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How to Stop an Epidemic

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  1. Prepperjon

    Prepperjon8 timer siden

    Now do a documentary on people who commit felonies on such a remote island. I saw in the news awhile back that a group of men were sent to the U.K. to stand trial for sexual assaults committed while on the island. I could be wrong but I thought they were from St Helena.

  2. Boris Liu

    Boris Liu8 timer siden

    9:20 “if the current regime wishes to continue” "regime" is not a very neutral word. Western countries have been "predicting" the collapse of China since 2000s, only to find an ever-growing success in China's social and economic advancements.

  3. Lucas Chua

    Lucas Chua8 timer siden

    China invested a lot of money in Africa. And that's not buying allies. That's what the Chinese say 'If you really wanna help, don't just give him the fish to eat, teach him how to fish so he can survive'. Instead, the westerners just treat the Africa as colony and take away whatever they can take. That is truely ROBBERY.

  4. the adventurers

    the adventurers8 timer siden

    China: builds hospital in 10 days EYGPT: Builds a 4 story house in 7 years

  5. James Meloy

    James Meloy8 timer siden

    “While looking at the 20 year old pothole in the street in front of my house.” 😩

  6. James Meloy

    James Meloy8 timer siden

    You spelled incinerator wrong!

  7. HipptyHoopers

    HipptyHoopers8 timer siden

    emagine some dude watches this and uses it to stop the coronavirus

  8. Connor Legovic

    Connor Legovic9 timer siden

    Hi Sam. I have a video idea for you that I've been thinking about for a while. "The logistics of catching a criminal"

  9. we like beans

    we like beans9 timer siden

    Sir, I live in Liechtenstein.

  10. Joey L

    Joey L9 timer siden

    Didn’t work😐

  11. Vivien Beachland

    Vivien Beachland9 timer siden

    The Pope saw this and that`s how Vatican was made

  12. Chloe Jayde

    Chloe Jayde10 timer siden

    You're making me wanna go and seek out the embassies in my country to see how cool their buildings look! Shame i dont live in a big city though...

  13. Boozy The Clown

    Boozy The Clown10 timer siden

    Gayest voice ever.

  14. Rubin Oledowy

    Rubin Oledowy10 timer siden

    In fact, aborted landing or missed approach is a part of approach procedure. It’s a published set of instructions to ensure safe go around to achieve obstacle clearance and than for another approach. Most of people belive that approach for landing equals landing and it’s as meaningless as thinking that every Ronaldo’s shot equals goal. Approach is only an attempt to land and go around by no means should be viewed as failure.

  15. Im Not Mervin

    Im Not Mervin10 timer siden

    Philippines is one of the last Asian countries such as Sad Filipino noiss 🇵🇭

  16. Pooper Kid

    Pooper Kid10 timer siden

    Country: Myself Leader: Heart Capital: Brainiac Most Populated City: Respiratory System Religion: Christian/Catholic Military: Health And Other Ideology: Fascism, Communist, Capitalist I Closed Country For Now Until Coronavirus Ends

  17. 敌敌

    敌敌11 timer siden

    这也正是中国政治体制的优势所在 政治体制并不是非黑即白的 长期执政的优势就是能够长远规划


    RANDOM DUDE11 timer siden

    Suspect escapes jail. Police shoots him. Doctor saves his life Court sentences the suspect to death. Doctor- seriously?

  19. Raghav Bhide

    Raghav Bhide12 timer siden

    Twist : President in disguise takes a Uber!

  20. Nora Wu

    Nora Wu12 timer siden

    As a Chinese, I'm quite disappointed about the incompetent local government of Wuhan for taking so freaking long to respond properly and failing to take prompt actions to control the situation in the beginning. It's humiliating. But then I was so relieved the central government stepped in and did what it takes to fix it and I was glad when the top officials in Wuhan city and Hubei province and those who were held responsible all got fired and faced with public criticism. Hope everything goes back to normal in a month.

