino 😂 could have made it with us But I think he will forever be in Liverpool history

  14. Sueli Rodriguez

    Sueli Rodriguez6 timer siden

    Queria muito conhecer o Liverpool FC MORO NO Brasil e tenho 11 anos de idade gosto muito Vigil

  15. Youssef Samir

    Youssef Samir7 timer siden

    Im the 300th comment🤗🤗🤗

  16. Fabis

    Fabis7 timer siden

    When liverpool think they can sing campioni like the italians

  17. Maria Samater

    Maria Samater8 timer siden

    Long time

  18. Maria Samater

    Maria Samater8 timer siden

    I miss liverpool team


    CHOPPER8 timer siden

    Lovely stuff xx LFC🙏🏻❤️

  20. thestinger

    thestinger8 timer siden

    Bring on 08/09!

  21. The Golden Shield

    The Golden Shield8 timer siden

    1:08 the commentary🤣

  22. ずんだ餅!

    ずんだ餅!9 timer siden


  23. StickJackStudioCZ

    StickJackStudioCZ9 timer siden

    I can still watch it all the day.

  24. Aaron Lukando

    Aaron Lukando9 timer siden

    No 9 my self

  25. Finlay Henderson

    Finlay Henderson9 timer siden

    What a strike from ox what a player

  26. Ryan Ravadge

    Ryan Ravadge9 timer siden

    Liverpool really out here picking people out from the streets and giving them a training kit

  27. ynwa

    ynwa9 timer siden

    The overpaid ponces are back 😂

  28. Hkan12

    Hkan129 timer siden

    Istanbul likes Liverpool a lot

  29. Badara Mbaye

    Badara Mbaye10 timer siden


  30. Hunter 02

    Hunter 0210 timer siden


  31. GouThAm GopAn

    GouThAm GopAn10 timer siden

    Where is Alison!!

  32. Andorrasrevenge

    Andorrasrevenge10 timer siden

    The Good Guys

  33. Ghifari Akhsan

    Ghifari Akhsan10 timer siden


  34. Dog's Opinion

    Dog's Opinion10 timer siden

    Clubs made famous by Scottish managers.

  35. neejoy sola

    neejoy sola11 timer siden

    They should rename this video... "9 minutes of pure joy"

  36. Dom Dom

    Dom Dom11 timer siden

    Owen carried off with a pulled hamstring

  37. Michael Attalla

    Michael Attalla11 timer siden

    My name is Jean Haddad I will be 9 years old on Saturday the 30th of May 2020 and I will appreciate it if Jorgen klopp and the rest of the Liverpool squad can wish me a happy birthday since my family generations have been Liverpool fans there whole life and I love Liverpool and hope everyone stays safe from COVID-19 and cannot wait to see you all back in action soon

  38. kak de la kak

    kak de la kak11 timer siden

    Die Schluchtenscheißer sind da... Das schlimme daran ist ja, das Österreich stolz auf ihre Bauernliga ist...

  39. Daniel Ng

    Daniel Ng12 timer siden

    sell salah and top up some money for mbappe. It is so frustrating to watch him play at times, glory hunter and miss countless chances the teammates provide for him. cant believe ppl still comparing with suarez

  40. Ismael Campos

    Ismael Campos12 timer siden

    That Suarez-Sturridge combo was deadly

  41. Jamal Warren

    Jamal Warren12 timer siden

    He loves to score against arsenal

  42. talita silva

    talita silva12 timer siden

    Next time ask alisson to do a video

  43. Cibaada Farah

    Cibaada Farah12 timer siden

    I really like Liverpool they are the best in the world I even subscribed

  44. Topped!

    Topped!12 timer siden

    *We lose, We Win. But today we did Walk Alone*

  45. Holy Jebus

    Holy Jebus12 timer siden

    Allison is the man!

  46. Jeffry Cliveson

    Jeffry Cliveson12 timer siden

    Still got the red shirt from when I was about 11. I refuse to throw a Liverpool shirt away😂

  47. DanJnr

    DanJnr13 timer siden

    Every team hates on us cauz they are fu**ing turd We won the champions league five times And don’t forget the league We’ve won it 18 times We are the greatest team With the best history Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez I know it doesn’t rhyme but if you hate on Liverpool think about it. We don’t have a manger we have a father We are passionate and different In a good way We are Liverpool... this means more

  48. Holy Jebus

    Holy Jebus13 timer siden

    Lol whats brewster been on haa

  49. Ahmad Marsim

    Ahmad Marsim13 timer siden



    XxALPHA FRANCOxX13 timer siden

    Mane not a 90 ? Virgil not a 92 ?

