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My Old Singing Videos...
These Singers Are LYING...
Is That His REAL VOICE!?


20 dager siden

Please stop this...

Please stop this...

26 dager siden

Justin Bieber said WHAT?
How Justin Bieber Made "Yummy"
5 Things Only Boring People Do
Roxanne vs Roxanne (Mashup)
Rapping without the letter E
This title interests you

This title interests you

2 måneder siden

You Laugh, You Lose (w Jazza)
I've been very sad recently.
  1. Harrison YT

    Harrison YTMinutt siden

    2:50 that is the real way on how to create ear wax😏

  2. Chavrios

    Chavrios2 minutter siden

    Roomie makes sounds a bit like pewdiepie in some parts

  3. Dương Nghé Nick

    Dương Nghé Nick2 minutter siden

    Please make Slap it On Reddit a real song! It sounds so good!

  4. Emmzy Nova

    Emmzy Nova4 minutter siden

    No one's perfect bro. Even you!!!

  5. Alex V

    Alex V5 minutter siden


  6. Doug the pug

    Doug the pug5 minutter siden

    Roomie: Freddie Mercury doesn’t take care of his voice. Me: insulted

  7. Lee I

    Lee I6 minutter siden

    Jesus I only got 25... in my defense I am at work

  8. Blaž Bohinc

    Blaž Bohinc8 minutter siden

    After years of drinking, smoking and shit lifestyle you can't expect them to deliver the same stuff.. Not to mention that vocal chords get tired. And there's hormones. Ehh.. I'm surprised if after say 10 years, the only fall 2-4 semitones.

  9. Nico Reveco

    Nico Reveco8 minutter siden

    To quote the nicest vocal coach Sam Johnson ”G5 is not hard”

  10. Radek Tomáš

    Radek Tomáš9 minutter siden

    Drake 😻😻😻

  11. Banana Man

    Banana Man10 minutter siden

    Good thing he didn’t say nigga

  12. Justin Brizuela

    Justin Brizuela10 minutter siden

    As soon as I heard roomie say he has a British accent I knew the whole comments were going to be saying " HE'S AUSTRALIAN YOUR SO DUMB HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS YOU COULD EASILY TELL BY HIS ACCENT!!!!!"

  13. harrydoesthestuff

    harrydoesthestuff11 minutter siden

    Song 2, Blur / Nivarna, Smells Like Teen Spirit

  14. Pippa Robins

    Pippa Robins11 minutter siden

    I was waiting for subway surfers

  15. Wonderful World

    Wonderful World11 minutter siden


  16. Eshal farooq

    Eshal farooq12 minutter siden

    is it werid that he is the only one who is cringy

  17. The names Elicé

    The names Elicé13 minutter siden

    Ramie still needs to see Billie Eilish belting in her song "No time to die"

  18. Christine Ren

    Christine Ren14 minutter siden

    Joel: Rap's really fast. Also Joel: Screams because JaidenAnimation's bird Ari bit him.

  19. Ewa Szydło

    Ewa Szydło15 minutter siden

    TWOSET should do this test! :D

  20. my world

    my world15 minutter siden

    That religious kid/me FOR JESUS YALL

  21. Jailson Mendes

    Jailson Mendes15 minutter siden

    Sing a full originql version of bliding lights

  22. Jailson Mendes

    Jailson Mendes16 minutter siden

    Oh yeah

  23. MaryArts

    MaryArts16 minutter siden

    The last songs were very generic ^^" like something you can compose in the shower slow dancing.

  24. PRO GÀM3R

    PRO GÀM3R17 minutter siden

    Nice bro

  25. Caden Harrelson

    Caden Harrelson17 minutter siden

    Roomie:Im the fastest rapper ever Eminem: Fill em with the venom and eliminate em, other words, i minute made em!

  26. Linnea West

    Linnea West18 minutter siden

    Demi maybe just had a bad day, just like everyone can have bad days.

  27. PRO GÀM3R

    PRO GÀM3R18 minutter siden

    Nice bro

  28. Spirit Sprite

    Spirit Sprite19 minutter siden

    I think Roomie is Pewdiepie... they must be the same person...

  29. its manh

    its manh19 minutter siden

    troye wasnt cringy at all

  30. Sasori- Gaming 'n stuff

    Sasori- Gaming 'n stuff19 minutter siden

    Me: Pentatonix Fan Rami:Pentatonix... Yeh, Scott Hoying Me: EEEEEEEEEEEE YAS HE KNOWS PTX!!!!