  21. Fahreza Valermo

    Fahreza Valermo12 timer siden

    Why is Turkey in the map of Europe but not Russia?

  22. simo134

    simo13412 timer siden

    Lol China is just used as cheap labour there is zero innovation LMAO at people who think China is winning, they can't even manufacture a precision pen, they tried copying Swiss but failed😅😅😅

  23. Satish Kumar

    Satish Kumar12 timer siden

    india is making biggest currier in the world

  24. oliver cundill

    oliver cundill12 timer siden

    Why does America suck!

  25. Shanghai Newbison

    Shanghai Newbison13 timer siden

    thanks for this video. Huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals were built for patients with severe symptoms. Those makeshift hospitals were designed for patients with mild symptoms, so they won’t transfer the virus to their families, communities.

  26. Ultimate guy

    Ultimate guy13 timer siden

    Make food People join you cuz u hav food Make more food for more People People join you Make food People join Keep doing this for 100000years

  27. YaBoy Kdos

    YaBoy Kdos13 timer siden

    Fly with the army

  28. YaBoy Kdos

    YaBoy Kdos13 timer siden

    Commercial pilots make a fuck ton more than doctors

  29. Hunter Hrs

    Hunter Hrs14 timer siden

    Denzel Washington movie on train was great though

  30. Marshall Yeung

    Marshall Yeung14 timer siden

    flooded after 2days of heavy rain

  31. trey sheen

    trey sheen14 timer siden

    I signed up for curiosity stream a few days after christmas and I never got nebula and it was supposed to be bundled in with mine but I never got it.

  32. Agatha Rights

    Agatha Rights14 timer siden

    "Sailors can even order packages to their ship." AmAzOn

  33. And then they said

    And then they said14 timer siden

    You do know that Surgical Masks do nothing to block the spread of infection. You need a respirator, they filter out air. Surgical Masks are made to block liquid like spit and blood.

  34. athul vijayan

    athul vijayan14 timer siden

    USA is actually blessed with its geographical location where no direct threat is present. However, still is the most threatened president in the world.

  35. Cory LaRose

    Cory LaRose14 timer siden

    It's not Canada's short cut! Canada is a terrorist regime! They have no rights to anything but prison!

  36. Rata Maemo

    Rata Maemo15 timer siden

    China is a Near-Australian State. Really, aren't China and Australia basically one and the same?

  37. Givepeace Achance

    Givepeace Achance15 timer siden

    if i never saw another ad in my life i'd be happier

  38. Dax MoonShadow

    Dax MoonShadow16 timer siden

    Dude I take the cascades line an the empire builder all the Time if they get cut I'll be cutt off from my family

  39. Brian Mo

    Brian Mo16 timer siden

    Instructions unclear: Built an orbital railgun and blew up washington dc

  40. Hello 123

    Hello 12316 timer siden

    If you fly for like fedex then you can earn about 178k a year

  41. Mehdi .Karkouri

    Mehdi .Karkouri16 timer siden

    Royal Air Maroc, the airline of Morocco, didn't stop its service to the 3 countries either. You didn't mention that...

  42. Paz Ortega Andrade

    Paz Ortega Andrade16 timer siden

    can't they just use google maps?

  43. Waspy gaming

    Waspy gaming16 timer siden

    Long live the enclave


    FADLIN BAZLI16 timer siden

    Im from the future, uk has left the European Union

  45. Dogs Sing

    Dogs Sing16 timer siden

    Black people

  46. akeemshakur

    akeemshakur17 timer siden

    Really, you’ve got balls to criticize with the madness & corruption going on in your kkkountry.

  47. CanadaVellerium

    CanadaVellerium17 timer siden

    We should never attack Mongolia that one tugboat would destroy our navy

  48. Emo Rat

    Emo Rat17 timer siden

    can you post your resources in your description?