  51. علي المبدع

    علي المبدع13 timer siden

    Why fifa2020 don't give this for Alison Beckr

  52. Frimpong Thomas

    Frimpong Thomas13 timer siden

    Good to be back

  53. Hamish Ramdaw

    Hamish Ramdaw13 timer siden

    You are the best wing back in the world trent

  54. Hamish Ramdaw

    Hamish Ramdaw13 timer siden

    I wish I could answer a quiz about Liverpool and my biggest dream is to play for my Favourite team hope u can my my dream come true i am your guys biggest fan❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  55. Poquito

    Poquito13 timer siden

    Van Dijk is like that hilarious uncle that you love who always tries to make you laugh

  56. Mete Burak Işler

    Mete Burak Işler14 timer siden

    I am tothennam fan but ı like it

  57. Adelaida Florez Camero

    Adelaida Florez Camero14 timer siden

    I would like to join but in the selection of Colombia or real madrid

  58. S F

    S F14 timer siden

    How did this team not win the league...Torres, Alonso, Gerrard, Masch, Kuyt, Carra, Hypia, Reina all in their prime! I miss watching Torres and Gerrard! YNWA

  59. J p b Dude Collects

    J p b Dude Collects14 timer siden

    78: Origi 82: PAC 76: SHO 67: PAS 75: DRI 27: DEF 74: PHY 99: CORNER TAKEN QUICKLY

  60. Ici Cest Rose Hill

    Ici Cest Rose Hill15 timer siden

    No foul on firminho beautiful goal

  61. lil maso

    lil maso15 timer siden

    Are we not gonna talk about how that kissed the ball TWICE

  62. Mousa fedah

    Mousa fedah15 timer siden

    محمد صلاح⁦❤️⁩

  63. Oscar Harrison

    Oscar Harrison15 timer siden

    Foreign players : I don’t really care 90 good English players: no way I’m more quicker than you


    RAIN EFFECT15 timer siden

    Can you make these videos with the UCL version? I'm wondering about it

  65. villa nation

    villa nation15 timer siden

    Liverpool scored the 1st and last goal of the match and won it 😅lol,

  66. rodle04

    rodle0415 timer siden

    GO REDS! Great to see them beat Man City! Also great that we are gonna win the league! Let's hope Covid-19 doesn't mess that up.

  67. Anubhav

    Anubhav16 timer siden

    Legends say, Liverpool are still waiting at Anfield 😂😂😂😂lol

  68. Gbemisola Esho

    Gbemisola Esho16 timer siden

    Milner always the first.The man is a machine

  69. Jordyn Nexus

    Jordyn Nexus16 timer siden

    Wow this was two years ago?😂

  70. Aung Thet

    Aung Thet16 timer siden

    It took 11 years to come close to the team of Rafa Benitez. Thank you. Juergen Klopp is one with Liverpool. We need next Steven Gerard .

  71. USAF#1 MadMagazine#1

    USAF#1 MadMagazine#117 timer siden

    From Lancs 21 to Vegas,ex pat, LFC forever...YNWA...

  72. BlackBoyTumbleJAYDEN Benain

    BlackBoyTumbleJAYDEN Benain17 timer siden

    I would love to join the Liverpool U11 team that would be a dream come true

  73. callum o'hanlon

    callum o'hanlon17 timer siden

    He won us a trophy, karius didnt, lets move on

  74. Marloes Wilmink

    Marloes Wilmink17 timer siden

    Ik ben ook Nederlands

  75. Muhammad Imran Hakimi Zainal Hisham

    Muhammad Imran Hakimi Zainal Hisham17 timer siden

    6:34 Vardy: f**k off

  76. Scion

    Scion17 timer siden

    God Bless Emlyn Hughes RIP

  77. QR7

    QR717 timer siden

    Don't argue with a Barca fan. Just say *"Corner taken quickly. Origiiiiiiii"* and run...

  78. Alhimna Mussa Said

    Alhimna Mussa Said18 timer siden

    where is jan Flanagan

  79. Faisal Sutan

    Faisal Sutan18 timer siden

    Memories El real vs Liverpool 2018 3-1 😁😁

  80. Razz0r ric

    Razz0r ric18 timer siden

    Surprised Owen was fit for this video 🤣

  81. alain lessiehi

    alain lessiehi18 timer siden

    2019 c'était Liverpool mais 2020 c'est Atletico Madrid qui a éliminé les reds

  82. Razz0r ric

    Razz0r ric18 timer siden

    1.2k Mancs disliked this video

  83. 이세윤

    이세윤18 timer siden

    미나미노호 망해라 Son👍👍👍👍

  84. Fowaa Tontoh

    Fowaa Tontoh19 timer siden

    Rude wiwi

  85. Ever Speratti

    Ever Speratti19 timer siden

    Liverpool es el mejor

  86. Adrian Shousha

    Adrian Shousha19 timer siden


  87. Tyrone Moonsamy

    Tyrone Moonsamy19 timer siden

    This just made me cry ,love for this club forever YNWA