  31. RobGR

    RobGR20 minutter siden

    I swear there's a modern song that sounds SO similar to 'Wait a minute Mr. Postman' ...I can't remember what the new song is called, but if you listen to Mr. Postman, you'll instantly know which song I'm talking about lol

  32. Dellano Anderson

    Dellano Anderson20 minutter siden

    Congratulations by pewds was dope t series should sing to pewds too

  33. YaBoiYack

    YaBoiYack20 minutter siden

    8:21 is what you came for🤪

  34. Camila Castilhos

    Camila Castilhos22 minutter siden

    5:13 Pabllo Vittar

  35. Sunita Dhakal

    Sunita Dhakal22 minutter siden

    does he auto tune

  36. Animate Addict

    Animate Addict23 minutter siden

    anyone else notice the fake pop filter during the clones 2:17

  37. Selena

    Selena23 minutter siden


  38. Weird guy Bob

    Weird guy Bob24 minutter siden

    u are pretty weird, and stuff like that I want to be in the hate comment song xd

  39. May Tran

    May Tran25 minutter siden

    Title: Females are not allowed to watch this video Me: *starts to sweat*

  40. Chicco

    Chicco26 minutter siden

    My birthday is on the same day as ellie goulding

  41. Guarlaon

    Guarlaon26 minutter siden

    The Voice is really different than other talent show... In this video the most part is about other talent shows....

  42. thatfantasygirl

    thatfantasygirl27 minutter siden

    you should listen to Jin (from BTS) singing his high notes in Epiphany!

  43. Ethan Lappin

    Ethan Lappin27 minutter siden

    Challenge. Grab the lyrics of a song you never heard before and sing it how you would and see if you were close to what the go song sounds like

  44. Damien Smalley

    Damien Smalley28 minutter siden

    Talking is beatboxing to

  45. Spider Damang

    Spider Damang28 minutter siden

    Wacth the Beatbox Circle jam by SBX camp

  46. Ankith91

    Ankith9128 minutter siden

    At the starting of the song Roomie actually said "yeah" if u listen carefully. So he technically lost lol. 12:44 for proof.

  47. Pistol Pete

    Pistol Pete31 minutt siden

    CG5's September song hit me the hardest. This last year in September I found out my boyfriend had committed suicide. So the lyrics really hit home.

  48. Kristina S

    Kristina S31 minutt siden

    you're 31??? :D

  49. scillz

    scillz31 minutt siden

    Roomie: I don't go to concert coz I don't like people.. Yass. Slow clap and a slow agreeable nod.

  50. CHÆØS YT

    CHÆØS YT31 minutt siden

    Happy b-day boyyy

  51. Marquin Aspuria

    Marquin Aspuria32 minutter siden

    For shame HAHAHA

  52. MadTucky503

    MadTucky50332 minutter siden


  53. Marquin Aspuria

    Marquin Aspuria32 minutter siden

    I recommend you not saying copy

  54. VJ ASH

    VJ ASH33 minutter siden

    When he smiled and put his other earpod on. *I FUCKING FELT THAT*

  55. 118 Artist

    118 Artist34 minutter siden


  56. Iza J.

    Iza J.35 minutter siden

    Well fck, now I miss Fifth Harmony :<<<

  57. Gacha Potato Sauce

    Gacha Potato Sauce35 minutter siden

    My name is Fawlyn but it's pronounced Fallon so im famous

  58. Superman War

    Superman War35 minutter siden

    Despacito has 6 billion views. Do al of these 6 billion people speak and understand Spanish. Fuck no. Bts songs are Koreans. Does it really matter.

  59. SolarWolf

    SolarWolf35 minutter siden

    not gonna lie all roomie memes are bad

  60. Spirit EScalator

    Spirit EScalator36 minutter siden

    I actually liked the shouting ones...

  61. Waste Man

    Waste Man37 minutter siden

    I found one that sounds similar at the start 'ON' by bts and 'dead man's arms' by bishop briggs

  62. Beardless Matt

    Beardless Matt39 minutter siden

    Continue this series I love it.