  49. Rob Smaldone

    Rob Smaldone17 timer siden

    Well done 😎

  50. Arnav Keche

    Arnav Keche17 timer siden

    How china built a hospital in 10 days Indian government:- let's pretend we haven't seen anything

  51. david greenwood

    david greenwood18 timer siden

    the thing I cant understand is the granting by the NT authorities of a 99 year lease of the Port of Darwin to the Chinese. Yet since that time I still hear that the NT is still strapped for cash... so how much are they being paid for the lease? I wish I could understand why a country like Australia needs to lease one of their ports to a foreign power.

  52. MrK4NGA

    MrK4NGA18 timer siden

    Plot twist: The president books an uber and reaches his destination after the motorcade

  53. Valente82

    Valente8218 timer siden

    05:30 - Since when is Spokane etc... in the “northeast” 😂

  54. Borgus

    Borgus18 timer siden

    Isn’t the place breaking down rn

  55. garrett green

    garrett green18 timer siden

    i'm learning how to fly in high school in Houston Texas for free

  56. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln18 timer siden

    When my homestate finally gets mention but it's about burger king

  57. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln18 timer siden

    When your state comes up and it talks about the best Presidents who ever lived in the US ever

  58. meme youyou

    meme youyou18 timer siden

    Anyone came here after SPCE virgin galactic soaring?

  59. Plazm air

    Plazm air18 timer siden


  60. Md Barkat Ullah

    Md Barkat Ullah18 timer siden

    This title does not make sense .

  61. Peyton The Panda

    Peyton The Panda18 timer siden

    Part 2: Hong Kong

  62. Yeesack Films

    Yeesack Films19 timer siden

    Thing is in America the people that live in the middle of the city are rich too like 5k a month rent for an apparent is a lot

  63. Archie

    Archie19 timer siden

    In China no one owns land it all belongs to the CPP

  64. Jordan Szatynski

    Jordan Szatynski19 timer siden

    Important to know, China's top to down government is what caused the virus to spread so far in the first place. They forced doctors to lie to people, and kept everything hush hush for as long as they could, when the truth came out, they put the blame on the local area leader. Something for you guys to think about. A top->down gov like China with a very strong fed gov has some VERY big problems.

  65. Archie

    Archie19 timer siden

    it was a prefab building a publicity stunt now they need hundreds more hospitals to little to late CPP

  66. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach19 timer siden

    I live in Texas

  67. Madden God87

    Madden God8719 timer siden

    “ Virginia is an open carry state” Me with my guns taken away by cops using force “ o.k let me hear this”

  68. svtfast

    svtfast19 timer siden

    Not remarkable. Looks like camps in Kuwait.

  69. 1 Camxanh

    1 Camxanh20 timer siden

    China is both robbing and screaming 🤬🤬🤬

  70. RandomGuineaPig Aviation

    RandomGuineaPig Aviation20 timer siden

    Wendover: Gets to New Zealand Also Wendover: Goes on about Niue that half of New Zealanders don't give two f*cks about than moves on. me: aM i A jOkE tO YoU???

  71. Jonadab the Unsightly One

    Jonadab the Unsightly One20 timer siden

    A lot of Americans whose parents or grandparents moved out to the suburbs, are now moving _further_ out, to smaller communities further away from the big cities. People are leaving their commuter jobs in suburbia and taking lower-paying jobs in small towns with a much lower cost of living, where they can live ten minutes from work, live among friendly, small-town people, and end up with about as much disposable income as they had before, due to the lower cost of living, despite the reduction in absolute income. Of course, some of this is relative. I saw an article recently about people from Silicon Valley moving to small towns like Chicago and Pittsburgh, for "cheap" housing, because they think if they can buy a house for less than half a million bucks, it's a steal. Meanwhile, people around here are listing houses for fifty thousand that were appraised at sixty thousand or more, just to get potential buyers to LOOK at them.

  72. RandomGuineaPig Aviation

    RandomGuineaPig Aviation20 timer siden

    0:45 Americans leave video

  73. Deryn

    Deryn20 timer siden

    Why would you compare california to all of china. It would actually make sensecto compare vs America, then show the fl hsr, ne corridor, la-vegas, chicago-indianapolis... possibly vancouver-seattle-portland, and maybe washington dc-richmond-charlotte-atlanta.