  63. Lou Edits

    Lou Edits40 minutter siden

    6:56 Can Roomie stop missgendering Sam Smith? It's "They" not "he"

  64. Paula Campbell

    Paula Campbell42 minutter siden

    He should do a whole video being the belter when your balls drop yet again or swedish singer

  65. Lukas x9 Firepower

    Lukas x9 Firepower42 minutter siden

    Roomie + her

  66. Erika Velasco

    Erika Velasco43 minutter siden

    The thing is it is now 2020 and now he has 5.82M subscribers now Good for you Joel

  67. T HS

    T HS43 minutter siden

    Is that destiny music at the start

  68. Kelsey Lynn Campbell

    Kelsey Lynn Campbell44 minutter siden

    He should do a whole video being the 7th one

  69. Gacha Potato Sauce

    Gacha Potato Sauce44 minutter siden

    Next up: Mom lecturing you - 409 in 50 seconds

  70. José Juan G.H_10

    José Juan G.H_1046 minutter siden

    Excelente video y que buena voz tienes amigo, sabes cual es la canción de Ellie Goulding

  71. Makayla Duncan

    Makayla Duncan46 minutter siden

    Omg bts was in

  72. Delta Jones

    Delta Jones48 minutter siden

    Happy birthday Joellll


    KRISZTIAN KOVARI49 minutter siden


  74. Void Shadow

    Void Shadow49 minutter siden

    Wonderful joke

  75. Kody Stott

    Kody Stott50 minutter siden

    *plays audio* Roomie: "yeah I can SEE what they did"

  76. Seth Owen

    Seth Owen51 minutt siden

    why is it always the better song getting copyrighted

  77. Ami

    Ami52 minutter siden

    You know, I started crushing on Jonas way back during those times and listened to u guys's'''s's' covers more than the originals, and me and my sister decided to do a cover of your Skyfall cover cuz it ended so fkn great. I still have a crush on Jonas til this day, honestly. Idk if it's that his voice reminds me of what I'd sound like if I was male or w/e, or the glasses, but it just did something to me. För i helvetes jävlar notice me hur SVÅRT KAN DET VARAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HeLvEEEttEEE!!

  78. Flame Falcon 16

    Flame Falcon 1652 minutter siden

    who is watching in quarintine

  79. Josh Hickman

    Josh Hickman52 minutter siden

    bruh happy bday m9

  80. Robert Earl Sanao

    Robert Earl Sanao52 minutter siden

    2020 Anyone?

  81. Natel ;3

    Natel ;353 minutter siden

    If Somebody Wants Lyrisc, Its Here! Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh We couldn't turn around 'Til we were upside down I'll be the bad guy now But no, I ain't too proud I couldn't be there Even when I try You don't believe it We do this every time Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go Run away, but we're running in circles Run away, run away I dare you to do something I'm waiting on you again So I don't take the blame Run away, but we're running in circles Run away, run away, run away Let go I got a feeling that it's time to let go I say so I knew that this was doomed from the get go You thought that it was special, special But it was just the sex though, the sex though And I still hear the echoes (the echoes) I got a feeling that it's time to let it go Let it go Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go Run away, but we're running in circles Run away, run away I dare you to do something I'm waiting on you again So I don't take the blame Run away, but we're running in circles Run away, run away, run away Maybe you don't understand what I'm going through It's only me, what you got to lose? Make up your mind, tell me, what are you gonna do? It's only me, let it go Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go Run away, but we're running in circles Run away, run away I dare you to do something I'm waiting on you again So I don't take the blame Run away, but we're running in circles Run away, run away, run away

  82. Pascal Marcel Kronberger

    Pascal Marcel Kronberger54 minutter siden

    NO-gosr who can sing: blackgryph0n, Mandopony and natewantstobattle! Nate I only know from his Sonic songs!

  83. Suzannah Blaylock

    Suzannah Blaylock55 minutter siden

    The arrogance is appalling and humorous at the same time. What a bunch of pathetic con artist NARCISSISTS. Thanks for your bluntness, right on the money ~

  84. Rafaelito Rosado Rosado

    Rafaelito Rosado Rosado56 minutter siden

    Disney+ new series: sweet life on secrets, Zack and Cody have another brother

  85. Mia loves azzyland subscribe to her channel

    Mia loves azzyland subscribe to her channel57 minutter siden

    Oh roasted

  86. Garnet !

    Garnet !59 minutter siden

    Yes, if you have a keyboard a magical grammy shall appear.

  87. khalidmir53

    khalidmir5359 minutter siden

    I just think r.i.p neighbours i love u i just had to

  88. hira Das saikia

    hira Das saikiaTime siden

    Does roomie and pewdiepie hate indians? I'm a indian that's why i'm asking.if they do than i still love them Guys our country is not bad, some weirdos make our country look bad btw i hate t-series