  74. WolfFurr

    WolfFurr20 timer siden

    Albanians waiting for their country to get called:😐😐

  75. RandomGuineaPig Aviation

    RandomGuineaPig Aviation21 time siden

    2:07 The way I see it is that passing the preclearence facility doesn't mean you're in that country, it just means you have the right to enter that country even if ur still in another country

  76. BurnoutsAndRotorblades

    BurnoutsAndRotorblades21 time siden

    UAS license = UNMANNED 35 hours for ppl is minimum, not average.

  77. Shu Liu

    Shu Liu21 time siden

    Toiatome hideoshi: I built a fortress in one night China: I wanted to do a one word meme but ok...

  78. Phiro

    Phiro21 time siden

    Ooh wendover you're so quirky for bringing up the zipf mystery

  79. Isaac Gasper

    Isaac Gasper21 time siden

    How can you genuinely say neo-Nazis and racist and extreme far right it’s like dude fuck you

  80. FIR DOSH

    FIR DOSH21 time siden

    China builds hospital in 10 days My room rent owner takes 402 days (counting) to put a bulb in the toilet

  81. Jovannah Walker

    Jovannah Walker22 timer siden

    Trains do not suck

  82. Ghaeldapug

    Ghaeldapug22 timer siden

    Note to self: don’t read comments before watching the vid.

  83. Marshall is awesome

    Marshall is awesome22 timer siden

    So we're not gonna talk about the well documented large scale cover up that when on before, and after the coronavirus became news in western nations? Also, is no one going to mention the atrocious policies the CCP has put in place regarding "quarantines" for the coronavirus?

  84. Henry Lu

    Henry Lu23 timer siden

    Meanwhile, in Berlin...

  85. 江泽民

    江泽民23 timer siden


  86. Ardbert Tronin-Fujikawa

    Ardbert Tronin-Fujikawa23 timer siden

    I see no miracle, but the exploitation of hardworking people.

  87. H DB

    H DB23 timer siden

    Not Hospital, Quarantine Centre.

  88. Me

    Me23 timer siden

    My brain doesnt register 'this video is sponsered by square space' as an ad anymore. Unsure if that's bad or very good advertising

  89. Ismail EL ANSARI

    Ismail EL ANSARI23 timer siden

    China will buy Australia by the end

  90. XLN

    XLN23 timer siden

    You have never seen the " Deutsche Bahn".

  91. Kevin Bennett

    Kevin Bennett23 timer siden

    It's always hilarious when Canada gets pissed off about something it doesn't have the balls to finish.

  92. William Gentry

    William GentryDag siden

    Netflix password?

  93. Richard Timbreza

    Richard TimbrezaDag siden

    right Next to Guam Is Thee Lost Continent Is Under Water 100.000 B.C Years ago in the Middle Pacific Ocean.....look at Google Satellite

  94. xxmybe_ rosexx

    xxmybe_ rosexxDag siden

    May the 4 is not the indipendence day of latvia that is WAAAAAY off the indipendece day in in fall :/

  95. Tube Craft

    Tube CraftDag siden

    There is a problem. Post-hospital completion Chinese Ministry of Health reports lack of doctors.

  96. LSC I Tube

    LSC I TubeDag siden

    Too bad that it will not last

  97. vonfiller

    vonfillerDag siden

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  98. hannes nyberg

    hannes nybergDag siden

    1:55 80% of ground is streets and parking lots. Also, church and water tank seen. Ame-eh-eri-kaaaaah

  99. Jean Michel Tche

    Jean Michel TcheDag siden

    well we've learn something from JFK but who is carriyng the football ??

  100. Florida And South Carolina

    Florida And South CarolinaDag siden

    country: my room capital: my bed leader: me population: me and the people how like this comment people that recognize it: me and the people who like this comment languages: English and what ever i want to speak